Friday, February 27, 2009

It's A Real Condition!

Pregnancy brain! haha, it really is, I looked it up! :) Forgetfulness, loss of vocabulary including everyday ordinary words, and more, but I can't remember due to a current bout of pregnancy brain :)

I feel like I've been completely mincing my words lately so here's a list of some fun Friday thoughts!

  • I've never been more thankful for love-handles that are getting totally out of control :) I am so excited to be pregnant and am able to really enjoy it now! I was kind of stuck at 8 weeks in my mind for a while because of the last pregnancy, so now especially when I look down and see my belly, I am so thankful and just smile! I'm really trying not to worry about my weight (which is a little out of control too, but the doctor didn't say a thing, that's good!, my Mom was told by her dr. to slow down on the chocolate, hee, she's so tiny!)

  • We've been watching reruns of Friends at night and getting some good laughs. For some reason we never used to watch it very much but there are so many memorable hilarious scenes!

  • My husband is incredible! He is so good about getting things done right away when he sees a need. I can't even begin to list all of the things that he has taken care of but he's so good. We are shoulder deep in house stuff here and in the east. We are trying to rent out our house here (we have another potential renter coming to look at our house tonight and she's from our church!) and we are still waiting to hear back from the bank that we have an offer on, a shortsale. We were supposed to hear back by last Sat but now they said the earliest is March 6th now. We just want to do what God wants us to do and we're praying that we get this house (it is our 4th offer so far) and that we get our house here rented out asap. Hubby thought we'd be back east by the first week of March but God said nope kids you need to wait a little bit. :) But if we don't get out there by the first week of May then we have to stay out here until the baby is born...but good for us God is in control :)

  • I just got an e-mail about a sale on cruises! We've been talking about going on one for years now with a big group of friends! :)

  • I love laughing! It makes me laugh even more when I'm already giggling and I look down and see my belly just shakin away, I think if the baby feels some extra fun lovin' when he's a wigglin around from it :)

  • I hope you have a laugh filled fun weekend!

    Thursday, February 26, 2009


    Ya'll know Hubby and I love to play games. We love to hunker down at night after the babe is in bed, turn the tv on, get some ice cream or other yummy treat, and if we're not too tired or nothing is on we'll break out a competitive two-player game!

    I just found a couple of our games online to play for free! It is so addicting! One of the games that we had only previously played a couple times is Carcass0nne. Anybody? If you want the site info let me know! You can each just hop on your laptop or computer and it does all the adding and tallying:)

    Our great friends in 'Bama started looking up the games of the year and others that won awards so you know should be good! So we did the same thing to find some more two player (or more) games for those middle of the week nights or at home date nights when we want to get our game on!

    Here are some award winning games 2 player (or more) games:
  • Carcass0ne - strategy board game, hard to explain but fun :)
  • Quirkle - strategy game with tiles like scrabble without words but with shapes/colors
  • Ticket t0 Ride-Eur0pe - strategy board game, build train routes through a map of europe
  • Guillotine - card game, cute easy to learn, doesn't take too long
  • Thurn and Taxis - strategy board game, building postal routes through Europe (ok that sounds boring, but it's fun!)

  • Some other super fun three or more player or party games:
  • Apples to Apples - fun get to know you, laugh it up game
  • Settlers 0f Cata n - strategy board game, very addicting, and fun, some luck involved because of dice
  • Rook - card game similar to spades
  • Catch Phrase, Taboo - how many words can you get your team to guess?
  • Pictionary - you have to play guys against girls with a white board! it is so much fun!
  • Talk 'N Tango - very cute game where you have to describe a word with someone else to have other people guess, trick is you have to go back and forth one word at a time, points awarded for how quickly you can get someone to guess
  • Loaded Questions - cute get to know you game
  • Guesstures - like charades but on caffeine, very funny, it might help if everyone has had a drink first :)

  • We have tons more games too but those are just a few :) Do you have any other ones?? Have you played any of these?? What are you favorites? We love games, it is such a great way to get to know friends, and have a great time!

    Oh and I edited the end of the last post because I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea! My mind is so gone right now, I wasn't going to blog about it but Hubby and I have cold/sinus/sore throat thing, BabyBoy has an ear infection (his first one...ever!) but we are all doing very well, except my brain is mush :) BabyBoy felt sooo much better after just one day on his bubblegum medicine :) He LOVES his "menicine!"

    Anyway, we're very blessed in so many ways! and I wouldn't change anything, God is so good! I just want us to get out more now for Baby's sake too! bc we had to spend over 2 months in the house (props to Hubby, he took BabyBoy to church, the park almost everyday and out for errands, including Home Depot several times, haha! :)) Just wanted to clarify my sanity chicas:)

    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    Seriously People, Is This Normal?

