Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi girls, I've missed you! We had our first appt yesterday and praise God that we got to see the baby (only one, I so thought it was twins because of how bad I've been feeling, haa!), the baby's heartbeat, and little bean is measuring right on...

But the doctor was horrible. We told him for about two weeks now I have been pretty much sidelined. I have been resting/sleeping/trying to find something I can eat to sustain myself. I think, oh I can get up and try to do something and then realize, nope nope I can't. And I've had a fever for many days now (it was really the fever part more than the sidelined part :)). He pretty much ignored it.

I didn't think to take my temp until Fri night and it registered between 99.5-99.9, though I'd been feeling pretty bad for about two weeks now. We put a cool cloth on my forehead and called it a night. The next day it stayed around the same and went up to 100.3. I talked to a great friend who recommended cool Epsom salt baths to help lower fever and took some Tylen0l throughout the day too. It was still not lowering and I was still feeling terrible so I called the after hours nurses line. She said as long as you can keep it below 100.4 you and the baby should be ok. If you can't then go to the emergency room. It's been up to 100.8 but hasn't stayed up that high.

The fever has persisted and even though it isn't a high grade fever it hasn't really gone below the 99s (which is pretty high for me). So since the doctor yesterday was horrible and had nothing for me to do or check me out any further we called our old practice back east. They are absolutely amazing and realize and appreciate every single new precious life and don't think of it as oh just another one.

The doctor who was on call was one of our main doctors during our high risk preg with BigGuy and I almost cried that I was going to be able to talk with him. He said it doesn't seem like it's just something pregnancy related. It's not the highest fever but he's slightly concerned that it's been going on for so long now. He said it I should go see the ob or family practice doctor and see if we can find out what else is going on.

So we have an appt at 2:45pm with a nurse practiti0ner, the doctor was all booked up. We are just praying the baby is protected.

My husband is amazing and is currently doing all the dishes, cleaning, cooking for everybody, diapers, feeding and taking care of the baby, working, taking care of me, dropping everything to go out and get something if I think I might able to eat it. We miss my Mom back east, she used to come over when I was on bed rest or after the baby was born and do dishes, vacuum, cook, she was awesome! And all of our amazing friends who helped us like crazy too!

I feel terrible for feeling terrible. It was not like this at all with the BigGuy. I was working 14-15 hour days on my feet, definitely feeling all day sickness but still able to function. Anyway, I'm so sorry I haven't been around reading or commenting, I haven't gotten on the computer except to look up doctors, but Hubby has been looking up most things too (I know sooo unlike me, haa!, see you know I'm not feeling well if I can't even get on the computer).

I really hope I can get back to you all soon, I can't tell you how much we appreciate your prayers, we were so happy to see a baby in there yesterday! I hope I don't lose you by not being around, I look forward to getting back to it very soon! I hope you guys are doing great and I really look forward to catching up with all of you soon! Thanks girls and thank you so much for all of your comments and well wishes I can't begin to tell you how much they lift my spirits!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Will Not Be Opening The Fridge For A While/MIA

Hi girls! I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while now! I can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs and I hope you are doing great!

I have not been feeling so hot myself, which is why I have not been on my computer except to book Hubby's return flight since last Friday :) This pretty much says it all...

I opened the refrigerator yesterday and walked right to the bathroom and threw up, hahaha! There was nothing rotten, nothing bad, nothing out of the ordinary, except for my crazily enhanced sense of smell and pretty much all food is now repulsive. :)

I had chicken broth again for dinner last night. And am trying to do everything I can to not feel totally nauseous all day and night long :) It is so true, it is definitely not morning sickness, it is morning/all day/and evening sickness :) It has been way worse this time, we're praying that's a good sign! My sense of smell, my tastes are so much more heightened and earlier this time :) I can smell a banana peel from 1/2 mile away and it smells so gross, haha! I can taste the sweet in everything and can't eat a bunch of things because they taste too sweet. It is soo funny! Even cheese! Cheese! Cheddar cheese tastes too sweet, ha!

