Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank Yous Are In Order!

First, we want to give a shout out to friends that provided us with meals and AO for bringing them! We had a meal for Mon, Wed, and Fri last week!! Such a huge blessing! And our rockin' friends who live close (AO again!) had leftover crockpot yumminess =) and brought some over last week too=) Thank you Hills, Hills, and Scotts! And AO you have been incredible!

Next, I have been so behind again on saying thank you for an award I was given!!!

Two sweet, funny, and real girls, that you should definitely check out gave me the Honest Scrap Award! Amy and Lucky in Love !!! Check 'em out=)! Ten things about me you may not know but that are true.

1. I have our credit card number memorized, exp date, and the code on the back. And no, it's not because I use it all the time, ha!

2. I gained 50 lbs during this pregnancy! It just happened. I could not have done that much differently!=) (I gained even more w BB partly bc of the complications=)) I was hoping for a really small 20 lb baby, haha (how's that for an oxymoron)! 15 would have been fine too!

3. I think you know this already but I love to host events! Get-togethers, dinners, parties, anything!

4. I love food. Ok that was never a secret. I come from a Jewish family! Ok, I love fried food. Terrible... yes. Yummy... yes yes. I'm craving vegetable tempura! To go with the sushi we want=)

5. I can't stand hearing people chew, crunch, slurp drinks or soup, or chew gum really loud! I can even tell if someone is eating on the phone and trying to hide it, ha. But if they really have to, to be able to talk then I can put it aside =). haha.

6. I am OCD about washing my hands. All throughout the day. Before I hold a baby, the whole time I'm cooking if I touch anything, wash my hands. I wish Bath and B0dy W0rks F0aming Hand S0ap was cheaper!

7. I used to try to trick myself in high school and college by setting my alarm clock and car clock forward. It started out at 5 minutes but then I'd get used to it so I had to further trick myself and go to 7 min, then ended up at 15, ha! And I snoozed the alarm at least 5-7 times.

8. I really want laser eye surgery and almost got it (I said it's expensive, Hubby said it's totally worth it for me, I've said for forever that I would cry if I woke up and could see) but woman gave me unclear info! She said I had to have three cycles after BabyBoy (this was 2008) was born, check, I was a candidate and in the office scheduling and then she said it had to be three cycles after I stopped nursing! Bummer! I'll just have to wait until after we have all of our little ones=)

9. I'm a muncher. Trying to stop. I may need a twelve step program. I try to justify by saying it's better to eat (5-7 meals) throughout the day than just 3 big meals. But I eat all day and 3 big meals..

10. We love to play games (I know I've said it before but we do=))! It's such a great time to have fun, laughs, and really get to know friends or have some competitive fun with the Hubby=)!

Hubby has been working an insane amount since Next Edition was born (mostly from home)! He was going to take one week off and one week easy and then three enormous proposals (he's the Director of Business Development) hit all at the same time and they weren't supposed to hit for months, even next year. He's been working until 2-4 am and going into the office for meetings (he canceled all other meetings that he'd have to travel farther for)! But he has still done an incredible job of not taking away from family time, hanging out with me, and playing with both boys!! As of this afternoon, all have been submitted!! So he's going to take some comp days and then next weekend take a couple days off so we can try to go away somewhere as a fam=) And we're going to get to go on a lunch date this Saturday! For what? What else?! Sushi!!! Yay! I can't wait=) Bring it on!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Fodder =)

1. I "tried" to speak with a customer service rep. from our bank and had to go through the dreaded automated "man"! He asked me to say what I needed to accomplish. I said, "Stop payment," and he said, "To send money to mexico press 1." What??? hahahaha!! Nooo!

2. The yoga pants came off and I took both boys to a playgroup last Thursday!! It was great to get out and see some of the girls and BabyBoy had a great time too=)! NE and his little 1 1/2 week sweet self slept the whole time and then I fed him before we left, right on schedule (becomes a flexible routine once established). =)

3. One of these days I will measure and see what a real half cup serving of ice cream looks like! For now, I will live in denial that my serving is really only equal to one... ok maybe one and half servings... ok or two on those "I need some ice cream" days. ha.

