Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Seriously People, Is This Normal?

I'm totally laughing at myself right now because I never thought I would do this but I did. I did it. Because I'm desperate. I am. I admit it. I need friends.

So our good friends out here are out of town, Aunt has been sick, Hubby and I have great hang out time at night to watch tv together or play games together or with friends, but during the day he has to do this great but gets in the way thing called work, ha!

So the Mommies group at church is taking a break this semester, right when our new little man said, "Ok Mommy, I'll let up a little on ya." So I never got to really start hanging with any of the girls I met the couple times before I became best friends with our couch!

We love our church but there is no real way to meet people besides in community groups...of all ages...mostly our age+20 years...which is fabulous I love them too but we also need to hang out with peeps our and BabyBoy's age too :) or...stalking other couples that look around your and your baby's age when you pick up your little one from the nursery and so far that hasn't worked, haa! (Not that we only hang out with only couples with kids by any means, but you know for playdates for the big guy too :))

So I checked out some national Mommies websites online like seemommiesrun! You can find groups of Mommies that walk or run in your geographic area. Only problem is that the closest one that fit times after 5:30am, ha, I'm not sure if they're still walking because I haven't heard back from "the leader" of their two Mommy walking entourage!

So I found another site and found some Mommies that wanted to go walking near us so sure enough we met at a park yesterday morning and...walked! It was aww'ight, I was hoping for a little bit of a swifter walk, I'm telling you I need the exercise, more Mommies might come next time, so we'll see how that goes. I do it because I want to eat...not cut portions, haha! I love food!

BabyBoy and I also met some other Mommies and little ones at the park after we walked. They were very nice and fun and we exchanged numbers so BabyBoy and I might join them another time to play! :) And one of them goes to our church! I also chatted with some other Mommies here and there and one of them said my belly looked so cute like a little ball that she wished her belly looked cute like mine when she was pregnant...I think I told her I loved her...hahaha...ok I didn't but I wanted to...I told her I didn't feel like that but I so appreciated her saying it, haha!

It is just so funny to me because we've always lived near friends, even though we didn't hang out as much as we wanted...before BabyBoy my work schedule was sooo crazy...and then we kept moving almost every year in the same area but you know that takes some time to get there always seemed to be a reason why we couldn't hang out, have dinner dates, more game nights, and and and to get to know more friends better. I was pretty bummed about that. But things are different now and we're not as busy as we used to be, so that'll change :)

The Mommies we met today told me about a fun place they go on Mondays, another Mommy we met at a superbowl party we went to goes to Barnes and Noble storytime on Tuesdays, I was going to join a Women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings but it meets at a ladie's house with no childcare, hmmm, I have to figure that one out, and there is storytime at the library on Thursdays! So I'm finally finding some things to do when we can't hang with our other friends here. :) And we try to get together with some friends at least to watch Idol and Biggest Loser each week and maybe play some games too. And we're going to the zoo on Friday with some old friends that live here, I'm sooo excited! I'm so glad that I'm just doing it now and not saying well there's no point because we're moving soon... :)

Edited :)
...because for mine and Baby's sake there are only so many days in a row that we can spend not around other peeps! Because, we need people, to share life with :)


LyndsAU said...

I know exactly how you feel. EXACTLY!! I live in a town where I am not "from" and it's hard to meet people. It can be down right frustrating sometimes!!

Renee said...

I think how you are trying to meet other moms and their kids is great!

Lindsey said...

I know that feeling! It's great you are finding ways to connect with moms though!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, that is cool that you are trying to meet other people and mom's! I will keep you guys in our prayers!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Thats exciting that you are meeting other mommies! It is so hard to meet people, but it sounds like things are going good for you!

Sandy Toes said...

Finding a support group and friends is an important part of life and great when you are a "mom"! Wishing you many happy relationships!
~Sandy toe

Anonymous said...

I know what you are talking about!! I think it is great that you are trying out the "mommy walking dates". Still praying for you!

AO said...

As soon as you get out east we will walk with y'all! :) Jogging strollers, 'ho!!

Michelle H. said...

I think we all get a little lonely sometimes and want the company of other moms... and I've been a terrible friend, so for that I apologize. I read your blog all the time, but haven't been good at all with keeping in touch. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers and I hope that once you get back to the east coast we can start hanging out again like we used to. I miss our 1 AM game nights so much!!

Tara Gibson said...

I think its great as well that your out there trying to connect with moms and kids!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

at least you can meet people- my neighborhood is like a ghost village - I SWEAR! It is the strangest block you will ever see!!! NO ONE IS EVER HOME or outside- even in the summer!

If we walk to one park - EMPTY! The other park - loaded with children who don't speak English!

The Farmer Files said...

Might want to try MOPS

As well as other national organizations...MOMS club and Stroller Strides

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