Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall TV

I am so behind on all of your blogs!! My Dad is coming into town today=) so I've got lots more to get done before he gets here! Operation Scrub and Clean didn't last too long yesterday because poor little Next Edition needed extra cuddles, a warm bath, and some more snuggles after his dr appt in the afternoon. I hope to get to reading all about what you've been up to very soon=) Now onto an important mind numbing relaxing evening hang out with the Hubs cuddle chat laugh and eat subject!

All of the Fall premieres are upon us. Are you excited? Here is what's going to be on around here. Now keep in mind that we don't have cable (or DVR, gasp! I know, we're in the before God created the animals time), just the major networks, so you have to tell me what we're missing, haha!

TV is our chill out at night time after the little-uns are in bed (well the big one and in between the little one's meals=)). We are so lucky we get to spend so much time together throughout the day and if Hubby is out at meetings, then we talk on the phone. =) My Mom and sister always used to make fun of us. We always say, we'll be newlyweds for forever! And I'm way off topic. Anyway... we talk, we laugh, we giggle (ok he doesn't giggle because "i'm not a girl"), we cuddle, oooh, and we have dessert and SNACK=) So grab your clicker, remote, or your channel changing device, here we go.


Oh my there's a lot of flipping on Mondays. We're hoping H0use is a good interesting main characters driven story line. Sometimes it wasn't enough about H0use and the characters, you know it got repetitive, but the main character storylines were interesting. And weren't you waiting for "the kiss", too bad it wasn't real=) We weren't really into H0w I Met Y0ur M0ther for a while but it really is pretty funny, some episodes more than others of course, but good show. The Big Bang The0ry was not that great for a while but it's also a pretty funny show. We like comedies. DWTS is fun even though the dancing isn't as good as SYTYCD. It's fun to see the few celebs you might be interested in each season dance it up. And if they can keep Lie T0 Me fresh with new ideas, it'll be a great watch too.


Great shows. Great. Gotta watch and flip fast=)


SYTYCD results. We love music, singing, dancing, and all things dorky in between. So Glee seems like such a fun show. Whenever we watch America's T0p M0del I secretly wish I could be on it. I do.

source source

We weren't so sure about B0nes at first, but it's pretty funny. All of the characters are really well developed and they work well together and all do a great job. And I thought that Parks and Recreati0n did not look funny and then we started watching them online because we had nothing else to watch, sorry Amy P0hler, and it turned out to be pretty funny, for the most part. There are a couple funny characters. At one point we had started watching Fring e but in every show there was a really grusome scene so we stopped watching.


... a Red Box?

We also dig some Wheel 0f Fortune and Jeopardy while we're getting dinner ready or before BabyBoy goes to bed sometimes. And if we are home I love watching cooking shows on Saturday afternoons. And it's football season now too! We've always been into the NFL more because though we went to a great school, we didn't have a football team, sigh, we had a better basketball team. So we have to root for all of our friends' teams=).

Did I forget anything? And what am I missing on cable, I'll have to watch those fun shows vicariously through you! Tell me about 'em girls.


Lindsey said...

I cannot wait for Biggest Loser and I love the Red Box!

Jules said...

We watch a lot of the same shows. I love How I Met Your Mother, Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance! I am so happy that they're doing a fall season of SYTYCD this year!!

Becky said...

I am so excited about fall tv! There has been absolutely NOTHING to watch lately...I am excited about The Office and The Mentalist and uhm...lots of other stuff I can't think of right now! And So You Think You Can Dance! Yippeee!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

OHHH buddy... my dvr is getting all prepared for the madness!! I'm going to be watching LOTS of the same.. SOOO excited about GLEE!!!

Gotta add in there Grey's Anatomy & Ugly Betty... which they moved UB to Friday... sigh... oh well, I'll have the weekend to go through the DVR!!!

a H.I.T. said...

I secretly heart America's Next Top Model too :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

You forgot Sunday nights..thats my favorite tv night! I watch desperate housewives and brothers and sisters. I also watch Greys, and private practice.

CBS has a new show this year called "the good wife" that looks very good..maybe tuesday nights

LyndsAU said...

i'm so super excited about 90210, House, SVU, SYTYCD, Biggest Loser and Greys :) yay

Lane said...

Oh I LOVE me some Biggest Loser!!! I can't wait!

In this wonderful life... said...

Fall TV is THE best!!! waaaahoooo!!! Have fun with your dad!!

The Pink Chick said...

I'm a huge fan of House and Bones!

Heather said...

I am so ready for fall TV!! I am done with Grey's Anatomy if they keep the female doctor's liking each other! Gross!!

pocket full of pink said...

Have fun with your dad!! That is so exciting! And I am so excited for Grey's Anatomy and The Office!

Beth Dunn said...

I also like two and a half men and the new adventures of old christine xoxo

Mrs. Dunbar said...

We LOVE the Big Bang Theory, its my favorite show.

I was reading through old comments on my blog from almost a year ago and ran across one from you. Wow. I think you had just found out if your were preggers. Time flies, can't wait to scroll through and find out what you've been up to. '

Take care.

Jenny.Lee said...

I can't wait for DWTS!!!

Molly said...

We love Jeopardy and Wheel too! I love the fall TV. Before kids, I felt bad about watching it at night. Now, we have to be at home anyway, so we may as well, right?

Suzette said...

We are definitely tv junkies! ok, I've admitted it now! :) I cannot wait for Grey's and Desperat Housewives!

Gwen said...

I love, love, love SYTYCD but now that I'm at the gym every night I never get to see it. I think I might need to get a DVR quick!!! XOXO

Tiaras said...

I am sort of freaking out b/c all the new shows start and I don 't know how or when I am going to watch all of them!@

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