Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Dish!!!

It's fish! Wait don't go away yet! It was really yummy! And easy!

I had some frozen tilapia I had gotten on sale (did you expect anything else?) and I've been needing to make it and I had no idea what I was making for dinner last night (I'm working on this people!) so I found... wait for it...

Easy Baked Tilapia (don't run, keep reading keep reading=) it's yummy)

I didn't have any 0ld Bay seas0ning, so I
made my own, haha! I was missing a few spices but I've never really used 0ld Bay before I couldn't tell a different and it still tasted yummy =)

Edits to the recipe, some ideas from the reviews - I just used frozen broccoli, I squeezed the lemon on the fish too then spiced it with garlic salt, a little onion powder, and my spice concoction (a little more than 1 tsp), and cooked it closer to 40 min. Can you smell the fresh flavors cookin?!

I served it with whole wheat penne on the side with just a little alfredo, I know you're sayin' huh, doesn't really go girl, but I'm pregnant and I wanted it=) And it was good. But you could make a nice garlic lemon sauce instead, maybe throw some capers with it too =)

Hubby loved it and said it was gourmet!!=) Definitely a keeper! And for you non-fishies, it didn't have a real fishy taste! It was flakey and hearty, not as delicate as I thought it would be. =) And the broccoli came out so tender and flavorful! Yummy! Try it!

[P.S. and our limbo update is below for those who haven't seen it. Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet thoughts! ;-) ]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Someone Sayin' We Need More Patience???

Ok people. We have had many and I mean many periods in the last couple years where it seemed as though God was allowing us =), hahem, teaching us, to have patience and trust Him without any doubts. Any. None. Just trust. And faith. Ok done. =)

[we find sometimes there's a tough line between logic and planning ,and just having faith, know what I min? so you have to pray and plan too, not just be lazy. so we pray, then plan come up with all possible scenarios, then pray some more and trust...]

We finally learned to put down our type A-ness and say God we know you are in control and whatever happens and whenever it happens is just right.

I think God is up there giggling and saying are you ready for some more...=)?

Within three days of each other we heard...

We got the house... AND... We had a potential (ready to sign) renter for our house here!


Really long story very short... supposedly everybody (seller, bank, and 2 pmi s!) finally approved our final offer (more on that later). Now it is back to the bank, who is now asking the seller to pay up the difference of what he owes vs. how much they would sell it to us for (a big difference). Well what is he going to say... no! I'd rather let it go into forclosure! Which would be terrible, costs the bank way more, more process to go into it, relisting, different price (probably a lot higher)... they would probably lose all that "difference" in the whole process anyway... craziness!!!

So now we have no idea what is going on and were ready to close in three weeks. Which is the end of our timeline for moving because I'm not supposed to travel anymore. And we'd like to be settled before and have a little time before baby comes. Is that too much to ask=)?


Our potential renters, who were ready to sign a lease yesterday! had to go out of town for an emergency for two days (we hope everything is ok)! Supposedly they want to sign on Friday.


Within three days God was dropping everything into place.

Right when, no joke!, we were almost going to pull our offer (and possibly rent for a bit or try for a foreclosure that hasn't come up yet) and fire our management guy (remember we can't sell, will be across the country, and haven't had luck finding a renter this time) out here because he wasn't getting things done=)


Within one day everything is up in the air again!!!

We trust you God. We know you are in control. We'd love to just go ahead and be able to finish planning, and get moved and settled into a new house a bit before the baby comes. We trust you!=)

[and Hubby has been totally slammed at work, waking up at 4am to start, and dealing with all of this=) we just have to laugh=)!]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

29 Weeks! and So Thankful

We were 29 weeks yesterday! We had a doctor appt and it went really well! It is probably the best I've ever felt coming out of an appt! (and the longest we've gone with a no worries appt=)

I am so thankful for...

  1. Doc not being the slightest bit concerned that I've gained just about as much as I'm supposed to the entire pregnancy =) (i love food...)

