Friday, May 7, 2010

So much to celebrate!!

We have so many fun occasions to celebrate this summer!! Our Little Sweet Guy is turning ONE and our Big Sweet Guy will be turning THREE, (we have no idea how this has happened, they were both just born a few weeks ago! :-)) and Hubby and I will be celebrating our SEVEN year Anniversary on June 8th! We have been together (living together after we got married but hanging out everyday haha) since, get ready, 1999. Aww, such sweet times!

So we are trying to figure out what we would love to do and when to do it - we don't think we'll be able to go until late summer or after. :) Here are the four current thoughts*:

1. Where we've been before: A spa getaway: in a little old town in the mountains, with antique shops, an old little movie theater that plays one movie each week. Cute, relaxing, a couple treatments, almost everything within walking distance. (less expensive and overall closer to home)


2. Where we've never been before: A cruise: to anywhere :) or St. Martin, Thomas, Lucia...? All you can eat yummy food, sleep and end up at a new beautiful location, explore. but I'm not going to lie, I would be a little worried about about the whole traveling a ways by boat and getting sick, or falling overboard!, yikes, I've been on boats before but nothing like this!


3. Where we've been but haven't been just the two of us: New York: We've been talking about going for a while now and it is so funny that many friends have gone recently. We would love to see some shows and check out some fun yummy restaurants.


4. Where we've been but not since our honeymoon just the two of us: a beach. I don't love getting all sandy or lying out in the sun for hours, but just hanging, reading, getting some warm sun, eating, walking, looking at the beautiful landscape. We have never done an all-inclusive resort before and talked about how fun that would be!

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We're being cost conscious of course but we'd love to know if you've had any great experiences with any of the above! Or any thoughts you have! :) I'm leaning towards two of them but I'd LOVE to hear your experiences and what you think!

Heartfelt Sidenote: Sometimes I/we question what is worth spending money on; something that we would get more use out of, something the other one can use or wants, putting it into the house to get a better return when we sell and to enjoy now, something more tangible. But a vacay or time with just the two of us or for any couple is so important and "worth it!" Although sometimes it's hard to spend the money; you want to make sure you're using money wisely and for God's glory. You feel me? :) I think a vacay with just the two of us would definitely glorify God, strengthening a relationship even more, feeling refreshed and able to focus even more...haha Have I justified it yet? This is for myself, Hubby and I are on the same page, and he says it's totally worth it!

Anyway, thoughts?? Experiences? Loves? Strong not loves (I try to stay away from the word hate, haha but if you had a really bad experience and hated it, share away :))? Places you'd love to go again? Throw any fun thoughts our way! :)

And go enter my giveaway (said sternly with a big smile and a shaking finger)! :) It's a free $25 GC friends! :)

*We'd love to travel overseas again as well but that will be for a later time. :) Maybe with the little ones when are older too :) There are so many places we'd love to travel!


Anonymous said...

We take an all-inclusive beach vacation each year. So far, we've done Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, and Cancun, Mexico and then also Nassau, Bahamas. I defintely recommend an all-inclusive vacation! We usually SAVE money by doing it this way. Seriously, we went to Florida for 4 days and spent more than when we go to Mexico for 6 days! I'd definitely check into it.

Anonymous said...

ahhh is that hot springs in west virginia? i vote for that place. i went there and loved it!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices- they're all so different!

I will say that while NYC was so fun and wonderful, it was already so hot at 80 degrees in early May. The temps made it difficult to spend the day walking. So maybe just wait until it's cooler?

Otherwise, I'd do the cruise or the all-inclusive resort. You know you'll be so relaxed when it's over.

Joelle said...

fun! we love to travel and love our time away together. the all inclusive stuff is fun and easy and relaxing. NYC stresses me out just thinking about it!

Preppy Little Dress said...

Yea, we are in the same boat! This month is our 10 yr. anniversary. We are going to go away, where? not sure? I started a new job and won't have vacation time until the end of June. So needless to say, I am trying figure out what to do?

I think all your choices are great! Cruises are fun, all inclusives are fun too....decisions! decisions! decisions!

Good luck!

Rebecca Jo said...

YIPEE - lots to celebrate! I cant believe the baby is almost ONE.. where did that year go????

ANY of those places sound wonderful! My husband refuseses to go, but I want to go to NYC one day to see some REAL Broadway stuff - how fun!

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA how exciting, so much to celebrate! I don't think you could go wrong at any of these choices!

Lauren Kelly said...

So much to look forward and you seriously can’t go wrong with any of those places!!! :)

Rachel said...

I don't think you can go wrong!!!! Just get somewhere and relax!!!

BTW- I love that last post of smiles =)!!!

Suz said...

Okay, I'm so bad about commenting lately. Sounds like life is busy and wonderful for you guys! So glad to hear that!

now, onto vacay tips!
#1 - All inclusive... I personally LOVE them! They are so great because you don't have to worry about the money! BUT if you don't like to just lay around and do nothing then this MAY not be the right trip!

#2 - Cruises are so fun, you can do so much, you get to see a lot, experience YUMMY food (which I know you love), and there are so so many different activities. You can do the couples massages, tennis, ping pong, basketball, etc... And there are some fabulous shows on cruise ships too! My one suggestion, 7 days is WAY too long and the 3 day is too short! I would recommend 5 days! Just right said mama bear! :)

#3 - the bed and breakfast type does seem nice and romantic and low key! I could see ya'll to enjoy that too!

If you were to do an all inclusive, I loved Jamaica.. A lot of people say how dirty it is, but if you don't go inland too much it's not bad! We stayed at Couple sweptaway and it was incredible! I would LOVE to go again! Grand Cayman is gorgeous too!
We have done Carnival, Disney, and Royal Carribean cruiselines. I would say Carribean if you like to party, rc if you like more adult-mature kind of atmosphere!

I hope this helps! I love to vacation and have tons of fun ideas! :)

Lauren said...

Oh I love to plan vacations! Any of those options sound fabulous! One thing my husband & I have said is that we hope to never have to justify time spent by ourselves on a vacay! Even without kids it's so refreshing to get away for awhile.

We're going to an all-inclusive in the Rivera Maya in 2 weeks & we can't hardly wait. We did it while being very budget conscious! Good luck & I can't wait to hear what you decide!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Oh my goodness, this is awesome! You have so much going on! This year we opted for a family vacay, but if we could have I think we would have gone to St. something or other! (We can't leave the country until after citizenship) Anyway, congrats! And Gooner turns one this month!!! Where did all the time go!!!?

Michelle said...

I hear you on the money thing, girl! But, I agree whole-heartedly that spending on a "just the two of us" vacay is priceless. Money comes, money goes, but getting back the relationship you have with your husband is so much more important than that! Whether it's for a week or a weekend, it's money well matter where you decide to go.

Adam and I try to get away for a week every year (usually to Playa del Carmen, Mexico) and our relationship thrives because of that. One week. Alone. No kids. No house. No bills. No worries.

I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be fabulous!! ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

They all sound like great choices. But I'm going to go with all inclusive beach trip. Just because cruise ships freak me out and NYC will be so hot! Or maybe I choose that one because I'm lazy and like laying on the beach... Hmm.. Whatever you choose, y'all will have a great time!

THE Stephanie said...

Girl, I'm not well traveled, but I highly recommend the all-inclusive beach vacay! Joey & I try to go every other year, but we missed last year (for obvs reasons) and I'm itching to go!!

The Royal in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is AMAZING!! (Adult only, too, so you don't have to worry about little ones running around.)

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