Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics Catch Up, 38 Weeks, and Happy Toes!

Hi girls!!! I've missed you! I've been away from a computer pretty much all weekend until now! I can't wait to catch up with you! It might take me a while but I can't wait to see what you've been up to=)! I hope you're doing great!!

A catch up post in pics!

*Cupcakes and ice cream for BabyBoy's B-Day=) He was so excited when we brought it in with his #2 candle lit singing Happy Birthday!! It was so cute! Big partay to come end of July/early Aug=)

*Playgroup last Thursday! [pic missing several other rockin' Mamas and their little ones]

*38 Weeks Belly Pics=) He is just growin' away (and so am I, wooo =))!

Our big happy boy!

*GNO (girls night out) last night=) I had a great time! It was soo nice to see these girls that I haven't seen for so long (or just met=)), catch up, share great laughs, and fun conversation (and yummy [mexican] food)! [several girls weren't able to make, I can't wait to see them soon too!]

*And I got my pedi! I needed one before the bebe comes so I can look at ma bright happy toes during labor=) [i know, it's no epidural, but doesn't it just make ya feel good!]!

Ok you wimps, put in your guesses for the GIVEAWAY, it ends Thursday!!! For a $25 g ift card (there's always something at Target, haha!) and I would love to say thank you to one of my loyal (and sweet!) readers! And thank you so much for all of your super sweet well wishes in the previous post too! I can't tell you how much your prayers, happy thoughts, comments, and sweetness mean to me! It means so much to me that you take the time to comment, that's why I hope you to win a $25 G ift C ard=)! So don't be shy! Guess away!!!

Blog ya soon blogettes!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

An NCF (Fun and Thank You) GIVEAWAY!!!

I've told you before how thankful I am for all of you! For reading and taking the time to comment, encouraging and just having fun together! You all have meant so much to me, throughout our moves and transitions (still happening=)), miscarriage and pregnancy... you all are awesome. Every single comment brings a smile to my face, makes my day brighter (yes I am a total dork, but I know I am not alone ;) haa). You know I love keeping up with you too, you all are so fun! I could keep going but you want to know to what you can win=)!!

I was going to pick out cute stuff but I just don't have time =), you know I love you, but I thought you'd love a gift card anyway! How about a $25 to T arget??? What do you think?

$25 T arget G ift C ard

So here's how to win! It's Next Edition Poll time! All you have to do is guess when Next Edition is going to come and what his stats are going to be [I know I should have started this earlier!=) but time got away!]!! Sooo...

1. Leave a comment with your predictions on these fun stats for Next Edition

  • Date he's comin' - i haven't packed my bag yet and we still have some things to finish up, but i really want him to come, we can't wait to hold him... and smell him=)! does that help?
  • Time - i would prefer to get a nights sleep but you don't have to let that sway you=)
  • Weight - guess what you want, if you say anything over 7 1/2 lbs I promise I won't disqualify you=)
  • Length - go for it =)

2. For an extra entry - that's an extra guess!! just blog about this giveaway=) [leave the link in your comment=)]

Enter by midnight Thursday July 2nd* . Winner announced after NE arrives and must claim prize within 24 hours or the next closest guesser will be snag the prize!

Here's some background information that will probably not aid in your guessing powers at all but here ya go=)


  • Came at 36 1/2 Weeks (i was already about 3 cm dialated and 50% effaced)
  • Weighed in at 6 lb 5 oz (yes at 3 1/2 weeks early!)
  • Was 19.5 inches long (he might end up the tallest memeber of NCF so far)
  • Came at 7:42 pm (we had an emergency induction that morning starting at approx. 8am. I know, story still to come!!)

My Current Stats (and pic)...

  • Almost 38 weeks along
  • 1-2 cm dialated
  • 50% effaced
  • Next Edition is at station -1 (stations go from -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, hello baby!)

Good luck!!! You better get to guessin', we're 38 weeks on Monday!!! Don't be shy!

*Entries will have to end if I go in the hospital earlier than the 2nd (that is not a hint, haha) =) so guess away!