    I'm totally laughing at myself right now because I never thought I would do this but I did. I did it. Because I'm desperate. I am. I admit it. I need friends.

    So our good friends out here are out of town, Aunt has been sick, Hubby and I have great hang out time at night to watch tv together or play games together or with friends, but during the day he has to do this great but gets in the way thing called work, ha!

    So the Mommies group at church is taking a break this semester, right when our new little man said, "Ok Mommy, I'll let up a little on ya." So I never got to really start hanging with any of the girls I met the couple times before I became best friends with our couch!

    We love our church but there is no real way to meet people besides in community groups...of all ages...mostly our age+20 years...which is fabulous I love them too but we also need to hang out with peeps our and BabyBoy's age too :) or...stalking other couples that look around your and your baby's age when you pick up your little one from the nursery and so far that hasn't worked, haa! (Not that we only hang out with only couples with kids by any means, but you know for playdates for the big guy too :))

    So I checked out some national Mommies websites online like seemommiesrun! You can find groups of Mommies that walk or run in your geographic area. Only problem is that the closest one that fit times after 5:30am, ha, I'm not sure if they're still walking because I haven't heard back from "the leader" of their two Mommy walking entourage!

    So I found another site and found some Mommies that wanted to go walking near us so sure enough we met at a park yesterday morning and...walked! It was aww'ight, I was hoping for a little bit of a swifter walk, I'm telling you I need the exercise, more Mommies might come next time, so we'll see how that goes. I do it because I want to eat...not cut portions, haha! I love food!

    BabyBoy and I also met some other Mommies and little ones at the park after we walked. They were very nice and fun and we exchanged numbers so BabyBoy and I might join them another time to play! :) And one of them goes to our church! I also chatted with some other Mommies here and there and one of them said my belly looked so cute like a little ball that she wished her belly looked cute like mine when she was pregnant...I think I told her I loved her...hahaha...ok I didn't but I wanted to...I told her I didn't feel like that but I so appreciated her saying it, haha!

    It is just so funny to me because we've always lived near friends, even though we didn't hang out as much as we wanted...before BabyBoy my work schedule was sooo crazy...and then we kept moving almost every year in the same area but you know that takes some time to get there always seemed to be a reason why we couldn't hang out, have dinner dates, more game nights, and and and to get to know more friends better. I was pretty bummed about that. But things are different now and we're not as busy as we used to be, so that'll change :)

    The Mommies we met today told me about a fun place they go on Mondays, another Mommy we met at a superbowl party we went to goes to Barnes and Noble storytime on Tuesdays, I was going to join a Women's Bible study on Wednesday mornings but it meets at a ladie's house with no childcare, hmmm, I have to figure that one out, and there is storytime at the library on Thursdays! So I'm finally finding some things to do when we can't hang with our other friends here. :) And we try to get together with some friends at least to watch Idol and Biggest Loser each week and maybe play some games too. And we're going to the zoo on Friday with some old friends that live here, I'm sooo excited! I'm so glad that I'm just doing it now and not saying well there's no point because we're moving soon... :)

    Edited :)
    ...because for mine and Baby's sake there are only so many days in a row that we can spend not around other peeps! Because, we need people, to share life with :)

    Friday, February 20, 2009

    It's A...!, Flour Flyin' In The Kitchen, and Girl Needs to Hit Some Stores and the Outdoors

    Ok first, the flour in the kitchen :) Until a few weeks ago, I was on my back for about 8 1/2 weeks, which means I had a lot of baking and cooking to make up for! I love baking even though you know that mainly means carbs, but I can't help it! It's fun and yummy! I've been cooking again too but just in the past couple weeks I've thrown down some flour in the kitch' to make...

    ~Lots of Whole Wheat Pancakes (with berries!)
    ~Blueberry whole wheat muffins
    ~Whole wheat banana nut bread
    ~Whole wheat crepes
    ~Scones (with berries!)
    ~Baked homemade egg rolls (the wrappers too, came out nice and crispy, baked!)
    ~Oatmeal raisin, Sugar, & Chocolate chip cookies
    ~Chocolate meringues with crushed walnuts on top
    ~Lasagna (finally, I've been wanting to make it for so long now :))
    ~Spinach and artichoke dip (yummy!!)
    ~Whole wheat bread is on tap for today :)

    I know! It's all carby, BUT it's all made with whole wheat flour AND you know each ingredient that goes into it! 3-8 ingredients instead of 50 that you can't pronounce, that's better right??

