Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our "Quick Order These Books" Order (and my GIVEAWAY!)

Underneath this super sweet little face is a strong willed little guy.

Now, we've been working on obedience with a lot of great advice from some fam, great friends, and several books, since he was bitty, before he started walking, and he's been doing really well.

So whenever we tell people who have been around him that he is strong willed they say, BabyBoy?? Nooooo. And we smile and say, BabyBoy?? Yeeeeeessss. =)

We are actually glad that he has a strong will. Crazy? Maybe. But we pray for wisdom from God so we can help him use his strongwilledness for good. =)

The day of Hubby's surprise party, BabyBoy figured out that he could (climb out of his big bed) open his door and come out of his room. Freedoooooom, Fredooooom. [We tried not to teach him and he had been a pretty obedient rule follower until he figured it out himself, then he believed he had new freedoms=)]

So currently he is using his strong will to: open his door and come out of his room before he falls asleep for his nap or bedtime, after he's woken up from his nap... early, or when he has woken up in the morning... very early... waaaaaay very early... like 3:30am early. Yeah. The bitty baby doesn't even get up that early. But I'm glad to say that a couple weeks later, yesterday he came in our room at 7:40am and the past few days after about 7:15am. Yay. We're getting there!

We have dealt with this a couple different ways, we're staying consistent, and staying a united front, me and the Hubs. Oh and part of it is, insert little voice "I need to go potty on the teelet (ok that's how he used to say toilet but it was so cute)"... =)

After going upstairs about 27 times during naptime on Sunday, while Hubby was up there the 28th time, I popped online and quick ordered the following books that have been recommended to us multiple times, that we had been meaning to purchase and read:

I wanted to overnight ship them, actually I wanted to call Amaz0n and see if they'd have someone fly them to us the moment I clicked purchase, but instead of paying an additional waaaay more than we actually paid for the books... I had to go with free super sav er ship ping.

He is such a good sweet boy and overall so obedient, we are also praying for patience, in addition, our little border collie is a little more rambunctious in the house right now, take him out and he obeys even better. He needs his cute little boy self more adventure and new curiosity seeking environments. We go to storytime at the bookstore, playgroups, church/nursery, the park, stores, walks, Hubby plays with him outside everyday. Adventure. =)

So my commenting will be (and has been) a little slim for a bit, and if my posts are incomprehendible or any comments I do leave are completely goofy, please forgive me and don't think that I lack all grammar or syntax skills. This is just another stage. It is, don't tell us otherwise. ;-)

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HisTreasuredPossession said...

Grace based parenting is wonderful!! And I have a Ginger Plowman "cheat" sheet on discipline w/ scripture refrences that I love. It'll be a good book I'm sure.


Lindsey said...

These look like great books! I'll have to bookmark these for when we become parents (WAY down the road). Happy reading!=)

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love love "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Ted Tripp!!!!

sandy toe

Renee said...

I like all of those books but Setting Limits was the MOST helpful for me.

You have probably already considered this but...Regarding the door opening - have you tried a child lock on it or turning the door knob around so you can lock it form the outside. That would end the game at least. I have heard other people say that works but I don't know if you want to do that or not.

We are afraid to take Lydia out of the crib because we fear she would be the same way. Thankfully Wesley is compliant with staying in his bed. We have other struggles.

Gooch Family said...

You need to read the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby. There is a section in there that talks about "jack-in-the-box" syndrome. It worked for my sis-in-law and it worked for us like a charm. Really all it is is the second they come out of the room you pick them up w/o talking or looking at them and place them back in bed and walk out. If you even talk to them at all it won't work bc they are getting the attention they want. I think the first night we had to do it 17 times, the second night 3 times and the 3rd day none. We haven't had problems since. Also tell him what you are going to do at bed time that if he comes out, you aren't going to talk to him and you are just going to put him straight to bed. That is what the book said and it really worked. Also have one parent do it the whole first time. Don't switch off with your husband or vis versa.

Heather said...

Hang in there girl, it's tough at times raising boys, especially when they are strong willed! They go through different stages, we are dealing with smart mouth from a 10 year old. I would love to say gets easier, there are just new stages at every age. You deal with the best you can and go on. Keep your head up and keep praying, this too shall pass!!
That picture is really cute btw!

Krystyn said...

Glad you are getting through and staying united.

Izzy is MORE than strong willed (pretty sure we know where she gets it). It took her one day in her big girl bed to figure out how to get up and open the door. It took about a month for her to figure out how to remove the child proof door cover, and then we finally had to turn the knob around to lock her in. It was the only thing that worked.

Jenny.Lee said...

Please let me know what you think of these books! My youngest boy is very strong-willed so I can use all the help I can get! :)

Lindsay said...

I've heard Don't Make Me Count to Three is excellent. I may have to look into those for my (1st born) STRONG-WILLED child. Yikes.

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