But I would never even begin to complain about any of it, I told God I would take anything and take it happily and it could be way worse anyway! So I am not complaining just keeping you informed on my MIA status! I have never been more thankful to be so hungry but not able to eat anything except chicken broth for dinner :)

We went to a farm with some Mommies from our new church on Monday and our friend Leslie brought dinner on Tues, left her little guy with her Hubby and stayed after BabyBoy went to bed to watch a movie! I was trying to not feel like I wanted to throw up the whole time but I so needed it, we had a great time, and she was soo sweet to bring dinner and hang out. We watched How T0 L0se A Guy In 10 Days. It was soo cute!!

Hubby is home!! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I slept so terribly while he was away :) I kept the tv on way too late to have some noise around and kept hearing a noise every now and then, my eyes would shoot open, and then I would go through my head in what order I would make my calls, and what I would say, haaa!

I hope you are doing great and thank you again to all of your comments and to those who have been commenting for the first time too, I can't wait to check out your blogs and catch up on what you all have been up to! ETA: I promise not all posts will be about this subject, just a hello and what's up :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Do You Corner to Corner?

First, I have to thank every single one of you, with tears in my eyes, for all of your sweet sweet comments and congratulations, it is not because of the raging hormones haha! I cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me/us. I read and tell Hubby about every single one. Please never think that if I have more than 2 comments, that yours goes unnoticed!! It never would, each one is individual and I thank you so much for taking the time to give us a message!

So I mentioned last week that Hubby was going to have to go back to the east coast this week. Well then they thought it would get pushed to next week. Come Tuesday he was on the phone and his boss and others had to have him there for a meeting on Wednesday night! So at about 9pm we booked his ticket for 12:55 am!! He flew out that night! And has to stay until Tues night or even Wed!

I have to say the cool thing is that the project/pr0p0sal they are working on, his company is not even the prime, they are subbing to another company, but all of them had to have Hubby run everything! He's soo good! I'm a proud wife!

Some friends of ours always joked around that when the wife was out of town, the Hubby would sleep corner to corner across the bed!! hahaha! If you're by yourself do you sleep corner to corner? I don't because I stay up sooo late having the background noise from the tv, I hate going to an empty bed when being used to sleeping with someone :) But I realized that I do park smack dab in the middle of the garage! No scooting around the car and contorting my body to try to get me or the baby in! Although you know I would much rather have the Hubs home and have to sneak into my own car! Ahh, I'm a dork, but I'm a dork in love!

So I'm a little sleepy, extremely hungry, and a tad bit lonely at night :) Though even though we're by ourselves, I have God and a former US Marsh@ll watching over our house! He has a full arsenal, 2 german shepherds, and a small pup the loudest of all, ha (our neighbor that is, well God has his own too!)! So we're pretty safe!

I need to get myself more motivated to work on more of my books but I'm soo tired :)

Yesterday we had a friend and her little guy over and we had a great time!! So I was cleaning and vaccuming all morning! I made some whole wheat herb rolls for turkey sandwiches! We had them right when they came out of the oven! I love the smell of fresh baked bread! Then my Dad stopped by in the early evening for a little bit, which was very nice. My cousin, her little one, and BabyBoy and I are going to surprise my Aunt with lunch today! She had to come home from her anniversary vaca with my Uncle bc she fractured her ankle! And then Monday we're going to a farm with some Mommies from our new church! I'm very excited about that!

Oooohh and Wednesday I had to return a couple things to JCrew, Banana, and White and Black, and wanted to look at a store called Lucy, so get this store lineup at this gorgeous outside shopping center...just to name a few...
42 Sai.nt
Ann Tayl0r L0ft
Juicy C0uture
Lcky Brnd Jeans
White H0use Black Markt

Sale sections girls sales! Ok, so I don't shop in most of these stores because they're a little expensive, but I did walk into some of them and some CUTE things! And then I quickly walked out so I didn't get attached to anything. You know the more you look at a cute dress or top or anything the more you want it!!

