Friday, February 19, 2010

Hair, Hair, and Dress!

I'm in need of a hair intervention! I would love an updated cut and as I've said numerous times :) I would love to sport some cute swept bangs. So many of you rock them and they, and you, look gorgeous. Love 'em. I just don't feel like they would look the same on me. I do have somewhat of a cowlick which I have mentioned. I was brave and got a little bangs the past few times but was too afraid to get bangs. I mean a heavier swept bang... s? I'm willing to train them to achieve cute look although I have not really been successful to date, but I also haven't found my perfect stylist. :)

Here are some pics I found in a brief search for inspiration, some more realistic than others:). I'm sure I could do some more digging but here we go. Did you have any long hair inspiration pics that you think are really pretty?


I always used to get my hair done the same way (for the most part although mine wasn't that tapered). I had a little speech memorized when I went to get my hair cut, "Hmmm... long layers and tapered in the front." Everytime. Was finally told by new stylist at new salon out west, happened to be the owner :), my cut was not "cool" anymore:). I was in need of the new style, light and wispy. And it was good.

The last stylist I went to, a new one in our new town, one of the most difficult things, you know what I'm sayin'!, we'll say did not do a good job. A tear might have been shed. Just one. Ok, maybe two.

So whaddaya think?? Can this one (me, not BabyBoy ;)) do any of the realistic styles* above? (or a better one that you have found?!) Be honest. Or should I just stick with a wispier layered look with a little bang... s?


Annnnd my Mom and Hubby's Mom are coming over this weekend, which means the Hubs and I get to go on a date! We are so excited!!! I'm hoping to find something to wear this [Ann Taylor, clearanced!] dress to.


It is NOT this short on me, she must be tall. But it IS in my pre-preggy size!!! I'm not down to my pre-preggy weight, everything does NOT look the same, but the size, yaaay! And don't tell me if you have this dress and it runs a little big, thnks;) But rest assured I will do the arm on the hip pose, to try to make my arms look thinner, they need all the help they can get right now. Come back toned arms!

*I realize my hair won't automatically look perfectly curled or tossled right when I get it cut, or even after an hour of trying to style it myself, but a girl can hope, for that, and for a stylist to follow me around everywhere I go :) I mean, how expensive can they really be. Don't tell me the truth on that one. I still like to hope :)


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I also like the sideswept bang look, but it never looks good on me. Boo! But I think you have the hair type and face style to pull it off. Go for it girl!

Kristin said...

LOVE Penelope's gorgeous layers. I think you could totes rock that look!

Lindsey said...

Hot mama!!! You could rock the layers for sure!

Lindsey said...

Hot mama!!! You could rock the layers for sure!

Joelle said...

i love the idea of the ss bangs.. just do them a little longer, like the tip of the nose. would be fun to try it out, a little outside the box, and they'll grow quickly if you dont like them. it's hard to make different long layered looks look different! so i think the bangs would give you a different look to scratch the itch and if you hate it grow them out!

Lauren said...

I think you could definitely pull it'd look fabulous!

Have a great date night!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I say go for it! I have a cowlick (sp) in the front too. I have had to train my bangs and I actually ask my stylists to keep them long enough to tuck behind my ear. I blow dry them down straight in the opposite direction I want them to be swept to. Not sure if that makes sense, but it helps them lay flat. I can't do the short side swept bangs with my cowlick, but what I currently do works for me and looks pretty similar.

Heather said...

I think you could do any of these hair styles! I love bangs!! Go for it girl!

Krystyn said...

I think the one on the top right is perfect for you!

And, way to go for pre-preggy size. That's awesome.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Take pictures! I want to see your new do!

daniella said...

Of COURSE you can - and SHOULD - get bangs! Here's a list of peopel with a cow lick/widow's peack that have the heavier side swept bangs:

Blake Lively
Penelope Cruz
Scarlet Johannsen

Another one is Eva Longoria (I know, you don't have a pic).

Just remember that most of these hair cuts is all about the way you style them after you get a cut. It most definitely required immediately blow drying them with a big round brush right after you wash your hair.

I personally think Penelope's cut will look darling on you, and her bangs go - LIGHTLY - no shorter than shorter than her chin. Most definitely ask the stylist to show you HOW to style your hair like that too (and pay attention when she does it). A couple of years ago when I had that cut I used the super big/wide curling iron to do it. And it was actually one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. I miss my long hair, can you tell?

I agree, move away from the tapered in the front cut. In my opinion, the layers in the front like that can actually elongate the face, and not in a good way...drawing too much attention, like a black frame. I'm speaking from experience :-) You want to do some layers in and some Penelope!

Ok, the novella stops right here. My sister is a hairstylist and I couldn't help myself, since she taught me many of the "rules".

Brittany Ann said...

Yay! Pre-preggy size! Nice work! You go girl!

Lesli said...

Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! I think you could totally rock ANY of those hair styles.. your hair is gorgeous already!! I would love to see what you decide on! Hope you have a great date night!!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I love the look but understand your concerns. I have a widow's peak so any hair pulled down front of my hairline would "split." I know I'd constantly be messing with them.

Perhaps ask your stylist if there is a way to get the look to work with your hair.

Natalie Catherine said...

love that dress!! yay for date nights with the husband. ;)

Amber said...

I say definitely give the bangs a try, I think you'd look great with them! And YAY for being back to pre-preggy size! Nice work!

THE Stephanie said...

Funny you're talking about bangs... I'm in the process of growing mine out. LOL. Not totally, but did you watch The Bachelor? I'm in LOVE with Ali's hair. I love her long (chin length) bang, if you can call it a bang - it's more like a layer, I guess. Maybe you could start with something like that, that you can still push behind your ears, and then go shorter if you like it. Know what I mean?

I'm all about the side-swept bang, though. I've had it for YEARS, tho, so it's time for me try something different.

BUT, you really do need a stylist who know how to cut them. If you don't have someone who know what they're doing, and just cuts a bang at an angle, it just won't be the same. :)

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