Friday, February 27, 2009

It's A Real Condition!

Pregnancy brain! haha, it really is, I looked it up! :) Forgetfulness, loss of vocabulary including everyday ordinary words, and more, but I can't remember due to a current bout of pregnancy brain :)

I feel like I've been completely mincing my words lately so here's a list of some fun Friday thoughts!

  • I've never been more thankful for love-handles that are getting totally out of control :) I am so excited to be pregnant and am able to really enjoy it now! I was kind of stuck at 8 weeks in my mind for a while because of the last pregnancy, so now especially when I look down and see my belly, I am so thankful and just smile! I'm really trying not to worry about my weight (which is a little out of control too, but the doctor didn't say a thing, that's good!, my Mom was told by her dr. to slow down on the chocolate, hee, she's so tiny!)

  • We've been watching reruns of Friends at night and getting some good laughs. For some reason we never used to watch it very much but there are so many memorable hilarious scenes!

  • My husband is incredible! He is so good about getting things done right away when he sees a need. I can't even begin to list all of the things that he has taken care of but he's so good. We are shoulder deep in house stuff here and in the east. We are trying to rent out our house here (we have another potential renter coming to look at our house tonight and she's from our church!) and we are still waiting to hear back from the bank that we have an offer on, a shortsale. We were supposed to hear back by last Sat but now they said the earliest is March 6th now. We just want to do what God wants us to do and we're praying that we get this house (it is our 4th offer so far) and that we get our house here rented out asap. Hubby thought we'd be back east by the first week of March but God said nope kids you need to wait a little bit. :) But if we don't get out there by the first week of May then we have to stay out here until the baby is born...but good for us God is in control :)

  • I just got an e-mail about a sale on cruises! We've been talking about going on one for years now with a big group of friends! :)

  • I love laughing! It makes me laugh even more when I'm already giggling and I look down and see my belly just shakin away, I think if the baby feels some extra fun lovin' when he's a wigglin around from it :)

  • I hope you have a laugh filled fun weekend!


    Rebecca Jo said...

    I bet the baby enjoys the laughter too... probably moving 'em all around in there!!!

    Sandy Toes said...

    Enjoy your handles are ok!
    Happy Weekend!
    ~Sandy toe

    ~Mrs. Guru~ said...

    Awe, love handles are ok and so is chocolate!

    Krystyn said...

    Yay for pregnancy induced love handles. Oh, the mommy brain. I still have it 4 months later.

    Lane said...

    HAHA...pregnancy brain! It really never comes back to the way it was before either. At least for me it hasn't! :)
    Good luck with the house renters!

    Nancy said...

    Fun post! It sounds like there is so much exciting stuff going on!

    Glad you're feeling so much better!

    Kristy said...

    Your belly pics are soooooo cute!! =)

    Suzette said...

    Amen to a sista that believes that pregnancy brain is a real symptom. It is amazing how I can't think of such a simple word. I get so embarrased when I work with clients looking at houses and I'm trying to think of the word...door.. that's it.. haha.. I'm right there with ya! Praise God on all the activity with the house traffic. God is good and will provide!

    MiMi said...

    Pregnancy Brain is definitely a real symptom and I hate to tell you, seems to come back later on in life, too! (-:

    Enjoy your pregnancy -love handles and all!

    Hollie said...

    yes i totally agree! it's pregnancy brain now, and after the baby is born it's momnesia!!! i still have to deal with it!

    The Farmer Files said...

    Smiling as I read this......

    ARK said...

    I am with ya on the pregnancy brain, only I don't think my brain ever left the "brain preggo mode" from the last pregnancy to this one:)

    Mrs. Cup said...

    I am so happy for you. I just love hearing all about your pregnancy!! :)

    Tara Gibson said...

    aww i bet your baby loves the sound of you laughin!

    Shannon said...

    Loved the list of thoughts! :) I love Friends and try to watch a little every day. :) It makes me laugh soooo much!

    Lulu said...

    I'm so glad your pregnancy is going so well now!!!! Daydreaming of being in your 90 degree weather, it's 25 and snow-covered here! brrrrrrrr

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