  2. A Hubby who joyfully changes diapers... all the time!

  3. Chick Fil A c0up0ns (dangerous!!!)

  4. A Hubby who will camp out with me in the family room because I'm more comfortable sleeping propped up on the couch for the night =)

  5. Doc saying based on NextEdition being 40th percentile for size now, he would probably be around 7 1/2 lbs full term! (not that it's really accurate we know they can be way off=)) But woowee=)! We were going to try to self induce a little early if he was going to be enormous, haa! BabyBoy was 6 lb 5 oz and he was 3 1/2 weeks early!! He would have been about 9-10 lbs full term. I don't remember exactly what she said, just over or under 7 1/2 or what, I tuned everything out once I heard her predict he would be somewhere in the 7s, haha!

  6. A Hubby who tells me I'm beautiful and sexy all the time (even if I don't believe him=))

  7. For this goofy BabyBoy who is now trying to share his milk, goldfish, and rocks with his baby brother=) He lifts up my shirt and holds them to my belly with his super cute sharing face - head slightly tilted to the right, chin down to chest, a silly smile on his face, with arm extended with item to share =)

    I hope you're having a great day!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hikin' It Up =)

We've been going hiking every Saturday morning for at least a month now=) I sooo need it and we have so much fun! Great views, great conversation, and great family time!

We went for an awesome one last Sat... we rocked the map reading this time... but may have miscalculated 4-5 miles instead of 7-8 miles=) oops!! We hiked about 2 1/2 hours =) (and then walked another 2 miles for a Chr0nes and C0litis walk with my Aunt and Dad that evening!!)

I felt soo good though, only a little pressure/slight pain that last 1.5 miles or so=)! I was so proud of myself, there were soo many steep... steep inclines, I even got a, "You're our hero," from a some gals who stopped to rest in the middle of one of them, ha=)
And a, "Good for you Mama!" from some other hikers=) Woohoo!

This Sat was a 2-3 mile hike! Lots of steep hills and rocky declines. We hiked about 1 hour and it was great exercise!

We got more funny statements from other hikers... I got one, "Good for you!" (like i should be bedridden and not able to walk, JK!! i know they meant it well!)... and we got two, "Ooh you're both carrying one, that's only fair," haa! And dare I say, we were both probably carrying almost the same amount of extra weight! Yikes!!!

(woowee the semi-side shot is not flattering=))

Getting ready for our hike!=) Love that laughin' smile!!

I love these boys!!! Playing around in the backyard=) This is one in-credible Daddy and one incredibly fun BabyBoy! I love seeing them play together and love on each other=) I'm one proud wife and Mommy=)

Happy Monday friends!!! I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful day!

Any of you runners/exercise enthusiasts, I've been wanting and maybe needing to get a heart rate monitor and a pedometer =) Do you have any suggestions? Thanks girls!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

8s - Tagalicious!

I was tagged by the super sweet Misty! She is so cute and fun, def check her blog out=)!

8 things i'm looking forward to:
  1. Hearing from the bank that we got the house (they countered yesterday, we countered back, they countered said all or nothin', we countered again playin' the game but we'd ultimately accept their counter bc it's still a very good deal=), now they're unreachable, that means they're seriously thinkin' people!)
  2. Getting in super sexy shape after I have this bebe!
  3. Getting our house rented out! Please God soon!
  4. Having our baby!!! Seeing, holding, and smelling him - I know it sounds funny but smell your baby when they're born, so sweet=)!
  5. Not having to wear a thong everyday because my bootay has gotten ginormous and I feel like panty lines show on almost anything i wear=) hahaha...wait, that's not funny.
  6. When all the desserts are gone from the house! I can't stop baking and I can't stop eating them! And the peanut butter cup ice cream=)
  7. Playing my violin more regularly and playing/performing with a quartet again!
  8. Keeping up my chops to get back on the podium and conduct (an orchestra) again sometime!
8 things i did yesterday:
  1. 2 loads of dishes, 2 loads of laundry
  2. Sorted a couple more boxes, getting ready to pack, throwing stuff out, donating, contemplating a yard sale, Hubby says death to having yard sales!
  3. Loved on, cuddled, fed, sung with, played with, and had some great learning reading time with BabyBoy!
  4. Prepared dinner, desserts and french press (decaf) coffee for our friends =)
  5. Made blueberry scones for Hubby, he's working so hard!
  6. Taught BabyBoy on a 1/4 size violin! So cute! He brings the case to me and says, "Mommy, play violin please" I love it!!!
  7. Took a walk with Hubby and babies=)! I so need it! So! Need it!
  8. Wrapped my hair in a towel and took a shower even though I wasn't going to because I just felt gross! (I usually shower and wash my hair everyday, I'm trying to go every other=), I know it's better for your hair)
8 things i wish i could do:
  1. Eat sushi!
  2. Drink a glass of wine with some yummy cheese =)
  3. Stop worrying about being "too big" and that something is wrong (I'm trusting God! I am!)
  4. Have more energy!
  5. Run in a race. After this bebe. We're doin' it. Remind me I said this.
  6. Stop being so concerned with what other people think!! One of these days, one of these days=)
  7. Tell my skin I'm not 16 and it can still look young without pimples!
  8. Bust out some amazing vocals!!
8 shows i enjoy:
  1. 24
  2. Lie T0 Me
  3. L0st
  4. H0use
  5. S0 Y0u Think Y0u Can Dance
  6. Idol
  7. Biggest Loser
  8. Jeopardy (i'm a dork=)) no i don't know most of the answers but i pretend i do and am quite proud of myself when i do=)
Friends that i pass this on to... all of you!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cookin' Cookin' Cookin'