Lucy is a nice active wear store! I love this store because they carry longs!! I soooo dislike when my pants are short, I feel like Michael Jacks0n, except I can't m00nwalk! They carry regular, short, and longs! It is awesome! So if you have trouble being too tall for pants or a cute shortie, check it out! I only have two pairs of pants that I got on sale, they can be a little expensive but they have some cute stuff!

Happy Friday girls! I hope you have a great one! I'll catch on your blogs later tonight! Have a happy, goofy, fun day!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Prayer for Beans!! We're...

Yes, you're right!! I'm not going to keep you in suspense!!!

We're PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great time with my family and a couple friends for Hubby's B-Day on November 1st. Everybody left and I thought I knew. We were all out of tests and you know prime time test taking time is right when you roll out of bed in the morning. But I thought I knew! So I gave Hubby that lovingly, tilted head, "you wanna go to the store and buy a test look?" He without even blinking said, sure Beautiful. He is sooo sweet!

Most of you know that we had a very high risk pregnancy with BabyBoy (post to come) and then we had a miscarriage the first week of July at about 8 weeks along.

I used to be sooo regular, so regular that we took a pregnancy test for preg 1 and 2 and found out the day Auntie P was supposed to come. After the miscarriage it was a completely different story. It was not so normal anymore, although I guess I can't ever claim to be normal haha!

Despite not knowing when the day was this time...I was already getting a funny metalic taste in my mouth, it wasn't because of something I ate, Hubby didn't have it :), it's one of those myths if you're having a boy! I had it with BabyBoy and I think the second so now there's no mistaking it for me! ;) It must be one of my symptoms. :) And when we were laying down watching tv, I kept feeling my tummy, something was different, I knew the feeling. But I didn't want to get my hopes up.

All of this was going through my mind as Hubby was on his way with the test! It was around 10 or 10:30 pm! I ripped the test open. I started watching the fluid pass through the window where the lines are supposed to appear.

I saw one line thinking oh yes, the stabilizer line, that one shows up first, now I am just staring like I'm winning a staring contest, waiting, hoping, praying that the second line shows up. I glanced up at the key and it was the pregnant line! It showed up before the stabilizer line! It was the darkest line we've ever seen in any test we've taken (the pic doesn't show it justice, haha)! We took three tests both previous pregnancies!

As soon as I saw that line and realized what it read...I started running to get Hubby and tell him to come look and see if my tearing eyes were playing tricks on me. He so sweetly agreed and I cried! And we kept repeating we're pregnant, we're pregnant! And thanking God, and crying, and praying, and thanking God, and thanking God! And taking a couple pics!

Thinking I completely had it all under control, I have totally cried when telling the fam and few friends so far! I would think oh I'm good, not going to cry this time, then right when the words come out of my mouth, I cry! :) haha

It is very early but because of our history, we would so love and appreciate any little prayers you can send little Bean's way! We know that no matter what happened we would want to share it with you because we know how powerful prayers are. We are almost 6 weeks along :) and our first Dr. appointment is November 24. We are optimistic that we will hear great news!

We want to be completely positive about everything because we cannot express how excited we are, but there's also a little feeling that we will continue praying like crazy that little bean is doing as perfect as could be! I almost want to wait before I talk about the size of the baby and more and more details until we hear everything is ok...

Thank you so much for all of your prayers thus far, I know soooo many of you have been praying for us so much and we could never thank you enough for that! You guys have been such a huge blessing! And thank you for your continued prayers for our sweet Bean! I can't wait to give you a great update on November 24th!

God bless friends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WW - Disciplining and A Very Cute Barking Spider

Uh oh! BabyBoy touched something he wasn't supposed...

What?! That sweet face? Yes friends, it occasionally happens, hee!

He's a such good little guy and obeys most of the time :) but he just knew he wasn't supposed to touch fill in the blank I cannot remember what it was but this totally made me bust out laughing...I brought him over, gave him a thump on the hand and began our short little talkin' to. Momma said no touch and you touched it so I have to thump you...