4. Next Edition is doing great on the schedule! He eats every three hours during the day and now after our bedtime routine I let him go as long as he wants at night (I was letting him go 3 - 3 1/2 hrs). He's been going over 3 hrs - 5 hr blocks! This is how it usually goes during the day: he eats, then has his awake time for about an hour from the time he gets up (including whether he partially falls asleep while he's eating or not =) - I usually change his diaper between sides to wake him back up =) and use other tricks if needed=)), and then naps until it's time to eat again. =) Since he's doing such a great job, it allows us to spend one on one time with BabyBoy for playtime, dinner, etc.. We had BabyBoy on the same schedule and he was sleeping through the night around 5-7 wks, and 12 hours all the way through the night, by 12-15 wks old =)

5. I have decided I want to have lunch with Neil Patrick Harris. He's cracks us up. And he seems like he'd be so much fun to hang out with. Have you seen him on H0w I Met Y0ur M0ther or on Re gis and Kelly? So funny! Under normal circumstances we don't have lunch with the opposite sex but I have discussed it Hubby and it's ok in this case, partially because well you know, haha. And he would come anyway! =)

Happy Tuesday friends!!! So who would you want to have lunch with??

Friday, July 24, 2009

Major Props and Pics

Happy Friday friends! I got some pics for you! See you ask and I deliver=)!! Here are some pics [from the past week and a half] of the loves of our lives!!!
[I can't even begin to tell you how thankful we are for these little ones! and it doesn't hurt that they're super cute and cuddly, haha!]

(please excuse my appearance in these pics, thanks, ha! =))


Hubby and I have to give MAJOR props to my Mom!!! She stayed with us the week after Next Edition was born and was absolutely amazing! She...

*Provided food, cooked food, got groceries, unprompted went out the night before she left for milk and essentials bc we were almost out (huge blessing) [including ice cream - we didn't have any - she's so thoughtful=)]
*Did laundry and unprompted washed all of Hubby's work shirts, polos, and more and helped organize his part of the closet that we hadn't been able to do yet
*Did the dishes
*Prepared everything for Next Edition's Bris (First covenant w/ God dedication, circumcision, Hebrew naming, celebration) at our house this past Sunday (and threw us an awesome sprinkle/shower before NE was born by herself!)
*Took care of BabyBoy
*For a few nights took NE by changing his diaper then bringing him to me every three hrs to feed
*I know I'm forgetting even more but she was unbelievable and did more than we could have asked!

We LOVE you Mom!!!

[Hubby has always said she is an incredible (2nd) Mom to him too and such a VIP in his life!!]

I hope you are doing great girls!!! and have a fabulous weekend!! Are you doing anything fun?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Birth!

8:15 am or so we were having homemade blueberry scones and tea for breakfast when I said, "I think that's another contraction "B"! When the next one starts can you see what time it is=)?" A few contractions later, we found they were about 5 minutes apart, and the most contractions I'd had in a row yet! We went for a walk and I just kept saying, "come on contractions, come on 'Next Edition'=)!"

After being home for a bit, cleaning up a little, and trying to finish some thank you cards, they kept coming. Each one commanding a little more attention and getting a little closer together. I still had no idea what to expect or what was "the real deal" because we had an emergency induction with BabyBoy. So I had said, well when I "think" the contractions seem real then I'll take my shower and get ready.

It happened somewhere around 10:30-11 am. By that point, I was calling Hubby for every contraction, to please help me, ha, get down on my knees or squeeze Hubby's hand or anything to try to get through them.

I finished drying my hair and was about to start straightening it, when I said, I think we need to go now. Bring the straightener!

I still had no idea "how far along I was" but they were pretty intense and I had to brace myself for every single one. So Hubby loaded up the car with the the bags and BabyBoy =).

Around 12:30pm we started "the drive." It was 45 min - 1 hr to get to the hospital where we were going to deliver, without traffic. ha. Anyone who knows NOVA, can now laugh. And I was told by several friends that it is not fun to labor in the car. Everything bump is heightened, every curve feels like 100 mph, and you're imprisoned in a car seat.