We had friends coming over for Idol and Biggest Loser night last night, so that called for a yummy dinner and desserts!

I've been needing new recipes so what did I make?? I LOVE when you guys post recipes!

D.A.R posted about a crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken. Sooo yummy! I threw in a pint of sliced mushrooms too and we had it over whole wheat penne pasta. Nice and healthy, counteracts the cheese! Thanks DAR!

I made fresh whole wheat herb rolls (easy recipe if anyone wants, I altered the herbs used=)). I love the smell and taste of fresh bread!!

Peas for a side (we were out of broccoli=)!). And we were going to have salad=)

For dessert... Pocket Full of Pink posted about a gorgeous chocolate cake she made. I found a crazy highly rated Black Magic Cake from scratch and then made buttercream frosting and did it all up with strawberries too! Yum=) (I was bummed the cake stuck a little so it wasn't as moist right to the bottom as I would've liked but still very yummy) Thanks PFOP!

I had made a half a batch of chocolate cookies the other day so I made the rest last night...

(i know they look funny! they came out so different (diff recipe too), little flatter and darker, our oven has a mind of it's own!, i have had quite an interesting baking week highly affected by pregnancy brain=) almost everything is coming out a little funny!!)

and we had leftover lemon squares I made to take to a friend's house a few days earlier. Gotta have options right, haa=)

And I never want my guests to go away hungry!! I come from a Jewish family (both sides), if you are only having 2 additional people over, you cook for a small army. I think it may be written down somewhere. haha. No one can walk away hungry. You can never run out of food=)! haaa. I love it.

The end of the story is, they didn't end up coming=)! She's preggy and her Hubby ended up calling and she wasn't feeling well. But they're coming tonight. So it won't be fresh out of the oven but it should be yummy again =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Month From Today = Dance Awesomeness

S0 Y0u Think Y0u Can Dance dance dance!!!

Set your TIV0s, your DVRs, your VCRs, and your Betamaxes...

This is the best show! They have great judges, who are professional dancers and know their stuff, amazing choreographers (Mia, Tyce, Brian...)...amazing, and some great talent too.

And Mary is fun too, we thought she was annoying at first with the screaming, but she's just having fun=)

We used to move the furniture out of the way in our old house and try all the moves. We rocked it. We did.

I'm not going to lie... I used to want to be a dancer. A back up hip hop dancer. Don't laugh. I really wanted it people. But alas, my morals wouldn't let me dress the way most do or perform some of their risque moves.=)

I always wanted to take dance classes and finally took some in college. I actually almost minored in it because I loved it so much, but what would I do with that=)? I mean since I wouldn't actually have enough background to get a real dance gig anywhere? and I would probably have to travel a lot, it would be late hours most likely, I would have to be away from the family a lot...see I've thought about this.

