Friday, October 31, 2008


BabyBoy's tooth! A little piece of the bottom is cracked off! Front right top tooth, cracked.

We have no idea how it happened! I mean he is a little speedster, has little regard for what might happen, trots full speed, without warning, he bites it into the carpet (or ceramic tile :)). Ok, the majority of the time he catches himself with his hands, but, there he goes. :)

The other day he slid down the slide at the park for one of his first times not holding our hands. He did such a great job and then right at the landing almost landed it beautifully then fell face first into the sand!! He had a mouth and bottom teeth full of sand, a sand goatee, even some sand around his eyes. Our friends were there to attest, he did not even fuss once, in the slightest bit. He just took some sips of water to wash it down. Well first we wiped the small bucketfull out first :) I felt so bad (but was also laughing on the inside, ok well a little on the outside too!).

Back to the tooth! At church last week, we picked him up, woman said oh he did great I had to pick him up and give him a big hug he's so cute, it didn't hurt that he walked right up to her and said up up up until she picked him up :) ahh cute!

As we were walking out it looked like he had dried blood in his nose! Huh?! Dried blood? A bloody nose? Nobody said anything, it was the oddest thing.

He rarely has bruises, scraps, or cuts, but he definitely bites it into the floor a lot!

He's going to look like a pirate!!! It's not going to fall out for years! We're going to have to teach him to say, arrr maytee!! Noo!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate!!

Today is my Hubby's 29th Birthday!!!

There are soo many things that I love about my incredible husband so in honor of his 29th birthday, here are only 29 of them...

I love...
~how you put your hand on my face and tell me I'm beautiful
~your fun and cookey sense of humor
~how you serve me all the time (with food, getting my contact case and glasses while we chill and watch tv, going to the store anytime I need an ingredient that I forgot about, much more)
~your blend of cute, hot, and sexyness! (and the shape of your face)
~that you are such an awesome athlete (he jokes with everyone that I say he could be pretty much any pro player, especially tennis, baseball, or even basketball...he so could!)
~you are the most amazing Daddy...ever...better than my wildest dream!
~how you make me laugh all the time...even when I don't want to
~how tight you hold me especially when I really need it
~that you tell me you love me more than I can count in a day
~that you go shopping with me or watch a tv show that I want just to spend time with me
~the way you hold, snuggle, look at, and your sweet voice as you talk to our baby
~that you love me for me, all the time, without exception
~how you take care of me like I could have never imagined
~that you are Godly gentlemen of a man (come rain, no hands free, or shine :))
~if something needs to get done you do it right away! (you are so helping me in this area :))
~how much you've taught me about sports, politics, and being a better woman of God
~from the beginning of our relationship to we have taken interest in each other's interests
~that you want to help me fulfill any dreams I have
~that you tell me I don't need to wear makeup (oh silly Hubby!)
~how you always sits behind me on the couch while we're watching tv so I can lean on you and you play with my hair
~how you puts my needs (and our baby's) above his own (it's truly incredible)
~that you are slow to anger and put me in check when I'm not
~how amazing and dedicated you are to any job
~how you are raising a Godly man out of our son
~how you always want to do the right thing by anybody
~you want to provide everything possible for me and BabyBoy
~you look at the positive in everything and are such an encouraging person
~you are such a family man, you would do anything for either of our families, and you put all of us and them above work
~you tell me that you will watch the baby so I can get involved in any and every women's group at our new church, to meet new ladies and make new friends
~you are so sensitive to other peoples wants, while we hang out, or with decisions with what to do together
~when you laugh so hard that you are just cracking up with reserve
~you call me all the time when you're away just to check on me, tell me you love and miss me, and the way you ask can I talk to Big (another nickname for the baby:))
~you remind me that our fertility and the distance between our childrens is all in God's timing
~when you tell me that I need to go shopping or do something for myself

So there were some extras in there, but I could keep going too! Ahh the cheese, what can I say, I love him and I couldn't live without him!

I love you B, more and more everyday! You are an incredible man and I thank you for always being there for me and our baby boy! Happy Birthday Hubby!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hahaha!!! and I Can't Stop!!

Ok these made me laugh:

~We went to a cute little kids fair over the weekend! They had firefighters and their fire truck for kids to explore and police men and a police car with all its door open and later with its lights on inside the fair. Hubs said he wanted to run as fast as he could...dive through the open doors of the police car...look around...brush himself off...and then walk away like nothing happened! haaaaa! :)

I feel like I don't have a big enough smile in this pic, I'm still tweeking my smile for pictures, ha! If it's too big, my mouth looks crooked and funny, and if it's not big enough, then I don't feel like I look like I'm having fun, but I am!! Am I alone in this? You have so practiced in a mirror haven't you? haa! :)

~Hubs made Bean-Henge and some smiley faces with green beans with the baby on the baby's tray during dinner last night! He's teaching creativity! I was just cracking up as he was making the different faces, one had a goatee, some had funny hair sprigs, one had a mustache (that at first was with a short bean that looked like bad person in Jewish history, so he had to use a longer stash to be more appropriate! :))

Here are the two culprits :)

~Hubs walked into the family room the other day to discover something really heavy or awkward in the middle of the room, we knew it wasn't either of us so...he called it Baby-Henge!

