Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Lovie Laughs and Giggles

We love our little routine before bedtime with the boys. One night last week we switched up the end and put BabyBoy to bed first. Before putting Next Edition to bed we ended up having the cutest, funniest little bonus playtime. :) We can never get enough smiles and laughs from the boys! Ohh loves!

Hubby always finds funny things to do to play around with the boys. This sometimes includes putting a little toy or something on their head (he's such a boy :)) and seeing how long they take to figure out it's there or just see what they do. :) Tonight was the first time for Sweet Little Love and he thought it was hilarious. And we couldn't help laughing either!

Excuse our silly Mommy/Daddy voices and I hope it makes you smile or giggle a little today; it makes us smile and laugh every time.

It's under 1 min 45 sec and if you watch to the end you're going to want to turn it up a little louder for the last few seconds :) for a quiet super cute giggle (we're biased :) we admit it :))

Hope you have a wonderful day with some smiles and giggles!! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Call of the Ice Cream Truck

We heard it walking home from the park today! A little jingle-y version of It's a Small World After All... with the little "boyyoiyoing" sound at the end, haha.

It was the ice cream truck!

Did we just let the already distant sound of our childhood continue to drive away? Or did we say, hurry let's get some money and give BabyBoy his first ice cream truck experience and get a special treat? (before dinner :) it was a fun adventure)

That didn't take you long to figure out, haha.

We've heard it go by before but hadn't answered it's strong nostalgic call yet! So we asked BabyBoy if he wanted to get a special treat ice cream from the ice cream truck. (We [err I] may have asked excitedly... leading the witness.) He answered in his super cute 2 yr old voice, "Yeeesss, please :)."

We grabbed a little money and started after the ice cream tune, trying to figure out where it was, I think I hear it up there! We were jogging, laughing, talking, fast walking, chasing down the ice cream truck.

We chased that truck down for half a mile, haha. And we had fun doing it! And BabyBoy had his first ice cream truck experience!

Hubby knew exactly what he wanted, the Firecracker Popsicle. BabyBoy and I went with a refreshing, yummy, old school Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle. :) ETA: I loved the chocolate eclair ones too!

The boys after our special treat! (I didn't have a camera or my phone on our adventure :)) Poor LittleBoo didn't get one little lick, it crossed our minds because he was so cute and kept reaching for Hubby's pop, but not yet :)


I saw this pic as I was searching for old school popsicles, which I couldn't find many of :(. I remember these when we were little. They were so fun. :) Although they were a little difficult to eat, haha.

Do you remember the old school popsicles? The ones with the bubble gum noses, the characters. I remember getting ice cream from the truck when we went to the pool in the summers! We loved hearing the music get louder and louder as it came closer and closer. It was so exciting. :)

popsicle images found on Google

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trip #3 and Bloggy Friends

Last week we tagged along on Hubby's third business trip of the year! This time was a drive to Southern Vir ginia for two days. Actually, my Hubs is such an amazing one, that he scheduled some meetings on Friday, so he (we :)) could stay the night in a hotel, just so I could meet up with some of my girls!! I mean seriously, I told you he was awesome! :)

Thursday: While Hubs had his meetings all day, the boys and I took a walk (around some shops, haha), took a short nap at the hotel, went out to Target (BabyBoy wanted to and so did I, ha), almost got stuck at Target because our beloved car wouldn't start, Hubby got back to the hotel after his ton'th meeting that day, I handed over the boys, their food, gave hugs, exchanged I love yous, kisses, then headed out for a GNO!

Whitney, Rachel, Lis, and me (I keep looking so goofy in my pics!)

I have SO much fun with these girls! They are a riot, sweet, and we share a lot of laughs. We closed the restaurant down again and I could have stayed and kept talking for hours! I had such a great time and it was so refreshing! Can't wait to see ya'll again soon! :) (and Michelle too :)) ETA: check out the desserts! we each got a different one, after dinner - awesome choc cake, red velvet cake, cheesecake, and keylime pie - so we could share :) SO fun and SO yummy!

