Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Up in The Master Bedroom

Hubby is back safe and sound (thank you for praying for him!!)!!! He did the drive in 39 hrs including sleep, crushing his 44hrs last time (he had to beat his previous time with me of course saying you don't have to, be careful=))!! I'm sorry I've been MIA! We're moving in little by little this week and then all in by Friday=)! I can't wait to catch up =)!

We have been married for almost 6 years (next month=)!) and we've never had a real bedroom set! We have a mattress, one random side table, and tall dresser. We keep talking about getting a bedset and feeling like real adults but we just haven't made the investment yet!

So now that we're moving I would love to redo at least our bedding and maybe even get a bedset! Although we might be moving again in a few yrs and all of our stuff didn't even fit into a 26' moving truck this time!!! But we would love to have a beautiful master bedroom! But then we would look at all the furniture and say oh my gosh we might have to move it all! haha!

And then we think we spend so much more time in other rooms or can upgrade other rooms like the kitchen, etc., and it adds to resale value so that's where we usually put our moneys but it would def be nice to have an oasis of a master... =)!! Do you love your master bedroom?

Here are some quick inspirations I've found so far. We were liking the sleigh bed but the first pic is classic too... or maybe upholstered or no footboard... decisions!!! This is part of the reason we don't have a new one yet!!!

For some reason I'm mostly finding oranges that I like for the bedding...

[the last one to the right is peonies=) I know it's some of your favorites=)]

I've always wanted a little couch or bench at the end of the bed!! So elegant!

We painted our bedroom in AZ a really pretty grayish blue, very relaxing, I'm not sure if that would go with the orange... whaddyou think?

Have you found or have a gorgeous bedset of any kind?? Where did you get it? Any ideas? Colors? I would love your input girls!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Appt and AZ Update

Appt Update

Our appointment today went so well, praise God! The baby is doing great, still head down, I'm measuring right on, and we were able to get Hubby on the phone to hear Next Edition's heartbeat!

Our doctor went through all of our records from AZ and just kept saying this looks great, that sounds great, no concerns [and added but we never know until they're born...I'm so done hearing that], see you at 35 weeks=)!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers!!!!!!!

AZ Update

We ended up hiring a couple movers just to help Hubby load the truck, our friend and his airforce buddies ended up having to work this morning =) (we miss you guys and hope you're doing great!)

It was raining, no joke, in AZ... it went down to a drizzle and then eventually stopped.

They didn't do the best job, not everything fit, we're going to have to leave some things, they took forever!, Hubby has a ton to do now to try to get some other small things (and an 8ft tree from our dining room that we got for $7 at a yard sale=)) to fit, and he has to repaint the office because of a very long story due to someone elses mistake that I won't get into right now because I don't want to be mean!!!

I feel so bad for him and he planned to start driving by 4:30 am tomorrow morn! I am so mad at the movers and I wish I was there to help him! He so needs to just be able to rest tonight before his crazy drive across the country, again! without the stress of everything that he has to do now. Praying for you "B"!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Do Before and After

I got my hair done just before we left on our trip!

I debated and debated whether to do it or not because I've only gotten my hair highlighted a few times and I just don't keep it up because I usually use my budget money on other things=) but since I'm not buying many clothes at all or anything else really, I went for it =)!

When you're feeling like your love handles are taking over the world, like nothing fits well, and you just don't look the way you want to, sometimes you just need a little pick me up =)



Just excuse how dorky I look and just focus on the hair people, just focus on the hair=) I took this right after I got home so it's not exactly styled pefecto but you get the idea!

I hope you're having a great week!! I'm still catching up your posts, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting well at all!!! You know I love ya all though!

I actually took a nap today, not like me! I'm feeling really good though just massive, a little slow, and like I really need to exercise and lay off the sweets!

We have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 11am! I've been trying to reschedule it for weeks but they are so busy. We didn't know our exact schedule when I made it because we hadn't heard about the house yet, so this will be the second appointment Hubby has ever missed in all three of our pregnancies. But if I don't go then we'd have to wait until June 4th and that's just not a good idea at this point=) So if you'd like to send out a little prayer that everything is still going well that would be so great! And thank you so much for your prayers for Hubby, you girls are so sweet and wonderful!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Made It!!!

We made it to VA! drove over 3000 miles! and had a great trip!

We are quite exhausted!

BabyBoy is ready to just run around an open space for 3 days straight...