Say obey...Obaay...Mommy and Daddy said no touch [fill in the blank]...Say yes Mommy...Yeeess...Mommy...Mommmiieee...I love you Baby!...Luvuv...is how is normally goes!

This time here's want went down:

Me: Look at Mommy (he will focus people don't laugh)

BabyBoy: He's looking around almost staring at something...

Me: Look at Momma, Baby

BB: Still looking straight ahead, looking quite focused at this point

Me: You touched something you weren't supposed to touch...say Obey, Bugster

BB: Still staring

Me: Say obey, Baby

Not a second later...all of a sudden, toot toot tooooooot, looking around like what?.

He is such a boy! I totally started cracking up, turning my head trying not to completely expose my laughter to 1. make him think tooting is funny (which I'm sure he innately does anyway :)) and 2. not let him think that he got out of obeying (I had to be the parent here :)).

I love the hilarious spontaneity of parenting!

Wordful Wednesday is put on by Angie at Seven Clown Circus!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Current Addiction

Mmmm! You know I have many sweet tooth addictions but this is one of the current ones!!

If you've never had this brand, it's super creamy, a little sweet for me, but I can't say no!

And I have bought these twice in the past month and bought an extra one both times! to send as a surprise to a friend that I know likes them too ;) and NEITHER of them made it! I ate them all!:

What's your current addiction?? Or are you trying to be good?! I support that too! I am trying to be good...

Monday, November 10, 2008

A-Mon, More Giveaways, and Cute Coats!

-AccBLOGability Monday! A place where us girls can hold each other accountable in three major areas of our lives: Reading The Bible, Eating Healthy, and Exercising! You can join in on one or all three! I know all of us are encouraged when we hear your stories!

Reading the Bible - Read Matthew pretty much every day except for Fri/Sat, I get a little lazy over the weekends :). It is amazing some of things I forgot in Matt. talking about the power of prayer! I didn't remember that Jesus didn't heal in one town because the people didn't believe! And in another town he healed someone without even being by their side because the man who was talking to Jesus believed he could do it! Amazing! And just reminds me that prayer works! And is sooo powerful! God hears our prayers and wants us to have faith and believe!! Even just of a mustard seed...that teeny tiny seed grows from the smallest little thing into a huuuuge tree!

Eating Healthy - Still making 97% of meals at home and having to be very creative! :) Over the past several weeks I've made a variety of salads. Now I have trouble with salads filling me up, and I usually pair them with, sides like...cheese fries, focaccia pizza, etc., but I've stopped doing that and these have been pretty good at filling me up, at least for a couple hours. :) You can just get a cheap bag of salad, add some fresh spinach, and top it with whatever you like!

Fresh Grilled Salmon Salad with just a little berry dressing (very low in cals!): I forgot to take a pic! But it was really yummy!

Taco Salad

Salad with left over chicken just diced up and a little mix of balsamic vinegar and olive oil! Easy and yummy!

Exercise - We have taken a walk 6/7 days! I so need it and I know it is sooo good for my body!

How did you girls do this week?

-And there are More Giveaways!
Lianna has another awesome giveaway! Vera Bradley girls! Check her out for a great cause!

Southern Accent is having a super cool and super cute giveaway too! She designed these amazing shirts for breast cancer awareness! Check her out!

Glam Life of a House Wife is having a great giveaway too! Check it out!

-Even though it's still in the 70s and 80s here! I love coats! You can always have a great classic trench in your wardrobe! And the pink one is just cute! They say bolds and fuschias are in this fall girls!

Smile!! I hope you have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Huge Step Of Faith

I can't believe I had this conversation this morning!

You all know we just moved to a new state a few months ago. We've been in and out of town several times already so it's been a little difficult to plug in! And we soo want to plug in! :) I mean Mr. Caffeinated is playing flag football and I just went to my first Mommy's group and had a great time. We are sooo excited about getting more involved!

