Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pics, a Video, and a Tease

18 mo old sweet BabyBoy :)

He LOVES the vacuum! Has ever since he was teeny tiny and we'd hold him while we vacuumed :) He gets excited every time he sees one somewhere, haha.

We went to see Celine Dion at the beginning of December! The concert was amazing, you can laugh, but you can't deny she has an amazing voice. And she sings more than my heart will go on while pounding her chest, haha!

Collage of smiles and giggles!

Just about 16 weeks :) (I feel so big already...I know it's not my first pregnancy but still haha :))

(I have to wear my glasses on account of an eye incident, everything is ok except that I have to solely wear my glasses for now and I normally do not wear them in public :))

Here is a video of BabyBoy saying his ABCs :) You know we had worked on phonics many months ago (except now when I say what does the letter A say he just repeats my question, still cute!) so we thought it would be fun and good for him to recognize letters too (I made some little flash cards, they don't hold his attention for very long, haha) I love the way his little mouth moves to say each letter. He'll usually watch my face and mouth the whole time but there is a cartoon on mute in the background so his attention is diverted:) (we went from no tv to Mommy is not feeling well so a cartoon it is...sigh)

I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Over the last three or four days I have been feeling so much better overall. I am able to be up more with the baby and loving that he just loves laughing and smiling all the time! I've made some meals and baked a few times too! Thank you guys so much for your prayers and sweetness!

Oh and for the seems as though we will be moving back to the east coast in the very near future! Full dets to come!

ETA: Video should be fixed, thanks for the heads up:) and TaterMama you're right we actually had gotten those fun spongy letters a long time ago and that's what I showed BabyBoy when I started teaching him his phonics, ooh and puzzles too!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hi girls! Woowee! You guys continue to be amazing! Thank you so much for your comments and e-mails, concerns, and phone calls. I'm so sorry if I haven't e-mailed or called (or commented!) you back yet. I still have not been on my computer (or phone much at all)! I know I can't believe it! Again it is said, boy you know I'm not feeling so hot if I don't even feel well enough to be on a laptop on the couch! But God is good and my husband is quite amazing himself :) so we are doing well and having high spirits!

I'm definitely starting to feel better but am still spending the majority of my time either in bed or on the couch; this is soooo unlike me! there's always something to do, something to get done, I'm not normally a napper, but as I keep being told...I suppose that's what my body is needing and asking for :) Someone's telling me to rest! But I've rested enough! But I guess I need it (I'm saying that to keep myself sane!).

I'm feeling a little bit better today, still been pretty tough to eat, I'm sure I'll start feeling better really soon...I keep telling myself that haha! I keep saying I feel like I'm weak or perceived as weak, but I promise that is so not me too (well I'm not saying there's never any drama, haha) I was so strong during BabyBoy's pregnancy and when I had polyhydramnios and measured 50 weeks towards the end of the pregnancy, and the doctors were saying oh my goodness you must be in so much pain, and I said, I'm good :) I don't know why I feel I have to defend myself :) I'm done :)

Our trip to VA was lovely, it was good to see fam and some friends but I was in bed the entire time :) The first night of our "getaway" I threw up 7, yes you read it correctly, 7 times the first night we were there! From about 5pm - 2:30am almost every hour. Phew. I was in bed both days we were there, but it was still great to just be together. I was bummed that we didn't get to go antiquing or anything, but next time :) And I had to miss a GNO (girls night out) with some great gals and the opportunity to see other friends because I just couldn't get out of bed, but soon!

I'm coming to your blog but it'll probably take me a while to get to everybody's but I miss you guys and so appreciate your prayers and support and I hope you're doing great!!! I can't wait to see what you've been up to! Don't laugh but I'm still going to try to get our Holiday Cards Happy New Year's cards out! The letter has been written but I wanted to take a new pic but haven't felt well enough to take a shower and do my hair, haha! And now my belly is huge (already hehe) and I haven't felt well enough to go shopping!! I don't know what to wear, haha! I'm working on it! I am! :)

Here are a couple pics! :) The pic of Hubby and I is from the first night of Hanukkah at my Aunt's house (not my best pic and I have no make up on!) and this is BabyBoy the next day with his new car that his cous' gave him!

There's more big news so hopefully I'll be able to tell you soon! Can't wait to come visit your blogs!!! Have a great evening blogettes!

ETA: I have been up more and more, especially in the mornings, then am totally zonked by noon or before, but definitely getting there. I went to church, with Hubby and BabyBoy, last week and this week, heavily leaning on Hubby throughout the service, but much needed, we really like the church, awesome music, amazing sermons, and BabyBoy loves the nursery ("nungy" he pronounces words so well but somehow nursery became nungy haha). Thanks girls!

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