Wednesday, April 1, 2009


That's the goal for 2009. Be bold!

The question is seriously- What is our real purpose?

To buy things? Get wealthy? Make it through a day (ok sometimes=)? Get approval from others (one of my biggest struggles)? Career?

All fun things maybe but really: It is expanding God's kingdom!

Even though these times may be uncertain, shouldn't we wake up every day and say God, how can I be used today? Maybe we can think on a smaller scale about a day or week:

  • support someone who needs (a meal, to talk, spend time together)
  • send a note of encouragement
  • give time in our busy day to talk to a stranger who just wants/needs to talk
  • help someone financially (even though times are tough, what a blessing)
  • smile at someone and giving them a break even if we think they are "rude"
  • volunteer (some of you are awesome at this)
  • talk to co-workers or family or anybody about Jesus not just God =)...

    A great question was asked at church. How many hours a day do you have free time? We can all say we are busy and have no time. But really think. Really. Think of the things that we don't have to be doing that we do.

    The truth is that we have tons of excuses! Watching tv and the computer are the two biggest things that take up American's time.

    What if we ask God what we could be doing for Him during our free time?

    This is definitely something we are working on! A few years ago we kind of found that our niche was caregiving; bringing people meals, helping someone who needed. We were definitely blessed to serve in this capacity at our old church but we feel like God wants to push us out of our comfort zone too and give even more of our time.

    But it is always something, afraid someone will not like you anymore if you talk about "Jesus" and not just God (what a difference huh?), tired from job, sick, afraid to make a time committment, or you wouldn't do as well as you want, be away from the family, or or or.

    I mean it is for our Almighty God who has saved us and has never forsaken us, and it helps that we are commanded to tell every soul on earth about him right =)?! How awesome would it be to stop using excuses, step out, and BE BOLD!

    Which is what we want to teach these little ones right =)?

  • What ideas do you have that we can add to think about? Or what things are you doing?

    ETA: LyndsAU thank you for your AMENs, it accidentally got erased when I edited the post! =)


    Weeksie50 said...

    Thank you for these reminders..
    I know I need to be kinder to others who are on my ast nerve. I have all the patience in the world with children.. but with adults its a whole other story..

    Nancy said...

    This is a great post! I think there is something in all of us that knows we are living for something bigger than just ourselves. My advice is just do it! Don't be afraid at the enormity of any problem or passion you might have. Find the thing God is most pressing upon your heart and break it down to one small thing you can do then just do it. You might find it so motivating and do-able, that you want to keep doing things. Either way, what you've done is served humanity in a way many others won't and have made yourself part of a solution rather than ignoring so much need. I'll stop now! But, my, how this gets me going!!! :) You're awesome to post about it!

    Gwen said...

    I am going to bookmark this post because I sometimes need these reminders!!! Thank you for such an inspirational post!!! XOXO

    The Pink Chick said...

    I adore this post! I needed to read it today! Thank you so much for the reminder! Like Gwen, I am totally going to bookmark this, so I can read it during the times I need inspiration and encouragement.

    jlc said...

    GREAT post!!

    You're so refreshing to read.

    PS The little man is adorableeee. :)

    Jon and Steph said...

    Awesome post! You're so right, we do need to take our spare time and use it for God!

    yours truly... said...

    What an inspiring post!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Lindsey said...

    Awesome post!!!!

    Lacy said...

    Very inspirational! I needed these reminders today especially. Thank you for you sharing! :)

    Faith said...

    What a great and challenging post! Something we need to be reminded of. Thank you!!

    Emily said...

    ahh I love this post and love the pictures.. darling.. gosh you have your hands full! ur an inspiration:)

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