Most of you know that I was a high school Orchestra Director/Conductor. I had three orchestras and taught music theory too :) I LOVED it! I loved teaching that age group (for the most part, haaa!), I loved conducting, I LOVED being surrounded by music as I stood on the podium, I loved figuring out what the composer's intent for their piece of music was to teach my kids, I loved making crazy cookey analogies of how we needed to play the piece or a section of music (sweet, angry, upset, like you found your love, or your puppy just got run over [I know it's terrible, but they got the point!! ;)], like you are arguing about what flavor of ice cream you want, or you are crying, or forgiving, like you're grunting, or blowing the little whispies off a dandelion, or the sun is rising, etc.), I loved how excited I could get them to study a new piece of music (and some not so much :)), to explore 20th century composers, etc etc etc.

Ok, there were some things I didn't like, like administrative stuff and overly cocky high schoolers, but I'll focus on the positive :)

So, the new church we've been going to has really fun and great worship, hymns and new songs. It's pretty much a band with 5 or so singers each week, great harmony, great singers, great worship leader, amazing voice, love the drums and the bass guitar. I kept thinking and saying to Hubby every week, I wonder if they've ever thought of having an orchestra every once in a while along with the same worship?!

I played with several church full orchestras back east and LOVED it (and conducted a couple times too :))! It is such an amazing thing to be able to do something you love and worship God at the same time (and get paid for one of them :))!

Today, God said, ok Caffeinated, you can ask him. They ended up having a worship song at the end of the service today which was perfect for me to talk to the Music Pastor. We stayed until they were done playing everybody out of the sanctuary and planned to meet our friends at the nursery.

So Hubby and I went up to the stage right when they were done, introduced ourselves, and I asked my question! Have you guys ever thought about having an orchestra play with you? I could not believe his response! He was so excited and has been wanting one!!! He has led other churches with 30 piece full orchestras and would love to have a strings section or full orchestra to play with them! I told him my background and he also has a Bachelor of Music! He was a percussionist for some of the symphonies and everything! I told him I played with a string quartet too for events, weddings, etc, and he said oh I have a lot of wedding contacts too that would need a quartet! Whoa!

I know it would be a lot of work but I told him I would be interested in organizing the orchestra if he wanted. We could start rehearsing a couple times a month or once a week. He almost sounded like he might want me to play a little with them before the full orch gets set up too! I am sooo nervous! It's a church of 12,000! I know it sounds big but you know once you get involved it feels so small.

So he took my name and number! And is going to e-mail me this week. I am still kind of shaking I am so excited about it. I couldn't believe how excited he was. He's been at this church for 3 years and has been so wanting this and all of a sudden we move here and God says go for it and here we are! It's a long shot at this point but maybe he would even want to hire me for a few hours a week as part of the music ministry!

I was so excited to get my violin out this past week and start practicing again. It has been too long and I really needed to start doing it...for me, Hubby loves it :), and for the baby too! Is there anything you haven't done for a while that you've been wanting to start doing again? Or something you haven't done before that you want to do? It feels really good! Maybe you should take a step of faith and give it a try too :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Before I Knew It...

...it had been so long since I "cleaned up" my brows, I plucked what could have been a whole additional eye brow!

...every single bowl, plate, spoon, and fork was in the dishwasher or the sink! (sooo unlike me!)

...Hubs is flying out on business again next week!! 6 days!! He just found out! Booo!!

...Hubby, half laughing saying, Weenst can you come get the baby? Our little goofball was gnawing on a glue stick with one hand and had fabric glue in the other...he was being such a good quiet boy playing by himself while I was getting lunch ready!

...I don't have an Et.sy name! I would love your suggestions...all I've come up with so far is FabricCreations...lame! You know somethin' classic, or edgy classic, fun...Thank you thank you in advance girls! ETA: I'm allowed 20 characters! :)

...I found these classic dresses from...


