Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OE 08! and SS!

Do you want to do an ornament exchange this year?!

As many people who want can enter and then everyone will be paired up at random, exchange addresses with each other, send away, and get a new shiny ornament from a blogging (or real) buddy to put on your tree!!

If you blogging queens are interested, I'll get it set up and started and everyone can start signing up and we can spread the word!! I think it would be really fun!!!

I was thinking or Secret Santa, but I think the ornaments might be a little easier for everyone and cost effective too :) Let me know what you think?

And go check out Nancy's blog, she's doing a really neat Secret Santa for Health!!!


Sandy Toes said...

How fun..yes, I would do one!
-sandy toes

Monogrammed Teacher said...

I would love to do one too! Sign me up!

Carrie said...

That sounds great count me in!

Faith said...

Yes, yes, yes! That would be fun!!!

Rebecca Taylor said...

Count me in!

Miss Anne said...

Count me in! I'd love to participate!

Maricriss said...

Yes that sounds like so much fun. Count me in!

Megan said...

This sounds like a lot of fun!

EJ & Roo said...

count us in!!!

Adam & Jessica said...

Count me in!

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