Friday: We all got to eat breakfast together, Hubs went to his meetings, the littles and I went for another walk (around Babies :) we had to check out a couple of things:)) then we headed home to get ready for our wonderful (rescheduled from Thursday) small group that evening.

Trip #4 is coming up! (if I can get a good deal on flights, tear... we had to wait to book them and now prices have gone up... I'm so sad) If it works out it will be to Palm Springs, California for a few days, maaaybe Carlsbad for one day, then Arizona to visit my family! Praying it works out! Annnnd LOOK at this resort he HAS to stay in, who wouldn't want to go???



We could play some tennis and I'm not so sure that (right pic below) would be very relaxing but a massage or a facial would be FABULOUS!


This could be whichever one of you wants to come to the spa with me and me! :) I'm sure the babies would have plenty of room to crawl around and play with some spa rocks while we soak, haha.


And we could sit by the pool and read. Don't worry I would wear a bathing suit! Actually I might wear that robe over my suit! I'm not ready to start thinking about squeezing in (or out, yikes) of a bathing suit yet, haha!


I'm still hoping it works out!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Next Edition is 8 Months Old!

This little guy is 8 months old! He is growing up SO fast! We're trying to tell him (and his big bro) to slow it down, but it's not happening. :) Oh they're so big and FUN!


Here are some of Next Edition's (NE) current loves :)

Crawling!! He is crawling! He has been crawling since just before he was 7 months old. He'd hop up on his lil knees, scootchalittle, throw himself forward, then hop back up to his knees and do it all over again. We love watching him! He is full on crawling now! :) When he gets to the wood floor, it takes quite a feat to get anywhere, it's so slippery. But he is DETERMINED. If he wants to do something, go somewhere, get to something, he will. We love it!


Eating. He's Mama's baby :) haha. I mean Daddy likes to eat, but Mommy loves to eat. ha! He loves all of his fruits and veggies he's had so far. We do the four day wait in between foods and he is just eating like a champ. He loves puffs too, and sometimes laughs when we bring out the container for a snack. He has 4 breastmilk feedings and eats 2 solid meals a day (with a 3rd added sometimes if he is SO hungry. I understand. :))

Sleeping. He's still a great sleeper! He takes two naps a day for 1 1/2-2 hrs (sometimes less, he gets too excited if he knows people are over or if we are out and about). He sleeps from about 7:30 pm to 7:30 am. He is a flexible little guy. He can miss naps and still be the happiest little bug, he just loves to be held even more, sweet baby. :)

Mommy! He's been on a big Mommy kick! He still goes to others, enjoys the nursery at church (and starts to smilecry when he sees us! he remembered how much he missed us :) so cute and funny, we can't help but smile and laugh a lil too, BabyBoy did the same thing!) and playing with friends but if he sees me he wants me, sweet love (it's not just because I'm his source for food! ha). He's starting to get past it more and more, and we still pass him around as much as we can so he'll continue to be his little social butterfly self, but I do love extra cuddles :).


Photobucket Photobucket
[Excuse the fact that I look goofy in this pic! Just look at the smiling baby. We had fun walking and playing!]

Daddy! He loves Daddy. Daddy (gently) wrestles with him, reads, feeds, sings, changes, cuddles, bathes, loves on him, takes him outside, and NE loves it. EVERY time Hubs walks in the room, Next Edition starts smiling, cooing and calling him until Hubby gets to him. And every morning, I bring Next Edition in our room to feed him, and he looks over at Hubby and calls him, "aaaaah, aaaccchhh, rararah" until he turns and says goodmorning. It is SO sweet. SO sweet.