ETA: ** Your extra entry is an extra guess!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm Thankful


1. M00setracks Ice Cream!! oh yeah! Peanut butter cups, fudge, sweet ice creamy goodness, need I say more?!

2. That Hubby has been praying every night (unprompted) for a smooth, wonderful, delivery for me. I love him!

3. BabyBoy breakin' out in "Jesus Wuvs Me" as we walk through a store=) [oh it warms my heart and i can't stop giggling because it's so cute! yes I'm a proud Mama!=)]

4. Friends who are real, non-judgemental, understanding, and who care.

5. Bursts of nesting energy!! Next Edition coming soon, enjoying the rest of the pregnancy, and not worrying if things don't get done... I have to keep repeating that to myself=))!!

I hope you are doing great!!! I'm still trying to catch up on all your posts, you guys need to slow down! I won't blame it on wallpaper [but it's the wallpaper, haha! and the other 1543 things on the to do list=)]! But Hubby keeps reminding me, friends are more important than getting every detail done on the house, and that is so true. I'd love to hang out peeps! Really! Call me, e-mail me, send a plane with a message in the sky. Let's hang out! =) [did that sound desperate, because it was, hahaha, seriously!]

Giveaway tomorrow!!! Think red... puppy... bullseye... are you getting excited?!

ETA: We did get to go to a playgroup today with a bunch of great girls (and their kiddos)... you all are still included=)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quick Musings

1. 3 rooms de-wallpapered and painted! Before and afters to come! The DR is next, the wallpaper must have been put up in 1857 bc it does not want to come off! Contemplating knocking the whole room down and putting up new walls, haha!

2. My Mom is having a sprinkle/shower for us on Sun=)! It was kind of a quick plan bc we just moved but several friends so far who we haven't seen in a while are coming, soo sweet! We're just excited about getting to spend time with friends and family before the baby comes! And my Mom always does an amazing job hosting partays=)

3. Have you seen this movie?? We (not "we", Hubby too!=)) think it looks so cute and funny!!

I (and Hubby) am usually not the biggest chick flick watcher, I always feel like a big goofball crying while we watch. GNOs (girls nights out) were always dinner, chatting about... well everything, coffee and nails, and lots of laughs. But I have always liked Sandra Bull0ck. She just seems so down to earth, and funny, and I think she's beautiful=) And Ryan R is funny too!!

4. I've gotten tons done off the to do list today so far!! But is just keeps getting longer!!! There's so much to do before Next Edition arrives! And we're told we should rest before he comes, haha! We really are going to try to stop this weekend, yikes.=)

5. Oooh get ready for a giveaway!!!! I hope you're doing great!

ETA: I am craving (and eating) sweets like caraazy!! It's a good thing he's coming soon, ha=)!

[rest of bb's birth story to come=)]

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He's 2 Today!!! and BabyBoy's Birth Story Preface Part 2!

Our BabyBoy turns 2 years old today!! Two! Today! He is a miracle, an incredible blessing from God, we are so thankful He entrusted us with this sweet guy, we love our little goofball!!!

We're celebrating as a family today and then we'll have the big party at the end of July! We walked in his room this morning together singing Happy Birthday, he loved it! He loves the birthday song=) (whether it's for him or not=) so cute)!

[I feel so bad not having it within a week or two of his b-day but Hubby's whole fam is out of town, we essentially just got here, my Mom is having a shower/sprinkle for us on Sunday=), and then Next Edition could come anytime...=)]

And I have to have time to make a cake like this one that I made for his 1st B-day!!!

[I couldn't choose between all of these fun goofy pictures! Each one show his sweet, energetic, and fun personality! Itty bitty pics to come=)]

BabyBoy's Birth Story Preface Part 2...

...At 12 1/2 weeks we had our next internal sono. The clot was gone! Gone! Dissolved, reabsorbed! Praise God!

From 13-32 weeks I measured right on (even though I felt very BIG=))

Everything came to a grounding halt. At 32 weeks I, all of a sudden, measured a couple weeks ahead.

We were immediately sent for an ultrasound. Like, grab your purse and your husband and go to this location...

We nervously sat there, holding each other's hand, while the technician checked out our sweet little bean. He said only a few things, they are not supposed to say much at all, they're supposed to let the doctor come in, review the stats, and give their analysis. You try to read their faces, is that bad, what does that mean, asking as many questions as you can for an immediate answer, wanting to make sure everything is ok. But he couldn't give us much of anything.

