Monday, August 3, 2009

A Weekend To Blog About =)

We had a GREAT weekend!! We got out!! Hubby worked Friday morning and then his boss called and wanted him to go to a lunch meeting. He said, I can't I'm taking the rest of the day off (yay for comp time) =). His boss is awesome and knows how much he's been working - he clocked 81 hrs just last week! - and said ok! =) So we drove up north and went to an incredible sushi buffet for lunch. Buffet, you say? This buffet is awesome! The sushi is absolutely delicious, melts. in. your. mouth! Drooling. And they have a lot of other dishes too, chicken, salmon, beef short rib meat, veggies, (pork and shellfish too but we don't eat those), vegetable tempura! and dessert. You would love it!

BabyBoy helped w Next Edition before we left, caught in the middle of his goofball smile=)

BabyBoy LOVES his sushi! Especially avocado=). [we haven't done raw with him yet=)] Next Edition slept like a champ in his stroller.
Reunited and it tasted so go-ood!!! haha! I never said I wasn't a dork.
Melts. in. your. mouth. GOOD!!!
Then we walked around the mall, got coffee, went to the bookstore, walked through BR and a couple stores (no purchases...), it was so relaxing and sooo much fun!

On Saturday we tried to go for an adventure to a little downtown near us by the river... the traffic horrendous. Horrendous. We made it to a "park" (i.e. grass) with a pretty fountain and there was a little farmers market too. BabyBoy loved running around with Daddy=)

My Mom came over again from Sat afternoon until BabyBoy's nap on Sunday! HUGE blessing!!!And we got to for out for a date!!! In between feedings =). We went to a Japanese Steak H0use! It was SO yummy!!! And look at the name!

I may have finished all of my food ;) and I might have eaten some of Hubby's too, haaa! I'm nursing=)... Next Edition loves the food there, ha!! Oh and I had my first glass of wine in over a year!! It was so yummy! After a little while I leaned over to Hubby and whispered, "I can feel the wine." haha! He said you've had three sips. haha! It was more than that!

We went to Brusters for dessert=) It took me forever to decide what I wanted and we were joking around with other people in line that this was my first time out like this in a while, haha! We were both going to get a single scoop waffle cone but after we saw the first one, we said cancel the second, we'll split it=) It was huge!!

On Sunday we finally got our double stroller; we've heard nothing but great reviews from friends and others! We were able to use TWO coupons and had a couple things to return to use towards our purchase too. [craig slist didn't work out for this one]

And we enjoyed the rest of the weekend with these sweet, energetic, lovin' babies. Ok, so the second is not a baby, but he'll always be our baby=)

I hope you had a fabulous weekend too!!!


jlc said...

You are too funny with your sushi lady!!

Haha and wow that ice cream looks to die for!!! :)

quartermom said...

i love sushi...i'm going to get me a big plate also after my baby boy comes~!

Rachel said...

What a great weekend!! Glad to see everyone is settling in and yall are doing great!!! Can't wait till I am there =)!!!

Brett Alexandra said...

Gosh, you are making me jealous with that sushi! My husband hates the stuff. Your little ones are too precious:)

Following HIM said...

WoW...what a FABULOUS weekend! LOVE the fact that you got sushi on Fri and Sunday! What a great weekend!

Jules said...

Oh, that sushi looks so good and I'm glad you had a nice weekend! I love the 1st photo of baby boy and next edition. They're so adorable!

Lindsey said...

You are the cutest family!!! And look at that yummy sushi, delish!

Nikki said...

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

Aly said...

I wish we had a sushi buffet around here! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Looks like you guys had fun.

Molly said...

A night out already? Now you are a lucky girl! I ate waaay more when I was nursing then when I was pregnant. Ha! And I remember that first glass of wine! It hit me hard!
Your little family is adorable!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love Big Brother's goofy smile... makes it looks like baby has a stinky diaper! :)

You look awesome girl! Glad you got your sushi in!!!

Heather said...

You look fabulous!! Seriously, a little jealousy going on over on my end! :) Great pics!

Lucky in Love said...

Yeah making a cake! Definitely let me know if you have any questions. If you want me to type out some tips..I would be more than happy to if you don't have any specific questions. Just let me know!!


Nicole said...

You have the cutest little family! I just love all the pictures, you are so blessed!

The Farmer Files said...

So cute to see you out and about so soon!

Jon and Steph said...

Awe what a great weekend! Your family is just precious!

and you looked so happy to be eating Sushi again ;)

Lucky in Love said...

Your weekend looks fabulous!! Great food, great wine, and family! Lot it!

Tara said...

yay for sushi!! : ) What a fab weekend

Megan said...

Such a cute family! Looks like a great weekend!

Emily said...

you look so cute! And amazing! gosh you dont even look like you had a baby!! AMAZING
and your boys are soo cute!
Sushi I miss it:)

In this wonderful life... said...

I missed this post! I'm SO glad you got your sushi...know you had been craving it! LOVE these pics ..your fam is so sweet!

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