And I can't stop...baking! I love baking but everything is a carb! I do make everything with whole wheat flour (and most of the time cut down on some sugar and butter) but still! It's so yummy! Blueberry pancakes, cookies, more cookies, blueberry scones, frozen blueberries are soo easy and healthy, more blueberry scones (Sunday morning and then Tues morning), bread, and homemade cheese fries!! I can't stop!

I love trays! But this one's leather so I had to put a towel in it to protect from hot or water :) I got Hubs tea, my decaf coffee, and BabyBoy's milk, and headed outside to enjoy the weather on the porch!

Ooh and I made chocolate meringues topped with crushed walnuts yesterday! I'm so excited that I can make really good meringues here since the weather is so dry :) the humidity makes them moosh :) One batch makes about 4 dozen and each one is about 10 calories! A yummy light, fluffy, sweet dessert!

I didn't have a icing bag so I just made my own out of a baggie :) So they're not the prettiest but their yummy!

Happy Wednesday! Ooh I'd so appreciate if you say a little prayer for something I'm hoping works out to be fun on Sat (I'll tell you more tomorrow :))

OE 08! and SS!

Do you want to do an ornament exchange this year?!

As many people who want can enter and then everyone will be paired up at random, exchange addresses with each other, send away, and get a new shiny ornament from a blogging (or real) buddy to put on your tree!!

If you blogging queens are interested, I'll get it set up and started and everyone can start signing up and we can spread the word!! I think it would be really fun!!!

I was thinking or Secret Santa, but I think the ornaments might be a little easier for everyone and cost effective too :) Let me know what you think?

And go check out Nancy's blog, she's doing a really neat Secret Santa for Health!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Not Ours

We think that everything we have is ours. Our home, our car, our clothes, our things, and our money. But most of us forget that it isn't. It isn't ours at all. It's God's. And we are just here to manage and be good stewards of His mo-nay!


God has given us everything. No? He determines at a given point in time how much we'll make, whether or not we lose our jobs, and He should determine how we spend our money.

What! :)

Hubs and I have never really been huge spenders, well especially him...I am a woman:), and a bargain hunter, you all know I drive myself crazy trying to find or negotiate the best deal, oh crazy! But even more recently we have been trying to tighten our wallets.

The Bible talks about canceling out or not holding onto any debt for over seven years. Whoa! We all know that this is a tough market to be in, but we are also not supposed to live above our means.

Whoa :)

Part of the reason for our move was to get rid of debt. We worked on one at a time, paying the cars off first. Then because of our move I'm so excited that we were able to pay off my student loans!! So now, the mortgage (lower since we moved) is left...deep breath :)

We try to save money by not having cable, a home phone, eating out toooo much :) How do you save?

We use credit cards but we never carry a balance to the next month. Come on 1-3% cash back :) The cash envelope system is said to be the best because we don't feel as attached to handing over a piece of plastic as when cash leaves our hands, that's a different story. Supposedly one can save 5-10% by just using cash! We almost went to that system but with Hubs new budget, a new system, and a new perspective, I think know we I will stick to it. :)

Believe me, it is not the easiest thing to discuss. Not spending money! That is no fun! I'm not saying none of our conversations were "discussions", but by listening to each other, we keep learning more great things about each other (Amy just wrote about that too, soo true!). I had to let Hubby know that I felt really restricted when I was younger, we didn't have a lot of money, we couldn't buy a lot of things, I had to work to pay for car, college, etc., so I didn't want to feel that again by feeling restricted now! But the budget should really be freeing to feel ok about spending the money you allot for yourself each month and with the renewed idea of it being God's money anyway :)

Right? :)

Our church is doing a new series on finances. It is a pretty awesome but pretty touchy sermon series. We like this church more each week. It is the largest church we've ever been to! But we both have to say that it is the least candy coated (though you know we loved our previous church, shout out friends!). The pastors are wonderfully convicting about a lot great things and practice what they preach :)!

The #1 factor, secret, key, that will help any of us be financially free is giving to God! Sounds weird, how will giving money away, help us financially? The Bible talks about giving back to God our first 10%! That sounds like a lot, but if we take our money into our own hands, who knows if it is really going where it should.

10-10-80. 10% to God. 10% to savings. 80% to live on. And then we can give to other organizations after that if we want to. That's the idea. :)

We have heard sooo many stories of people who have been in a really tough place financially but if they kept giving to God and didn't stop because they thought they didn't have enough money or started giving to God, they were sooo incredibly blessed.

Pretty amazing! Not that that should be our sole motivation :)

Hubs and I have always tried to tithe 10% but have not always been consistent for some reason or another. God has always blessed us and we want to make sure that we give to him what He has given to us!

So it's great to buy the newest and latest clothes, or a little something here or there, but are we giving to God first? Is it necessary to make that purchase? Is it furthering God's kingdom? I totally agree though that we need to spend some for ourselves too, some days you just need a PS Latte, but I think it's a great reminder to think about why we are really on this earth anyway...

Just a thought! :) Whachya think?

