Monday, October 27, 2008

What's The Weather?! and A-Monday!

The high today is 89 degrees!!! With clear not a cloud in the sunny skies! I will be wearing either a sporty shorts and t-shirt or this outfit, and rockin a pair of flip flops.

What is your weather today?? What are you wearing to work or for your day of work at home? :)

And AccBLOGability Monday!

AccBLOGability Monday is a place where we can chat about how we are doing with eating healthy, exercise, and reading the Bible! How much can encouraging each other as women of God in the following three areas benefit our everyday lives!! I know I do better when I get a little push or some encouragement through accountability! You can pick one or two to focus on or all three! Feel free to join in anytime! Or if you just had an idea for everybody or a recipe to share, I know we'd all love it!

Reading The Bible
I have not done very well this week. I did read a few nights (including the night of the spider incident).

Eating Well
Except for a big bowl of ice cream every night last week and waaayy to much munching (sooo much worse when I'm alone) I've been doing pretty well :) Hubby is back now so I'll be back to my non-munching-eating-to-fulfill-the-lack-of-conversation-self, ha! I have been trying my darndess to drink more water! Months ago I got a spankin new water bottle to motivate myself, but I'm still not drinking as much as I should (The one I had gotten one before this one started tasting like pool water and it was too bulky:) it was time for a new one:))!

Oh boy...I haven't really done much of anything...other than carry and chase a 27 lb super sweet running baby. :) I know this might sound a little...dumb...but since I've been hoping waiting on God that I'll have a little bean growing in me, I've been a little hestitant to do heavy exercise...I think we may get another negative this month but we can pray (for God's will...that it is...this time :))!!

How did you do this week? Did you read the whole Bible this week, ha?! Did you exercise like a fiend? Do you have a recipe to share? Do you have advice to kick our bootays and get us in better gear? You can share on your site too, just leave a comment and we'll come on over!

Or What's your weather today??

Oh and you all are soo sweet with your comments from yesterday! Haha, I so did not mean for it to be a look at me look how good I am post!! I just meant it to be fun about food and Hubs return! :) You know I get excited about food. I could soo be a better wife, I could serve more, cook more, dote more, and I really am the lucky one for the man I snagged (well God gave me :))! I mean I did forget to mention that I also had homemade sushi for when he walked in the door too, but that's besides the point! Haaaa! You guys are too sweet anyway!


Lindsey said...

Great job on reading the Bible everyday! AWESOME! I'm def working on doing it everyday! The hubs and I are trying to integrate Bible time in our prayer time. It has been been working really well to pray Psalms!
I'm getting back on track with the whole exercise thing so I'm happy about that.
I am so jealous it is so warm there! It is in the 20s here and supposed to snow today! I am NOT happy about this!
Great post! Happy Monday!

Nicole said...

You are really inspiring me to read the Bible more. The Mr. just said that to me last night. We need to make it a nightly routine!

I just looked on Yahoo for my weather and it says that the high is 67 and the low is 38! Brrr!! It's really pretty out though :)

Miss Anne said...

I've done great on what I've eaten and I've been exercising (even RAN yesterday!), however, I need to get back on track with my Bible reading! I love your reminders!

P.s. ask me how J-e-a-l-o-u-s i am of your weather!


Sandy Toes said...

OH is cold, rainy and I turned on my heat for the first time!!!

Winter is coming sooner than I would like!!Soak in some sun for me!
-Sandy toes

Rebecca Jo said...

Its really chilly here in Indiana....tonight, its going to hit freezing...brrr...just got my summer clothes put up & pulled out the sweaters - just in time!

Renee said...

It is cold and raining here. I am totally jealous about your warm weather.

I think I read my Bible three mornings last week. I would have done better with reading my Bible but my alarm didn't go off two days in a row. It was set correctly and turned on. I ended up getting a new alarm clock since my old one didn't seem to be working right - it was about 17 years old.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

OUr weather is sunny and the high is supposed to be 57 - I think...i sort of missed the weather this morning on the news!!! Sun is out, so that is fine with me!!!

The Farmer Files said...

The high is going to be 84 degrees on the island. I am in shorts and a T shirt!

I am employing read the Bible before blogs...put God first.

I am in my exercise clothes; been eating well.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Just checking in really quick...our high is supposed to be 54 but our GAS prices are now at $2.11 that's enough to warm me up! A-day, doing ok. Gotta go get ready for Bible study tomorrow. love you!

audreyo said...

Hmmmm if baby Bible time with my daughter counts, then I did it 5/7 days. :-p Otherwise adult time zip! :-\
And did I mention this last weekend was CARBOrific? Due entirely to my lack of desire to rein it in...had lots of fun visits with friends and family fuelled by those carbs.
Exercise, not terrible. I usually manage to do at least 4 sesions on the elliptical (and ofen more) per week.

Suzette said...

I'm so jealous! It is finally 53 degrees here today.... It was freezing cold this morning.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I stumbled upon your blog... well I just kept clicking away...Anyhow, fun stuff. I like your blog and the Monday Blog Accountability... even more fun and important. So can I join??
I haven't done to well on Bible reading on a couple of times last week. Eating right... well my horomones and everything are changing and so I am hooked on sweets but I have been trying to eat vegetables too. They even each other out right? Exercise... does carrying around an 18pound chunk count?
Oh and my weather is scorching hot also. 90 something today.

Nancy said...

It's cold for us here in Texas! Barely reached 60 degrees here at the hottest part of the day. When Mark told me it was in the 40s this morning, I turned on the fireplace and have been inside baking and cooking! :)

This working mom said...

Working at the office but walked outside at 8:45 in slacks and a nice top and realized it was HOT! So, went in and put on skirt and dressy sandals for work. I have to admit... I am ready for some fall weather... I will have to read more of the post later and respond to the other more important things. Happy Monday!

Lane said...

Oh I wish I knew what the weather was like outside! I haven't been outside in a few days, but I hear it's been gorgeous! I hate being sick!! blah

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so jealous! It is cold and rainy here - like in the 50's - ugh!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

We had a bit of a cold front come in today--no fun! I'm jealous of your warm weather!

Rebecca Taylor said...

It is 45 degrees outside right now!!! Ahh...I love it!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

84 Degrees.....I am so is 39 Degrees here in Pa and they are calling for SNOW....I am so not ready for winter!

calista said...

It is currently 34 in MISSISSIPPI, did they not get the memo? This is the SOUTH!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

That's awesome you have been so diligent to study God's word! Horray for you! :)

Today was the first day of the year that I have worn a jacket to work. It's currently 28 degrees right now!! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEZING!!

Amy said...

Oh, it's so cold here! I'm jealous!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh goodness, we can't top 89 degrees! It was in the 60s here, though, and beautiful, so I can't complain! :)

New Girl on Post said...

Wow! Now that's some nice weather! It was cool here yesterday. High was in the low 60's. Not what I was expecting for Louisiana at all!

Nancy said...

Hey, it's me again! If you are still interested in posting about Secret Santa, let me know if you want the picture...or you can copy it from the site. I want to get the sign ups done by the end of October or first couple days of November so everyone has time to shop and send! :) Thanks soooooo much!!

Lianna Knight said...

Our weather....cold!! I had on black slacks, silver sweater, and some open-toe heels. I nearly DIED when I stepped out of my car. I had no idea it was that cold until I got to school this morning..YIKES!!

I have been in and out with the Bible this week...the book I'm reading, One Month to Live, has several verses in after I read a chapter in the book, I go look it up in the Bible.

Diet....doing okay....I didn't do too bad when we were our on the boat at the air show.

Now excercise??? I never do good...what is excercise anyway????

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