Thursday, April 1, 2010

busy busy fun... in pics :)

We have been busy busy, hence no blogging or blog reading for soooo looong. :) Here's what we've been up to!

Pulling up and cruising on anything (and crawling everywhere :))! This little guy is on his feet and moving all the time. :) Have him in your lap and he wants to get down, set him down and he wants to climb up, haha. He is a sweet determined little'un!


And getting a little bonk because of it sometimes :) Which doesn't bother him at all, haha!


Some bonks for sweet big too but they don't get him down either!




Playing the keyboard! and singing :)



Sweet sweet times with Daddy! Showing them all sorts of fun adventurous things!



A GNO! I love Girl's Nights Out. Such a fun time to catch up, laugh, accidentally embarrass the waitress/waiters with girl talk whenever they come to the table, ha! Missed you LL and Reb! (hope to see you next time Renee :))


Fun trips to the mall with friends! I snapped some pics from the trip last week with an old friend and her little ones :) We were standing in line for lunch (Subway, trying to be healthy :)) and I looked down and BabyBoy had reached over for Next Edition's hand to hold. I might have said, "Awwwww" outloud, put my hand up on my chest, then grabbed my phone to take a pic, right in line, haha. SWEET brothers! :) I love it!!!



A wedding. First pic, closer up for the dress detail :-). Second pic, Hubby and his "little" bro. He's a good boy! :)




And remember the potential trip #4 to tagalong with Hubby to California? It's happening! I ended up finding a great plane fare and Hubby's ticket and rental car are always paid for! I meant to add to that post, that all of that luxurious looking spa goodness... was just a fun thought, because the little sweets will be us too, haha. We LOVE visiting my family and always have such a wonderful time with them! :) Hubby is going to work some and take some time off too! We're SO excited it's happening!


Brittany Ann said...

1. I had the same reaction to that brothers holding hands pic. Awww! Melt my heart!

2. You look positively radiant/gorgeous/svelte! Woo hoo!

Lianna Knight said...

You guys look great in your wedding attire...and the holding hands pic...ADORABLE!!

AO said...

Glad you made it to the West Coast OK! Hope that you have a wonderful time visiting with everyone and have safe travels home. :)

MOMSWEB said...

I see where your children get their good looks from. You're a beautiful woman with a handsome husband. Your little ones have your smile (smile).

Glad I dropped by!

daniella said...

Hello, hot stuff! That's a great wear it well. And of course, that pic with boys holding hands melted me into pudding. Miss you and can't wait to get together when we're both back in town!

Lauren said...

Such a precious picture of your boys holding hands!!!

Our Plain Life said...

Old crew fun and so jealous! Next time have a glass of wine for me!

Jillian said...

I LOVE the holding hands:) Too cute!

Clemson Girl said...

I love how resilient little kids are! No amount of bumps or bruises can slow them down.

Trina said...

Those boys are stinkin adorable! I love the pic of them in the stroller and how you described what you did LOL Woulda done the same thing.

Girl you look FAB in that dress!

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