If anyone is interested in hearing the sermons on being financially free just let me know and I can e-mail you the link. It's based on a book (and the Bible :)) as well. And it's a pretty good, kick your bootay, and change your perspective series :) Or I know you probably already have it but, if you have a question on how much to allocate to each part of your budget, I can let you know the research Hubs did for ours :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

What's The Weather?! and A-Monday!

The high today is 89 degrees!!! With clear not a cloud in the sunny skies! I will be wearing either a sporty shorts and t-shirt or this outfit, and rockin a pair of flip flops.

What is your weather today?? What are you wearing to work or for your day of work at home? :)

And AccBLOGability Monday!

AccBLOGability Monday is a place where we can chat about how we are doing with eating healthy, exercise, and reading the Bible! How much can encouraging each other as women of God in the following three areas benefit our everyday lives!! I know I do better when I get a little push or some encouragement through accountability! You can pick one or two to focus on or all three! Feel free to join in anytime! Or if you just had an idea for everybody or a recipe to share, I know we'd all love it!

Reading The Bible
I have not done very well this week. I did read a few nights (including the night of the spider incident).

Eating Well
Except for a big bowl of ice cream every night last week and waaayy to much munching (sooo much worse when I'm alone) I've been doing pretty well :) Hubby is back now so I'll be back to my non-munching-eating-to-fulfill-the-lack-of-conversation-self, ha! I have been trying my darndess to drink more water! Months ago I got a spankin new water bottle to motivate myself, but I'm still not drinking as much as I should (The one I had gotten one before this one started tasting like pool water and it was too bulky:) it was time for a new one:))!

Oh boy...I haven't really done much of anything...other than carry and chase a 27 lb super sweet running baby. :) I know this might sound a little...dumb...but since I've been hoping waiting on God that I'll have a little bean growing in me, I've been a little hestitant to do heavy exercise...I think we may get another negative this month but we can pray (for God's will...that it is...this time :))!!

How did you do this week? Did you read the whole Bible this week, ha?! Did you exercise like a fiend? Do you have a recipe to share? Do you have advice to kick our bootays and get us in better gear? You can share on your site too, just leave a comment and we'll come on over!

Or What's your weather today??

Oh and you all are soo sweet with your comments from yesterday! Haha, I so did not mean for it to be a look at me look how good I am post!! I just meant it to be fun about food and Hubs return! :) You know I get excited about food. I could soo be a better wife, I could serve more, cook more, dote more, and I really am the lucky one for the man I snagged (well God gave me :))! I mean I did forget to mention that I also had homemade sushi for when he walked in the door too, but that's besides the point! Haaaa! You guys are too sweet anyway!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Food!!! Tradition! And a Sweet Welcome Home!

I survived!!! Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and movie suggestions, I didn't end up getting to the video store this time!!! Don't worry I'll still get 'em! :)

Before the Hubs goes on a business trip, I love to make him favorite treats that he can take for snacks on the plane or for late nights! I also try to make him a big dinner and a big breakfast in the morning before he goes!

He loves these Apple Muffins! Made with whole wheat flour and honey for the sweetner :)

Chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

So this time I made, what else, sushi for an appetizer! I made tuna rolls this time too! Yummy!!! A lot of you have asked so here is your sushi roll tutorial!!!

The store was out of salmon (on sale :)), out of it!! So I got a stuffed salmon, the price wasn't too bad, and it looked yummy! And I made sweet potato fries. I just cut 'em, threw 'em on a sprayed cookie sheet, tossed 'em in one tablespoon of olive oil, salted 'em, and let 'em cook!! 450 degrees! It was great and they weren't deeply fried but had the little crunch on the outside and soft on the inside (well even moreso if I wouldn't have left them in so long :)...oops :))

Gotta have the sushi with wasabi, soy sauce, and chopsticks!!

For breakfast fresh pressed coffee, ok it was decaf but it was really yummy :), Godiv@ decaf, soooo yummy! My Mom got some clearanced, gave us some, delicious!

And whole wheat blueberry pancakes, thick sliced whole wheat bread french toast, turkey sausage (last week was turkey bacon), diced potatoes (in the oven! I'm so pumped about doing them in the oven, so much less fuss, and less fat!), and an over easy egg!

Hubby is back now!!! Here are Sweet Crazy Guy and Daddy reunited! SCG was soooo excited to see him! I kept him up late so Hubs could see him when he got home :) There were laughs like crazy, lots of smiles, and some sweet cuddles!

Here's a short video of our super excited goofy 16 mo old for Daddy to be home and another new word - "gorgeous"!!

Happy Weekend!!! Hope you're having a good one! We're watching our friends little guy tonight, church tomorrow, flag football game tomorrow night :) I look forward to hearing what you've been up to! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Herd of 'Em?!

I was reading my Bible the other night when I felt a little tickle on my arm. You so know the feeling and when it doesn't go away you have to do something about it before it drives you crazy! So I went to itch it a little. It was not just any tickle!!! It was a teeny tiny spider!!! Gross, eww, ewww, ewww!!!

Then what do you do? What else but look around like a maniac like there's going to be a whole herd of 'em following!!

