Monday, April 6, 2009

I Got My Prenatal Yoga On


Hubby's boss told him late afternoon to stop working. =) He's such a hard worker, it's nice when his boss tells him to relax a little.

Off to the park earlier than expected, it was another gorgeous day!

We walked up to our shopping center to grab dinner. I enjoy walking and running for exercise but even more when I have a destination, perhaps for food =). After BabyBoyNextEdition, I really want to sign us up for a race!

We practiced some baseball before bedtime. I pitched, Hubby was the intense helper- winder-upper.

Then we caught up on L0ST online and had ice cream. Moose Tracks...vanilla (or choc) based ice cream, fudge rippled throughout, and little, let's call them, pillows of peanut butter and chocolate. You have to have some treats!

This is the first show of the weekend I cried during. =) When Kate had to say goodbye to Aar0n. I teared. Hubby was man enough to admit it was tough to watch too!

I made waffles w/ fresh strawberries and over easy eggs for breakfast.

We went for a hike. But not the trail we intended. This is us smiling like we hiked exactly what we meant to.

We agreed that before we can go on The Amazing R.ace we so have to work on our trail map reading skills. AND for the love of nonexistent "You are here" stickers! Why is there not a you are here sticker on every map? It turns out that we were supposed to be across the street to start the trail we wanted. What? That was not indicated on the map =)

Went to the park after BabyBoy's great nap. I got to read a little there too =). It was so nice.

Then Daddy and BabyBoy played and I made black beans and rice and avocado sushi for dinner!

BabyBoy's bedtime, then we caught on up on Lie t0 Me and a H0use online. More ice cream. The baby wanted it. He told me.

I cried again. During H0use when Cuddy's potential adoptive baby was being born and they were waiting for her to cry. I cried before the baby did.


Church...another awesome sermon. Lunch. (It may or may not have been Wendys =)).

Then I got my prenatal yoga on! My first yoga class, I was so excited.

I did a couple videos at home a long time ago (feeling like a total dork), but I am so much more motivated to go to a class. And when you're in a class they can tell you you're doing it right, right? Then after I learn it, I know I'll do the videos right. Right? Right.

I was the only one there so I got a private session for over an hour! $25 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes and at least two of them will be private or semi-private =)

She told me I have a gorgeous downward facing d0g. Thank you. Thank you. She may have been just trying to get me to come back, but also told me I had great posture, flexibility, and am very strong. Oh stop. No keep going. Ok stop =)

To the park again. =) This is me showing Hubby my mad yoga skills. And Hubby attempting his=)

I hope you had a great weekend too!!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love all the photos!

Anonymous said...

Love that you're doing yoga! I wish I had some private sessions!

Rebecca Jo said...

YUMMO on those waffles...

And your little belly is just precious!!!!

Heather said...

Glad you had a great weekend and that you got your Yoga on! Personally I'm not a big yoga gal, but give my a Pilates class and I'm totally there!

The boys and I had eggs over easy this weekend too, only ours was served with toast and bacon yumm!

Megan said...

What a fun weekend! Looks like you guys had beautiful weather!

Lucky in Love said...

Looks like you had fabulous weather for such a great weekend!

I love that ice cream that you have!!

I'm insistent on going on the Amazing Race as well. Hubs and I always watch and then talk about what we would do...or who would do what. I'm pretty sure we'd win :)

Tracy's Porch said...

Your weekend looked fun. You made me laugh about the hiking trail and loved your Yoga pix - that made me smile!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a great weekend! Your sushi looks so good. I've never made it. It looks so hard.
Um, I want ice cream now...

Tara Gibson said...

those waffles look SO good! Love the yoga pics!!!

Saskia said...

Your weekend looked beautiful.

How you wrote about your yoga class made me laugh... oh stop. No keep going, ha!!

Saskia x

Lindsey said...

You guys are just the cutest family ever!!

That sushi looks so amazing!

Shannon said...

Love all the pics! Sounds like a great weekend!!!

Lacy said...

What a great weekend!! I LOVE Lost, and I LOVE moose tracks. That would have been my favorite day. LOL. I wish I could make sushi, yours looks amazing!!

The Farmer Files said...

LOVE Moose Tracks...they even are making one that is less calories these days. LOVE MOOSE TRACKS!!!!

Suzette said...

I love this post! I can tell you are feeling great! I have pregnancy yoga, I need to get back to it.. You have inspired me to start it back up today! Looks like an incredible weekend.. And kudos to you for the hike, I wimp out after 20 minutes of walking!

alyssa said...

at first, i thought he had lost his job!! that was nice to get a day off!! glad yall had a good weekend!

Carrie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love me some yoga!

Anonymous said...

MMM those waffels are callin my name!

Gwen said...

Those waffles look so yummy!!! Love that you are doing yoga and that hubby tries to keep up with you!!! XOXO

1 Hot Dish said...

I'm so impressed with the sushi!! I have been wanting to learn how to roll sushi for a while now.

Your family is just so adorable!

Your husband looks just like mine when I show him the stuff I learn in yoga - lol!

♥Mrs. V said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and those waffles look good.

I love to read your blog. I love that you post pictures.

Emily said...

u are soo absolutely adorable!!! Soo cute.. all baby belly.. u are teeny tiny! Soo presh!
I want to try prenatal yoga.. if we lived by eachother Id go with you:)

The Shabby Princess said...

Mmm, I love waffles!! Way to go with the yoga! I'm a huge fan of yoga.

My name is Megan... said...

LOVE these pics! especially the yoga :) that YUM...I need to eat at your house...that sushi looks awesome as do the waffles!!

jlc said...

Between the waffles and the yoga skillz you have my heart!

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