My body is telling me it needs a maid, a cook, a bed, a drink (it won't get it yet though=)), and to just lay down for um a while[which is not going to happen after you read the end of this post=)]...

And my poor awesome Hubby needs sooo much sleep to recover from all of the driving and staying up way too late [but it was soo much fun, and he totally admits now that it was so worth it (he wasn't so sure of the road trip idea at first=))]!

Here are pics from our visit in Kansas!

[Winns we're soo sorry we didn't get to see you!!]
[and no that super cute smooshyfaced smile was not plastered on his face the entire time=) but he did a great job=)]


We set both of our self timers seconds apart so we had to look at one camera (ours) first and then we were cracking up by the time we looked at the the second one! All three times! Ahh fun times=)

The girls=)

We went to a cute little farm nearby one morning =)

The little ones=)!!

Eekhoffs thank you soo much for your amazing hospitality! We had such a great time with you guys!! BabyBoy loved playing with your kiddos and we had a blast staying up way too late laughing and playing games!

And there's more!!!
*Last night - got in late
*Today - up early to drive to see new potential house & couple meetings for Hubby
*Tomorrow! - Hubby flies back to AZ (we have to leave by 6:30am! to get to airport)
*Fri - He loads truck, repaint a room, clean up
*Sat-Sun - Drives across the country again starting before the crack of dawn Sat!!!
*Wed - close on house
*Wed-July - get house ready before baby comes!

Please pray for him=)!!! For lots of natural (and some artificial) caffeine ;-)!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pushing Present! Push! Push!

I am now entering into a fun though controversial subject=)!

Pushing presents!!! Given just before, during (really? haa), or after a Mommy has given birth! Most common present is jewelry=)

According to wikip.edia the idea was actually not from jewelry companies to sell more merchandise, they really are to reward new Mommy for her hard work carrying their sweet bundle of joy and pushing through labor.

Some say, isn't the new bundle enough satisfaction, while others say, Mommy deserves a little something for her "labors" through the entire pregnancy and birth process.

A lot of mommies choose a piece of jewelry with the birth stone of their new little one's birth month, so each time they wear it they can think of that sweet little one... and all of the sweat they poured out for them, haha jk!

Whaddayou think??

I think it is a fun idea! I don't think it necessarily means go all out crazy, but just something meaningful to commemorate the day, time, months, and memory. A little piece of jewelry or something memorable works for me ;-)

After I had BabyBoy, Hubby got me a beautiful right hand ring. I had been wanting one for so long and he picked out a gorgeous one for a great deal (I don't know the dets but he's good=)) and I wear it all the time, actually I never take it off.

Next Edition will most likely be born in July, which means Ruby. I don't have any ruby jewelry, but I would love to have something that every time I wear it, look at it, see it, I would remember what a blessing this time is. I love the idea of something with both their birthstones too but that's pearl and ruby... so maybe just to signify NE for now =)

[I know I can look at the bundle of joy himself, but won't a piece of ruby bling not only remind me of this sweet boy, but also of my pregnancy and the birth itself, right? =)]

Maybe something like this...=) [on sale or for a great deal of course=)]

This could fit perfectly on the other side of my engagement ring=) I'm just sayin'=) haha

Have you heard? Did you receive one? Want one? What did you get? Do you agree or disagree? Don't be shy =) [I think=)]

Friday, May 15, 2009

31 Weeks! - Legimitate Irrational Fears

We were 31 weeks on Monday!

All of these legitimate irrational fears are said with the background that I am completely trusting God with everything, I'm just being real with ya =)

1. I feel like my belly (and the rest of me) grew at least 3 (or 10) inches in the last 3 days... it worries me a little bit because I felt big the whole preggy with BabyBoy and then something was actually wrong, and I measured a little big at 32 weeks (I'll tell you more about it soon). Look at it, it looks like a torpedo!!

2. That our first appt. back with our old docs (who we really like) they are going to tell me I'm measuring big and send us for more sonograms. I don't know why I have this fear, I just do. Well I guess because our last two pregnancies were there and we had complications/ high risk preggy and then a miscarriage, and I'm feeling like I've grown like ca-razy in the past week. Our next appt should be late next week or the Monday the 25th. =)

3. Cankles! They just started on the trip!

Dear Ankles,

Please come back. I really miss you. I feel much better about myself when you are here and I'm ready for your return. Why did you leave me? Am I on the go too much? Do you just want to be appreciated and elevated? Am I not drinking enough water for you? Whyyyy? You never left me when I was previously pregnant, working 14 hrs a day mostly on my feet, teaching, why now?? I will try to be nicer to you and rest more. Please come soon.