Next thought, where did it come from? How did it get there?? Are there more??

Now tens of spiders are going to crawl in and out of my mouth tonight! Oh my gosh have you ever heard that?? Supposedly eight spiders crawl in and out of your mouth while you're sleeping! hahahaha! Don't get paranoid now, I'm sorry!

THEN, I finally settled down and continued to read when a little piece of my hair fell onto my face! I jumped up off the bed so quick and started slapping myself in the face thinking it was another spider!

I realized it was just my hair...and then thought, maybe it wasn't my hair!!! I did eventually fall asleep and got over it, haaa!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank you thank you thank you and Tagalicious!

Super sweet Becky from Weeksie50 gave me this award! Thank you so much! I love the friendship award!!

The Questions.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? I do have a few friends from childhood that we're still friends with, actually from when we were babies :). I haven't succumbed to facebook yet, but I'm sooo considering it! :)
2. What do you value most about your friends. Honesty is soo important to me :) If someone can tell me I'm crazy or doing something totally ridiculous to my face I consider them a good friend, haa!
3. Are your friends sounding boards. Definitely! I love that I can talk and tell my friends the crazy things going on in my head and they either laugh at me, tell me something I need to hear, or just listen. My best friend (Hubs! :)) definitely gets the majority! :)
4. What is your favorite activity to share with friends. Games or just relaxing! We love to play games and it is such a great way to get to know people better! You just laugh, have fun, and spend such quality time together. I also love when we can just sit and talk while we watch tv (and munch :))! You know you have some great friends when you don't have to go out to do something super adventurous (we love that too :)) you can just have an amazing time just chillin' out and watching some fun shows together :)!

I would love to pass this award to: Drew and Joelle, Amazing Amanda's Adventures, Bits and Pieces of the Browns, Blue-Eyed Bride, All Things in Moddy, and Chapters (oops I miscounted, he)

Tater Tales was super sweet and gave me this award! She is so witty and hilarious you have to check her out :)

With this award, I am supposed to share six things I support and six things I do not support.
6 Things I Support:
1. McCain/Palin!
2. A strong but sensitive, leader of the house Husband (and Daddy) :)
3. Teachers! Such an amazingly important and so underpaid (don't get me started, ha! :)) job!
4. Fried food! (and sushi!)
5. Shopping!
6. Adoption :) There are too many sweet little faces that need a loving home!

6 Things I Do Not Support:
1. Prejudice (I was chewed out by another student in college for being Jewish, so not cool!)
2. People thinking they are better than other people.
3. Raising taxes. for anyone :) (the more money people have in their pockets, the more they can invest back into and fuel the economy! just my opinion, we don't have debate if you don't feel the same way, he :))
4. People who hold back the truth.
5. The excessive use of high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils in everything!
6. Real plants indoors because I can't keep them alive! (except fresh flowers from the Hubs!) Every flower inside our house is fake, but everyone says they look so real! ha :)

I'd like to pass this award to: The Farmer Files
Southern Accent tagged me!

Top four wishes:

  • I didn't think every girl was prettier than me (Hubby says I have a enormo problem :))
  • That I wouldn't worry about what other people thought so much (I'm getting better, I am!)
  • We could be completely debt free (just the mortgage is left :)) so we could help anyone who needs help
  • That I would not be indecisive sometimes! or all the time, no just sometimes, see!

  • Four places I want to travel:
  • Italy
  • Back to Scotland (and to Ireland, haven't been before :))
  • Israel to visit my fam! Before BabyBoy is two and we have to pay for another ticket :)
  • Anywhere and everywhere!! We thought is would be so cool to go on a mission trip to different places and then just stay for some extra time to tour around! Help out where people are needing or needing to hear God's great news (which is everywhere) and then see the country:)

    Four careers I want to be involved:
  • Conducting! I was a high school orchestra director/conductor and LOVED it! One day I will get back on the podium!
  • Events :) I contracted for and performed with a string quartet on the east coast and played weddings, events, parties, for anything, and had a great time! (I love Photography too :))
  • A Caregiving and Serving ministry or work with adoption agencies! If someone needed something I would love to be able to give it to them! And I would love to find a home for every single sweet baby or any age child!
  • My own business/boutique (I know others have said it, but I would love it, and I have soo many ideas! :))
  • Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:

  • Well done good and faithful servant.
  • Here is your family! :)
  • I'm proud of you, you did good!
  • Here's a feast with all your friends and family of all your favorite foods and desserts! Get started and don't stop till you're overly full, and you won't gain a pound :)

  • I tag: Vitafamiliae, What A Sweet Life, The Eekhoff's Plain Life, Nina's Blog, and The Pink Potpourri

    And Becky at Weeksie50 just gave this awesome award! I love it, it is so sweet, and so cute! And I love her blog too! Thank you so much Becky!!

    I would love to pass this award to: Buzzings of A Queen Bee, Sleep Is Negotiable, Footballs and Crowns, Shell In Your Pocket, and Make Mine a Mojito.