We've never really been into the big clubbing scene except for one night at a christian, no alchohol night, at a club in DC. haha! (and a couple little clubs we met one of my afro-caribbean dance instructors at to try out our new moves)

Hubby tells people I was dancing on the tables and platforms, I say, he's fibbing. It may have been one platform that other friends were on and I might have broken down some my moves, but that's all I'm sayin.

I guess I'll stick to dancing anytime I hear music, rockin it out at weddings (we had so much fun at ours!), any party that will allow it, and getting Hubby to try all the moves they do on tv shows with me=)

Monday, April 20, 2009

28 Weeks! Things That Are Now Highly Overrated=) And Baby Update!

  1. Bending over without grunting like an old man or a sumo wrestler
  2. The sexy woman walk... without a slight waddle =)
  3. Looking cute when trying to get up off the couch
  4. Putting your shoes on without having to cross your legs
  5. After a wax when the woman asks you if she's gone in far enough or if you're happy with how it looks and you can't see anything anymore (i'm going later today and know this will be the outcome=))
  6. Weighing oneself. I haven't for quite a while now. Which means I am shocked and say, "oh my=)" every doctor visit. Now I get to be shocked every two weeks, haa!
  7. Having the food will power to say, "Nope, I'm good, I've had enough sweets for today."
  8. Asking the question, "Does this outfit make me look big?" =)

(really comfy gap skirt, I wish it was darker but it was super comfy and on sale+a coupon=))

The doctor saw no concerns at our appt this morning! Praise God!!! Tears in my eyes=)

My fluid level was good and our sweet little guy is measuring 2lb 9 oz 40th percentile, he said looked great=) His head is down too=) He's an active little one and we can feel his little bum and feet pokin' out on my right side all the time. He does some punches on the left and just flips around too and we just watch my belly go=) It is still new and amazing every single day!!!

"Mini Big" was being a little stubborn (uh oh=)) and had his hands or arms in front of his face pretty much the whole time so we only got a couple pics=) At one point it looked like he was sucking his hand, so cute=)

He looks like another sweet one to us! We can't wait to meet him!!! When the technician left BabyBoy kept saying, "Baby Brothew come back," tears in my eyes again=)

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! Our whole family can't tell you how much it means to us!!!

Happy Monday friends!!! God is good!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Praying for BabyBoy NextEdition - Monday Morning!

Monday morning at 8:45am, our time=), we are having a third trimester big sonogram!

We had a high risk pregnancy with BabyBoy and because the complications weren't detected until 32 weeks, our doc is sending us back at 28 weeks for another full inspection of our next sweet guy!

Our prayer is that they won't find anything to be concerned about! And that what happened with BabyBoy was just a fluke and there would be no reoccurrences in subsequent pregnancies! I'll tell you more about it soon if you're interested=)

I don't even like to say it but they always say it is a possibility they won't catch anything until after the baby is born, which we don't dwell on, don't want to think about, or worry about, and we all know can be tough sometimes=)!

Thank you so much in advance for any prayers you can send BabyBoy NextEdition's way! I can't tell you how much your support and prayers mean to ALL of us! Really! Thank you friends, new and old! I'll keep you updated...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fun Finds

Somehow this turned into a yummy fun finds=) They're not new but they're fun faves...

1. They're oven t0asted! So they're in between a chip and a cracker... I know, inter-esting. They're pretty yummy and the flavor is cheesy goodness.

2. I just wish they weren't 120 cal for 1/2 cup. I'm sorry but that is NOT one serving!=) Ok, maybe it is... but not for me...
3. We were reintroduced to string cheese lately=) They have part skim ones too so it's only 50 cal0ries and less fat! So easy to grab for a snack, for us or the baby.

4. The Cheese Slicer! These are great. You can save on getting block cheese (on sale=)) then just push the slicer against the top of the cheese and voila, perfect slices=) And as you know the crackers come in reduced fat too!

Did you see a theme?

First, I need snacks. To tide me over, to munch during shows, or anytime really=) I've always been a snacker, it's quite dangerous.