    NEXT, Girl Needs to Hit Some Stores and the Outdoors

    Oh my goodness, God is truly amazing and always takes care of us, but being on my back for so long, I have gotten a bit stir crazy being in the house, in "comfy" clothes all the time, wearing my glasses (instead of contacts!) I just don't feel pretty, needing an updated hair cut, feeling well...huge :)

    So this past week I got my hair updated, ordered new contacts (they normally say don't get a new prescription while preggy bc it can change bc of the hormones, but my doc said no not really, they did some lengthy studies and the main thing is just dry eyes :)), and until a few weeks ago I hadn't been shopping in the longest time bc I wasn't feeling well, but I did work myself up to getting out and getting a few new threads (Hubby said do it :) thanks Hubby!), although I always buy from the sale racks, I always feel like I could look cuter, but then I think, what's really important, and I just keep on :) (that's what I tell myself :)) And I'm trying to expand my accessories/necklaces bc that can really change up and make an outfit, right girls?

    We went hiking with some friends a couple weeks ago, the park with some friends a couple days ago, BabyBoy and I went to storytime at the library yesterday (that will become our Thurs morn outing), I'm trying to get involved in a Women's Bible Study even though we don't know how much longer we'll be here (it's gotten pushed back already so Hubby encouraged me to just get involved until we go :) that's just what I needed to hear, I'm glad he encouraged me), and I might go walking with some random mommies next week-our church mommies group has taken a break this semester :( so I'm trying to find anything I can to get involved in things! including finding random people to hang out with hahaha! Will you be my friend will you be my friend ha!

    AND... IT'S... A...

    BOY!!!! We're all certain, haha! Just like with BabyBoy :)

    We're so excited and can't wait to have him with us! Everything is going well so far, the doctor had no initial concerns and they'll probaby send us back in a month or two bc some things (like BabyBoy's condition) don't present or can't be seen until later, but so far everything is looking good :) Praise God!!

    Even though my placenta is anterior (in the front) and they say that you can't feel the baby move as much, I know that I felt the baby move very early on and then stopped feeling him so much, so that must explain why :) I still feel like I am carrying super high and very far out, but that must be a me thing because I felt like that with BabyBoy too but this one even moreso, though of course you show more with subsequent pregnancies. And I really need to exercise! :)

    Here are some more pics of my happy boys!

    This is me last week at just over 18 wks :) I wasn't going to post any bc I am so critical of pics of myself bc my hair is done just right and and and, but I know at least the fam wants to see them :) See how high my tummy is?? So many of the old wives' tales pointed to a girl including carrying high but sure enough it's another little guy! :)

    Have a great Friday girls!!!

    Monday, February 16, 2009

    Questions for You Ladies! and The Big 19 Week Day!

    Hi girls! It's been too long! I've missed you and catching up on all your cuteness! We've got one little one napping right now and another at the park with Daddy so I thought I'd try to get a quick post in :)

    We're doing a Valentine's Weekend swap with our friends! We each got 24 hours to spend some precious alone time together while our little ones got to play play play! Hubby and I went away from Friday evening to Sat evening and had a lovely time. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse on Friday night! I've been wanting to go to one for so long, they are so much fun, and the food! We stayed at a Golf Resort that night for $69! Our friends were able to get us an Air Force discount. So nice!! Sat morn we had a leisurely breakfast overlooking the greens, went to an afternoon movie! (an afternoon movie! haha), I got a pregnancy massage (it was soooo great, my back has been asking for one :), she worked those knots good), we had an early dinner, and then headed back to pick up our big guy.

    Then we got their little guy from yesterday after church to this afternoon. The boys are having a blast and are so excited to see each other in the morning! BabyBoy even got up early this morning and was asking for his buddy.

    I'll post more pics of everybody soon, but here are some quick questions for you! Feel free to answer one or all!

    1. What is your favorite foundation, powder, and coverup makeup? What have you found covers nicely without being heavy and lasts?

    2. Do you have a face scrub that you like? I need to do better about my face beautifying regime (well, it doesn't really exist right now, but it needs to :)) :)

    3. Do you do your own bikini waxes? he. I haven't but am considering it to save some moola (although dare I confess I haven't been in a while, so I'll have to go first then start myself :)). How about a good brand of product?

    Ooh I know there were more but I'm trying to be quick so we'll start with those :)


    Today we are 19 weeks and have our big sonogram! Our doctor wrote a note to the technician about the complications throughout our first pregnancy so they will be looking a little closer today to make sure everything is ok. We are just praying that they don't see anything even the slightest bit concerning. Though during our 19 wk sono with BabyBoy everything was great...we didn't find anything out until 32 weeks. So we are just praying that today goes very smoothly and this little bean is doing great and then we'll just keep praying for little bean's health and development until his birth. Thank you guys so much already for joining us in prayer for our little ones, born and unborn. We cannot even begin to express how much we believe in the power of prayer.

    I hope you are doing great! And I look forward to catching up with you too!!!

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