Sunday, November 2, 2008

Couple Stalking

So we just moved to a new state and we are so ready to make some real life friends! You know I love you guys too and I wouldn't trade you for anything...but only one of you (that checks our blog:)) is coming over for dinner or games!!

One of our couples from the east coast moved here about a year ago! Yay! A couple months ago they had their little guy's first birthday party with one of their friends.

We drove about 45 minutes, all dressed and ready, with present in hand! I got out with the baby while Hubs went to park, I did a little knock at the door, and then I figured oh they probably can't hear because the party is going on, so I started to turn the door knob and walked in. Yes, yes I did!

Do you see where this is going??!

The Daddy/hubby comes to the door just as I started to open it, in his just chillin out at home clothes! I said, is this where the birthday party is?? He said,'s...tomorrow. !!!

I have never done this before and could not even claim pregnancy brain...I thought I read on the invite that it was on Saturday!!! Noo!! It was on Sunday! I couldn't believe it!

So we showed up again the next day and were talking with some of the other couples joking around about the incident. So I said, well we're new the area and we're just looking for new friends anywhere, we just knock on a door and say will you be my friend? haa!!!

So back to couple stalking at church. There is no young marrieds group at our new church, don't worry I've already e-mailed somebody about Hubs and I potentially starting one (it's such a great ministry!) :) Say a prayer that it works out, please :) We'll look around before or after church and say oh there's a couple around our age, they look we thought, maybe we'll meet a couple people when we pick up BabyBoy from the nursery, or we'll see some couples our age sitting around us during the service and we'll just start talking! Well this has not happened yet!

Until today!

We had just picked up BabyBoy and were outside talking with our new friends who just moved here, yay (we met through other friends just before we all moved) ! There was another couple outside with their new baby. They looked nice and open to saying hello, so I asked how old their baby was. He was 2 months, soo cute! They had another boy about 2 years old! Score :) (kids are definitely not a requirement though ;)!) We exchanged a couple cordial laughs and then went on our way.

Then the sprinklers came on in the grass and as our friends were trying to get their little guy not to go in the sprinklers...Hubby took ours right over to them! haha! I looked over and that other couple was waiting for some friends and she was laughing that Hubs had taken BabyBoy to the water. That opened up a second dialogue! So we talked for another couple minutes...and then I did it...I said we should exchange numbers and get together sometime! As Hubby said, I asked out another couple! Ha! Insert Hubby's thoughts here she's gonna do it, she's going for it, ahh she did it!

Have you ever new friend or couple stalked and/or showed up for a party on the wrong day? Come on confess!

Cracked/chipped tooth pics coming! :)


Amy said...

Dusty and I always look around for other couples that look like friend material! We've only been in Atlanta 8 months and are still hoping to plug in more with people our age! ;-)

Rebecca Jo said...

First - you are right - its a great need of ministry for young couples!

And time for confession - my family had split after a death & my Hubs & I still stayed in contact with everyone. We scheduled a Christmas get together for what I thought was Sunday evening.....we show up & they are in "regular" clothes, watching TV - we're like HUH? We were supposed to be there on Saturday!!! we were a day late. Because of family tension they thought we just gave up on them too....they pulled out leftovers & it ended up being alright in the end....a tad embarassed though!

ARK said...

Yes, this summer, we showed up at 2:00 for a party, we went right up to the party room with our pink princess wrapped present, only to discover we knew no one in the room so we asked, and the dad pointed it out that it was a CARS party for his son! We got out of there with our princess paper real quick!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

LOl, I can't say I have ever done that! But your story was priceless!!

Mojito Maven said...

Mr. Mojito and I totally need more couple friends and we are always keeping our eye out for people too!!

Joelle said...

so glad you are making friends there! it is definitely hard, we can relate! i do love the story about you showing up on the wrong day! hilarious!

HopingandWaiting said...

Yep, I love looking at other couples and seeing if I think they would be good friend material! I don't know if it's because I am a pastor's kid, but I just want to know and be friends with everyone--especially at church. My husband is the exact opposite!

Sandy Toes said...

It happens to all of us...all the time!!! I have done things similar!!! Just laugh about!
-sandy toes

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

That is a funny story!! Can't say I have ever shown up on the wrong day, but I have made similar mistakes!!

Glad you are meeting some new friends!!


Faith said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that about the party. Haha!! You guys are precious and I know you will make wonderful friends!

Sweet Simplicity said...

This is so funny! I love that you have been couple stalking! I hope the young couples class takes off! You guys would do such a great job!

Hollie said...

that is so funny about ya'll showing up on the wrong day!

making friends as adults is definitley not as easy as it was as kids! Hang in there, they'll come around!

Renee said...

I went to a client's home recently and they were not home which is very unusual so I left a message at their home and on the mom's cell. Then the mom whom I was supposed to be meeting called me (20 minutes later) to ask if everything was okay. As soon as I heard her voice, I realized what happened. I had my days mixed up. I was so embarrassed.

Oh, I have friend stalked. Especially in my neighborhood. I have "ran" to catch up with strangers and walked very slowly so they could catch up with me. One time I saw a mom up ahead of me and I prayed, "Lord, if you want me to talk to her, help her wait for me to get there." She waited. I found out later that she walking and praying to find friends in the neighborhod.

The Arthur Clan said...

My husband and I moved twice (to different states each time) for his job before we had kids...I know just exactly how difficult it is to make friends in a new place. It's wonderful that you are being so open and friendly to others ~ I'm sure the other couples are just as thrilled as you are to make new friends. :)

Angie in OH

Tracy's Porch said...

You are funny! I could see myself showing up to a party on the wrong day!!!

Can't say I have couple stalked but that is because I am a little on the shy side :-)

Lindsey said...

You are so cute, love the story! I know what you mean, it's so daring to be the one to ask for info and get together! We just bit the bullet and invited our small group over for a game night next Saturday. It was a little scary but everyone loved the idea and it's on next Sat!=)

Baby Mama said...

LOL you are too funny! im glad youre making friends! I dont think I have ever couple stalked but i have shown up on the wrong day! Just recently we were supposed to get our picture taken at church and got all dressed up, got the baby in her dress, hair all pretty, show up and there is no one there!! ahh! it wasnt as embarassing though because no one else was there to see me looking all confused. lol

Grace said...

I'm so proud of you! That's great. After changing states, we tried that at one church for over three years and finally realized we needed to switch churches. Instant difference. New friends!

melissa said...

oh my gosh girl.....this post cracked me up!!! Pregnancy brain...i love it!!! You are so cute...if i lived and my husband would be some


Rebecca Taylor said...

It's hard for us here because there is NO ONE our age! All of the people we'd be interested in being friends with have kids and I guess they think it's weird...oh well! We have each other! :)

Rachel said...

I need more friends too; you can never have too many! LOL

Krysta said...

Oh no you didn't! That is so hilarious, I can just picture it. Funny, not just because you came on the wrong night, but that you opened their door and walked in. I'm totally cracking up!!!! Back to the serious stuff, I would love to have your courage and approach people. There are tons of couples our age at church and they aren't approaching us and we aren't approaching them. I don't know that it will ever happen?? In fact, no one has ever talked to us since we've been going there a year. It kind of bothers me actually!

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