    I had to pass the same number of awards as the people who awarded them to me so please don't be upset with me! I feel so bad that I couldn't give one to everybody. I don't want anyone to feel left out! It is so difficult because I love every single one of your blogs and want to give one to every single one of you!! Every. single. one!!

    Giveaways like CRAZY!

    Lianna is having an awesome giveaway for fun and to help with their IVF fund!! Check her out ya'll!!

    Mojito Maven is having a 100th post giveaway! She rocks check her out!

    Faith is also having a super cool giveaway from her own product line!!! You have to go see!

    And Monogram Chick is hosting a super cute giveaway too! Check it out!!

    AND Southern Accent is doing a super sweet give-to giveaway too! Check it out and post a comment!

    Ooh and tell them I sent you :)

    Good luck!!

    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Wordful Wednesday - Cheese Fries Might Be Involved!

    To celebrate the fact that we've been making most meals at home...we went out for dinner!! Hahaaaa! I used to not be the biggest Outback fan because Hubs cooks amazing steaks!!, but I love it now!

    I got the steak salad with blue cheese crumbles, pecans (I feel bad for eating them bc they're coated in sugar, but yum!), soo yummy, and cooked perfectly this time! Hubs says that blue cheese makes him throw up in his mouth and actually tastes like throw up, I am so sorry for that image and thought! I got him to take a bite and he tasted some blue cheese and started fake gagging and throwing up!

    Here is Hubs and Crazy Sweet Guy giving his goofball smile!

    If you are not salivating at these cheese fries, something might be wrong!! Ohhh they are soo good!

    Thumbs up peeps! A super yummy and fun meal and soo needed!!

    Gotta have some laughs at dinner!

    WW put on by Seven Clown Circus!! :)

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Mrs. I Can Take You :)

    My Hubby is going to be going out of town for four days! Four days! Oh the loneliness!!

    Yes, I'm a wuss and I don't like when he's not around! And I totally feel for the military families that have to be apart for long periods of time. I admire them and their service :)

    But, my husband has made me into a total softy again! I grew up with a very strong single Mom so I guess some of that had rubbed off :)! When Hubs and I first met I didn't let him open doors for me, I could carry my own books, I could handle it :) ha!

    Very shortly thereafter, I melted! He is such a gentlmen and I love it :) I am now a super softy. Although, if I am by myself I can turn back into Mrs. I Can Take You, ha!

    If I'm by myself, I walk up to that spider, or disgustingly gross ugly bug, and smoooosh (don't worry we haven't had any of those in our house since the bug guy came :))! If Hubs is around and I see a bug, this is me, get it get it get it!!! (I'm talking to Hubs on the phone right now and he said that I had to add that my voice gets very high like a school girl, especially the longer it takes for him to get it, haaa!).

    So, I got me a mag to flip through, In Style. :) I just ordered a few different mag subscriptions last week thanks to your suggestions!! You guys rock! I have been working on the same book for...hahem...months now. I only get through a few pages at night and then I'm so toast! It's a Nixon Kissinger biography which is very interesting but not that page flipper what's going to happen next?! :) And we don't have a DVR! Oh to save money :)

    So my question for you ladies is...after the good shows are over, and I get some other things done around the house :), what movies should I rent? I admit that it has been so long since I've seen a chick flick! I used to cry like a baby tear up like crazy and thought that I was the only one! So I haven't seen a lot of the chick flick classics! What do you think girls??

    Edited to add: I'm thinkin' maybe I should do comedies! I need to stay happy and upbeat, if I watch a sad movie then it makes me sad for too long! If we watch something sad we almost immediately have to watch something funny (and by "we" I mean yes me) even for a split second or Hubby tries to make me laugh (which isn't hard, I mean he's does or says some cookey and I love to laugh :))!

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Pumpkins, Friends, and the Interceptonator!

    Here are the pics I finally got together for you from last week! :)

    Pumpkin Patch!!! Ok, the pumpkin patch part was cute but the hay ride was soo unfortunately lame. I will stay positive though and not show the pictures I took unless you really want to see them :) Here is the narrative of them...And to your left is an open waste field with dried up gourds and broken wood...and to your right is another open field and in the distance a W-lmart. Just not the same as the one we had on the east coast :) We still had a great time as a fam though! The following pics are so not the best pics of me but I'm letting 'em fly bc well they're the only ones we have :)

    This was the first time I have ever touch an alligator! Don't judge this picture! It was reptile day at the PP! Have you ever heard of that before? Ha!

    I just love this pic :)

    He couldn't go inside the bouncer so we just bounced on the step! He was laughing and giggling and had a grand ole time...on the teeny little sweet :)

    Feeding the animals! :) That goat was so not interested!

    Playing in the parking lot :) Oh I so dislike my profile pics, please ignore, just look at the smiling baby :)!

    Then we had a friends over for dinner. We went to the same church and the same couples Sunday school class back east! They have a little guy just a few months younger than BabyBoy!

    I made Giada's Lasagna Rolls! If you have not made this dish, you have to make it!! It is such a crowd pleaser! Every time we have people over that we either haven't had over before or not for long time, I make these! And I add about a 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef too! Yummy! I love meat :)!