Second, I love cheese. In pretty much any form. Even those gross cheese dips for nachos or soft pretzels. Always have. I tried not too because that goopy sound as they pump it out of the container just said, "There is no way this can be good for you, if it's even cheese," but I can't resist=) Nope. And with the little spiciness it has too. I love spicy.

I'm not sure how healthy these cheesy delights are considered but...What yummy healthy snacks do you love??

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Limbo + Preggo and Fam = Pray!

{Have I mentioned before how much I love you guys? Cause I do. A lot. You're awesome. And I'm so thankful for you=) You rock. You do.}

I'm really trying not to have long posts but I have to tell you all about it!

Oh my goodness friends!

We are so in limbo right now! And not the fun get the stick out, put up some streamers, let's have a partay.

Though soon will be a packing party with all you can eat pizza, soda, and well, anything else that'll get ya here=)... I think it'll end up being us eating a bunch of pizza... and quietly crying to ourselves...

Quick background...
  • Dec-Hubby's company said he's doing great but want him back east
  • We have an offer on a short-sale back east (4th offer so far) since January!
  • Our house here is still not rented out...=( (and we can't sell)
  • If we do not move by mid May, I won't be able to travel...
  • We are now contemplating renting but would still rather buy and not be messed up if we only stay short term (2-5yrs)
  • We are thinking about just coming back east even before we hear about the house (in next 3-4 weeks) and staying with my Mom or ?... putting our stuff in storage... again... we are possibly insane

We are planners. Every box for our last move was numbered and the contents of each input in excel. Too much?! ha! We'll see if it happens again, ha!

We are list makers, we are debaters until the nth degree, thinkers, we're over analytical, how will any decision affect anything else, what are all possible scenarios to choose from, pros and cons of each. We drive ourselves crazy. Very crazy. Very. crazy.

Don't worry PRAYER is there too. And trusting God. And faith. A lot of it=)

We have debated everything and things are still unclear. Now even with moving, but ultimately we still feel like there are good opportunities with moving back. So...

  • Our house here needs to get rented asap.
  • We need to find out about our house back east.
  • We would love to hear straight from heaven what God wants us to do
  • I need to not go into extremely early labor from all of this=) jk

I don't like to use the stressful bc we're trusting God, but this whole circumstance has been much more... stressful than we expected it to be. Just taking up sooo much of our time and thoughts. Stop it!=)

So any extra prayers you have for a limbo-ing preggy and family, we would so appreciate. Love ya chicas!

ETA: But we still love to be spontaneous and flexible too. Just had to throw that in there=)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Was It Something I Said?

Are some of ya'll upset with me? I haven't heard from so many blogettes recently, including co-preggies! or I've been taken off of some bloggy lists. A little hurt, peeps, a little hurt =)

Have I offended you? Please forgive me if I have!

I am always so self-conscious and careful about what I write because I'm afraid that I might offend someone; writing about little ones when couples are waiting for their own, that I'm too happy (which is never fake btw), too proud of my hubby or little one(s), or something that might offend someone's likes or dislikes.

I was doing so well for so long with not worrying about hellos, but for some reason I'm feeling a little bad about it right now. I know it's completely ridiculous. I have struggled with self esteem and comparing myself to others my entire life.

If I'm too cooky, too happy, show weakness, not funny or fashionable enough, then I won't be liked.

Maybe this will help=)... a Tales, G0d Made Y0u Special preview hahaa =)

I want to be real. I want to be me without worrying about it. Whether that's a genuinely excited happy post, or dorky goofy random post, a completely boring just tellin' what I did today, or a I love my Hubby and fam post.

I want to be able to post that my husband told me I could take pole dancing classes and he would even put a pole in our bedroom. ha.

My main worry is that I've offended someone. I would always rather hear honesty peeps than you talking and thinking horrible things. =) (e-mail me anytime and tell me I'm crazy, left sidebar=))

So I'm going to stop worrying again. And I really hope I haven't turned you away because of something I said. We are blessed and I don't want to be cry cry about anything, because we really are truly blessed every single day. I am thankful for that. And for you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What A Great Weekend

I tried to make this post shorter...but there was too much fun to not blog about!

