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7 Tips for Packing and Your Move - Updated with GIVEAWAY Winner

We have moved 8 or 9 times (it's all a blur now =)) and we've been married 6 1/2 years (and we're not military=))! We haven't meant to move that much, but they were good reasons...=) Our professional movers certification is in the mail. ha.

Some Packing Tips NCF Style : Make your packing, move, unloading, and unpacking more efficient! With a... Spreadsheet! Who's with me?? haha. Ok, don't leave, it's not that bad, I promise! It's easy! And you're going to want to bury yourself in ice cream the night you move, it may take you a while to unpack, and you need to know what box the ice cream scoop is in.

Did we get ridiculed, laughed at, and made fun of by some of our family and friends, yes. But did we know exactly where everything was without opening one box when we got to our residence... well almost everything... the system is slightly flawed when you get to the end, are packing exhausted, and have to throw random items into random boxes... but almost everything, yes!

[1] Get your mindset ready. You have to pack up your place friend. It's gonna be ok. And even better, you'll know where everything is when you arrive at your new home! Doesn't organization, color-coding, and Sharpie markers and spreadsheets excite you? Ok maybe that's just me, but it's still gonna be ok.

[2] Plastic bins. We have a lot of the big plastic bins as well as boxes, love them. They go on sale everywhere. They're reusable, easily labeled, and they don't harbor spiders!!

[3] The liquor store. You can try to get free b0xes and/or p acking paper off of craigslist. But you can also find great book boxes or for packing the kitchen at ABC stores! You don't have to drink your way through the boxes, although that might help you with [#1], but usually they'll let you take a bunch for free! Most have dividers in them (that are removeabe) that are great for glasses and stemware!

[4] Have your laptop next to you with your excel spreadsheet open. Label across the top: Box #, Room, Color, Contents... (Plastic) Bin #, Room, Color, Contents. And then number down the side.

ETA: For those who get excitement out of color-coding, it makes it even easier, when everyone is helping you unload boxes (just feed them pizza, chips, and soda for their help ;)), to see the color with the room name, to correctly distribute them to the right location annnd you don't have to write in super small script on the label the contents or partial contents of the box. When you look up the number on your spreadsheet, you'll be golden to find the pizza cutter your first night in your new home (since you won't be cooking ;)). Or when searching for that one little item you need, you can just go on your super sweet spreadsheet, click Ctrl F - to find - and search for that one little thing you need.

[5] Get your labels (I used 2x4") and all the Sharpie colors your little heart desires right next to you too. Right up your label when you're done and slap it on! Last time I made two labels per bin/box, one for a front and one for a side so you could see if from a couple places more easily, but this time I only had the patience for one=)

[6] Use towels or linens to line boxes padding when packing up your kitchen or fragiles! Doesn't cost you any moola, doesn't get dirty because everything is wrapped, provides great padding, and you can feel comfortable filling up your box without things getting damaged!!

[7] Take pictures of how you have things organized or placed on the walls if you like it! When you get to your new house and are trying to remember how you had everything placed that you loved so much, all you have to do is look at pic and be reminded!!

It even promotes good teamwork too, while one of you is finishing up and closing the box, read out to your mate or friend the contents, they can type it in, write up the label, and your onto the next box!

If you have any of your own tips do share, and if you're moving soon, good luck and Happy Moving! =)


I went to random dot org and the winner is #1! And we never think that #1 wins =) So the lucky winner is...

Kristin from BonBon Rose!
Kristin said... How do I not have a wine decanter. I bought one for scotch but not wine. Craziness! Fabulous giveaway lady! After browsing the stores, I would say I would hit up CSN Home first.

Congrats Kristin! Just email me your information at naturallycaffeinatedfamily {at} yahoo {dot} com and the wonderful folks at CSN Stores will send you your fabulous new wine decanter set! (and if you choose to switch your choice you just let me know too =)) Enjoy and congrats!! =)

...and time got away from me and I kept forgetting to post who won my last giveaway! It was Sarah S., and I'm sure she found lots of great with her T arget G iftcard! Congrats again!


emily said...

haha i am currently being laughed at by my sister for liking this whole excel spreadheet and sharpies idea!! haha its right up my alley! thanks for the tips! :)

Kristin said...

En excel spreadsheet?? SO brilliant!

Meagan said...

I wish I would have seen this when we moved!! what a great idea!

SassyEngineer said...

Great tips! I especially like the one about taking a picture of how things are organized now. That is always my biggest hurdle when moving into a new place. Even if I couldn't do it exactly the same, it at least gives me a good starting point :)

Heather said...

Your so smart, love it and what great tips!

Anonymous said...
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Summer said...

Hi! I found you through Tales of the Trees. :) I think taking pictures is an excellent tip! I wish I'd thought of that before our last move. Taking pictures of packed boxes before they're sealed would help too. I hate forgetting where I packed things!

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure you wrote this just for me...I love it :)

Jenny.Lee said...

You are one organized mover!!

Lindsay said...

It's official. I have found someone MORE (freakishly) organized than myself! You win!!

I love it (obviously)!

Rachel H. said...

I think this is the best idea that I've EVER come across...I love organization, and I think spreadsheets are awesome! I definitely think this is the way to go! When we move, I'll be employing your ideas! :)

pocket full of pink said...

This is awesome! I love it! I know we'll be moving again sometime hopefully soon in the future and I will be sure to remember this excellent tips!

Bringing Up Boys said...

We're not worthy, we're not worthy! Martha Stewart would be so proud ;).

Trina said...

Look how organized you are!! You go girl!

Clemson Girl said...

I think I'm in love. Organizing is my ultimate fav!

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