    And I made homemade whole wheat herb rolls...hmmm...can you smell the scent of fresh baked bread? They actually turned out super yummy (I altered the recipe a little :))...well I let them rise a little longer than I needed to so they were not as round as I would have liked but nonetheless, yummy! If you want the recipe let me know! It's super easy!! You only have to let the dough rise once! You divide the dough shape them on a greased cookie sheet, let them rise for about 30-45 min and then bake for about 25 min! Easy sqeezey!

    Oh my gosh, please excuse the look of unwashed silverware. They really are clean!

    Then we got together with some new awesome friends! I am not joking you, both of these couples have moved here from exactly where we moved from! We met through other friends found out all three of us were moving and voila, fun! They both have little baby boys within three months of Crazy Sweet Guy!

    This is CSG and J (belongs to the couple on the left of the couch). Do they not look totally guilty or what?! Other little J is with his Grandparents (couple in the middle), they are moving here in just a couple weeks! Yeah!!

    And last Sunday night Hubs had his first flag football game of the season! He's playing with the new church that we're going to. He made 6 or 7 catches and at least one interception! Woohoo, that's my man!! I screamed so loud I scared the baby and he cried, poor little guy, he was sitting in my lap with his back to me, we were reading a book, so he couldn't even see it coming :)

    Soo, Hubs' football nickname from back east (go Alpacas!) still stands true...The Interceptonator!

    These were from the game last night :) And yes that is a bag of avocado sushi, I made it again!!

    I love action shots! He's the super cutie on the far right of the pic! He can so smoke anyone he guarding and totally read the QB! A ton of the time the QB will throw to the opposite side of where Hubs is :) He'll stand off a little letting 'em think they can get a completion...but he comes...oooh interception! Ha! :)

    He is such an all american play any sport guy, plays lots of different sports, and rocks at all of them :) ok I'll stop bragging on my Hubs :)!

    Does anyone else think it is so sexy when your man plays sports?! and it doesn't hurt when they win :)

    AccBLOGability Monday next week, so keep eating well, exercising, and reading your Bible, we'll check in on that next week ladies!

    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Jammin' To Grocery Store Music

    I was at the grocery store the other day shopping the isles, doing my thang, and completely in my own world! I was without child that day, he was napping at home with Daddy, thanks "B" :)

    Just like a normal shopping trip I would stop every now and then to compare products, look at prices, or try to find something I needed, when I totally noticed myself rockin', boppin' my head, and singing to the grocery store music!!

    I can't help dancing or gettin' my groove on when I hear music!!

    I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw I just kept on...although I would have kept on even if people were there...just a little less obvious! :) Do you have to dance and rock it out (or harmonize!) anytime you hear music? Haha!


    I had a different post of pics ready but I just thought I would share something else :)

    It is always great to be reminded that the only thing that matters in life is God. We shouldn't worry about things, get upset when things don't happen the way we want, shouldn't have expectations and be anxious when the outcome isn't what we thought it would be, and don't have to feel judged by anyone other than God.

    Hubs half jokingly probably mostly seriously :) asked me this morning, would you just get ready infinitely if I didn't tell you what time it was? :) Oops! I changed so many times this morning because I didn't feel like I looked good enough, like my clothes fit right enough, looked right enough, and I might be judged negatively if I didn't wear the right thing.

    I had been feeling a little bit down this past week but heard some great reminders this morning.

    Hebrews 12: 2-3 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

    God should be our primary focus. And nobody is perfect except for One. Wow, doesn't that make you feel better? Makes me feel better!

    The pastor said something before we took communion this morning. He talked about people in chains. When we see someone in chains we automatically know they are a criminal, that they are in bondage. We don't think of oursevles as being in bondage, but that we all need to take off any chains that are holding us back from being the people that God wants us to be or do the things for God that he wants us to do for Him.

    It sure just makes me feel so much better when I remember that God is the only one that is perfect. That's definitely something that I've struggled with for a long long time. Worrying about what people think, worrying about what I say because I'm afraid that I'm going to offend somebody somewhere, wanting to please everybody, and realizing that it's all good just being a smiley, laughy, cookey, not perfect, makes mistakes girl that God made and loves.

    Just some thoughts going on in my overly analytical mind :) Hopefully I'm not the only one that has any of those thoughts :)

    We've been so in and out this weekend, I'll be catching up on all of your blogs later today :) I hope ya'll have been doing great! Thanks for those who laughed at my story from yesterday :)I was just sharing for fun and hope I didn't offend anyone :) Anybody who knows Hubby or us knows that we love to laugh, try to smile all the time, and (mostly hubby haaa!) has a cookey sense of humor :) Blog ya later peeps!

    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Sewing Update - One Man Down!

    I am so not a clutz! Ok, the Hubs says I run into things, I so don't, well maybe sometimes, but it is so recent, I did not used to do that a few years ago! What is happening?

    I'm making progress on my apron but with a few casualties...

    ~I've had to unstitch something...twice! The first time I pinned the straps on all wrong! Duh! The second time the needle hit a pin and bent! Nooooo!! Most of the time it just goes over the pins and if I believe it looks a little ackward then I will remove it before sewing further!!

