Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Moving!

Happy Friday!!!

I hope you all are having a great Friday so far! Is it fall at your house yet? Can you tell me about it? Give details, talk about the trees, the crisp weather...please tell me how it is? Use lots of adjectives. Are you wearing a jacket yet? Boots? Cute boots? It's still in the 90s, just tell me something so I can live through you for fall. I have to say I do love the sunny weather!

It's moving! What's moving?! AccBLOGability Fridays is moving to Monday! What is AccBLOGability Friday?

What: It's a fun open and honest place where we, woman, can help a sista out, and be accountable in a fun way for three areas we are all striving to do better in!

Why: Everybody is busy right? You either work at a workplace where you have to sit a lot or you are running around so much you have to grab what you can to sustain yourself or you work at home and there is never enough time to do everything! What if you had some encouragement from your Christian friends?! People!

Including: We all know that it's important but do we really do it enough? Reading The Bible that is! We are supposed to know what is written in God's word but is it difficult for you to get in a routine of it? Are you not sure what to read? What to study? Or do you totally know it from front to back and can recite as a monologue or dramatic reading? We are surrounded by Christian girls who can give great suggestions, encouragement, and fun ideas!

And: the sometimes dreaded Exercise! Do you exercise all the time? Or are you in a rut? Do you need some friends to kick your bootay?? Do you have excuses? You do? I do to? But you don't, well aren't you just...the bomb...ok I won't use that again, ha! Let's help each other out peeps! I have a great suggestion for you on Monday! It includes your butt, thighs, and the alphabet, oh yeah!

And!: Eating heathily! Have you gained a few for some reason (sweets) or another (fried food). Mine is definitely some reason and another! Or are you already totally rockin' and just want to keep up your already good work? I was, key word friends, eating so well for so long (with Hubs' help that is!) and I fell back into the pit of candy and junk. We have been out of town! Do I get that? No, no I don't. Ok, well...Back to it! Recipes! Everyone shares healthy recipes that we can try and start dropping some pounds and unclogging some arteries!

Huh?: You don't have to do all three if you don't want to, you can do only what you need if you want, but I know everyone would love suggestions anyway! And a few other great girls, MM, B-EB, and FFF, are starting a Weight W@tchers Wed so maybe we can all work together!

Yes, this still says Friday but alas I have to go get the baby so you'll see the new new and improved button on Monday!

Sooo, get ready for Monday! We'll talk at the beginning of the week about how we did the previous week and share share share!! Let's be a great support for each other! We all need some encouragement don't we? And if you don't, well then you're just an iron woman, and should produce your own work out video!

Oooh if you had to have your own workout video what would it be called???

Are you in? Or still in? Or ready to join in?

Not to bring the hype down, but I took a negative pregnancy test the other day, and was a little was quite early, but I was just thinking that bc I would certainly be preg, it would show up right away even though it was early, I try to kid myself like that. So there's still hope this month, we would love your prayers. But of course and you can add this too, If it's God's will. I'm all over that, but can still ask right? But I keep adding on everytime I ask Him, if it's Your will, please, I'm mean if it's your will, but we'd really love it, but only if it's Your will...phew that's tough. Happy Friday friends!!


Miss Anne said...

I totally wanna be a part of your AccBlogAbility!!!

Those are three aspects that I, pesonally struggle with.. life gets busy and crazy, and sometimes we need to remember to take time for the important stuff.. like taking care of ourselves!

:) Looking forward to Monday!

***thinking good thoughts for you (babywise)***

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i totally need accblogability. that's why we started WWW, but we can be a part of all of it. all working together sounds fantastic!!! i struggle with all three of these things.

i'm ready to be pregnant, too, but my husband is not :(

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

That is SUCH a great idea with your accblogability! SO GOOD! I love it!

Heather said...

Cool, I'll make a mental note of the date change!

Hey since your Fridays are now free you can donate them to fashion - I'm sure Big Mama wouldn't mind if you borrowed her title "Fashion Friday". Only instead of giving advice to readers like she usually does, you can just tell us what you like that's out there and where the bargains are! Just a thought!

Ooh... you could call it Fabulous Fashion Friday or Fashionably Fabulous Fridays - you get the idea ;).

Krysta said...

I'd love to be a part of your AccBlogAbility Monday's. I need to work on all 3 areas. Praying for you.....

Lindsey said...

I want to be a part of AccBlogAbility! That is the coolest idea!!
It is def fall here in Michigan! The leaves are changing, the weather is very chilly so I'm sporting my favorite sweatshirt!

Liz said...

So so sorry about the negative test. I'll say a prayer for you today.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

SO nice to find your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine and participating in my giveaway. It's been a fun week!

It's me Suzette! said...

I love your prayer! So honest! Just remember that God knows the desires of your heart! I will put you on my p-list! How exciting that you guys are trying for baby #2!

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