Friday, February 20, 2009

It's A...!, Flour Flyin' In The Kitchen, and Girl Needs to Hit Some Stores and the Outdoors

Ok first, the flour in the kitchen :) Until a few weeks ago, I was on my back for about 8 1/2 weeks, which means I had a lot of baking and cooking to make up for! I love baking even though you know that mainly means carbs, but I can't help it! It's fun and yummy! I've been cooking again too but just in the past couple weeks I've thrown down some flour in the kitch' to make...

~Lots of Whole Wheat Pancakes (with berries!)
~Blueberry whole wheat muffins
~Whole wheat banana nut bread
~Whole wheat crepes
~Scones (with berries!)
~Baked homemade egg rolls (the wrappers too, came out nice and crispy, baked!)
~Oatmeal raisin, Sugar, & Chocolate chip cookies
~Chocolate meringues with crushed walnuts on top
~Lasagna (finally, I've been wanting to make it for so long now :))
~Spinach and artichoke dip (yummy!!)
~Whole wheat bread is on tap for today :)

I know! It's all carby, BUT it's all made with whole wheat flour AND you know each ingredient that goes into it! 3-8 ingredients instead of 50 that you can't pronounce, that's better right??

NEXT, Girl Needs to Hit Some Stores and the Outdoors

Oh my goodness, God is truly amazing and always takes care of us, but being on my back for so long, I have gotten a bit stir crazy being in the house, in "comfy" clothes all the time, wearing my glasses (instead of contacts!) I just don't feel pretty, needing an updated hair cut, feeling well...huge :)

So this past week I got my hair updated, ordered new contacts (they normally say don't get a new prescription while preggy bc it can change bc of the hormones, but my doc said no not really, they did some lengthy studies and the main thing is just dry eyes :)), and until a few weeks ago I hadn't been shopping in the longest time bc I wasn't feeling well, but I did work myself up to getting out and getting a few new threads (Hubby said do it :) thanks Hubby!), although I always buy from the sale racks, I always feel like I could look cuter, but then I think, what's really important, and I just keep on :) (that's what I tell myself :)) And I'm trying to expand my accessories/necklaces bc that can really change up and make an outfit, right girls?

We went hiking with some friends a couple weeks ago, the park with some friends a couple days ago, BabyBoy and I went to storytime at the library yesterday (that will become our Thurs morn outing), I'm trying to get involved in a Women's Bible Study even though we don't know how much longer we'll be here (it's gotten pushed back already so Hubby encouraged me to just get involved until we go :) that's just what I needed to hear, I'm glad he encouraged me), and I might go walking with some random mommies next week-our church mommies group has taken a break this semester :( so I'm trying to find anything I can to get involved in things! including finding random people to hang out with hahaha! Will you be my friend will you be my friend ha!

AND... IT'S... A...

BOY!!!! We're all certain, haha! Just like with BabyBoy :)

We're so excited and can't wait to have him with us! Everything is going well so far, the doctor had no initial concerns and they'll probaby send us back in a month or two bc some things (like BabyBoy's condition) don't present or can't be seen until later, but so far everything is looking good :) Praise God!!

Even though my placenta is anterior (in the front) and they say that you can't feel the baby move as much, I know that I felt the baby move very early on and then stopped feeling him so much, so that must explain why :) I still feel like I am carrying super high and very far out, but that must be a me thing because I felt like that with BabyBoy too but this one even moreso, though of course you show more with subsequent pregnancies. And I really need to exercise! :)

Here are some more pics of my happy boys!

This is me last week at just over 18 wks :) I wasn't going to post any bc I am so critical of pics of myself bc my hair is done just right and and and, but I know at least the fam wants to see them :) See how high my tummy is?? So many of the old wives' tales pointed to a girl including carrying high but sure enough it's another little guy! :)

Have a great Friday girls!!!


Heather said...

Yeah, another boy! Have you all thought of any names yet?

Glad to know that you are doing your part to stimulate the economy ;).

So are you all moving back to good ol' Virginia or somewhere else on the east coast?

Oh and you look adorable with your little belly - so cute!

Mandy Rose said...

That is soooo exciting! I am so happy for you! Love little boys! You look adorable! Keep posting pics of your belly and don't leave us hanging. ;)

Renee said...

You look great! It is so good to read a new blog post from you. I am so glad you are feeling better and things are great with the baby.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

yay!!! congrats on the boy!!!! you are carrying SO much higher than i am :) you look great!

Mrs. Cup said...

YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you!

Suzette said...

Yeah for a new post! Missin ya again! :) You look so good and wow, you really are carrying him high.. I'm so glad to see you are back to you! I love hearing about all your baking! Wow, you impress me! I'm lucky to bake a box of brownies yearly.. ha! Congrats on the boy!

Pumpkin Patch said...

Congrats, Dina! Good to know all is well.


HisTreasuredPossession said...

you will love having 2 boys!! it's a blast to watch them play together! yeah!!!

Joelle said...

congrats dina!!! how exciting to have two little men!!!

Rachel said...

YAY!! Another boy!! Congrats!! It's great to hear from you again and to see you are up and going again!!!

Lindsey said...

You look great!!! YAY for another boy!

patentguy said...

You look great! Congratulations on a little boy! That is so exciting, and I am so happy for you! Amanda's mommy:)

Carolyn said...

YEAH! How exciting! You look great pregnant!

Lianna Knight said...

Great great NEWS!!! And another little precious boy :) Your little one is going to be a big brother soon:)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You look adorable....and YEAH for another boy!! I am so happy that you are able to move about again....I can only imagine what 8 weeks of bedrest was like...pure torture I am sure!!

Enjoy your weekend:)


Lane said...

Aww congratulations on it being another boy!! :)

You are so cute pregnant!! I wish my tummy was that tiny when I was prego!

Sherrie said...

You look great. Congrats on boy #2. I have three boys and they are so much fun.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Aww yay!! Baby boy is going to be such a good brother! I'm so happy that things are going so well. You look adorable!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

You're adorable as always. Give me a call and we'll talk.

Scott Family Fun said...

Glad to hear all is well with you and the baby. Congrats on a's so nice to be able to use the clothes again!

Abbie said...

Yay! I've heard about carrying high meaning you're having a girl, as well. You're going to be way outnumbered with all of those boys around! :)

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