    ~In an attempt to fix the needle...unbend the needle...what was I thinking?!!!...I was pushing on the needle and all of a sudden it snapped off AND sliced my thumb! What?!! I'm ok...I washed my wound and put on a bandaid. Not a fun bright pink or character bandaid, just a plain ole boring non-stylish bandaid. Is it bad if I can see a little blood on the outside of the bandaid? What fun bandaid would you choose??

    Rethreading the new needle and normal functions are a little more difficult now with my gimpy thumb!! :)

    And then! It's going to be in the 90s today! We were going to go to the fair but Hubs isn't fond of walking around in the beating sun, I don't blame him :), so I had the fabulous idea of going SHOPPING! Woohoo, he agreed! He needs lots of new stuff too, but I hope his shopping stamina lasts longer than 23 minutes, ha!!

    Although...Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are performing tonight at the fair and we could see them in the general seating area for free if we go! I admit we don't know them super well, but we like country music :) My sister got us free fair tickets and a parking pass (a cool savings of $36!) so we can go any day. I'm trying to figure out if we should get a sitter for tonight and go as a date!

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Nakey Wall Needs Help!

    First, thank you girls so much for praying for our friend's Mom and family! I cannot tell you how much that means to me and to them! The family is actually checking our blog so I know they are so blessed knowing so many more prayers are going up to our Heavenly Father!

    Secondly, I finally got my shelves up!

    I feel bad posting something fun when friends are suffering, but just know we are praying.

    I still have some tweeking to do, it looks a little empty, and I need to frame some more family pics, but it's a start for a once nakey wall!

    Now, I'm still debating what to do with nakey wall #2!

    It's so big! I was suggested it could be the "family" wall...we had thought flat screen and prices might be coming waaaay down soon!...but then the couch would be really far into the room...I thought about getting an 8x10 comfy light tan area rug to frame out a couch on the back wall and a loveseat under the shelves...I really like the Tuscan coffee house, villa, scenery, art...but how many prints and how to keep it from looking cluttered or too empty...bc if you get one large print would it look wierd to have a few smaller prints asymmetrically around it...and it sort of has to match theme of the shelves since the walls touch...

    This has been going on in my head for too long now, ahhh :)

    The pic on the far right next to the table right now just a pretty flower but I was thinking a scene as well so when you sit and sip some coffee you can look out into the beautiful scenery or feel like you're in Italy at a cute coffee shop or restaurant!

    Ok girls, watcha got for me and this nakey wall?!

    Please Pray Girls

    Hi friends. Ya'll are such prayer warriors, that I am asking you for prayer for something really serious. Carolyn, our long time great friend Abe's Mom, was in a horrific car accident. Please pray. His brother started this website if you are interested in reading more.

    Carolyn was super involved in our old church on the east coast, she spoke (on intimacy, woohoo!) at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) last year, she is a sweet, fun, light-hearted woman and I don't even know her very well but all of that shows.

    This was written by our friend on Sunday
    Carolyn’s injuries at the present time are as follows:
    - Fractured skull on the right side
    - Sabarachnoid hemorrhage
    - Right rib fracture with punctured lung
    - Open fracture on her right wrist
    - The right side of her pelvis also has a fracture
    - Compression fracture on her lumbar vertebra
    - Hematoma (large bruise) on her right eye

    The first two on the list are what is of most concern right now. Brain injuries are tricky things, the first 24-72 hours are the most vital. For now we are in a watch and wait mode. The outlook at present does not look very promising, but we will remain hopeful until informed otherwise.

    Abe and Heather have two young boys and are working out with the family a, very east coast type A spreadsheet, it's impressive, schedule, breaking the family up in "teams" to rotate hospital visits and duties that need to be done so noone gets burned out. The hospital is in a different state than their residence, so Heather just flew back to their home state to be with their boys.

    I know they would soo appreciate your prayers you super sweet ladies! We all know what an incredible impact prayer can have in any circumstance. Thank you so much in advance for putting Carolyn on your prayer list.

    Thanks blogging queens!

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Wordful Wednesday - Look At That Cute Butt!

    Words straight from my amazingly awesome sweet sensitive manly man husband...and I second every single word...

    "I love every single day with "Sweet Crazy Guy"! I love this age...well every age but this age is so much fun. I love being a Dad even more than I thought I would. He is so cute! And so sweet!... I love the cuddles, I love that feeling when he lays his little head on my shoulder or chest, and that look he gives when he looks up at me; I'm good, I think I'll just stay right here, I could cuddle him all day. ...It is still new getting him from his crib every single day. I remember when he was so tiny, when he was a little baby burrito (swaddled, he :)), only taking up a tiny little part of his crib, and now he fills the whole thing. ...He looks like such a little boy now. ...He is such a good boy. ...Even though it is tiring sometimes, I wouldn't change anything."

    (from the best of my memory, it came out so much sweeter from his mouth :))

    He gets BabyBoy from his crib everday, changes diapers, plays with him, feeds him during many meals everyday, cuddles him, reads with him, takes him outside to do yard work everyday (seriously peeps :) they water the trees together or just sit on a chair and read a book or play with a toy or just enjoy the beautiful day), runs with him, wrestles with him, sings to him, and prays with him every single day! (except on business trips, some via phone, but you get me! :)).

