Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fun Finds

The old school popcorn machine!! We finally busted ours out!

Pop it yourself and top it with whatever you like! It was so easy and healthy too=)

Hubby went traditional and topped his with melted butter and salt. I used white cheddar powder and a little melted butter so it would stick=) (I was going to get regular cheddar powder that used to be my favorite popcorn!, but the white cheddar had better ingredients =))

1: Hubby made smoothies to go with our movie and popcorn experience =) Everything all nicely set up, ready to go.
2: My white cheddar powder. Fire up the machine!
3: Here it comes!! See the little pad of butter melting away in the top little compartment... so smart, it melts as the popcorn pops, then you just lift the it out to pour on your butter! That guy is makin' millions... or at least thousands=)
4: Little kernels flying out at rocket speed into the bowl and exploding popcorn out of the bowl haa!

Verdict: Fun experience, def worth it! Popcorn was not quite as crispy as microwave popcorn, but it was fun, fast, quick clean up=), and healthy bc you know what you're putting on it=)!

What would you top your popcorn with?

And for the preggies=)

Nursing Tanks! You are def want to get these if you are going to nurse! They are comfortable, functional, and did I mention comfortable!

I only had two the first time around but I wore them all the time! Around the house and you can wear them under anything so when you lift your shirt up to nurse you don't expose your beautiful post baby belly =)

So I did some quick research for us and if anyone has any other suggestions, please share!! I had two from Target bc they were cheap, but I would love to get one that's a little cuter and longer=) So here ya go! There were a few more that were more expensive but I just did these six=)

1. Bravad0 - $40
Reviews say: they're a little low and get lower throughout the day, hello!, but tons of reviews say it's the best one out there, lots of support, doesn't hug the post preggy love handles, and is long enough to cover us up past the hips =), just a little more expensive

2. Target - $16.99
Reviews say: affordable, comfortable, some say the newer style gives you a unib00b (uh oh), instead of having the fabric in the middle to separate the ladies for more support, and the white (lighter colors) isn't thick enough to disguise the ladies, but lots of great reviews too!

3. Gap - $22.50

4. Glamourmom - $34 or $39 for long length
Reviews say: the fabric is itchy, not comfortable at first, hard to work clasp with one hand, others say they are comfortable, and they come in lots of colors.

5. Medela bamboo - $45
Reviews say: super comfy material (supposed to be absorbant but comfortable out of bamboo and cotton), although gives a possible unib00b, nice long length. I've also heard from lots of mommies their nursing bras are great! You can get them at the hospital, they measure you and everything.

6. Walmart - $11.96
Reviews say: has the internal slings (not shelf bra) for more support, doesn't hug tummy, but too short, some say uncomfy, others say very comfy and worth the price.

[i found a couple (the medela one) on sale somewhere else but i didn't calculate shipping differences so you may want to do a quick search=) sorry!]

And I found this cute nursing nightgown (on sale!!), I would love to bring one to the hospital, although I know it could very easily get, umm how do you say... messy, haha! But I would love to bring something cute too=)

Ok mamas, do you have any that you love? How about nursing bras? And I'm not so sure about the nursing shirts... I love the idea, but I feel like most of them look a little silly. Do you have one you like?

Happy Friday!! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!


Becky said...

I would mix popcorn with M&M's so you can have salty and sweet!

*~! megs !~* said...

That popcorn just made me hungry!!

Jules said...

Mmmm...I love putting cheddar powder on my popcorn. That popper looks fun and the smoothies look delicious!

Lindsey said...

oooo i have an unhealthy obsession with poporn...and sushi!;)

Jillian said...

Okay I am friends with Lane and Rachel and hopped on over to your blog!! First I think you have such a cute pregnant belly!! And second I have heard of these tanks and I am totally going to use them!! I am not a bra person so I hope I like these!!

Mojito Maven said...

i love mixing popcorn with m&ms....mmmm sweet and salty goodness.

Emily said...

Popcorn... m&ms and candy corn.. my mom makes that for us around halloween time and you can add peanuts too if you want! YUM! I want to try your white cheddar! sounds wonderful!! And which nursing top do u have???
Oh and I got the name and number of the chiropactor I am going to use and he usees my insurance too and is specialized in pregnant women! he was closed today.. But I am calling monday! I am soo soo excited;) Thanks for all your suggestions:) U rock my dear friend:)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

The popcorn sounds so good and looks like fun to make!

Brett Alexandra said...

The popcorn sounds delicious. I haven't had good popcorn in ages!

aaaand those nursing tops make me want to have a baby.

Right now.

Brittany Ann said...

I'm gonna have to make popcorn tonight after this! yum!

AO said...

I used my Target ones all the time but they gave major uniboob, and if I could, I'd have another 3-4 inches of material on the bottom of them. Just didn't offer the stomach coverage I sought.

Now that your blog has introduced me to polyvore, I may be on there all. the. time.

Gwen said...

I just love good old fashioned super buttery movie theatre popcorn!!! What a great night!!! Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO

Gooch Family said...

I'm glad to know you liked them. I never tried them with Bella but I want to this time around since I'll definitely be on the go more with Bella running around and me trying to nurse. I'm nervous for that. Let me know ifyou get one you like better.

Heather said...

We mix the popcorn with M&M's, it is the kids favorite snack!!

Krystyn said...'ve got me wondering where my popper is.

As far as the nursing tanks, maybe mine was just bad because I hated them...but, I only had one and it was from Motherhood. It was too short and the top was too loose and low.

Jon and Steph said...

Awe, making popcorn the old way makes me miss my mom! She always used to make popcorn that way! So cool!

Those nursing tanks are awesome! Of course I don't need one right now, but when that time comes those would be great. They have come a long way for mothers to be!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for all the info on the nursing tanks - I need to invest in several of those this time sure do your research! :-)

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