Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Big 3-0

This weekend is Hubby's birthday! Friday Oct. 30! He is an amazing man, husband, daddy, and best friend! The most amazing!

I could not have asked for someone more caring, more selfless, more loving, or a more doting man. I could not have asked for a better gift-giver, a phenomenal jewlery picker outer, or a bring me flowers just because he knew I needed them that day kind of guy. I could not have asked for a sweeter Hubs who tells me I'm beautiful all the time, even though I don't believe him. I could not have asked for a more fun Hubby. One who you can go for hiking adventures with, have fun playing games with, or just watching tv or movies with. He's always up for anything. Even if it's just because he thinks I want to do it. I could not have asked for a more sensitive Hubby who listens to me complain about silly things and gives me sympathy, or rubs my hair while we watch a movie. I could not have asked for a more amazing father to our little ones. One who could quite possibly win the title of changing more diapers than I do. =) One who takes the big little one outside everyday to give him his border collie run around use tons of energy time. One who acts so goofy just to get smiles out of the teeny tiny one. One who wrestles with, teaches new games to, runs around the house with, cooks for, feeds, bathes, sings to, cuddles, has that look in his eye when he looks at, our babies (and me)... I couldn't have asked for a more incredible God driven leader of our family who always puts us first even when he's had a long day. The best.

Happy Birthday "B"! I love you soo much!!!

We gave him gifts tonight, we're having a family dinner celebration on Sunday with our fams, and then I get him for a night in a few weeks... I have something planned/in the works ;-) (due to unforseen circumstances I've had to change the date of said fun evening)! And we're taking a weekend fam vacay to the beach this weekend! AND I get to meet some great girls at a bloggy meetup!! And BabyBoy is so excited about getting to see the ocean and go in the sand and and and=)! And I have a wonderful Mama's Sprinkle on Sunday too before the arrival of her second little sweet one. It's going to be a great weekend! I hope you have a fabulous one too!! To the Hubs, the love of my life!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Torn!

About... Faceb0ok. Yes, friends, I am one of the few you might see walking the malls or driving by in our baby toting rockin' Pilot, that hadn't succumed to joining in to the addictive world of FB. I actually steer clear of some things because everybody is doing it. Which is funny because I am an overlysensitive people pleaser, but liking something just because everyone else thinks it's cool just annoys me. =) But I admit I do want a pair of Uggs or something similar now. They do look really comfy and you girls who have them look cute. =) And I love almost anything soft 'n comfy. Hold out a soft 'n comfy armadillo and I might buy it (if it's on sale, hahaha).

Anyhoo, I've been telling the Hubs for forever, ok just the past few months, that I was really thinking I wanted to join. I didn't want to join to attempt to have a billion friends (because internally I was afraid I wouldn't have any "friends"), I didn't want to join so people would think I was cool (I don't think that would turn things around for me now anyway =)), I didn't want to join to post dance audition videos and become a famous back up dancer for Justin Timberlake, Brittany, or any dancing pop star with a rockin' beat and needs back up dancers...

I wanted to join to keep in touch with friends who have moved (and don't have blogs, hmph), reconnect with old friends who might be on, and have another way to keep in touch with my family (who are all on, well except for my Mom, but she does have a cellphone now =) love you!).

BUT mostly Hubby (but I completely agree, love, and support him) has concerns. Several of them. He's big on security. Big. Remember Hubs and Jack Bauer. And he does an amazing job of making me and our fam feel secure. Love that. ... ... Sorry just thinking about how great he is. I'm back.

So I joined "real quick" to just see if some old friends or current friends might be on (does that sound creepy?) and then I might just cancel.

So I'm torn! I'd love to keep up with friends and family but I also don't want my info spread everywhere or have our little ones exposed online any more for fear of potentially irrational but completely rational thoughts... I said completely! (don't laugh at any of them)

[1] anyone can find you, or if you pop up on someone's radar and they hadn't thought about you for a while, then they might start searching for you in real life too (like crazy old tenants or Hubby joked about all the guys who liked (ha) me would want to follow me and try to chat me up. hahaha. ha. oh Hubby was pretty much the only one! we wouldn't have to worry about that. Not that he's really worrying, just joking =).)
[2] i mean the military might be banned for fear of hackers getting too much info. ok, so we're not a matter of nati0nal sec urity but family security, not such a large scale but still important, right. =)
[3] afraid that people might give away info on my site or to all of their friends' that we don't want given, like names, address, etc. (I know most people wouldn't do this, but if I say yes to friend someone who we were friends with back when and they turn out to be weird now, stop it, we're serious.) I know this could happen in blogland but it just seems different. and I love you but if I've never met you in real life, than you could be some incredible story telling gross man with a cute cover story. ha. You know I love you.
[4] can people take a pic from your site and post it or tag it or something it and send it everywhere? or post it on their site? what if someone does that with a pic of the little ones and tries to sell them or say they are theirs? They are cute. I'm just sayin'. =)

Thoughts? You can refute any concern for us. Please do, because I think it would be really fun =) [Just mostly concerned for the leeettle ones.] Thanks friends.

and people have been trying to... be my friend? add me? follow me? friend me? ha. already too! and i haven't befriended anyone yet!