Eliza J

Ann Taylor (uh oh it's either not available anymore of I've got the wrong store?! :))
...I was sitting in the Mommies Group leader's driveway waiting to go in for a GNO, with Hubby on the phone making sure I was in the right place and him telling me it'll be great and to have a great time; worried I was the first one there and it would be awkward, nervous I would act like a dork meeting new (super confident) girls; so self conscious, how's my hair, did I wear the right outfit, do I sound like a total goof? But I had a great time and met some great girls with little ones around BabyBoy's age that want to get together!

Happy Saturday girls! I hope you're having a great one!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

He's a Border Collie and a HipHopster

Hubby compared the baby to a border collie today and I think he's right. :) And our little son chose hiph0p over a children's version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

We had a lovely morning, a long must needed nap for the big guy...he's teething molars, not bad just needs a little more sleep, cuddles, a little more dependent, wants to be held, and maybe a little fussier, or a lot, all of which I love. I love the cuddles, I love the Momma!s and Mommys! up up up!, I love the times that I have to comfort him, and hold him, I get to kiss his sweet head, brush his soft face with my chin as we snuggle, and feel his little squishy soft nose on my bottom lip when I slowly lean down.

It was a tough day at first but turned into a great one. BabyBoy is in testing phase #178. He's such a good boy, but good boys have to test their boundaries too, right?

To us it was the simple act of obeying to sit down before receiving a snack or drink. It is super cute too, if the big guy wants a snack or drink, he either signs food or drink, or asks for something, a "manana" perhaps, then sits down in anticipation of receiving said snack.

But yesterday and today were a different story. There was crying, there was non-obedience. My first thought was actually is he not wanting to sit for a reason. Is his little bum hurting, does he need some Butt Paste (it is a real brand, I promise, we don't need it often but supposedly the best for their sweet little bums, note to preggies)? But he sat in my lap, his high chair, or on the couch, he just appeared to not want to obey.

In the most loving way possible, Mommy and Daddy must win...lesson #2 :) Lesson #1 is they are God's and we need to pray for wisdom on how to raise them! :) It took a little longer this time but we won and he was his sweet little energetic self again. It is amazing what these smart little creatures from God understand. At such a young little precious age, they are cunning manipulators, sweet and very cute, but cunning.

Now is where the collie comes in. He is such an active, and dare I say smart, they all are! :) little guy who loves to try to figure things out and needs something to do (he is soo like his Daddy :)). Most of the time this does not involve playing with actual toys bought from a store. :) He loves to find anything that we handle, anything electronic, or even a plastic bottle or container. Note to the preggies: It is not necessary to buy lots of "toys", stock up on water bottles, tupperware, and some colorful things and they'll be so happy :)

I've been a little bit of a homebody again this week, I mean, we've gone to some parks and walks, and the store once or twice, but since we're tightening the budget why tempt myself? It's soo tempting! :) So Hubby said, he's just like a Border Collie, he has so much energy and just needs to go to more parks or new fun things that will be new places for him to figure out. I definitely agree! I'm going to try to find some new things for us to do in the coming weeks, now I'm accountable and I'll tell you what I find! :)

And finally, Hubs turned on a cd for the baby while we were cooking dinner. After about 30 seconds, the big guy said dunnnn, walked over to the cd changer, squatted down on his little legs, pressed the button for the radio, hiph0p was on (Gettin' J*ggy W*th It, in particular!), and he started walkin around and dancing, even picked up a bear to dance with too, I had to bust some moves too once I heard it! I have to admit I did listen to my share of hiphop in college, but he was not in utero then, haha!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Left To Sing To Myself :)

My car radio is broken! We have to order a new fuse so "read about then fix it Hubby" can fix it, love it, cute and saves money!

What's a girl who loves to sing to anything and everything that comes on the radio or cd like I actually have a mic in my hand and sound like a super star on stage ;), even if I have no idea what the words are, to do in the meantime?