So we just kept looking at each other, wondering and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the doctor into our room to tell us his findings on our sweet little bean...

to be cont. ...!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow!! 37 Weeks and Almost 2 Years!

We had our 37 week appt this morning!! This is new territory, we've never made it 37 weeks before! Everything is looking great and we're right on track, thank you God! Here are the dets!

* Measuring 36 (i still gained about 2 1/2 lbs!! in one week! yikes!)
* 1-2 Centimeters Dialated
* 50% Efaced (and very soft)
* -1 Station
* My BP (just systolic-the top # ) was a little high for me but no worries. I have been doing a lot this past week=)
* Next Edition's heartbeat a little higher than usual but prob just because he was just moving around our doc said=)

We've been staying up pretty late every night trying to get the house ready before our next sweet guy comes! I'm feeling great overall and have had a little burst of nesting energy but I am pretty tired this time around=) Little back pain but we did sleep on the couches for two nights because Hubby painted our room=) And little belly pain I think because I've been doing more but the chiropractor helped a lot with all of that today! We have so much left to do!! (well that we'd (I'd haha) like to get done=))

[yes this is the same outfit i had on last week!! i told you i was running out of clothes that fit=)]

BabyBoy's B-Day is tomorrow!!! So before I can tell his birth story I have to give you the preface!! So here it is...=)

We were more than ecstatic to take that fourth preggy test (haha, the first "we" may have had technical difficulties with, the second and third were just too unclear, is that a line, it looks like a line, we don't know!=)) at the grocery store before we had to get to work. We couldn't stop laughing and crying and hugging in the parking lot! That was the day that I missed the visit from Auntie P. We were 4 weeks on the money. =) And couldn't wipe the enormous smiles from our faces! [It was our third month of trying=)]

*5 Weeks - Blood test to confirm pregnancy =) More smiles!

*4-7 Weeks - Saw a little bit of blood... hmm.

*7 Weeks - First internal sonogram. We could barely contain our excitement! We saw that sweet little bean BUT our doctor also found a blood clot, in my uterus but outside of the baby's sac. Pretty rare! Not the biggest clot they'd ever seen but not the smallest either = Immediate bedrest. Oh boy.

Why? The prayer was that the clot would get absorbed or dissipate and no matter what not get bigger. Otherwise it might compromise room for the baby's sac to grow with him. The clot could also pass little by little but if I was too active and the clot passed all at one time, it could take everything including baby bean with it, causing a miscarriage. That was a scary thought.

The beginning of A LOT of prayers... [and a lot of sub plans, I was a high school orchestra director =)]

to be cont. ...

I hope any of that made sense, I am sooo tired =)! I can't wait to catch up on all of you!!! I hope you're doing great!!

[ooh craving something fried... I haven't had fried zucchini in a long time=)... and a small ice cream cone from Mickey Ds =)... maybe that is part of the reason for my ?? weight gain!!! Don't worry I'll tell you but I bet you couldn't guess how much I've gained so far! Oh my gosh, it's a ton you guys!]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at This Face!

With all of this crazy transition, I feel as though this cute one has been slightly blog neglected=) Here are just a few quick pics=) Enjoy! (we do!!!)

Quick recap: He's almost 2. He's been talking non-stop and in the repeating everything phase for months now, it is soo much fun!!! He sings ABCs, Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Scale with solfege (do re mi)=).

With his cous' in AZ=)

At our church in AZ, we love this outfit! It's a little JT (Timberlake, haha) right?

I love the wet look!

At Aunt Dottie and Uncle Paul's in AZ. He was soaked by the end of playtime in the doggy fountain=)!!!

In AZ before we moved=)

ETA: please excuse the disastrous house! it never looks like that! we were packing!=)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Thursday Fodder

*I needed a munchie (at my Mom's) while Hubby was driving across the country. I found Fr0sted Mi ni Wheats, which I have not had for soo long. I admit that I searched for the ones that were the most heavily frosted. Yes I did. =)

*I love watching Hubby with BabyBoy. He is such an incredible Daddy, better than I could have imagined, and I imagined he was going to be amazing=)

*Our washer and dryer came early!!! Two steps closer to normalcy. Who gets excited about the need to do 100 loads of laundry?? Um, right now, that would be me. =) Nesting!!!