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Didn't Want To Leave

We had such an amazing trip to visit family (and friends) in Arizona!! We were there for just over 2 weeks and still felt like it just wasn't enough time! I love my Aunt so much and we were so thankful for her and my uncle so generously hosting us, they always take such good care of us!

We hung out with the fam, we ate, we laughed, smiled a lot, went in the pool everyday, visited with friends, went to the zoo, played with our little cousins, went to San Diego for a couple days for meetings for Hubby and to visit friends, had a great family bbq (Auntie did an amazing job!), Aunt Dottie and I got pedis, and a massage (for a great deal, even though mine was a bust, bummer, but still relaxing), watched shows and ate lots of desserts with Aunt Dottie and Uncle at night (boo Dad had lots of meetings), did a little shopping =) with Aunt Dottie [brought home in the suitcase! a beautiful vase and a twin comforter set, haha! GREAT deal, had to!]

BabyBoy can't get enough of his Aunt Dottie=)

BabyBoy loves his Poppop (right) and Uncle Eddie (left)!! Always lots of laughs and smiles!

Yay Aunt Bunnie! So sweet and kind and fun!

Let me introduce you to our water baby! His little lips could be blue, he could be shivering, and his little teeth chattering away, and we could ask him, "Are you all done in the pool, would you like to go inside?" and he says, "No thank you, stay in the pool please." =) He. loves. it! and so do we!

BabyBoy loves hangin' with his cousins. First up, with his cousin K. He adores her and has so much fun with her!! And she is sooo sweet and good with him=)!

To the zoo! With my Dad, Aunt Dottie, and little cous J. Always fun times at the zoo=)!

We got to hang out with our great friends! We miss our AZ buddies!

Playdate with more AZ friends =) The cute sweet mama on the left was ready to pop and she just had her newest edition just over a week ago! Congrats again girl!

We got to see our friends in San Diego! We had such a great time catching up, sharing laughs, and letting the little ones play together! Thanks for having us friends! We can't wait to do it again=) We're minus 2 babies and a toddler in this pic=)

I didn't embarass my Aunt [this time=)] by asking someone to take a pic of us getting our pedis =) but here's the color on ma toes! Great fall color=) OPI Not Really A Waitress Deep redish, little hint of purple, shimmery, relaxing but fun deep fall tint for the nails.

Thank you Aunt Dottie and Uncle Paul for always taking such wonderful care of us!
Happy Monday from this happy fam! That's us!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Was That?? Did You Hear That?

This happened in our last house all the time and completely drove us crazy and it's happening again. But this time I'm the only one hearing it!

Sounds. Random sounds. In the house. SCARY!

What you do when you hear a sound:

[1] Try to determine where said sound came from. [2] Try to determine what said sound actually was. [3] Try not to freak out, while trying to determine 1 and 2. [4] Quickly think of what you can grab to knock out whatever/whoever created aforementioned sound. [5] Go one step further and think what if someone is coming in to try to ste al the babies! Just go with me here, I admit it! It went through my mind! I've heard it on the news people. What if they attempt to come through the sweet little ones' window and try to take 'em. I would see it all happen on the video monitor. (love that thing by the way!) That would be too scary. Which leads me to #6. Btw: I would summon my momstinct and "work it"! [6] As if I don't always have it by me anyway - that's a whole other [obsessed] post=) - always have my phone on/near me. And always have it as fully charged as possible. I mean some tv shows their phones never run out of juice and others run out right when they need it!

sidenote: I did go upstairs to put Next Edition down for a nap and left my phone downstairs, heard a noise - don't make fun, I did - and thought through every single scenario of how I was going to protect my little ones and get out of the house...

Back to it.

I even called Hubby while he was in a meeting the other day (ok, I thought he might be in between meetings =)) to say that it sounded like something hit the house and made the house shake. It shook. It was abnormal! I am not a wuss. Ok maybe sometimes. But it was not a plane flying by, it was not the wind, it was not a big truck from far away, ok maybe it was. And it was BabyBoy who thought of that, ha! Our little 2 year old, in his cute little voice, said maybe it was a truck. ha. Good thinking cute boy, maybe it was. It was still weird. And very powerful. I'm just saying.