Does anyone else have this problem, I will sing a song, for years, with totally wrong lyrics, and then we'll hear it on the radio and I'll ask Hubs and he'll say the correct lyrics right away! And then I say...ohhh yeahhh! hahahaha!!

How about this oldie? I didn't have the cd but thought this was such a fun turn up the radio roll the windows down drive a little faster kind of song (except I would never listen to super loud music in the car or drive fast because of it ;))! Does it bring back any memories for you? I just remember it being such a popular song in high school!

What music do you have on in your car (or cd player) right now? :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

WW - Are You Lovin It?

We just moved from the east coast to the west! We love the clear and sunny skies! And a view of mountains everywhere! We love the lack of traffic and a bit of a slower pace of life! :) Oh, there's sooo much less traffic here! And it's so easy to just hop on a loop, or an interstate, and get anywhere pretty quick, even if it is miles away! We miss our family and friends back east but are also excited about being close to family out here too :) We don't know exactly where the future years will take us, how many years we'll be here, but we love living life together, and are excited to see what is to come, in God's will :)

Hiking and A real life rainbow!

Do you love where you live? Are you a city chick, a country chick, or a burb chick? I love and am so intrigued learning about our amazing country (and others too :)) and where people live! What do you like, what do you love? Did you just move or are you moving? Do you like your new spot? Where would you move if you could? I look forward to hearing about where you live or want to live!

WW put on by the super cute Angie at Seven Clown Circus!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Have You Ever...

...been in a conversation and felt like you had something in your teeth?? So you act like a total weirdo while talking, trying to smile and guard your mouth at the time? Trying to use your tongue to cover and or wipe the teeth clean that you think might be compromised by chocolate? The whole time thinking they think I'm crazy! Would you say something?

BabyBoy and I met one of our neighbors yesterday on a little walk. I had just stuffed a chocolate chip cookie :) She was sooo nice, we have such amazing neighbors, best we've ever had! :) Then I thought, ok I really need to say something, so I said laughing, I'm sorry I feel like I have chocolate in my teeth! hahaha, she replied also laughing, no you don't, you're good and laughed :)

...had a chipped tooth?! Top right! Look at those cheeks! When he was many months younger and a couple different people were feeding him at different times, they would stop and say...I don't know if he's still chewing on something or if those are just his cheeks!!

...been taking a walk with Hubby, your dogs, or by yourself and kept walking through pockets of a gross swarm of bugs just flying in circles?? Do you nonchalantly jog away or try to run from them and wave your arms incessantly to make sure that you are not going to swallow any...as cars are passing by??

Yesterday we took an awesome, long walk, and kept passing through these pockets of bugs! Gross! I ran, I swatted, and Hubby kept calmly walking with the stroller like there was nothing there! What were the people in the cars thinking? :)

Thank you girls so much for all of your awesome comments yesterday! I can't tell you how much I appreciate them! I'm going to go out and get some more supplies today and get to work! I'm going to do some different designs that I'll show you but if there is a certain color fabric and ribbon you want just leave a comment on the previous post! :) I'm going to take my book over to figure out how much shipping will cost and then I'll get back to you on cost! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Whadda Ya Think Girls?

A recipe book!! It's just a regular small binder, covered in fabric, and fancied up with some ribbon and a bow! :)

You only get a far away pic of the inside because it is so not perfect :) I'm going to tweek the way I do the inside next time :) You know I'm kind of a perfectionist!...:)

Do you think people might buy it on Ets.y? A recipe book in different color fabrics and designs, with fun ribbon and bows would make a great gift right? What do you think? Be honest! If you don't think so, just say, NCF you crazy! I will so not be offended, I promise! :)

Fun Sat Involving CROQUET and A-Mon

Edited :)
Fun and successful Saturday and CROQUET!
We had some fam and friends over for Hubs' B-Day on Sat and had a great time! Thanks for your prayers (for the unspoken prayer about it :)) we had so much fun! We had a lot of food, homemade tacos, lots of different dips for chips, peanut butter cups! And we broke out Croquet! You do not have to be old or wear white to play croquet! :) Have you ever played or played recently? Everyone had a blast playing and watching! I don't know if you can see all the smiles in the pics you may be able to click on it to see closer :)

AccBLOGability Monday is a where we can have accountability, encouragement, and talk about how we are doing eating healthy, exercising, and reading the Bible! I am soo encouraged by you guys! When I hear that you are striving to do better or are doing really well, that makes me want to do even better too! You can pick one or two to focus on or all three! Feel free to join in anytime! Or if you just had an idea for everybody or a recipe to share, I know we'd all love it!