In Jewish culture, holidays/days are sundown to sundown, so Hubby said we should start celebrating on Thursday night with some Dairy Queen =) I didn't object. I rarely do. I have a problem.

On Friday...

My Aunt Dottie took me out for lunch and a pedi=)

We had such a great time and ended up spending most of the day together! We went in search for some cute maternity clothes. No luck. But I did get to look through her jewelery to borrow for my hot date!

Hubby was sooo sweet and watched the baby while he worked =)

(Aunt Dottie and me, she laughs at how many pics I take=))

Time for my hot date. I still have no idea where we're going!

He had instructions and phone numbers all written down for her already=) I didn't have to worry about a thing!

We put the baby to bed early and thank goodness had time for some self pics =)

On the way we talked about how we love the tradition that my family cooks favorite meals on birthdays. And restaurants, I said well since I can't say sushi right now, I guess I'd have to say I love Japanese steakhouses.

My Hubby knows me! He took me to a famous Japanese steakhouse! We had so much fun! I even got a fun virgin fruity drink. It had an umbrella and everything. It was very festive.

Next destination...Mini-golfing! It's been so long and we had a great time. This is what a 7 month pregnant woman looks like mini golfing.=) I rocked it.

And in case you were wondering who won...I did! =) He's an awesome golfer but I kicked his bootay! Ok by four strokes but I have to claim victory when I can.

Self pic! Say goofy=)

We came home and tried to watch the new B0nd but since we're old foggies, didn't make it very long. I know for sure I made it through the previews.

Sunday, Aunt Dottie, Uncle Paul, and my Dad took us out to dinner for my birthday!

Hubby made me a fun cd and is sending me for a preggy massage and mani today! I can't wait!

I hope you had a great weekend too and a fab start to the week so far!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Fun Fam Pics, Easter '09, and '07

We had an amazing Easter service! We just love our new church. We're convicted, excited, and challenged every week. BabyBoy loves the nursery and you can just tell that God is in this place and Jesus is alive!

Here are some new fam pics from Easter Sunday=) We're 27 weeks today!

This was the only springy outfit I currently fit into that I already own =) I got for one of my showers with BabyBoy. I'm still trying to figure out if I look like a goofy wrapped up present or not=). I kept feeling like everyone we passed was looking at me and giggling...=)

I was looking through some pics on my computer and randomly came across this one from Easter weekend '07. I was within the week preggy with BabyBoy that I am right now with BabyBoyNextEdition! =) whoa! It is soo funny to see=)

with Hubby's awesome little bro, can you tell?

Thank you so much to my awesome Hubby for hijacking our blog to wish me an amazing b-day and for your sweet b-day wishes! I'll tell you what we did next post! =)

I hope you had a Happy Easter! He is risen!

We have a dr appt this morning, so we're praying everything is still right on track and our sweet little guy is too=) I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Woman!

What can I say? She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Family and friends who know us best know that, had we not connected so spontaneously, so completely with one look at each other across the room after a Campus Crus@de meeting, I would be an entirely different, altogether half full person. Kept me from failing biology…for a third time, check! Inspired me to strive for a meaningful career (you can’t play softball, watch ESPN, and play videogames forever), check! Carried and delivered, with the utmost grace and patience, our beautiful son, check! An amazing wife, mother, and encourager in my faith in G0d and his Son Jes-us Chr-ist, check! Always up for an adventure, check!! I could go on, but the bottom line is—she makes me better. I am so utterly committed to, fascinated by, and in love with this woman! And on this April 10, 2009 I want to wish her the happiest, bestest, superset, awesomest birthday ever. And on a side note……….I’m married to a beautiful, fun, hot, sexy 29-years young woman…Heff, eat your heart out!!

--A Lucky, Loving Hubby
ps She has no idea I'm posting this!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Milkman and Names!

We eat animal about Pe0ple Crackers for your pups?!

Have you heard of these?? We used to give these to our puppy growing up =) They can snack on Milkmen, Policemen, and Mail delivery men. So cute!

We have been talking for so long about getting a puppy. It'll be a little longer now but we're still debating the breed. Do you love your puppy breed??