Every time we heard something in our old house, Hubby wanted to go buy a gun, go to a range and work on becoming the next Jack Bauer (and not just because he has a man crush on him!)! ha!

Does anyone else ever hear weird mysterious sounds? Or have somewhat completely they are so not irrational thoughts fly through your head about what the sound could be? =)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Master Bedroom Before and After - Step 1

I will henceforth be speaking in "I" not "we" in the following post because the master bedroom bedding decision was left up to me, by the Hubs. I did check, double check, and triple check with said Hubs before the purchase was made! I was authorized to end the Spending Freeze of Summer '09 to start gussying up the master boudoir. and get a cute pair of shoes that I'll show you later! and a digital scale to torture myself with. it's great. it is. So... I [we =)] did it! Remember this post?

I still was not sure what I wanted but when I saw this one I couldn't stop looking at it. I did my obsessive thing, thought about the price, would I find one that I liked better, and looked everywhere online seeing if I could find another similar bedding that I might like better, but I couldn't.

It takes me sooo long to make a big purchase [ok and little purchases sometimes too, including deciding on my meal at a restaurant, but I am getting so much faster I'll have you know. I am. =)] But I've been wanting to redo our master for so long now. If I keep waiting, I'll never get one. If I don't like it in another 6 1/2 years we can get another one and move this one to the guest room. Don't worry though friends, it was on sale and I had a coupon! ;-)

With my gotta get it done once I get something in my mind, I washed, and did up the new bed the night I got it. It was almost midnight and luckily the Hubs just laughed at my insanity. [we're still on AZ time! not the kids, just us =)]


Can you see the super soft plush ivory colored blanket in between the sheet and comforter. It's heaven. Warm. Cozy. You need to get one. [also on sale + a coupon ;-) I'm just sayin'.]

With the addition of a luscious leather [chocolate brown] tray [clearanced at Target! they still have them but they're full price, $20, but still worth it I say =)]. I love trays!

It's not quite as formal as we thought but we [and yes we! He did say, I never... ever... thought 10 years ago that I would be sleeping on zebra bedding but I like it =)] still really like it.

Next is: art, pictures, side table for the Hubs (we'd love to get a bed set but it's going to wait). I want to set up a little sitting area. I would love to get either a leather bench or trunk, or an ivory upholstered one, I'm leaning toward chocolate leather, oooh, for the foot of the bed. And I'm going to make an upholstered headboard that Lyndsey posted about! After I first saw the bedding I thought it had more chocolate brown on it, so I think I'm going to do the headboard in a chocolate brown to match and if I can figure it out maybe some ivory buttons to tie it all together.

I want to add an accent color too. Trying to figure out whether to stick with the red flowers I grabbed from downstairs and maybe throw in a colored throw pillow or two... suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Months Old!

This sweet guy is 3 months old! We are not sure how this happened! He was just born! =)

Here is what Next Edition, aka Little Boo, aka Little Big, aka Sweet Guy, and many more =)... we try to use his real name too so he knows what it is and when asked doesn't tell someone his name is LittleBig!... is up to:

*He is such a smiley happy [and laid back] guy. Sometimes he'll evade your efforts to get him to look at you, but once he makes eye contact, smile and say hello, he shows his sweet dimply little smile. And we melt. We just melt. Butter on the floor. =)

*He started giggle laughs over a month ago. Love love love it! We say, ahs, ohs, guhs and more to him and he tries his little darndest to say them back. You can even see the shape of his mouth change. Just like his big bro did. So cute! We act like goofballs to get those sweet smiles and giggles. But oh is it worth it. I really need to record Hubby one of these days!=)

*We think he might be a superhero because he has super sonic hearing. And he didn't even pass his first hearing test! [common for little ones born so fast, we had to rub his ears a certain way for a minute almost every hour for the next day until they redid his test] He'll hear a the tiniest pin drop and jump =). We look forward to seeing how he uses his powers to fight evil. He's going to be the newest Incredible. =)

*If he hears a sound or something he's not so sure about, he gets his super cute sad face. We can't help but smile and laugh because it's just too cute. I caught the end of one here!

*He is such a strong little guy. He loves to stand or sit up. He does a great job at tummy time, holds his head up so high looking around and checking out the world [then starts burying his face and saying he's all done=)]. He rolled over at 4 weeks old but decided that was good for now. I love this pic!! This little face just cracks me up!

