Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Addition To Last Night's Post

Thought I was going to be feeling a little better for travel...I threw up three times last night...I have no idea what I packed, hahaha!

And I forgot to mention that BabyBoy got sick from his cous' on Thanksgiving and thought he was getting better too, and yesterday and this morning have been the worst for the poor little guy, worst diapers we have ever seen from him, and just feeling plain ole yucky. :(

We will be praying (and praising Him) all day long :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

On My Back With a Fiesty NCF Bean :)

Hi girls! Thanks for stickin with me :) You guys are truly awesome! And a huge thank you to those who e-mailed and/or called me, I love you guys! So here is the latest and greatest... (I am so sorry to be so lengthy but I will get in trouble by friends and fam if I don't keep em informed)

-Result of fevers=blood work done and white count was slightly elevated so I took an antibiotic (safe for preggers)

-Started feeling a bit better this past week but am still spending the majority of my time on the couch trying to eat anything I can to sustain myself :), it's still tough to eat (wow that is so unlike me!), moaning every now and then, and as a result of "feeling better" I've been throwing up almost everyday for the past week, it could be much worse I cannot complain one little bit. :) My Dad's been sick and my Aunt has a broken foot so Hubby (with God's help) has been our saving grace, he has still been doing everything (except throwing up :)), so he's also been working until 1, 2, and 3am! He needs some rest! (We did have a great friend watch the baby during an appt last week and another great friend watch him for a concert we went to over the weekend-more to come!)

-We are flying to the east coast tomorrow! Yeah, you read it, tomorrow! Oh my goodness! Local east coast friends I am so sorry I haven't gotten to you sooner, I had planned to send out a whole e-mail weeks ago and then well you know what's been going on and I haven't been on my computer or phone, I just booked our tickets less than a week ago. Spread the word that if anyone wants to get together for a game night at the Hartmans on Fri night Dec 12th, we'd love love love to see you!

-I forgot to tell you a funny story about the horrible doctor we saw a week or so ago. When we finally saw the baby on the sonogram I started tearing up and when we were done I was crying and the doctor just stood there looking at me like...ummm...I.don't.know.what.to.do...never seen this before ha! And it was totally different than the tearing up I did last week during an episode of Saved by the Bell, Greys Anatomy (haven't seen it regularly but intriguing), two episodes of Friends, and the Parent Trap, haaa!

-I miss you! I feel bad posting when I haven't been able to read up and comment on you! I hope you had a rockin Thanksgiving! I had a small salad :) haha I hope hope hope to catch up on you soon, tons of things must have happened by now and I have no idea!

-Oh and we have a totally NCF Bean on our hands! We were so blessed to get squeezed into an appointment with a new OB this morning (I had to keep calling and finally a cancellation), we wanted to get in before we left tomorrow and make sure everything was ok. I saw a chiropractor last week, good, but she did a couple things that made we worry that the baby was ok. So we got to see the baby this morning! Huge blessing, huge! We got to hear the heartbeat, which we haven't heard yet (bad doctor). The baby is measuring perfectly, yay! Looks like she (or he) had a big head, oh my, just like Big Guy :) Still only one in there, I was sure it was twins! And the funny part was the doctor was laughing and saying that was the most active baby she has seen at this age, just over 9 weeks, just over 1 in, and that little bean was just a wiggling around. So cute! Just a wigglin! Oh my, we have another fiesty one on our hands :) Miracle. Praise God.

-On Wed-Fri afternoon Hubby and I get to get away! My Mom is going to watch the baby so we can go and celebrate our anniversary from last June! We are going to a little antiquey town in the mountains, getting a preggy massage (at first the woman said they wouldn't do until 12 weeks, but I've been told and by the doc today it's ok, right, peeps, it's ok right, I thought I got one during my first trimester before, I know stay away from the feet :), and a facial, and maybe a body scrub (I was told as long as you stay away from herbals and stay more with botanicals, it's ok, anybody?). We'll have to do the beach another time, this getaway will be closer, less than 2 hour drive and less expensive too :) But very relaxing! Can't wait! There's one old little theater that shows one movie for $.75 and popcorn is $.50, it's really cute.

-Hubby's work Christmas party Sat night, I have no idea what to wear! I haven't felt well enough to get off the couch to go shopping! Oh my goodness! I know! Ahh!

-We'll be on the east coast until the 19th, I'm sure I'll be feeling better by then, so you keep posting and I'll have tons of reading to do! If anything crazy substantial (which is anything I need to know! Anything!) has happened please leave it in the comments, I need to stay informed people! Thank you again and catch up with you soon!

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