When I was teaching I was sent an adorable pic of a puppy who needed to be adopted, his name was Fred. =) I thought that was super cute! We also like Bauer or Jack... yes we like (and Hubby is without a doubt completely mildly obsessed with) 24... haa!

No onto our own baby's names. We got nothin'. Ok, we have a few, but when it comes down to it we got nothin' solid yet. We have a couple girl names =)

It was almost midnight the other night but I was in the baby name searching mood!

I grabbed a couple books! Hubby had the Bible... and kept focusing on names like... Abiathar, Abimelech, Absalom... Great strong biblical names, but maybe not for... our baby=)

Hubby: Joab! I like it.

Me: B! We need to find some real contenders. Stop focusing on names we wouldn't actually use=)!

Hubby: No, I really like it. He was the commander of an army!

Me: Yes, I agree, but really... really, would you have our baby go through his entire life with that name?=)

Hubby: ...

Me: B!

Hubby: (laughing) Ok, I guess not. But I respect all the warriors and leaders of God's armies!

We're still compiling our list=) after family or using a letter from their name=)

ETA: I should have used another more uncommon name =) I was not intending to make fun of anyone named Joab!! =) There are so many names I could have inserted=)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Bass Guy

Dear Mr. Bass Guy,

Why have you started infiltrating our neighborhood with your need to blast your radio and send vibrations from your +10 bass through the floors and walls of our house?

I do enjoy myself some rockin' bass too but not from two blocks away.

You must not know that I am an overprotective Mommy of her baby's sleep.

And when you wake him from his sweet slumber in the middle of the night or his much needed afternoon nap on... on any day of the week... I want to come find your car, write down your license plate number, call the po-lice, and not care if you see me do it.

(ok I would be totally freaked out if he saw me do it!!)

Normally very happy Mommy getting upset at your inconsiderateness,

P.S. Just when the 437 pups in the houses surrounding us stopped communicating with each other at all hours of the night (and day).

Maybe their owners are getting them together for playgroups or coffee so they can catch up with each other and chat then instead of the middle of the night or during naptime =) They've been so quiet and wellbehaved lately!

P.S.S. You even forced me to say, "DUDE, are you kidding me?" =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

What To Wear??

Ok girls, I need some help!

Hubby has something planned for Friday night (someone's b-day, it might be mine =)).

I have no idea what it is. I am led to believe he even got someone to watch BabyBoy too!

I was told wear something cute but comfortable... jeans work, a cute short sleeved shirt, maybe bring a sweater... and comfy (but we all know they have to be cute too) shoes.

So what do you think about something like these? I only own the jeans so far, ha. I haven't used any of my shopping money from our budget this month yet!

I have my own jewelery, I don't think I can upload to p0lyv0re (this is my first time using it=)) either pretty red necklace and bracelet my aunt made for the first one or cute bracelet and little subtle necklace to go with the second.

b-day outfit 09?

b-day outfit 09?

All of the items chosen are from your "less expensive" stores, I don't have that much to spend =) And I just did a super quick search=)

Ok, fashion mavens, be truthful, don't laugh behind my back, and say NCF has no style! I can take it. Do the shoes work (or something similar) and which ones... I also have a pair of cute but comfy red sandals that could go with the first one... I was also thinking of a cute spring thong sandal too but they may not be "comfortable" enough...

It got me thinking...what's your fashion philosophy on matching accessories (color)... handbag vs. shoes vs. necklace/accessories vs. top?

Or if any of you cute preggies have found any super cute shirts, help another preggy out =)

Thanks girls! Everyone weigh in, you want to see cute pictures right?

I Got My Prenatal Yoga On


Hubby's boss told him late afternoon to stop working. =) He's such a hard worker, it's nice when his boss tells him to relax a little.

Off to the park earlier than expected, it was another gorgeous day!

We walked up to our shopping center to grab dinner. I enjoy walking and running for exercise but even more when I have a destination, perhaps for food =). After BabyBoyNextEdition, I really want to sign us up for a race!

We practiced some baseball before bedtime. I pitched, Hubby was the intense helper- winder-upper.

Then we caught up on L0ST online and had ice cream. Moose Tracks...vanilla (or choc) based ice cream, fudge rippled throughout, and little, let's call them, pillows of peanut butter and chocolate. You have to have some treats!

