Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never Forget Another Birthday!

*The links are fixed=)

The super cute and hilarious Brittany reminded me about a post I was going to do! Birthdays! More particularly... remembering birthdays!

My immediate family, check. Some extended family, great. ummm Cred1t card number?, yes. Hubby's [and my] s0cial secur1ty number, yep. More extended family and lots 'o friends... hmmmm. Every year I want to send cards and every year... terrible. Or if you don't want to spend $6 on a card but you can't remember what day to call and sing your finest rendition of Happy Birthday over the phone! We like this option a lot, I sit back and laugh as Hubby and I sing into the phone=).

I have a great website for you! Have you seen? Have you heard? Your problems are solved!

With this website you send an e-mail out to your friends and family and have them easily enter their birthdays for you! You can either import your address book from yah00, gma1l, or A0L, oooor you can send an e-mail out from your own account with a link to the website for them to enter their b-days. Just click on My Reminders, and then Add Birthdays.

And then, they send you an e-mail before your Great Uncle's 2nd Cousin twice removed's Aunt's neighbor's daugher's best friend's birthday... if you want! You can change your options to send one reminder a week or 10 days before "favorite person's" birthday. And set a second reminder 1 or 2 days before or on the day, in case you zoned out during the week and forgot again. Just go into your profile and click on Change reminder/E-mail 0ptions.

It's a great site! Check it out! You can even impress your loved peeps by including their anniversaries too! You can even add any type of event... the day they met, their first date, when you met "new friend", how about "favorite person's" puppy or kitty's birthday! =) It's so easy. Now you can just sit back and have the fine sirs at B1rthday Alarm remind you of any dates you need reminding of. Enjoy!

***Oh and I must have been "Clonk Your Girl On The Head And Drag Her To Your Cave" behind, because I had no idea that you could e-mail friends new and old through their comments. Lindsey did a great tutorial about how to change your profile so your fellow blogettes can e-mail you easily through a comment you might have left. I changed mine and it's been great already!


Lindsey said...

What a brilliant website!!!

a H.I.T. said...

I am SOOO bad at remembering birthdays. Really, remembering anything.

Brittany Ann said...

Yay! This is genius! Perfect for a forgetter like me! THank you thank you thank you! You are the best!

Molly said...

This is so a mom necessity!

Becky said...

I apparently have issues with this....remembering birthdays/anniversaries and even when it's in my calendar it's WRONG! So maybe I should check this out! LOL!

Jon and Steph said...

Genius!! Thanks for sharing!

Lianna Knight said...

I LOVE Birthday Alarm....I have been using it and it is AWESOME!!!

Rachel H. said...

This is so much fun! I'm going to have to give it a try!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

That is so cool!

Gwen said...

I think several of my friends need this immediately!!! Thanks for sharing. :) XOXO

Erin Bradley Designs said...

This is great! Thank you for sharing!!!

Heather said...

What a great website!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jules said...

This is such a great idea and the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are so hard to keep track of. I use Facebook a lot for the b-days, though I know that isn't the best way of doing things. I may need to try this!

I also didn't know about the comment email thing...thanks!

pocket full of pink said...

GREAT idea!!! Definitely need to get going on this!

In this wonderful life... said...

this is awesome!!! I am terrible at forgetting lately! thank you for sharing :)

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