We were reminded about a pressure point in the middle of your hand that is supposed to help relieve the pain. Whether it's actually true or not, it helped, and I got in a groove! Every contraction, I stuck my hand out for Hubby to squeeze the pressure point and I started making my "noise." I didn't do it at all with BabyBoy, but it's what came out and helped me through each contraction. I just opened my mouth and made a low ahhh.

At this point, Hubby started timing them. They were lasting about 45-70 seconds and then I would say it's lightening up, so total they were somewhere around a minute and a half to two minutes and were about 2 minutes apart. But I felt in control and on top of them even though they were painful. I was in a groove. (thank you God=))

Now we were trying to decide whether to drop BabyBoy at our friends' house as planned or if we should just go straight to the hospital and do the swap there (we had discussed this possibility too=)). We decided that it would be easier and should just go ahead and drop him off.

Just after 2 pm and just over an hour and half later of driving, we got to the hospital, and Hubby dropped me off. Our doula was inside, so I filled her in and went through a couple contractions while Hubby was parking. Right when he got there we headed straight up to labor and delivery. I had to stop all along the way to (sit on the exercise ball) and get through a contraction.

Hubby had to go back down to the 2nd floor to register me (we had already pre-registered) before the nurses could do anything. So he got me through one more contraction and ran downstairs.

I have to say that I was so worried that we were going to get to the hospital and I was still only going to be 3 or so cm dialated (same as from my previous dr. appt.) because you (I) just have no idea at all how far along you are. =)

Two contractions later I hear one of the nurses say to another, I got it, she's registered! So they got me in the bed, strapped me up, and the nurse "checked me."

I was 8 cm dialated and 100% effaced! What?! Are you serious?! I was sooo excited!! Woohoo! [Part of my excitement had nothing to do with the fact that I can be competitive. haha.] I had labored to 8 cm at home and for an hour and a half in the car! I couldn't believe it!

Hubby made it back up while nurses were asking family history questions, trying to take my blood pressure, my blood, and stick me with an (heplock) IV for fluids. Every couple minutes I had to say I'm getting a contraction, i.e. please don't try to take my blood right now! =)

The doctor came in to check me and I was a 9! The nurse kept furiously asking me questions, 2 more stuck me, and another took my blood pressure all in between contractions. At one point they quickly flipped me to my side because the baby's heart rate dropped. Praise God it was only that one. I was reminded to breath more during and in between contractions=)

Still no meds!

The whole time I was turned on my side, gripping the bed at times, Hubby squeezing the middle of my hand, and doing my low ahh, which apparently sounded more and more intense as time went on, Hubby and my Mom (she was in the delivery room=)) reported. Then I said, I think my water just broke! They said, I don't know, and I said, ummm I'm pretty sure!

Our dr came back in and I was a ten! They told me to roll to my back (I was going to try to push from my side but they wanted me on my back for now).

I looked at Hubby and said, "I don't know if I can do this without meds, it's going to hurt." haha! He said of course you can!

At this point, our doctor said, oh no, she has those steel ligaments pulling down blocking her pelvic bone again! She looked at our doula and said what did we do last time???! Tell me what to do. She said those ligaments just came down like steel doors! "Push here," said doula to doc. And they said to me, "Relax, be like a stick of butter, be like a stick of butter." ha. "I feel them loosening!!" our dr. said very excitedly.

Pushing time! I pushed for 5-6 minutes, I mean some good pushes, like we practiced (it really made a difference!), (I'll spare a few more dets, if you want just e-mail me=)) and he was born! At 3:05 pm! I didn't even need to be stitched this time!!

I could not believe it! I was ecstatic that I was able to do it without meds. In the back of my mind I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. I felt so good. Next Edition was incredibly alert. It was amazing. I was able to slip on my slippers (well Hubby did it for me=)) and get up right afterward (mainly to go to the bathroom and I couldn't be up for long at all without being light headed - normal from loss of blood). It was so exciting!

God had it all planned out; that we would have the baby that day, the first day that dr, who delivered BabyBoy, worked with our doula the first time, knew my body, and was back on call in the hospital since being off for weeks. If you're trying to get something to happen in your timing (like we were), or wanting something to happen at a certain time (like we were=)), God has it under control. He has a plan, He has a perfect reason, and the perfect time! We just might not understand until after it happens.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're in Love! and We're Home! and Names

We're home!! and are so in love with this sweet baby!!

