Thursday, April 23, 2009

8s - Tagalicious!

I was tagged by the super sweet Misty! She is so cute and fun, def check her blog out=)!

8 things i'm looking forward to:
  1. Hearing from the bank that we got the house (they countered yesterday, we countered back, they countered said all or nothin', we countered again playin' the game but we'd ultimately accept their counter bc it's still a very good deal=), now they're unreachable, that means they're seriously thinkin' people!)
  2. Getting in super sexy shape after I have this bebe!
  3. Getting our house rented out! Please God soon!
  4. Having our baby!!! Seeing, holding, and smelling him - I know it sounds funny but smell your baby when they're born, so sweet=)!
  5. Not having to wear a thong everyday because my bootay has gotten ginormous and I feel like panty lines show on almost anything i wear=) hahaha...wait, that's not funny.
  6. When all the desserts are gone from the house! I can't stop baking and I can't stop eating them! And the peanut butter cup ice cream=)
  7. Playing my violin more regularly and playing/performing with a quartet again!
  8. Keeping up my chops to get back on the podium and conduct (an orchestra) again sometime!
8 things i did yesterday:
  1. 2 loads of dishes, 2 loads of laundry
  2. Sorted a couple more boxes, getting ready to pack, throwing stuff out, donating, contemplating a yard sale, Hubby says death to having yard sales!
  3. Loved on, cuddled, fed, sung with, played with, and had some great learning reading time with BabyBoy!
  4. Prepared dinner, desserts and french press (decaf) coffee for our friends =)
  5. Made blueberry scones for Hubby, he's working so hard!
  6. Taught BabyBoy on a 1/4 size violin! So cute! He brings the case to me and says, "Mommy, play violin please" I love it!!!
  7. Took a walk with Hubby and babies=)! I so need it! So! Need it!
  8. Wrapped my hair in a towel and took a shower even though I wasn't going to because I just felt gross! (I usually shower and wash my hair everyday, I'm trying to go every other=), I know it's better for your hair)
8 things i wish i could do:
  1. Eat sushi!
  2. Drink a glass of wine with some yummy cheese =)
  3. Stop worrying about being "too big" and that something is wrong (I'm trusting God! I am!)
  4. Have more energy!
  5. Run in a race. After this bebe. We're doin' it. Remind me I said this.
  6. Stop being so concerned with what other people think!! One of these days, one of these days=)
  7. Tell my skin I'm not 16 and it can still look young without pimples!
  8. Bust out some amazing vocals!!
8 shows i enjoy:
  1. 24
  2. Lie T0 Me
  3. L0st
  4. H0use
  5. S0 Y0u Think Y0u Can Dance
  6. Idol
  7. Biggest Loser
  8. Jeopardy (i'm a dork=)) no i don't know most of the answers but i pretend i do and am quite proud of myself when i do=)
Friends that i pass this on to... all of you!!


jlc said...

I LOVEEEEEEEE Jeopardy!!! I get so jealous of my hubbs for knowing all the answers though.

Then I have to redeem myself in Wheel of Fortune. Haha!

Jenny.Lee said...


Jules said...

That is great news about the house. Hopefully they accept! It is also so exciting that you're nearing the end of your pregnancy.

Blueberry scones sound delicious!

We watch a lot of the same shows. You know from my previous comment I love So You Think You Can Dance, but I also love Idol and Biggest Loser too.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I need your recipe for blueberry scones!! I'm afraid I would eat them all though b.c hubs doesn't like blueberries!

Yay about the house!!

And don't you worry at all about your size or anything else! You are super adorable preggers :)

Rachel said...

We love watching Jeopardy, too!! You have good taste in TV!

Rachel said...

You crack me up - thongs are not a favorite of mine right now =)! ITs funny how things are different when you are pregnant!!! Crossing my fingers and praying about the house situation!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

aahhh... I wanna see that violin! I still say you need to make a video of you playing!

The Pink Potpourri said...

what a fun list!

Gwen said...

Love your list and praying for you on the house!!! XOXO

Emily said...

Ok.. here are my comments:)
First section of 8:)
1.... praying you get the house:) cant wait for an update on this:)
2... I worry about this one everday.. want baby belly to go away after cate is here:)
4. Ahh cant wait for this either:)
6... sweets are my weakness!!!
7... Yeah for playing the violin

Second set of 8....
1. Do you do that much laundry and dishes everyday??
2. We need to have a garage sale too.. but I cant find the time to go thru everything
4. Im always impressed with all the cooking you do.. how do you do it all?
5. REcipe for the scones please:)
6. U taught baby boy how to play the violin... precious!
7.. love walks
8...I try to do that too.. but always feel like my hair smeels like outside if I dont wash it

3rd set of 8
1... I miss sushi
2.. I miss red wine
3... Oh girl.. I am the biggest worrier there is.. I get soo nervous before dr apts.. they noted in my chart to take my blood pressure after I have heard babies heart beat:)
4.. I need more energy too.. always tired
5... miss running!!
6... U are who you are and ppl love you because of it:) We cant make everyone happy.. I have to remind myself of that daily:)
7. This lil girl in my belly is making my skin ugh!!
8. ... loved to hear:)

Last set of 8
I love
LOST, idol, bigggest loser and so you think you can dance too:)

Have a great day:)

Brett Alexandra said...

haha, I need to do this! Maegan said...

OH I hope you get the house! {I want one so badly!!!!}

Krystyn said...

Okay, that thong thing is hilarious! I couldn't stand them when I was preggo! And, I really can't stand them now!

Lindsey said...

YAYAYA for eat sushi!!!

Heather said...

Love your list!!! Maybe I can get to doing these?! Hope you are having a great Friday!

Lucky in Love said...

Cute list :)

misty said...

glad you did this... now i know you a little bit better :O

i someday want to run in a race too... but that means first i have to start running! haha

Saskia said...

How are you doing it... no wine and no cheese would be so difficult for me!

Anonymous said...
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