Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Friends, and the Interceptonator!

Here are the pics I finally got together for you from last week! :)

Pumpkin Patch!!! Ok, the pumpkin patch part was cute but the hay ride was soo unfortunately lame. I will stay positive though and not show the pictures I took unless you really want to see them :) Here is the narrative of them...And to your left is an open waste field with dried up gourds and broken wood...and to your right is another open field and in the distance a W-lmart. Just not the same as the one we had on the east coast :) We still had a great time as a fam though! The following pics are so not the best pics of me but I'm letting 'em fly bc well they're the only ones we have :)

This was the first time I have ever touch an alligator! Don't judge this picture! It was reptile day at the PP! Have you ever heard of that before? Ha!

I just love this pic :)

He couldn't go inside the bouncer so we just bounced on the step! He was laughing and giggling and had a grand ole time...on the teeny little sweet :)

Feeding the animals! :) That goat was so not interested!

Playing in the parking lot :) Oh I so dislike my profile pics, please ignore, just look at the smiling baby :)!

Then we had a friends over for dinner. We went to the same church and the same couples Sunday school class back east! They have a little guy just a few months younger than BabyBoy!

I made Giada's Lasagna Rolls! If you have not made this dish, you have to make it!! It is such a crowd pleaser! Every time we have people over that we either haven't had over before or not for long time, I make these! And I add about a 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef too! Yummy! I love meat :)!

And I made homemade whole wheat herb rolls...hmmm...can you smell the scent of fresh baked bread? They actually turned out super yummy (I altered the recipe a little :))...well I let them rise a little longer than I needed to so they were not as round as I would have liked but nonetheless, yummy! If you want the recipe let me know! It's super easy!! You only have to let the dough rise once! You divide the dough shape them on a greased cookie sheet, let them rise for about 30-45 min and then bake for about 25 min! Easy sqeezey!

Oh my gosh, please excuse the look of unwashed silverware. They really are clean!

Then we got together with some new awesome friends! I am not joking you, both of these couples have moved here from exactly where we moved from! We met through other friends found out all three of us were moving and voila, fun! They both have little baby boys within three months of Crazy Sweet Guy!

This is CSG and J (belongs to the couple on the left of the couch). Do they not look totally guilty or what?! Other little J is with his Grandparents (couple in the middle), they are moving here in just a couple weeks! Yeah!!

And last Sunday night Hubs had his first flag football game of the season! He's playing with the new church that we're going to. He made 6 or 7 catches and at least one interception! Woohoo, that's my man!! I screamed so loud I scared the baby and he cried, poor little guy, he was sitting in my lap with his back to me, we were reading a book, so he couldn't even see it coming :)

Soo, Hubs' football nickname from back east (go Alpacas!) still stands true...The Interceptonator!

These were from the game last night :) And yes that is a bag of avocado sushi, I made it again!!

I love action shots! He's the super cutie on the far right of the pic! He can so smoke anyone he guarding and totally read the QB! A ton of the time the QB will throw to the opposite side of where Hubs is :) He'll stand off a little letting 'em think they can get a completion...but he comes...oooh interception! Ha! :)

He is such an all american play any sport guy, plays lots of different sports, and rocks at all of them :) ok I'll stop bragging on my Hubs :)!

Does anyone else think it is so sexy when your man plays sports?! and it doesn't hurt when they win :)

AccBLOGability Monday next week, so keep eating well, exercising, and reading your Bible, we'll check in on that next week ladies!


Mojito Maven said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of you and the aligator is a total framer...hilarious!!!!!

i need to go to a pumpkin patch ASAP and take cute photos

Lindsey said...

Wow you are quite the hostess!! I love the pictures and I love that you bring avacado sushi! I need to learn to make it!

Lianna Knight said...

I absolutely LOVE the pic of babyboy with the Champs shirt on....he is just adorable! I'm dying to sqeeze those cheeks :)

The Farmer Files said...

Your pics are of these days i am going to make hubs take me to Roloff know Little People Big World? Ha ha.

kinsey said...

is that presley reader?!?! we went to high school together! ha. small world. and yes, my scott plays sports and is always the fastest and the best on every team. i'm proud too ;-)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such great pictures of you guys! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Monogrammed Teacher said...

Your baby is so ADORABLE!! Its neat that you have made such good friends... its such a small world!

Sandy Toes said...

Okay..what great pictures! I looked...tried to zoom...what is that necklace you are wearing???

Yes, my husband plays sports..but there is nothing sexier than when he empties the dishwasher!
-Sandy Toes

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The pumpkin patch pictures are all look like you had so much fun!!

Acacado sushi to are a riot!

Miss Anne said...

You and your family are adorable. Full of positive energy!

Your little muffin is so cute!


Hollie said...

Great pics!
Beautiful table setting.....quite impressive my friend!

baby boy is ADORABLE!!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

The profile pic of you and the baby is so CUTE! I love it!

Megan said...

Cute pictures!! I love going to the pumpkin patch!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I love these pictures! I want the avacado sushi recipe!! :)

Mom To Six said...

Your little man is adorable!!

I love Giada! I bookmarked your dinner...sounds scrumptious!


Renee said...

Great pictures!

Now I want to come for dinner; it sounded great.

Weeksie50 said...

I loved all of these pictures..
I loved that alligator one.. so fun.
Wow, you guys had a great time..

SouthernAccent said...

Cute pics! Reptile day at the PP, humm, never heard that one! That pic of the little guy in the football shirt is adorable!

Baby Mama said...

I loved all your pictures! You are too funny! Dont be so down on yourself, you are beautiful!!
Love the table setting too ~ so pretty.
I really enjoy your blog! Have a great day!

LyndsAU said...

I love that you put up all of those pics. Too cute! Your little one is so adorable! i love the pumpkin patch pics :)
PS-yes I agree, when my hubs plays sports... he is EXTRA hott :)

Carrie said...

What a cutie your baby boy is~I have never heard of reptile day at a pumpkin patch either weird. And your table looked great!

Carolyn said...

You touched an alligator???!!! Bravo, my friend! Your little boy is SOOOOO sweet!!
And yes, I love it when I
A) have a man :) and
B) when I can watch him play sports....I just think its uuber sexy!!

Jess said...

I love watching my hubby play sports, but he doesn't like when I come to watch his games... He's always been like that. He even told his mom (when he was in high school), in the middle of a game, to sit down and be quiet, better yet go HOME! He gets really self-conscious... So we only go see him every now and then :)

Shannon said...

Wow! Ya'll a busy couple of days! Everything looked great and your meals sounded delicious! You are quite the cook! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Your post made me want to cook lasagna rolls right now!

Amy said...

Cute pictures...looks like ya'll had fun! And how neat that you have other couples from where you are with kids the same age!

Tater Mama said...

I love the picture of your little boy in the brown t-shirt! What a pose!

melissa said...

I love the picture with the cute!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love the picture of the little one looking at you just laughing in your face....too precious!

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