Your loving owner,

We're relaxing and laughing and reminiscing with friends in St. Louis who just had their first baby girl one week ago! So sweet! And then we're heading to Birmingham tomorrow morn, we can't wait to see you Fannings!!

I hope you girls have a fantastic weekend!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st Destination Down - Quick Update

We made it to our first destination Monday morning... Amarill0!

We finished ALL our packing and left Sunday night, after a great dinner with my fam, at 11:30pm, phew! Drove all night and into the morn =)

We are both pretty exhausted from going non-stop working and packing like crazy fiends!

And yes, everything is color-coded, numbered, and the contents of each box and bin are input in an excel spreadsheet!!! haha (seriously it makes it soo much easy for unpacking! stop laughing and saying I'm crazy! I'm not disagreeing but it's really good peeps, I'm tellin' ya!)

I got some great snacks, SNACKS, for the trip and these just happened to be on sale... yikes!

But I also made pbj sandwiches, packed apples, crackers and some pb, cheddar chex mix, some oj, and granola bars, see I did good (ok and peach rings, hubby's fav, and wh0ppers yum)! We have barely eaten out we had so much to snack on!

I will only mention that I ate almost an entire medium pizza myself when we got to our hotel room =) Hubby too! We were a-starvin! I only ate one of the crusts...!! I know that's odd, huh? Leaves room for more yummy pizza! Unless it's super soft and yummy...or I'm in a crust mood...=) Anybody?

Sweet little guy has not slept as much in the car as we were hoping but he has done a GREAT job!

We are in Kansas today (and yesterday) and heading to St. Louis tomorrow. We are having such a blast with friends! We stayed up late playing games last night and enjoying a lot of great much needed laughs!

I hope you are doing great!!! I can't wait to catch up on your blogs and say hello again soon!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Colors and A Lucky Girl!

I definitely need a fun new summery color for ma toes! I'm thinkin' I need a fun pink!

I saw these yesterday after I got my hair done (yay!!)! They're not totally bright but still fun=) Strawberry Margarit@ (which looked much more fun summer pink in the store), DC Cherry Bl0ss0m I only saw online (how fitting=)), and Cajun Shr imp. Do you have a fun sassy summer color that you love?

The lucky girl? Hubby went out the other day to get some packing supplies and his tire plugged (before our car got shipped=)) and came back with...

and said... "Even though I've been working from home, I've been working a lot and I don't feel like I've appreciated you enough."

He is so good to me!!! I've been feeling a little bit down the past couple days so it def made me feel loved=)

[he occasionally has busy times and the past three weeks has been one of them, but even though he's been working like crazy, he still helps clean, changes diapers, takes BabyBoy to the park, has meals together, and always takes time forfamily while doing an amazing job at work=) I'm a proud, lucky, and blessed wife=)]

Happy Friday!! I hope you have a great day!!!

ETA: and we had another great appt this afternoon, his little head is still down and in position ready to fire=), heartbeat sounded great and I'm measuring right on, and we won't talk about my weight!!!=)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Happening!!!

We are moving!!!!!

How are we getting from the west to the east coast??? We're driving!!! hahahahahaha!!

When?? Next week!!! Our timeline just changed late Tues night!

I can so handle it! I'm tough! It was actually my idea=) am i crazy?? =)

And I have to admit I love eating snacks and fast food on trips. I know that's terrible! But so fun! It's just part of a trip no? I pack pbjs, fruit, and healthy snacks too, but what do I want? Not that=) It's a trip!

Let's just pray I don't go into early labor and have to have the baby here...

and don't even say, "but it's pretty!" =) Don't want to hear it, haha!

I am so excited because we'll be zig zagging to visit friends along the way! That is really one of the main reasons for my hairbrained scheme=)!

I won't give specifics, but we are essentially driving from Ph0enix t0 D.C. =) With stops for sure in: St. L0uis, maybe Kansas and Tennessee, and for sure Birmingham (and we really want to go to a beach in Bama on the gulf if we can shake it)! We won't make it to San Dieg0, San Fran, or Washingt0n before we leave=(!