We LOVE having a teeny one added to our family! He's so alert, so sweet, super cute ;), and does not like having a messy diaper which is so different than BabyBoy, haha.

We were cleared to go on Monday and got home around 2pm =) We had a couple little worries before we left the hospital but all is well and God is good!

Some of you asked about our little one's names. We love to pick names that are after family members by their name, the first letter of their name, or the meaning =) Both our little ones have their American names and they also have Hebrew names.

BabyBoy's Names

His American name is after Hubby's Granddad (and Great and Dad and him), he is the fourth =) [sorry I can't post it=)]

But he actually goes by his Hebrew name which is Eitan Itzhak. You pronounce Eitan... ay Tahn like... (day w/out the d) ay-T-on. Eitan means strength and is after my Mom who has been a significant person in our lives. We love the name though because it is sooo fitting for him being so strong through his surgery the morning after he was born and throughout his time in the NICU. His middle Hebrew name is after my Poppop (Dad's Dad) and it means laughter which is soo fitting for anyone in our family=) We love to laugh!!

Next Edition's Names

His American name is Kobe Monroe. Kobe (which I've always loved) is after Hubby's Grandfather (Mom's side) because their names have the same meaning. And Monroe is after Hubby's Grandmother (Mom's side) who's name is Myrtle and my Grandma (Mom's side) who's name was Menucha [and his Grandfather's middle name is actually Monroe as well=)].

His Hebrew name is Tuvia Avraham (we love Tuvi or Avi as nicknames =)). Tuvia is after my Grandpa (Mom's side) and means God is good which is sooo fitting for this little guy and his pregnancy and delivery=)! Avraham is after my Great Poppop (Dad's side) which means father of many=).


I haven't been spending time online because I don't want BabyBoy to think my attention is taken away from him even more right now =) And then there's rest people keep telling me to do =).

We're doing great and love being a family of four!! We're so old, haha! I'm not going to lie, I have a couple of sore b00bs, but I can't complain one bit (and he's latching on great=))! And I don't think I have even changed a diaper yet, Hubby is soooo good, middle of the night and everything!! [Grandma has been here helping too, especially w/ BabyBoy =)]

I hope you are doing fab and thank you so much for your sweet well wishes!!! I'm tellin' ya, every single one brings a big ole goofy smile to my face =)!!! Blog ya soon blogettes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcoming... !!!!!!!!!!!

Kobe Monroe!!!

Kobe was born today July 11, 2009 at 3:05pm!
He weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and is 20.5 inches long =)

God is absolutely incredible and had the entire day planned out and completely in His hands!!

The whole family =)!!!

We are all doing so well!! More dets to come=)!

Praise God!!!
ETA: Non-medicated!!!! Woohoo=)!! Can't wait to tell you the story=)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi Friends!! and The New Dining Room

We're still here! Next Edition must be pretty comfy in there=)! Can you believe it!

I meant to tell you that I'm on twitter and I've been trying to tweet more! Do you tweet? Let me know so I can follow you too!

I am going to give updates via twitter (and a post here or there too=)) thoughout our labor! I think you guys (along w/ my amazing husband!) will keep me encouraged that maybe I can do it naturally=) If I have to get an epidural it'll be ok, but my goal is non-medicated (for a lot of reasons=))! Just click on the "follow me" button in the left sidebar =)

And how about before and after pics of the Dining Room?! So we wanted a "color" and theme and here's what we did for now! It's our first (rusty) orange dining room! We had a Tuscan piece of art that we love [got it at Home G00ds in AZ!] that we decided would be the theme for our dining room =)


Again, the entire... entire room was wallpapered!! And it was 10x more difficult to take off than the family room! If you need an impentetrable material for a b0mb shelter, this is it!! I can't believe this one didn't put me into labor! I guess it got me to 3cms though, haha!

And again, a border at the top on top of the other wallpaper! And peachish trim! Peach! Again! =)

AFTER so far =) new lighting to come and more for the wall at some point=)

Sorry the lighting is terrible, but here's the Tuscan art that was the inspiration.