Big Brother! He also ADORES his big bro. He smiles right when he sees him. He loves when BabyBoy talks and sings to him. Next Edition starts talking to BabyBoy and waits for him to say something back and then smiles a huge grin when he does. Ahhhh amazing boys :)



Toys. He doesn't have any toys that he HAS to have. He enjoys playing with pretty much anything we throw in front of him :). He does LOVE playing with my phone sleeve, haha. I have always given it to him when we don't have something else right there. :) He also enjoys the little blue elephant hanging on his carseat too. :)


Pulling up! He LOVES to climb and pull up. He mostly pulls up and climbs up on us but he loves to stand, walk with our help :), and stand against the ottoman and play with anything on top of it. I walked into his room last week and he was standing up in his crib! I couldn't believe it!! He's starting to cruise the ottomans a little bit too. He's starting to really crawl after big bro now too, it is adorable!!

Happy 8 months Lovie, Lovebug, Little Boo, Sweet Love, Deedle!!! Mommy and Daddy love you more than words could ever express!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

We Always...

say "I love you" before we hang up the phone.

seek advice from many wise peeps, pray, make lots of lists, and wear ourselves out discussing, pro and conning, and debating (together!) every single option before we make a decision. :)

want dessert after any meal (including breakfast... ok, that's just me :)).

say "I love you" all. day. long. to our babies and each other.

lift each other up in our conversations with others.

have a plan for as many situations as possible. like when getting home, who gets what baby, bag, and job when we get inside :). We might get made fun of but it saves a lot of time and energy :)!

hold hands as much as much as possible.

try to resolve conflict, ie "discussions" :) as quickly as possible.

could eat sushi anytime. so yummy. and always with wasabi. mmm. :)

think waay too much about what others think. (ok, that's me not we :)) Well, I go back and forth with how much I let it affect me. I just love being friends with everybody and am afraid that I've done something to upset someone and get my feelings hurt when (supposed) friends are not kind, do something hurtful, or I feel left out. I always overanalyze and think the worst while the Hubs says I'm sure they didn't mean it like that :), sweet Hubs. (I don't think I'm alone in this... :))

kiss and say, "I love you," before we say goodbye to go anywhere. that kiss, I love you, and a lil prayer before we go to sleep.

visit family, no matter where we are living.

try to be joyful (even if we aren't "happy" about it) in every circumstance (and remind ourselves that God has it).

are loyal, lifelong friends. even if we don't live near, no matter how much time has passed. LOVE friends, so special.

try to talk as much as we can if we are not physically together, or leave a little message of love if we can't reach each other. [we'll be newlyweds for forever ;-)]

are blessed. And I hope you are too!

[p.s. get ready for a giveaway soon!]

Friday, March 5, 2010

oogles and oggles :)

We got to tag along again with Hubby on his second business trip of the year! It was just a little over an hour up north but since his conference was all day Tuesday and Wednesday his company covered a hotel room for him:)!

We had a wonderful time! On Tuesday, we went to the mall and lunched (Chick Fil A, whatwhat :)) with our friends Dani and Beth and their little ones. I didn't get any pics that day but we had a great time and some sleepy babies! Annnnd after we picked the Hubs up from his conference we went out for sushi!! BabyBoy was really tired (after a very short nap :) and waking up early for the drive) but when we said, do you want to go for sushi, he perked right up. (I have no idea where he gets that from! haaaaah)

On Wednesday, we visited Grandma (my Mom) at work and had so much fun! All of the ladies just LOVED having the little ones come to the office! They oogled and oggled over them. They would sneak away from their desks to talk to or smile at them. It was so sweet and cute! BabyBoy had so much fun! We always walk around the whole office saying hello to everyone :). One sweet sweet co-worker reached down and pulled out a couple little cars. It was so nice! She did the same thing last time we came too! Someone else ran off and brought him his own little bag (from Target, and you know he, mmm and we, enjoy Target :)) to carry his goodies in, he was so proud to carry his own little bag around! He had also brought one of his little phones inside and he LOVED "working" just like Grandma.

