Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It was July 2008 and Hubby and I had just gone through one of the most difficult things we've had to, a miscarriage. This isn't the time for all the details (though I have blogged about it) because I'm already getting a big lump in my throat and teary eyed and it is really a little background for this post. God has a plan, God has a plan, is what we kept having to say to ourselves. And he did and still does. We're still learning the depth of what it is, but we understand some of it now. ETA: Including our incredible Next Edition=)!

I can't remember exactly what was happening that day, it is a bit of a blur, but we must have just moved across the country, I wasn't able to do a lot yet (even though I just flew by myself with our 1 yr old while Hubby drove the 26' moving truck! 4 days after.), and was just not 100%.

A good sweet lovely and fun friend realized my semi isolated (due to just moving and not being within a quick drive to friends, though thankgoodness I still had my best friend and sweet bebe with me) and a bit sad state and said, "Come twitter with me!" and I said, "Twi-what??"

I didn't know how to reply, had not a clue what a retweet was or what it's purpose was but I signed up, because the ability to be connected with a wonderful friend, across the states, just to chat about everyday life, and feel I was still connected with one of my girls was a wonderful thing. Thank you friend! ETA: I have loved staying connected and getting to know new and old friends even better!

Soapbox: So all you friends that are not on twitter, hop to it!* I love reading a little snippet of friends' daily lives. Even if it's just, going to the grocery store, because inevitably something funny always happens, or if not, it's fun to know that you just had to buy some dark chocolate to dip your corn on the cob in for dinner before you went through a sugar withdrawal (ok I made that up) or a cute lil story about one of the kiddos, or what you are munching on, loving, not loving, "watch" a tv show together in our own family rooms across the states, having a bad day and need a long distance hug, it's just everyday.

The thought that originally sparked this post was, I was wondering what form of Twitter you use??

I have used The Web, TweetDeck, Twitterberry and Ubertwitter (for use with the Crack Blackberry).

[1] The Web It's been so long since I've used The Web so I don't feel like I can really comment on it =).
[2] TweetDeck is great because you can easily see any replies to you and Direct Messages with the columns display. It seems to load pretty fast, although it can be a little slow at times. And you can see replies from people you are not following (that you probably want to be=) and some, not so much).
[3] Twitterberry was fine until I was introduced to...
[4] Ubertwitter Shows you a more detailed timeline. Any replies to you are in yellow and direct messages are in green. It has soo many more functions. It doesn't update as fast as Twitterberry though, I feel like it's slow to show new tweets. It also shows you a little red alert on the icon (on your phone screen) when there are new tweets. I feel like it was much easier to go back to the timeline when you were in the middle of a tweet in Twitterberry (just in case you wanted to double check something before sending your tweet) but Ubertwitter overall is so much better.

If you're a tweeter, what program do you use or like?? Do you love to love love**... I mean do you love tweeting? ETA: Or what's holding you back from becoming a Twitter addict?

These two don't tweet but they wanted to say hi ;-)


*if you have any questions about anything, you just let me know! not that I am a twitexpert, but I'll try to help!
**that was for my Hubby=) that he's said since I once said, ooh do you love that? ;-)

I was in no way compensated for this post. Although I would not object to anyone willing to and would be happy to oblige. I am a woman and just love being connected=).


THE Stephanie said...

Wow... all I can think about is that I had a miscarriage in 2008. I need a tissue. :(

THE Stephanie said...

But you're right, God does have a plan. :)

Lindsey said...

Oh bless your heart, that is so hard but God has a plan! You are so right! And I have a whole new respect for Twitter now!

Lis said...

Somehow I never knew this - I'm so sorry and you're in my prayers! LOVE you girl!!!! xoxo

And I am so glad we are all on twitter. Sometimes just reading what everyone had for breakfast can brighten my day... is that weird? Hmmm I don't care if it is - I LOVE my Twitter friends!!! <3

Garrett and Meagan said...

Miscarriage is so hard. I'm so happy your family got through it.

Also, I use Echofon. Its AMAZING.

Gwen said...

How did I not know this. I'm so glad you came through stronger and are starting to realize His purpose.

I use Twidroid on the phone and the internet at work. I go in spurts with my Twitter usage. Sometimes I feel lost on there so I avoid it for a while. LOL!!!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I Tweet but not too much into because I don't have a smart phone - mostly an at work thing including doing client social networking.

I'll have to find you on there!

Summer said...

Thanks for stopping by my bloggy blog! Your boys are just precious and I'm sure they probably know more about tweeting then me LOL....I haven't started tweeting yet but um all my friends do and I sure I will soon enough....

Your blog is super cute! I choked up when I read the beginning of your post! I have had two miscarriages and it is heart wrenching to even think or talk about it alot and it has been 4 years ago....I know how you feel on that....oh and God does have a plan even if we don't exactly know what it is yet....

Hope you have a Happy Thursday and I am now a follower.... :0)

Oh and that's funny you did a post on Punky too....

Summer :0)

Hattie said...

I hoping to join twitter sometime this summer. My husband is getting the new Iphone coming out so I get his old Iphone! I always get the hand me down phones! He going to show me how to tweet! If he gets frustrated w/ me (which normally happens when he teaches me new things) I'll have to ask you all my ?'s!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! I am following you on twitter now. So, Ok..we have a lot in common. I am sending you a link you dont have to read if you dont want. Hope your having a great day. xoxo

Trina said...

Hello, my name is Trina and I'm a Twitter addict.

I have used the web (it's so 2008) and now Tweetdeck, which I really like. I don't have anything else to compare it to tho.

PS I'm going to ATL in April!

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