Monday, March 2, 2009

Have You Seen It? and These Will Be In Heaven

Have you seen this new show? Hubby and I are into investigative movies and shows. You know where you feel like you're in the movie, like I could totally be doing that! :) Maybe it's partly because I used to want to spy. I really did. You can laugh, but I thought it would be so neat. You know where you walk into a room and memorize everything about it, what everyone is wearing, how they look, every detail. And you know how to go in or out of any situation. Whew! Ok, a little dangerous so my view has changed now that I am married and have a family. Just like skydiving. Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? Ok, now I'm getting off the subject.

Really cool show. Have you seen it?

It's on f0x.c0m too; so nice to watch them online because there are just short little commercials :) And the guy behind the main character guy, his character is hilarious. He only tells the truth and his delivery is really good.

And did anyone see the show True Beauty? It was pretty funny. And the message was good too.

Ok, I know we are all trying to be good. But when was the last time you had one of these? My Dad reintroduced me to these when we moved, he has them at his house every time we went over to watch a movie. They are only 180 calories...for a whole dessert (I think they may have just come out with 100 cal ones too)! They're moist, and chocolatey, and very yummy! You have to have a treat sometime! Or one or possibly two of some types of treats a day (we keep having ice cream at night! M00se Tracks! Anybody?! we did just finish up the ice cream so now we will have to not buy any for a while :))...I'm really trying to be good, but if your body is craving something it means it needs it right?! :)

So after you watch the show and eat a cupcake, tell me how it all went!! :)

Oh and Hubby has to travel back to Northern VA for work so BabyBoy and I am going to join him this time. So NOVA friends, we'll be back from March 10-17. Game night, dinners, GNO, playgroup, shopping? We look forward to seeing you!


Renee said...

Oh, it would be great to have a GNO while you are here.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Have you tried the 100 calorie Hostess cakes? They are so good!

Jenny.Lee said...

My hubby and I really want to see this show! Haven't had anything Hostess in forever! Sounds yummy right now though!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

I really have been meaning to watch Lie to Me - I've heard it's good! And those cupcakes, oh my! I actually have a really similar recipe to them that I love - such an indulgence!

Piper Jacquelyn said...'ve got to buy the Bare Minerals starter set - it's so great, I promise you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

My husband loves that show, Lie To Me!

Sandy Toes said...

We lived in Northern Va...I posted our first house in Northern VA..near Leesburg.
sandy toe

The Farmer Files said...

Can't do investigative shows...i continue to investigate in my sleep!

Carolyn said...

yes yes yes yes and I LOVE the show!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have been watching that show. I really like it!

Muffy said...

This does look like a good show, doesn't it?!? I'll have to catch it!!!

The Pink Owl said...

Hostess cupcakes are a weakness of mine :)

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