*Hubby works with lots of Marines and military guys who are pretty fearless when it comes to not getting stressed over... well pretty much anything. They say once you've been shot at (or deployed) you just don't sweat the small (or big) stuff. Thought-provoking!

*Cute summery bag*? Target. Discount. I can take it back if we don't like it, haha!

*Hubby is back!! He was out of town the past two days! We LOVE his job but it is really getting in the way of getting the house ready!!!=)

Happy Thursday girls!!!

*I had bigger one picked out but i think need one that's not too big this time since I have a diaper bag on the other shoulder=) Although it can't fit my water bottle, but the other one is now sold out of...uh oh=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Great Date!!

Warning, we look like total dorks in all of these pics but you get the point, haha=)

I curled my hair all up (which you can't see how rockin' it was in the pic and it doesn't last for more than 3 1/2 minutes before it falls!! I need your keep your curls glam secrets girls!) and was going to wear some cute jeans... 'cept they were a leeettle too tight. And dinner + snacks + wanting to be comfy on our fun date I went with the stretchy-eat-all-you-want- able-to-breath-while-sitting-down black pants, haha!! Not quite as cute, but I ate!!! ('n was comfy=))

Where did we go for dinner?? Japanese Steakh0use=)!!*

We were a little worried when our chef came out and he wasn't Asian!! haha! Not Asian?? At a Japanese Steakhouse?? But he was fun. =)

AND I was "the chosen one" again, hahaha!! You know what I'm talking about. There's always one person that the chef picks to give the "extras" to. The extra rice, and veggies, a slightly bigger helping of chicken or steak, haaa! This time he said, "eating for two=)" haha, so fun!

We were going to try to get some ice cream before the next set of movies started but no ice cream places around, I know crazy!

But what did we find?! A Krispy Kreme Donut shop! It has been forever since we've had a krispy kreme or been to a shop. You could see their whole conveyor belt system of fried goodness!

I had to get an original hot off the belt, oh my gosh you guys!!! It was warm, soft, fried, doughy, with that sugary glaze...mmmm!! Hubby went with one of his favs a powdered strawberry filled donut. [Mine was better! haha!]

The movie that fit the time the best (ah hem, our old foggie too tired to stay out too late time, I know we're sad) was Star Trek. I wasn't so sure at first, neither of us knew the exact plot but it was really good. Funny and action and the story was really neat. It was like the Batman Begins of Star Trek.=) Recommend=)

[And can you go to the movies without getting a snack?? If you can, then you obviously have more will power than we do!=) We rarely go so it's fun to get the movie experience. So this time we ended up getting popcorn and a drink, both of which were size large because it was a better deal! haha! They both got their own seat they were sooo ginormous, you had to pick up the drink with two hands, haa! We didn't come close to finishing either and you could get a free refill on both! Oh and Reese's Pieces=) You have to have some sweet too!]

We had such a great time and were so thankful my Mom came and watched BabyBoy =)

I hope you're having a great week so far!!!

*We need to get a group together to go one night, it is so much fun too when you have the whole table filled with peeps you know!

Monday, June 15, 2009

36 Week News!!!!

I was really trying not to have a long post but there are too many exciting dets that many of you want and I have to tell you=)

I am so excited, we had another great appointment today!!! Praise God=)!!

*I am measuring right on 36 weeks
*My blood pressure is still very good=) [i'm so competitive, i always have a competition with myself for low (but safe) bp, not that I can really control that much, haha, just try to be so relaxed when the nurse takes it, haha!]
*A very cute heartbeat
*A cervical exam (sorry I said cervical, haha! once you've had a baby, especially, there is not much tmi anymore, but if I ever do, just say, "NCF tmi...tmi."=))

The really exciting part!!! I am...

*1-2 centimeters dialated
*30% efaced
*Next Edition is low, at -1 station (that means his head is starting through the pelvis!)