This is the first show of the weekend I cried during. =) When Kate had to say goodbye to Aar0n. I teared. Hubby was man enough to admit it was tough to watch too!

I made waffles w/ fresh strawberries and over easy eggs for breakfast.

We went for a hike. But not the trail we intended. This is us smiling like we hiked exactly what we meant to.

We agreed that before we can go on The Amazing R.ace we so have to work on our trail map reading skills. AND for the love of nonexistent "You are here" stickers! Why is there not a you are here sticker on every map? It turns out that we were supposed to be across the street to start the trail we wanted. What? That was not indicated on the map =)

Went to the park after BabyBoy's great nap. I got to read a little there too =). It was so nice.

Then Daddy and BabyBoy played and I made black beans and rice and avocado sushi for dinner!

BabyBoy's bedtime, then we caught on up on Lie t0 Me and a H0use online. More ice cream. The baby wanted it. He told me.

I cried again. During H0use when Cuddy's potential adoptive baby was being born and they were waiting for her to cry. I cried before the baby did.


Church...another awesome sermon. Lunch. (It may or may not have been Wendys =)).

Then I got my prenatal yoga on! My first yoga class, I was so excited.

I did a couple videos at home a long time ago (feeling like a total dork), but I am so much more motivated to go to a class. And when you're in a class they can tell you you're doing it right, right? Then after I learn it, I know I'll do the videos right. Right? Right.

I was the only one there so I got a private session for over an hour! $25 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes and at least two of them will be private or semi-private =)

She told me I have a gorgeous downward facing d0g. Thank you. Thank you. She may have been just trying to get me to come back, but also told me I had great posture, flexibility, and am very strong. Oh stop. No keep going. Ok stop =)

To the park again. =) This is me showing Hubby my mad yoga skills. And Hubby attempting his=)

I hope you had a great weekend too!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Fun Finds

I'm really likin'...

1. Floss picks! They are so quick and easy to use and to throw in your purse. You don't have to wrap regular floss around your fingers and get all slobery and pinch your fingers by yanking on it =). I take better care of my teeth (floss regularly) when I'm pregnant because your gums are so much more sensitive and do funny things =)

Like...Potentially from overbrushing I got this little cyst thing (i know it sounds soo gross) on my gum above my front right tooth that they say is pregnancy related (extremely rare, ha, that's three extremely rare conditions b/w this preggy and BabyBoy's) and should go away afterwards. But I am soo self conscious and I keep doing this really awkward smile at people so they don't see it, I feel like a total dork. I went to the dentist (which I dread, horror experience in the past) and they said my teeth were in great shape... so it couldn't be from extra plaque build up in between my teeth, I think I overexposed it from overbrushing and they say it's just preggy related... that's my theory. And I'm stickin' to it.

2. I have to have some sort of chapstick. This one feels great going on and gives a nice little shine, although I don't feel like it lasts very you have one you love?

3. Cream sauce. I've always really liked it but not ones that are too heavy or too much to soak everything! When I don't make it myself, we found this one is yummy and has good ingredients =)

4. Hair straightener! I got this new smaller one on sale recently, it's been great, and you can do a nice little curl so easily too. =)

I'm really wantin'...

1. One of these! Our point and shoot is great, but with one of these I'll never miss a baby smile because my camera took too long to take the picture! =) Yes, I get made fun of by my family for taking so many pictures. My Mom started it!

2. Baby Video Monitor! We didn't get one the first time around becuase it was too expensive and we didn't get if from our registry. Ooh it would be so nice =)

Now we're needin'...

A double stroller! We love the idea of a side by side so the little ones can see and be next to each other. I've heard pros and cons for both this and the tandem (front/back) ones, anyone have their own idea on the matter? =)

I hope you're having a great Friday and have a fab weekend!!

And I cannot tell you thank you enough for all of your incredibly sweet comments yesterday. You made (and continue to make) me feel so good! When you feel like your face has doubled in size and you see yourself in a store window from the side and want to shed a tear while saying anything for the baby=), it makes ya feel so good to hear a super sweet comment! Thanks chicas!

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