The crossed leg phone pics crack me up! He just did it several times on his own, we have no idea where he got it from, hahaha!


Then after an impromptu call that morning, we went to Hubby's Great Grandpa and Grandma's condo for (very short :)) naps, hung out while Grandpa picked up Hubby and then had dinner together in their dining hall, and my Mom came too! All of the residents LOOOVE when we the boys come, and we (and Great Grandpa 'n Grandma) love to show them off (we're proud parents, yes we are :))! It is soo sweet to see everybody love on and so excited to see the babies! We walk in, well really they just see the babies, haha!, and everybody's faces just light up. We always have so much fun!



BabyBoy HAD to hold Great Grandpa's hand as we walked to dinner. Out of the elevator, hold GGpa's hand, it was SOO sweet! Then GGma got him some popcorn and they munched together, SOO cute! We love Hubby's Grandparents, they are SO special and amazing!


And he has a very special relationship with Grandma :)! Look how HUGE he is. We have always joked around about how short my Mom is, especially when she and I are standing next to each other (we always joke that her pants are capris on me) and BabyBoy is almost as big as she is already! haha!


All you fam on the other side of the country, he talks about getting on an airplane to come see you ALL the time! We miss you guys like crazy!

We didn't end up leaving until almost 9pm! Which is waaay past the babies' bedtimes (we did put a blanket over Next Edition's carseat and got him to go to sleep earlier :)), but we were having such a wonderful and special time, we couldn't leave!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

did i hear a baby say, pass the spoon please mama? :)

with a few edits and additions :)

We started Next Edition on solid food at 6 months old and he is lovin' it! BabyBoy started when he was 5 1/2 months, he was sooo hungry (had to work on my supply more with him :)), he just couldn't wait any longer :) (they have the appetite of their Mommy! ha. Funny, but it's true :)).

One thing that I LOVE doing when they start eating solid food, is making it! It really isn't too hard! Now, peas, we'll talk about that another time :), but everything else is pretty easy! And there's something therapeutic about it! Not that I need therapy, well I guess we could all use a little therapy, haha. (we'll get to that at the Beth Moore conference, hahaha)

You know I love making pretty much everything from scratch, I love knowing that it's straight from the veggie or fruit or there are a small number of ingredients and ones that I can pronounce :). I don't go as far as grinding my own wheat for bread but I have a friend who does, and call me (and my fab friend :)) granola but I think it would be sooo great to do it too! (friend, if you don't mind me calling you out, I'll link to you, and let the world (or just the few "world" that follow my blog :) know how awesome you are!)

Tips I use to make our little guys' baby food :)
[1] Make it in bulk and use the Ice Cube Tray Freeze It Method
[2] Wholesomebabyfood {dot} com
[3] The book: Super Baby Food
[4] The microwave and food processor are your friend :)
[5] Grab some freezer safe baggies and a Sharpie (and feel free to color code! I don't know what you would color code, but I love to color-code anything I can, ha!)

Both the book and the website tell you about every single fruit, veggie, and food, and when it is good to start on your baby on those foods (and why).

Here are a couple different foods and an easy way to prepare them! [I'm sorry the writing is a little difficult to read on the pics! Every color was difficult to read :(]



I forgot to write in the pics, to just add a couple tablespoons of water before you microwave and I always put a microwave cover over the bowl, so it pretty much just steams. And if you boil them on the stove you don't need too much water either! Usually you know when your food is done when a fork can easily go in it!

When you freeze the pureed food into cubes, it makes about 2 tablespoon portions, which is about what a newbie solid food eater eats. So you can just defrost one (either in fridge, over warm water, or in the microwave just be very careful of hotspots) and then as they grow defrost a couple, or a few and your little one will be ready to gobble it up :)! And you can add some rice cereal to it too!

Do you make or want to make your own baby food? Do you have any fab tips?

P.S. and my Hubby loves it too! I always have to make extra for the Hubs, haha! He loves when baby food makin' time begins :)

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