I meant to give peeps more time but our plans just got pushed up a couple weeks!! oh my goodness=) So if I haven't been able to e-mail you yet about visiting, let me know if you're around and would like some visitors next week/weekend, we'd love to see you!!

Any suggestions for our drive??? Or suggestions for a place to stay in either NM (maybe around Albuquerque), or Oklah000ma?

We have to be packed by this weekend/Mon bc Hubby will be coming back to drive our stuff across!!!

Road Trip!!! =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

30 Weeks!! Confessions of an Uncontrollable Belly

We were 30 weeks Monday!

Time is really flying now!!! We are so enjoying feeling Next Edition kickin' and wigglin', he is still head down and his little butt and back just round up my right side! He pushes out all the time and we can soo clearly feel his cute little baby butt or back, or a leg or foot too. It is still amazing!! I sometimes have to catch my breath he pushes so hard=)

He kicks and pushes up under my right ribs, so I gently nudge him down=), it is such a funny feeling having someone push your ribs from the inside out!!! BabyBoy did it too, it eventually felt like my ribs were broken they hurt so bad, but I have to say I still loved it=) I'm a sap.

(excuse the absence of a super cute outfit, you're just gettin' a more comfy one=))

1. I may have eaten my entire Chick-fil-@ lunch and some of Hubby's... he was done and the baby was very hungry... he's a growin' boy =)

2. I had no idea what I was makin' for dinner one night... so did a, quick what's in the pantry/fridge/freezer?? I found... potatoes, beans, ground turkey, cheese, salsa, 1/2 an avocado, 'n a dab of sour cream... loaded baked potatoes!! So yummy, easy, and healthy! [season up meat and beans and just wrap the taters in a paper towel and cook em up in the microwave, saves so much time and still yummy=)! ]

3. I made my first lemon squares (made w/ fresh lemons from our neighbors yard!) for an Idol 'n game night, somethin' wasn't quite right (had a little soft crust on top), but they were so yummy, I may have eaten most of the leftovers myself. Only most and not all in one day! I spread it out. I do have a tiny bit of food will power=)

4. After helping empty the fridge of a couple said lemon squares after lunch, had ice cream after dinner...we cut up bananas for the bottom! That's health right there people! [you know where healthy eaters! most of the time=)]

5. Feeling large, like my face, bootay, and thighs have at least doubled in size since... last week=), getting more difficult to heave myself off the couch, ha!, a few more restless nights of the funny slow move this belly toss and turn or sleeping for a bit on the couch till I feel a little better=), I feel like I'm sweating all the time!, craving sweets like a maniac. A maniac. tearing up every week at church bc of a song, video story, or a clip from the movie Firepr00f=), or just watching BabyBoy play in the dirt outside!

And trying to enjoy all these precious moments, stop thinking about what isn't perfect, and thank God for his crazy abundant blessings!!!

I hope you are having a fabulous week so far!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some "Work It!" Inspiration

Sometimes the toughest part about working out is just getting up off my bootay! So especially during those dark, difficult to get off ma bum, times, I have to "inspire" myself to work out!

You know, once you put on some [cute] workout clothes, you just automatically feel a little more inspired! Ok, I do!!=)

(i want all of these and they're clearanced at nike.c0m PLUS 20% 0ff!!)

Is that tennis dress not so cute??? I don't have one=)

Our first date was Hubby teaching me how to play tennis!! He is a rockin' tennis player! I tried to get him to play on the tour, he could have rocked it!!=)

After we got married we started playing more and more and it was soo much fun!

We started playing doubles with a couple of our friends. These guys played really competitively but one (6'5") was super competitive, it was actually hilarious. His sole goal in anything we played - cards, pool, tennis - was just to beat Hubby! He would cuss (not us=)) at Hubby like crazy because he ran everything down and killed it at the net! We can't wait to play them again!

[we had different views but have a great time together=) eventually they started asking us about church bc they saw we stuck to our values and led very happy lives]

We always played with them at the Army/Navy Club so you have to wear white! I didn't mind, I thought it was cute and I had to get a new outfit (my first tennis skirt, so fun=))!

For some new inspiration and to have a chance at getting into a tennis dress (i don't know if I would actually wear one, but they are cute!), I want, umm, need, some new shorts, a cute running top, and def some new cute kicks (and that jacket is just cute)!

Stroller Giveaway

A giveaway for a free stroller!!! Check out Stroller Patroller!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Remember I told you we heard we got the house and had a renter?! [if you care to review more on why we're moving go here=)]

The renter flaked!!