Underneath the picture on the buffet is a tray with the cake topper and broken glass (remember Mazel Tov!!) from our wedding, and our first real antiques purchase from a cute little town in AZ =)

The buffet was my Mommom and Poppop's (my Dad's parents) and is sooo special to me!

The china cabinet is one of my favorite things about the room! It keeps the 6 settings of china and the crystal we got for our wedding, that I love!!! And we've never used! =) Have you used your china?? My Aunt keeps saying that my Mommom never used her "nice" things for fear that they'd get ruined, but then she was sorry she didn't enjoy them when she could. And really they are just "things" =)

The cake plate on the china cabinet has my bouquet and one of our bridesmaids bouquets in it from our wedding! =) [ETA: the table and china cabinet were hand me downs from a family that I worked for=)]

I hope you're doing great!!! You guys are blogging faster than I can read!! I have hundreds of posts to catch up on! =) Whew! I'll be coming to you soon, it'll probably be a few at a time=)! Blog ya soon blogettes!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Have To Ask... =) (and an update!!)

Update!!! We had our appt this morning and I am now:
*3 cm dialated!
*75% effaced
*0 station (remember they go from -3 to +3 baby is comin' out=))
*And he stripped my membranes (it did not hurt and was not nearly as uncomfortable as I was afraid it would be! our doc did an amazing job and even said because I was such a good patient he was able to really do a good one on me!)

Ok, here on the east coast there is a fun term used for men who take care of their hygiene or are pretty stylin' or things like that. A metro=) Have you heard of the term metrosexual?? It doesn't have a negative connotation, it's just a funny way of saying that a man is stylish or cares about his appearance.

[Metrosexual is a neologism (a newly coined word that may be in the process of entering common use... ) of the 2000s generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and/or a lifestyle that displays attributes stereotypically related to gay men.]

Have you heard of it? Have you used the term? Is your husband or boyfriend a metro? Does he just like to dress nice but doesn't get a mani and pedi more than you do, haha. Or is he a full on metro? Hair products, hair removal, nails, needing the right shoes to complete his outfit, can he walk past BR without buying something (haha)?

I feel really bad that I think I might offended someone when I used the term about her Hubby, but I was saying it in total fun and positively! Megan, if you're reading, I really hope I didn't offend you or Hubby=)!!

So mine is def a part metro. He likes to be clean shaven, hair cut, wear a black belt with black shoes (or browns), have his nails clipped (not manicured/pedi-ed though, he's scared of that, I got him to go with me once when we were on a getaway=)!), and he owns clothes from B anana Re public and JCrew.

What's yours??? Any metro-like qualities?=)

I've been away from a computer a ton so I'm still catching up!! I hope you had a great day and thank you soooo much for all of your well wishes and sweet comments, I can't tell you how much they make me smile friends!! Now off to try to have a baby!!!=) [in God's timing=)]

Monday, July 6, 2009

Before and After Family Room!

Hi friends!!! We're still here! With baby in belly=) I'm really hoping he comes as. I'm. typing. haha! We are so ready to meet him! It's not because I'm feeling bad, I feel great!! I'm just so ready for him to come. [and our next appt is tomorrow and they're most likely going to schedule an induction date, but i really don't want to be induced again. of course #1 is healthy baby but i would love to have things a little different this time =)]

To "help him along" I've been:
*Eating lots of pineapple
*Eating some eggplant w/ oregano (first time in forever! eggplant parm, and a dip, we're usually not eggplant eaters, texture funny, fried better, covered in cheese helps too haa, makes hubby queasy =))
*Some walking but lots of work around the house
*Spicy food
*Accupressure points
*some ice cream=)
*Practicing pushing (teehee, just ask if want to know)
*and Yes to your other question =) (ha, that's all i'll say=))

*We can't find red rasberry leaf tea in any store near us!
*Dancing to music with baby
*We decided on his name=)!

