Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Corner to Corner?

First, I have to thank every single one of you, with tears in my eyes, for all of your sweet sweet comments and congratulations, it is not because of the raging hormones haha! I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me/us. I read and tell Hubby about every single one. Please never think that if I have more than 2 comments, that yours goes unnoticed!! It never would, each one is individual and I thank you so much for taking the time to give us a message!

So I mentioned last week that Hubby was going to have to go back to the east coast this week. Well then they thought it would get pushed to next week. Come Tuesday he was on the phone and his boss and others had to have him there for a meeting on Wednesday night! So at about 9pm we booked his ticket for 12:55 am!! He flew out that night! And has to stay until Tues night or even Wed!

I have to say the cool thing is that the project/pr0p0sal they are working on, his company is not even the prime, they are subbing to another company, but all of them had to have Hubby run everything! He's soo good! I'm a proud wife!

Some friends of ours always joked around that when the wife was out of town, the Hubby would sleep corner to corner across the bed!! hahaha! If you're by yourself do you sleep corner to corner? I don't because I stay up sooo late having the background noise from the tv, I hate going to an empty bed when being used to sleeping with someone :) But I realized that I do park smack dab in the middle of the garage! No scooting around the car and contorting my body to try to get me or the baby in! Although you know I would much rather have the Hubs home and have to sneak into my own car! Ahh, I'm a dork, but I'm a dork in love!

So I'm a little sleepy, extremely hungry, and a tad bit lonely at night :) Though even though we're by ourselves, I have God and a former US Marsh@ll watching over our house! He has a full arsenal, 2 german shepherds, and a small pup the loudest of all, ha (our neighbor that is, well God has his own too!)! So we're pretty safe!

I need to get myself more motivated to work on more of my books but I'm soo tired :)

Yesterday we had a friend and her little guy over and we had a great time!! So I was cleaning and vaccuming all morning! I made some whole wheat herb rolls for turkey sandwiches! We had them right when they came out of the oven! I love the smell of fresh baked bread! Then my Dad stopped by in the early evening for a little bit, which was very nice. My cousin, her little one, and BabyBoy and I are going to surprise my Aunt with lunch today! She had to come home from her anniversary vaca with my Uncle bc she fractured her ankle! And then Monday we're going to a farm with some Mommies from our new church! I'm very excited about that!

Oooohh and Wednesday I had to return a couple things to JCrew, Banana, and White and Black, and wanted to look at a store called Lucy, so get this store lineup at this gorgeous outside shopping center...just to name a few...
42 Sai.nt
Ann Tayl0r L0ft
Juicy C0uture
Lcky Brnd Jeans
White H0use Black Markt

Sale sections girls sales! Ok, so I don't shop in most of these stores because they're a little expensive, but I did walk into some of them and some CUTE things! And then I quickly walked out so I didn't get attached to anything. You know the more you look at a cute dress or top or anything the more you want it!!

Lucy is a nice active wear store! I love this store because they carry longs!! I soooo dislike when my pants are short, I feel like Michael Jacks0n, except I can't m00nwalk! They carry regular, short, and longs! It is awesome! So if you have trouble being too tall for pants or a cute shortie, check it out! I only have two pairs of pants that I got on sale, they can be a little expensive but they have some cute stuff!

Happy Friday girls! I hope you have a great one! I'll catch on your blogs later tonight! Have a happy, goofy, fun day!!


Rae said...

No, I do not sleep corner to corner...I sleep smack dab in the middle of our king size bed and stretch out in every direction! For the first few years of our marriage I was alone most of the time (DK was in the Navy then). Now it's very unusual to be alone at night. Maybe that's why I now like it so much! :) Enjoy your weekend!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

No corner to corner for me either.....smack in the middle of the big old bed!!

I am the one leaving this week for work...traveling to Tennessee on business, but I will still have that nice big hotel bed to myself!!

They just built an outdoor mall here that sounds very similar to yours....I love it...especially on a nice day!! I had laugh about you looking for Talls....I am the one always looking for shorts!!!

Have a great day:)


Lindsey said...

Aww you and your hubs are just too adorable! When Garth is gone I sleep in the middle and I sprawl out adn take up the entire bed!

MiMi said...

No...I don't sleep corner-to-corner. I actually sleep in my one little spot, and when I get out in the morning you usually cannot even tell anyone was in the bed!

Have a great weekend!

d.a.r. said...

I used to sleep in my one little half. I never went on my husband's side. But, well, he's been gone almost 2 months now on this deployment so I am starting to sprawl!! Usually to get away from the dogs :)

Michelle said...