So really it doesn't mean toooo much, it could still be weeks=), no predictions for when he'll come, but we're getting started, and I am soo excited! I was going to ask the dr to "check me out" but the nurse asked if I wanted the dr to, and without hesitation said, YES please. I kept telling Hubby I know I'll be something, I just know it, haha!

[his birth story to come but BabyBoy was born 3 days from now in his preggy, at 36 1/2 weeks=)]

and BAM! haha!

And we got to see our doula* (Amy) and my chiropractor** (Dr. E) afterwards, they're just across the street! Some really neat things!!

So Next Edition's cute little bum is on my right side, [I have to get some pics for you because he just pushes it out all the time and his little feet or knees or legs on the right and my belly is completely lopsided] but Amy wants him flipped around so he's on the left... She said when babies are born they tend to turn clockwise which means he could become posterior (not so good) or move his little head a certain way that might complicate things, so we're going to try to rotate him=)

So I have to scrub the floor! I took this metaphorically even though that's not how she meant it, hahahaha!! I have to get on my hands and knees and rock a little to try to get him to move. I have to sit up straight, not leaning back, and even forward a little on a medicine ball. And she gave us some other strategies that Hubby can help too!! So neat!!

This pic was when Amy and Dr. E were working on me at the same time=).

[Dr. E was loosening my ligaments and Amy was trying to turn Next Edition, partly by holding an ice pack on my right side bc the little ones don't like cold hoping he'd start to move to the left=)]

She not only adjusted my back and neck, but she loosened a ton of ligaments!! She did what she calls myofacial massage. We almost had to have a c-section with BabyBoy because I had of a couple steel ligaments pulling my pelvic bone oblong instead of round (you know to fit their big little head through=), round is obviously much better than oval!)! So she way loosened them today!!! That is so exciting because we never knew they were like that until I started pushing with BabyBoy. Story to come!!

And then I turned to my back (you have to be careful on your back you know, you could pass out, just ask if you want more info) and she loosened some round ligaments in the front, right under my belly. My left side was much tighter than my right which could be one reason Next Edition has been hanging out on the right side!

If anyone has any questions about a chiropractor or a doula please e-mail me (upper left sidebar), I would be happy to chat more about anything!!

I hope you are having a great Monday!!!!!

**So the whole thought behind getting adjusted during pregnancy is that the more your body is aligned the easy birth will be! If your pelvis, back, etc. isn't aligned than that can make things a little more difficult. If it is aligned throughout the preggy then the baby will sink down more comfortably and be able to get "into position" much easier! I know, does that sound fruity? It did to me at first, but I cannot tell you what a difference it made with BabyBoy and so much already this time!!

*Ok, someone asked what a doula is, so here is the def from a website =) The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother (and daddy) before, during and just after birth. Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

A doula's main purpose is to reduce your chance of a c-section, reduce your pushing time, and reduce tearing. But they do soo much more too, as I explained in an earlier post=)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Way Past Due! Thank You!! and A Date?!

Seriously!!! You sweetalicious bloggettes have given me awards or tags and I have been so sidetracked I haven't posted an official thank you!!!

Every single one of these girls are so fun, funny, talented in different areas, and are so much fun to keep up with!! So check 'em all out=)!

*TheQueenofALLThingsAww-SummAward from Lucky in Love n Saskia!!! Here is my list=)

7 Things That Make Me Awe-Summ:
1. I was on a jump-rope demonstration team in elementary school!
2. I can out eat a lot of men!
3. I always try to think of others' feelings/wants before my own =)
4. I performed for 6 or 7 years (until we moved) with my own string quartet for weddings or any type events!
5. I (we) want four little ones and hope to adopt one day!
6. I love to bake and cook=)
7. I love to host get-togethers of any kind, dinners, games nights, snacks and shows, anything!

*The Adorable Blog Award from Saskia!!
*The Lemonade Award from Living Our Own Fairy Tale and USCEmily!!
*Neno's Award from Lucky in Love!!
*One Lovely Blog Award from Amber!!
*Your Blog is Fabulous from Shannon!!
*Most Wonderful Favorite Blog Award from Simply Me!!

You girls are soo sweet and I am so thankful for your thoughtfulness and FUN!!!