Come on baby!!=) But all in God's timing of course=)

Ok, how about some before and after pics of the Family Room!!! The entire room was wallpapered! Entire. Room. Wallpapered. With a border! Ridiculous=) Take a look at the pattern and the scene! The border was a town, horse, and buggy, townspeople scene=) And all of the trim was peach! Peach!


AFTER so far=) - the color comes out a little diff in the pics and the lighting isn't the best but you'll get the idea=)!

Love the callalillies=)

I can't wait to get new pillows for the couch and loveseat, my Mom had given us these years and years ago=)

We love candles! They're everywhere=) Love the scents, love the ambiance, it is so fun to light 'em and get the house smelling and looking gorgeous when guests come over!

We love flowers and plants all around too. And every single one is fake (and was purchased on sale or clearance, but you're not surprised at that=))!! haha! Everyone says they look real! That's the goal peeps, that's the goal=) haha Love 'em!

And there's a toy corner that's hidden even when you're sitting on the couch! It's perfect!

Hope you enjoyed the family room tour! Can't wait to show you the rest. And this baby! Praying somehow it's today! Come on more regular and stronger contractions!!=)

[i am sooo behind catching up on you! we've just been working like crazy to get the house and everything ready before baby comes=) i look forward to catching up on ya girls!!]

Thursday, July 2, 2009

BabyBoy's Birth Story Preface Finale!

Today is the last day to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! For a $25 G ift C ard!!! All you have to do is make a fun guess and you could win=)

Back to BabyBoy's Birth Story (thank you for asking for it!)=) Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the preface to delivery if you want to catch up =) ...

The doctor finally came into the room. We looked at each other. We looked at him. We grasped each others' hands and we waited for every word that was about to come out of his mouth. We could tell something was wrong.

They saw a "double bubble." Two little bubbles instead of just one where the stomach was supposed to be. Our sweet little bean had duodenal atresia... a blockage in his intestine. Trying to hold back a flood of tears, we kept listening.

This meant that he wasn't processing the amniotic fluid correctly which in turn made the fluid build up causing me to have polyhydramnios (too much fluid).

Immediate bedrest. And two steroid injections by 34 weeks to make sure our sweet little guy's lungs fully develop just in case he came really early.

We also found out that there was a 30-50% chance that little bean could have Downs Syndrome (DS) or other complications. And he would have to have surgery after he was born.

Cue us beginning to research everything online. Which really most of the time is a mistake. =)

We had 2-3 doctors appointments, including a sonogram, and non-stress tests, every single week with the perinatalogists, and our doctors. [some appts were quite stressful or created worry, like sending us to the hospital during an appt, and others were ok, just e-mail me if you want more info=)]

They continued to check for soft signs of downs syndrome or any other congenital issues. They insisted on doing an amnio and we kept insisting against it. God was in control. We trusted Him, no matter what the outcome. We had trusted Him from the beginning but I cannot tell you how much our trust and our faith grew through this extremely intense ordeal. There came a point where we had stop worrying, stop researching any and every statistic, problem, complication, that was associated with duodenal atresia. We had to stop and we had to fully trust. Like we had never trusted before. God was in control. Always has been and always will be. Total cliche but true, He will never... never... give you more than you can handle, and you have to trust that He has everything under control (I mean He did create the universe and everything in it right? I think He's got it, and He cares so deeply for us=)). Even if it's not what we want. He has a purpose.

The talk now was automatic c-section. No questions asked. This would be a medical delivery. There was too much fluid for him to be fully engaged and with this much extra fluid, there could be all sorts of complications if my water were to break on it's own.

By 36 weeks I was 2-3 centimeters dialated and 50% effaced. We had an appt on Tues and Thurs of that week. I had progressed from a 2 to almost 3 cm and from about 30 to 50% effaced and it seemed as though he was engaged [although there was still concern my water were to break on it's own].

Friday morning, I'm laying on the couch=) [I think I was working that morning=)], get a phone call, answer it, it was one of our docs. She's never called us before! First she told us that she and the perinatologist reviewed a couple of our sono pics and they did in fact see a strong nose bone [they had told us they saw a soft nose bone which is an indicator of DS]. Oh that was incredible to hear. But we still wouldn't know anything for certain until he was born.

And then she said... emergency induction tomorrow morning at 8am!! ...

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