BUT we did get ahold of the other couple who was really interested. They hadn't signed another lease yet. So they're ready to sign to rent our house, we'll see, oh my goodness, we'll see. (getting our house rented is top of the list!)


The house fell through!!!

The owner (and his lawyer) is going legal on the bank! So the bank is choosing not to just cut their losses and sell us the house but to go into a legal battle with the owner!

hahaha. haha. hah. ha. hhh. h.

I'm still packing, labeling, spreadsheeting, color-coding, and trying to go all M0nica Geller on this move! [We normally team it but Hubby is still sa-lammed at work=)]

Hubby is driving our stuff across le country in approx. 1 1/2 weeks!! Stuff goes in storage, we stay with my Mom until a house comes through (which was actually the plan anyway since we have to get back asap), and we pray for a house to work out.=) haha. ha.

We're still smiling God=) We still trust you. We know you have a plan. We'd love to know what it is, but we know you have one=)

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Fixed!

My blog is working again! I fixed it!

Check out Friday Fun Finds post below!! The Popcorn Popper and Nursing Tanks!!=)

Friday Fun Finds

The old school popcorn machine!! We finally busted ours out!

Pop it yourself and top it with whatever you like! It was so easy and healthy too=)

Hubby went traditional and topped his with melted butter and salt. I used white cheddar powder and a little melted butter so it would stick=) (I was going to get regular cheddar powder that used to be my favorite popcorn!, but the white cheddar had better ingredients =))

1: Hubby made smoothies to go with our movie and popcorn experience =) Everything all nicely set up, ready to go.
2: My white cheddar powder. Fire up the machine!
3: Here it comes!! See the little pad of butter melting away in the top little compartment... so smart, it melts as the popcorn pops, then you just lift the it out to pour on your butter! That guy is makin' millions... or at least thousands=)
4: Little kernels flying out at rocket speed into the bowl and exploding popcorn out of the bowl haa!

Verdict: Fun experience, def worth it! Popcorn was not quite as crispy as microwave popcorn, but it was fun, fast, quick clean up=), and healthy bc you know what you're putting on it=)!

What would you top your popcorn with?

And for the preggies=)

Nursing Tanks! You are def want to get these if you are going to nurse! They are comfortable, functional, and did I mention comfortable!

I only had two the first time around but I wore them all the time! Around the house and you can wear them under anything so when you lift your shirt up to nurse you don't expose your beautiful post baby belly =)

So I did some quick research for us and if anyone has any other suggestions, please share!! I had two from Target bc they were cheap, but I would love to get one that's a little cuter and longer=) So here ya go! There were a few more that were more expensive but I just did these six=)

1. Bravad0 - $40
Reviews say: they're a little low and get lower throughout the day, hello!, but tons of reviews say it's the best one out there, lots of support, doesn't hug the post preggy love handles, and is long enough to cover us up past the hips =), just a little more expensive

2. Target - $16.99
Reviews say: affordable, comfortable, some say the newer style gives you a unib00b (uh oh), instead of having the fabric in the middle to separate the ladies for more support, and the white (lighter colors) isn't thick enough to disguise the ladies, but lots of great reviews too!

3. Gap - $22.50

4. Glamourmom - $34 or $39 for long length
Reviews say: the fabric is itchy, not comfortable at first, hard to work clasp with one hand, others say they are comfortable, and they come in lots of colors.

5. Medela bamboo - $45
Reviews say: super comfy material (supposed to be absorbant but comfortable out of bamboo and cotton), although gives a possible unib00b, nice long length. I've also heard from lots of mommies their nursing bras are great! You can get them at the hospital, they measure you and everything.

6. Walmart - $11.96
Reviews say: has the internal slings (not shelf bra) for more support, doesn't hug tummy, but too short, some say uncomfy, others say very comfy and worth the price.

[i found a couple (the medela one) on sale somewhere else but i didn't calculate shipping differences so you may want to do a quick search=) sorry!]

And I found this cute nursing nightgown (on sale!!), I would love to bring one to the hospital, although I know it could very easily get, umm how do you say... messy, haha! But I would love to bring something cute too=)

Ok mamas, do you have any that you love? How about nursing bras? And I'm not so sure about the nursing shirts... I love the idea, but I feel like most of them look a little silly. Do you have one you like?

Happy Friday!! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

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