Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ya'll know Hubby and I love to play games. We love to hunker down at night after the babe is in bed, turn the tv on, get some ice cream or other yummy treat, and if we're not too tired or nothing is on we'll break out a competitive two-player game!

I just found a couple of our games online to play for free! It is so addicting! One of the games that we had only previously played a couple times is Carcass0nne. Anybody? If you want the site info let me know! You can each just hop on your laptop or computer and it does all the adding and tallying:)

Our great friends in 'Bama started looking up the games of the year and others that won awards so you know should be good! So we did the same thing to find some more two player (or more) games for those middle of the week nights or at home date nights when we want to get our game on!

Here are some award winning games 2 player (or more) games:
  • Carcass0ne - strategy board game, hard to explain but fun :)
  • Quirkle - strategy game with tiles like scrabble without words but with shapes/colors
  • Ticket t0 Ride-Eur0pe - strategy board game, build train routes through a map of europe
  • Guillotine - card game, cute easy to learn, doesn't take too long
  • Thurn and Taxis - strategy board game, building postal routes through Europe (ok that sounds boring, but it's fun!)

  • Some other super fun three or more player or party games:
  • Apples to Apples - fun get to know you, laugh it up game
  • Settlers 0f Cata n - strategy board game, very addicting, and fun, some luck involved because of dice
  • Rook - card game similar to spades
  • Catch Phrase, Taboo - how many words can you get your team to guess?
  • Pictionary - you have to play guys against girls with a white board! it is so much fun!
  • Talk 'N Tango - very cute game where you have to describe a word with someone else to have other people guess, trick is you have to go back and forth one word at a time, points awarded for how quickly you can get someone to guess
  • Loaded Questions - cute get to know you game
  • Guesstures - like charades but on caffeine, very funny, it might help if everyone has had a drink first :)

  • We have tons more games too but those are just a few :) Do you have any other ones?? Have you played any of these?? What are you favorites? We love games, it is such a great way to get to know friends, and have a great time!

    Oh and I edited the end of the last post because I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea! My mind is so gone right now, I wasn't going to blog about it but Hubby and I have cold/sinus/sore throat thing, BabyBoy has an ear infection (his first one...ever!) but we are all doing very well, except my brain is mush :) BabyBoy felt sooo much better after just one day on his bubblegum medicine :) He LOVES his "menicine!"

    Anyway, we're very blessed in so many ways! and I wouldn't change anything, God is so good! I just want us to get out more now for Baby's sake too! bc we had to spend over 2 months in the house (props to Hubby, he took BabyBoy to church, the park almost everyday and out for errands, including Home Depot several times, haha! :)) Just wanted to clarify my sanity chicas:)


    Jenny.Lee said...

    We all have those brain mush days. ;) Thank you for commenting on my weight loss!

    Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

    You forgot Bohnanza. DO NOT neglect the Beans, my friend.

    Sandy Toes said...

    Great games...I love a good game too!
    ~sandy toe

    Carrie said...

    I love games too! Catch Phrase is really fun!

    ~Mrs. Guru~ said...

    I love playing games!

    Seaside Prep said...

    apple to apples is a definite favorite of mine. I love all of your suggestions... I can feel a game night coming on and soon! :)

    Rebecca Jo said...

    Oh, we love games too! Pictionary, Taboo, Guesstures are among our favorites! We also love the Scene It games... We had a 80's music version that is fun too...

    but my heart is always with Scrabble!!!

    Renee said...

    Okay, I am a little jealous. I love games but my hubby only likes computer/action games. I would love to have game nights after the kiddios go to bed.

    I love Spades and Rook! Oh, how I would love to play those right now.

    I also love Blokus which is a strategy game for two to four people. I like Mexican Train a lot also.

    Tonight I played Bunko with MOPS.

    Abbie said...

    I'm not pregnant, but I still have those symptoms! :)

    We love to play cribbage. Most of those games I've never heard of, but we had a group over for Trivial Pursuit one night. It was very fun... except I couldn't seem to answer very many!

    The Farmer Files said...

    Gimmee a pack of poker cards and I can have lots and lots of games to play!

    The Eekhoff Clan said...

    One of Dan's coworkers is a board game fanatic!! He owns over 300 games!! Anyway, we have been playing Lost Cities and Jambo. Both are two player games. We really like Lost Cites. Carcossonne is fun too. Our new favorite group game Time's fun!

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