Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank you thank you thank you and Tagalicious!

Super sweet Becky from Weeksie50 gave me this award! Thank you so much! I love the friendship award!!

The Questions.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? I do have a few friends from childhood that we're still friends with, actually from when we were babies :). I haven't succumbed to facebook yet, but I'm sooo considering it! :)
2. What do you value most about your friends. Honesty is soo important to me :) If someone can tell me I'm crazy or doing something totally ridiculous to my face I consider them a good friend, haa!
3. Are your friends sounding boards. Definitely! I love that I can talk and tell my friends the crazy things going on in my head and they either laugh at me, tell me something I need to hear, or just listen. My best friend (Hubs! :)) definitely gets the majority! :)
4. What is your favorite activity to share with friends. Games or just relaxing! We love to play games and it is such a great way to get to know people better! You just laugh, have fun, and spend such quality time together. I also love when we can just sit and talk while we watch tv (and munch :))! You know you have some great friends when you don't have to go out to do something super adventurous (we love that too :)) you can just have an amazing time just chillin' out and watching some fun shows together :)!

I would love to pass this award to: Drew and Joelle, Amazing Amanda's Adventures, Bits and Pieces of the Browns, Blue-Eyed Bride, All Things in Moddy, and Chapters (oops I miscounted, he)

Tater Tales was super sweet and gave me this award! She is so witty and hilarious you have to check her out :)

With this award, I am supposed to share six things I support and six things I do not support.
6 Things I Support:
1. McCain/Palin!
2. A strong but sensitive, leader of the house Husband (and Daddy) :)
3. Teachers! Such an amazingly important and so underpaid (don't get me started, ha! :)) job!
4. Fried food! (and sushi!)
5. Shopping!
6. Adoption :) There are too many sweet little faces that need a loving home!

6 Things I Do Not Support:
1. Prejudice (I was chewed out by another student in college for being Jewish, so not cool!)
2. People thinking they are better than other people.
3. Raising taxes. for anyone :) (the more money people have in their pockets, the more they can invest back into and fuel the economy! just my opinion, we don't have debate if you don't feel the same way, he :))
4. People who hold back the truth.
5. The excessive use of high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils in everything!
6. Real plants indoors because I can't keep them alive! (except fresh flowers from the Hubs!) Every flower inside our house is fake, but everyone says they look so real! ha :)

I'd like to pass this award to: The Farmer Files
Southern Accent tagged me!

Top four wishes:

  • I didn't think every girl was prettier than me (Hubby says I have a enormo problem :))
  • That I wouldn't worry about what other people thought so much (I'm getting better, I am!)
  • We could be completely debt free (just the mortgage is left :)) so we could help anyone who needs help
  • That I would not be indecisive sometimes! or all the time, no just sometimes, see!

  • Four places I want to travel:
  • Italy
  • Back to Scotland (and to Ireland, haven't been before :))
  • Israel to visit my fam! Before BabyBoy is two and we have to pay for another ticket :)
  • Anywhere and everywhere!! We thought is would be so cool to go on a mission trip to different places and then just stay for some extra time to tour around! Help out where people are needing or needing to hear God's great news (which is everywhere) and then see the country:)

    Four careers I want to be involved:
  • Conducting! I was a high school orchestra director/conductor and LOVED it! One day I will get back on the podium!
  • Events :) I contracted for and performed with a string quartet on the east coast and played weddings, events, parties, for anything, and had a great time! (I love Photography too :))
  • A Caregiving and Serving ministry or work with adoption agencies! If someone needed something I would love to be able to give it to them! And I would love to find a home for every single sweet baby or any age child!
  • My own business/boutique (I know others have said it, but I would love it, and I have soo many ideas! :))
  • Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:

  • Well done good and faithful servant.
  • Here is your family! :)
  • I'm proud of you, you did good!
  • Here's a feast with all your friends and family of all your favorite foods and desserts! Get started and don't stop till you're overly full, and you won't gain a pound :)

  • I tag: Vitafamiliae, What A Sweet Life, The Eekhoff's Plain Life, Nina's Blog, and The Pink Potpourri

    And Becky at Weeksie50 just gave this awesome award! I love it, it is so sweet, and so cute! And I love her blog too! Thank you so much Becky!!

    I would love to pass this award to: Buzzings of A Queen Bee, Sleep Is Negotiable, Footballs and Crowns, Shell In Your Pocket, and Make Mine a Mojito.

    I had to pass the same number of awards as the people who awarded them to me so please don't be upset with me! I feel so bad that I couldn't give one to everybody. I don't want anyone to feel left out! It is so difficult because I love every single one of your blogs and want to give one to every single one of you!! Every. single. one!!


    AO said...

    I totally hear you on the syrup/hydrog'ed oils. I found out today they're in the whole grain pasta I made my daughter for lunch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    Mojito Maven said...

    You want to be a conductor? I think that is the coolest career I have seen posted out on blog land so far. I only wish I were that talented.

    AND, thank you so much for my award!!!!!!!! I've never seen this one before and it's really cute!

    Rebecca Taylor said...

    Congratulations on your awards and I love your tags!

    I love your blog!

    Liz said...

    Ok, have you seen those corn syrup commercials about how it's really ok and healthy? Makes me so mad!!! Thanks for the giveaway list!

    Lindsey said...

    Good tag answers!!! And congrats on the awards!=)

    Weeksie50 said...

    lol- I feel the same way too.
    I always think, I sure hope I don't upset anyone!!

    Congrats on all your awards. You deserve them...

    I have never seen that funky crystal shaped one..

    Rae said...

    Yay for all of your fabulous awards!!!!

    I am sooooooo with you and your first 3 "Top Four Wishes"!!!! I too have an enormo problem with comparing myself to others and worrying about what they think!!!!! We'd love to be debt free as well! Paying the mortgage and one car payment every month stinks!!!!

    Britni and Justin said...

    I loved reading all of your answers! Congrats on all of your awards!

    NMB said...

    Thanks for the Tag! You are so sweet and you deserve all of your awards... Go girl!

    The Farmer Files said...

    Mahalo....ahhh I am so behind on giving out awards and blogging in general. Most fascinating thing...I didn't know you HEARTED adoption so much!!! Me too! My friend Patty is coming back from China with her baby girl. I can't wait!

    Joelle said...

    you sweet thing! thank you!!! gosh, girl, that is a lot of awards! congrats.

    ♥B said...

    Congrats on your awards!!

    Sandy Toes said...

    That is so very cute!!! Thank you Thank you!!! I am going to post it right now!!!
    -sandy toes

    Sandy Toes said...

    I have something for you....hee hee!!!

    ~Mrs. Guru~ said...

    Congrats on your awards!!

    Lane said...

    Awww!!! Aren't you so sweet! THANK YOU for my award!!! I like this one because it's new and too sweet!

    Whew, I have got to get busy on that post. So much going on right now! Thank you for your sweet post. I'll be looking forward to y'all's (is that right!?!) advise!! :)

    Thanks again!

    My home - My life said...

    WOW - congrats on all of your awards!

    Blue-Eyed Bride said...

    thank you so much for the award!!! i'll get my act together today and repost it! :)

    Shannon said...

    Congrats on all your awards!!

    Amy said...

    Aw, thanks, sweet girl!

    Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

    Thank you so much for the award! I am so excited and flattered! And congrats on all your lovely awards...very much deserved! Have a wonderful weekend!

    tatertales said...

    Congrats on all your awards! The more you write, the better your blog gets!

    Hollie said...

    thanks so much!

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