We get to go on a date tomorrow night!!! For our 6 year anni!

I have no idea what we are going to do, where we are going to go, def dinner (ooh maybe fajitas, or even better a japanese steak house!), maybe a movie (recommendations??), probably no putt putting or bowling will be involved this time, especially since I waited for Hubby to get home from his meeting this morning just to pick my shoes up for me so I could take them upstairs, hahaha!! Sad, I know. Bending over, highly overrated. Highly.

I hope you have a fab Friday and wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


*When we eat pizza at home we drink a nice cold glass of milk. Pizza out, prefer soda. Anyone?

*I drink my coffee pipin' nearly burn your tongue hot and my milk crisp cold.

*Our family room walls are finally naked! The blue green yellowish plaid wallpaper with a town border of horses, buggies, buildings, and townspeople, seriously people, is officially gone. Yay! Now onto the touching up of the wall, sanding, and painting=)*

*(just as I tweeted last night) I have made a decision. I'm want to train my buttooocks off and try out for SYTYCD next year!! =) How much would you love to do all of that amazing choreography?! And hip hop, come on! Pop and lock baby! I did a hip hop dance work out class when we were a part of a gym for a little while, LOOOVED it!! It was sooo much fun!!!

*I just received a $25 gift certificate to 0utback... for free!!! We did cur b-side takeaway, my order was two Blue Cheese Ch0pped Salads (only $8 for 2 instead of $13 for another salad=)!). We got home and they were sans blue cheese!! You can see my devestation. That's why you order that salad! For the crumbles.** I haven't called about other wrong orders (bc they weren't that bad) so I did this time. I so very nicely explained to the manager, she was soo nice, completely understood the grave importance of the situation, and said she'd have something in the mail to me the next day to make it up!! Cheese fries all around!!=)

*I'm so excited about our next appt for Next Edition on Monday=) and every week now=)

*Our fridge comes tomorrow!!! Now I won't have an excuse for not cooking everyday=)
*and by the implied "we" I mean Hubby=)

**i know i'm not supposed to have blue cheese while preggy, but i really wanted it, and we just prayed against bacteria, i mean how many people get a bacteria from blue cheese=)??
Happy Thursday blogettes!!! Thank you for all of your encouraging comments, they all bring such a big smile to my face, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!

ETA: Though Hubby is totally encouraging me to do it, tis just a dream of mine to be on SYTYCD =)!! But thank you for your encouragements so far=)!!! You guys are so fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ca-razi-ness but Thankful

Ya'll know I like being so positive but to be real with you sweet girls, I had a bit of a tough day yesterday and am feeling the time crunch.

There is soo much to do, I'm pretty tired, I need to be eating better but that is so hard when we are still without a refrigerator!, I need to exercise but it's a catch because I'm so tired ahhh!, one day I'll be over my lack of self confidence and not care that there weren't more of the words looked and beautiful (I know, it's stupid, and if my Hubby says I'm gorgeous (and my creator) than that's what should matter)[and i am not looking for pity you're gorgeous comments=)], there is so much to do around the house and Hubby is now slammed at work again and I can't paint or move heavy boxes around or pretty much get anything else done at this point, I can't unpack BabyBoy's room because he has no furniture because we haven't been able to get the toddler bed from Hubby's aunt and uncle, so I don't know what kind of dresser to get him (while trying not to spend too much money), I can't put any of his clothes away well because there's no where to put them, I still have to wash all of Next Edition's clothes but our washer and dryer will not come until June 20th!, feeling a little lonely and wish we were hanging out with friends for playdates and/or dinner dates, I don't think we're going to get to go to the beach this weekend, we might able to celebrate our 6th year anni if my Mom spends the night next Sat because she doesn't want to drive home at night, we were even hoping to get away for a couple days with just Hubby and me but can't (i wish i could give you more juice on that), my Mom is going to throw us a shower (we still have to register!) that sounds like a lot of family won't be able to come, there are a lot of unexpected expenses that we are having to or going to have and ultimately might have to buy lots including the bigger ticket items for our sweet Next Edition and BabyBoy, I have to get my car inspected and registered because we are currently by avoiding and outmanuevering c0ps like crazy haha, and I look like a hillbilly because none of my clothes fit...