*He's been a great little sleeper overall. He still eats every three hours during the day. At night he's been going 12 hours!!! He'll occasionally wake up during his nap or at night, but we've been teaching him to fall back asleep since the beginning, we just go in, quietly comfort him in his crib and tell him it's still sleepy time=), and he goes back to sleep. Sometimes it takes a little longer than others but he's doing great and is doing better and better.

We are so in love!! Every smile, every laugh, every cuddle, getting him out of his crib every time, his just chillin' happy face, they never get old and they're new every time. It makes any worries, stresses, or complete nonsense worries fade away. To Little Boo!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hot Date

I went on a date on Saturday night! With this cute hot guy! That's a cover of a magazine right there! =)

There was no time to do my hair after we went in the pool then fed and put the little ones to bed, but lucky for my date I did get a shower, wore something other than yoga pants or capris, or athletic shorts, and I did dry my hair, instead of sporting the crazed just out of the pool look I'd been modeling for days =).

We went to a favorite steakhouse of my Aunt and Uncle's [with a $15 coupon ;)]. We tasted and decided on a couple glasses of wine and both got the filet. Mmmm. Meat. It was yuuumm-y and being it was about the same price as everything else on the menu, we couldn't pass it up.

I was excited about getting french onion soup, featured on the left, with my husband's thumb's up=). I was in a flavorful, body warming soup mood and it has been so long since I've had it but unfortunately this one didn't really win our thumb's up. It was piled high with thin fried onions (you know I love almost anything fried) but it was a few thousand too many, and there was quite a hunk of bread in the bottom. Not a fan of big soggy food. But the flavor was delish. And Hubby had the spinach salad... was a'ight. =) I kept wondering, what would Chef Ramsey say = ).

But the company was fabulous! [and the wine was yummy ;)]

And then, even though we're old fogies and have been going to be so early [well, after great days, we're wiped by nighttime, then share dessert and tv show watching time with my Aunt and Uncle, so fun] we wanted to extend our date night. So we thought of going to a park, lying down on a blanket and looking up at the stars, and gazing into each other's eyes, but we were afraid of our party being invaded by a scorpion, so we said yes to a movie. We saw, Julie and Julia. It was really cute. We had a great time. I couldn't believe it, but I was sooo tired, I actually fell asleep for the last 10-15 min! I tried my darndest to keep my eyes open but I just couldn't make it! =)

It was so nice to go out together. We didn't get home until 1am! [we put BabyBoy down at his 7:30pm bedtime, then I fed Next Edition and we put him to bed. We left around 8:15pm and got done with dinner around 9:45pm. We found a theater and the movie started at 10pm on the money. Then we got turned around a couple times and two roads were closed so we had to detour twice!=)] Thank you Aunt Dottie! We always have so much fun!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacay! - Relaxing Workin' It, and San Diego?

Hi girls!!! We're in AZ and we're having a great time so far! We're told we brought some cooler weather with us so it's been in the 80s and 90s, and it is absolutely gorgeous!!

We've been relaxing and hanging with the fam, and loving it! We miss them soooooo much! The babies (and we) are having such a great time with everybody, they just can't stop smiling and laughing!

Work it! You all know I'm working and wishing away the last 20 pounds of sweet little cute guy baby weight! Well my Aunt has a friend who is also her personal trainer. He was over the other day to do a pool workout with her and I got to tag along, yay!! He told me that he was running a special for 10 personal training sessions for $100... wow, but he would do it for me for $50!! 50 bucks for 10 sessions! I, my thighs, bootay, tummy, and flabster arms could not turn it down! I've been twice already and it's been great=)! I'm sore, yaay! I love being sore. That's one way I know I'm woooorkin' it! Melt away pounds, melt away!

And I've been doing a little cooking since we've been here too! Scones, I'm on my second batch of chocolate chip cookies=), avocado sushi (I even brought my sushi making tools from home, haha!), breakfasts/pancakes, and I'm going to make the Strawberry Shortcake again (my Dad and I [and Hubby=)] LOVED it!), Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken (Aunt Dottie tasted it when I made it once and has requested it, I made it while my Dad was visiting and he loved it and he normally doesn't like crockpot or shredded chicken=)), and who knows what else!

We have lots of fun things planned, seeing a bunch of friends, more fam, the zoo, children's museum, AND I think we get to go to San Diego!! Hubby's company's corporate office is near there and he would meet and chat with the CEO and then we'd get to visit some friends! If you have any suggestions of anything we should do or check out, please let us know!!

Here are some fun pics from the trip so far=) We start at the airport and on the plane=)

I hope you're doing great!!! And I look forward to catching up with you soon!! Happy blue skies and sunshine to you!

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