Reading the Bible
I've read a few times this week, am reading through Matthew, and trying to pray throughout the day! I am being reminded or soo many great things! And read and pray with the baby everyday :)

Eating Well
Terrible! Ok, not completely terrible but...we had the fam and some friends over for Hubs' B-Day on Sat and I made lots of sweets and I keep eating them! But we have been making all our food at home which is definitely more healthy, ok except one pizza night (pizza night #2 was a more healthy storemade fresh one :)).

I am going to do so much better this week! I'm motivated to go walking a lot more and the weather is just getting more and more gorgeous here! We did go for a walk to the grocery store yesterday evening (for frozen soft pretzels :) we had melty cheese and I love pretzels with cheese to dip in :) more carbs I know! :))

How did you guys do?? Any new healthy recipes or ideas or motivational words for everybody? :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Couple Stalking

So we just moved to a new state and we are so ready to make some real life friends! You know I love you guys too and I wouldn't trade you for anything...but only one of you (that checks our blog:)) is coming over for dinner or games!!

One of our couples from the east coast moved here about a year ago! Yay! A couple months ago they had their little guy's first birthday party with one of their friends.

We drove about 45 minutes, all dressed and ready, with present in hand! I got out with the baby while Hubs went to park, I did a little knock at the door, and then I figured oh they probably can't hear because the party is going on, so I started to turn the door knob and walked in. Yes, yes I did!

Do you see where this is going??!

The Daddy/hubby comes to the door just as I started to open it, in his just chillin out at home clothes! I said, is this where the birthday party is?? He said, ohh...it's...tomorrow. !!!

I have never done this before and could not even claim pregnancy brain...I thought I read on the invite that it was on Saturday!!! Noo!! It was on Sunday! I couldn't believe it!

So we showed up again the next day and were talking with some of the other couples joking around about the incident. So I said, well we're new the area and we're just looking for new friends anywhere, we just knock on a door and say will you be my friend? haa!!!

So back to couple stalking at church. There is no young marrieds group at our new church, don't worry I've already e-mailed somebody about Hubs and I potentially starting one (it's such a great ministry!) :) Say a prayer that it works out, please :) We'll look around before or after church and say oh there's a couple around our age, they look nice...so we thought, maybe we'll meet a couple people when we pick up BabyBoy from the nursery, or we'll see some couples our age sitting around us during the service and we'll just start talking! Well this has not happened yet!

Until today!

We had just picked up BabyBoy and were outside talking with our new friends who just moved here, yay (we met through other friends just before we all moved) ! There was another couple outside with their new baby. They looked nice and open to saying hello, so I asked how old their baby was. He was 2 months, soo cute! They had another boy about 2 years old! Score :) (kids are definitely not a requirement though ;)!) We exchanged a couple cordial laughs and then went on our way.

Then the sprinklers came on in the grass and as our friends were trying to get their little guy not to go in the sprinklers...Hubby took ours right over to them! haha! I looked over and that other couple was waiting for some friends and she was laughing that Hubs had taken BabyBoy to the water. That opened up a second dialogue! So we talked for another couple minutes...and then I did it...I said we should exchange numbers and get together sometime! As Hubby said, I asked out another couple! Ha! Insert Hubby's thoughts here she's gonna do it, she's going for it, ahh she did it!

Have you ever new friend or couple stalked and/or showed up for a party on the wrong day? Come on confess!

Cracked/chipped tooth pics coming! :)

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