First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!! There are several bloggers that I read that are pregnant now. There are going to be a lot of summer babies!!!

No, I don't sleep corner to corner. We have a Cal King bed, so even when my husband is home I have plenty of space to sprawl out!

Plus, the dogs and something Kate would be in the way!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I sleep corner to corner if all four dogs have spread across the bed & its the only way I can fit in... it throws me off though - like something's not right!

Carrie said...

I sleep corner to corner during the week I have the bed to myself so on the weekend it really weird Johnny is constantly push my legs over. Ha

I hope you have a great weekend!

Milltini said...

Happy Friday! Hope the time flies by and your hubby is back soon =)

Tracy's Porch said...

When my hubby is gone I start on my side but wake up in the middle or stretched out. But, I am like you, I stay up later and feel kinda strange knowing I will sleep alone. I think I sleep better when my hubby is in bed with me.

The Eekhoff Clan said...

I know what you mean about not going to bed when hubby is gone. Usually I am worthless after 10 at night. If I'm not already in bed, I'm asleep on the couch. But, when Dan is out of town all of a sudden I am a night owl and up until 12 or 1!!
p.s. I LOVE lucy. I have their black rolltop pants in long..only $29 and worth every penny!! I would wear them every day if I could.

Erica said...

So glad you're trying out Lucy! I LOVE them! They are based out of my college town, and I loved the warehouse sales. Their pants are the absolute best! I wear the yoga capris almost daily, and as Eekhoff said, the roll-tops are great too. They have really good e-mail coupons if you sign up online, without the coupons, I don't often shop there because they are a bit expensive!

Renee said...

No corner to corner sleeping, but I do keep the electric blanket on high all night. I also go to bed way too late.

SassyEngineer said...

I'm not really a night owl these days (or even an early bird - I think I sleep too much) so I usually go to bed before hubbby. Therefore,I am pretty used to my side of the bed. I like it though - it is worn in just the right places so I can kind of sink into it :)

Grace said...

Never even thought of sleeping corner to corner...might have to try that...I do love adventure.

Grace said...

And joyful congratulations on your p.t. What a wonderful reason to cozy in for winter. God bless.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I sleep in the middle of the bed when my husband is away. I hate it when he leaves, but let's face it, I am pregnant and getting bigger by the day. It feels good to stretch out! But I would take a bit of squashing any day if it meant he didn't have to travel...

Carolyn said...

I love Lucy they have the greatest yoga/work out clothes. And fresh baked bread....ummm...when can I come over??!!

The Farmer Files said...

No corner to corner. I roll myself up in a cocoon in my blankets and I don't move!

Nicole said...

What is 42 Sai.nt?? I have never heard of it??

Sandy Toes said...

I do not sleep corner to corner...I do sleep with a lot of pillows!
-sandy toes

Piker Family said...

Congratulations on being pregnant!! I hope to follow in your footsteps when the Lord's timing is right. No I do not sleep corner to corner... I sleep in the middle with pillows on both sides to make it feel like the hubby is there no matter what direction I toss and turn during the night. Anyways, I am interested in your Accountability Mondays, so what do I do? Do I just leave a comment on your blog? I hope that it will help me stay more faithful to reading the Bible.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Stop by my site...I have a little surprise for you!

When my husband is working overnight I strech out all over the bed and usually end up corner to corner!

Thanks for the tip on where to find long pants. My pet peeve is having pants that are too short...I hate to see my socks at any point of the day!

♥B said...

I am a little late on the congratulations. Forgive me, I was a little busy.

I can tell you are very happy.

Justin and Jenn said...

I'm right there with you about sleeping alone when hubby is away. I don't sleep corner-to-corner...I'm like you and the garage- right in the middle...little of my side, little of his. The bed is too big if I stay just on my side!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I sleep between two 90+ lb labradors when my husband is out of town. I refer to it as an Amy-taco! :-)

Hollie said...

congrats on your pregnancy! so sorry i'm a little late! Yay! Fun times ahead!

but for the corner to corner question, no, I sleep on my same side but line his side with pillows so it feels like he's there.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

Congrats on the new baby! SOOOOO happy for you and prayers for a healthy pregnancy!(and can I say I am a bit jealous - I took 3 pregnancy tests last month- 5 days late - but not pregnant - I'm out of wack too from so many miscarriages and babies).

And, I sleep on my side only, never veering over!! I'm weird like that!

Mama in Training said...

Never slept corner to corner. I rarely have the bed to myself BUT I do tonight while Mark's away hunting with his brother. Maybe I will try it. I also stay up SUPER late when he's gone. Naughty. ;)

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