But I am so thankful for... my healthy and rockin' Hubby, BabyBoy, and Next Edition, a house (even though not our perfect house) that God has provided us to live in, some first time help for a couple hrs from some family last Sat, my Mom for some help for a couple days and watching BabyBoy while we got stuff done and bringing fruit and few things to stash our mini fridges with, the support of the incredible Olsons and you very sweet blog friends, feeling great overall, and for an amazing God who always provides.

And this smile!!!

[at Grandma's, for some reason he was given a big plastic spoon to eat spaghetti, haha, he's normally such a clean eater and despite the large spoon, still did a great and cute job =)]

Thanks for making it all the way to the end if you're still here=) You know I appreciate you blogettes!! Oh I would love to take you out for a relaxing cup of coffee!! Happy Wednesday sweet ladies=)!

ETA: Wait! I was so not dissing any of your sweet comments yesterday, I am sooo thankful for every single one!!!!!=)

Monday, June 8, 2009

6 Years and 35 Weeks Today!!

My best friend and I have now been married for 6 years!!! Today! I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing (and hot) husband that God has blessed me with!!!

Yes, all of that may sound completely cliche, but it really is clicheically =) true...

We talk about everything, we share all of ourselves, we cook together, we eat together, play together, explore new adventures together, love sushi together, and tennis together, getting in shape together, being parents together, eating ice cream together, traveling together, enjoying everyday life together, learning from each other, growing spiritually together, finding our way as parents together, participating and finding joy in each others interests, hiking together, learning how to be better people from each other, being drawn closer to each other and faith in God through difficult times like high risk preggy and miscarriage and moving across the country (twice=)), playing games together, laughing together...

[some wedding proofs/negatives are not where I thought they were, please please please pray that i find them very soon!! that's why I took pics from our album, cheesy I know, just pray=)!]

Here are some pics from our amazing day!!! We had so much fun! I'll have to do another post too, we had all of the Jewish traditions in our wedding too and LOVED it! The symbolism is just awesome, I'll have to tell you more about it! The seven blessings, the chuppah, the breaking of the glass (and everyone yells La Chayim!), the chair dance at the reception! Oh we had so much fun! We danced all night long!

This morning we had our 35 week appt for Next Edition!! I'm measuring right on!! That's right. Although almost nothing (seriously... almost nothing) fits me anymore. Clothes from last week! And because I'm measuring right on, I will disregard being told that I look huge and the baby's gotta be more than 7 1/2 lbs when he's born (from my MIL!) and the young preggo at the doctor office, 30 weeks pregg who said, everyone keeps telling me I'm small and then when I saw your belly, I'm only a couple (uh more than a couple girly) weeks behind you and I really am small. It's partly the shirt I was wearing! Partly the shirt! There is still zero concern about my quite impressive weight gain, I almost turned backwards when she weighed me this morning!! And the doc had a hard time getting a good heartbeat for a while because he was moving around and kickin', it was so funny! So we're doing great! Thank you so much for your continued prayers!!!

I hope you're having a great Monday girls!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Work or Play???

We really want to plan a quick trip here!!! This is just 3 hours south...

[Hubby's family beach trip is at the end of the month and we can't go! We are just too close! I/we really contemplated it but thought if I go into labor there almost no way that we'd make it back in the 7-8 hours it would take! And I do not want to be in the news for having a baby on the side of the road by my husband (though he is awesome) and a 23 month old, haha!!]

In a cute suit! Although there are almost no cute maternity suits!! Especially that don't cost... way too much!! Girls we could make so much money designing maternity swimsuits!!

And maybe read a classic like...

but... we have... ROOMS of wallpaper to remove!!! Nooooo!!! Two WHOLE rooms and several borders!!! I will show you pics of the "who in their right mind would wallpaper an entire room in this" rooms!

Pick paint colors! Why is it sooo difficult?? If only the colors looked the same on the walls as they do on the color swatch or online!!

and I don't know about you, but this is how we always paint!! hahaha=)

And by the time we're done with just those basics, we'll be almost ready to have a baby=)!! So maybe a beach getaway should happen next weekend...

Happy (thurs night and) Friday girls!!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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