    I love me my sweet boys!

    Hubby and I will just sit quiet and watch him sometimes, look at each other, smile, and that says it all. And sometimes we just sniff his head...ahh smells so good! Don't get me wrong friends, it's not perfect all the time, but we wouldn't change it!

    This was my first wordful wednesday put on by Seven Clown Circus :) She's a super cool gal!

    All you sweet girls who are waiting for your little one, I'm praying for you! I didn't want to make anyone feel bad about this post, I just wanted to share these moments :)

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    To Do!

    A few things to try to get done today :) here's a snippet!

  • Gotsta clean, I could so stand to scrub some more, but there are too many other fun things to do! Like...laundry!

  • Do 'em dishes, how do 2 1/2 people use so many dishes, whoa?! BabyBoy does eat like...well me!

  • I so have to go to the grocery store - I've been putting it off, it's time...oh it's time. Coupons ready. Ready. Go!

  • Work on my rockin' apron, woohoo. I know this one is just for fun and just for me :) Ya'll and I picked a good one but definitely not the simplest; hoping the gathering for the skirt comes out well. Boy, this is intense for a perfectionist, ha!

  • Try to play hardball with our countertop people that said they would give us something :) I usually come out pretty well with this, teehee, although I may have waited too long...uh oh!

  • Make some yummy meals for today. I have no idea what I'm making :) Any ideas?

  • Chase after, play with, and teach our sweet goofball!

  • Do something related to exercise! Anything! I could walk to Starbucks for a coffee and a pastry? Wait, no I can't, I just finished the ice cream last night and am going back to less sweet again! But it sounds soo yummy!

  • Read the Bible :) Read a great reminder in Matthew 4 last night! How the devil took Jesus to the desert to be tempted. The devil said do this to prove you are the son of God. Jesus said he wouldn't do any of them and these were his reasons: Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God; Jesus answered him, "It is also written: 'Do not put the Lord your God to the test; Jesus said to him, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only. This just reminds me that I am to trust God because he is the Holy One, who knows all, and who has us in the palm of his hand! We don't need to question him but that we need to live only by every word that comes from God!

  • Catch up on all your awesome blogs later today! Ya'll totally rock by the way! You've been giving suggestions and leaving super sweet comments like crazy! I can't wait to order my 2 new mags, I'm still deciding which ones, all of them sound so fun :)! And my Mom is still figuring out if she can come out here to vaca with the baby while we vaca anywhere for our belated anniversary, oh pray that it works out friends, pray!

  • And get our fun weekend pics up and ready for you! Some new fun stuff & a very interesting pumpkin patch!
  • Monday, October 13, 2008

    AccBLOGability Monday! and The WINNER!

    Ok girls, are you ready to share?? We all hope so! Remember you don't have to do all of it, just pick any area(s) that you are working on or want to give encouragement for! AND if you want to participate on your own blog you can put this button on your sidebar and in your own post!

    Reading the Bible
    I started reading some of Matthew just to get refreshed on some dets. I always love me some Proverbs (or Psalms) too. But I need to start a study or Hubs and I were thinking about reading the Bible in a year! There are gobs of ways to do it, is there one that you have done that you like? We'd love to know!

    Eating Healthy
    I have lost about 3-5 lbs! Edited to add: in the past couple weeks! I don't think I have been this weight since I was born! I really don't know exactly how much because I keep the scale up a pound or so to sike myself out, ha! THE biggest thing that I have done is cut out snacking! I think I may have cut it out a little too much, maybe a little unhealthily, sometimes it's better to eat something than nothing, know what I'm saying, I need to make sure that I'm eating enough. I never thought I'd say that! I'm an eater! And in honor of my new weight loss I've been eating a ton of ice cream this week! I'll stop! When the container is empty! That means by today or tomorrow! Ok, probably today!

    Not so good peeps! We've walked a little that it's getting cooler, we're going to walk MORE with our snazy jogging stroller! I will, I will!

    And the Winner of the GIVEAWAY is...drumroll please...throw the confetti...start the music...
    Southern Accent! Just leave me a comment S.Accent with your e-mail address and I'll get all your info and send you your fun new gifts! All participants names were written on a piece of paper, all mixed up, and then on lucky name drawn!

    Now how did you do?! Did you work on any of these areas? Did you make any new healthy recipes this week? Do share! Did you have a breakthrough in exercising? Do you have encouraging ideas or thoughts for all the ladies?

    Here's Mr. Linky if you want to blog about your week on your site! It's my first time using him so I hope he works! So just leave a comment and then linky away! And you can take the button above with you too!

    Sunday, October 12, 2008


    I really want to subscribe to a fun magazine...or two, he. Cooking, cooking healthy/light, just for fun, fashion, the, or or or! I'm up for anything!

    I need a couple chill out magazines! You know to just sit back, sip some coffee, and veg out...during Sweet Goofball's naps of course!

    I did recently subscribe to a mag related to my other profession...professional musician, violinist, orchestra director, chamber musician...I haven't received the first one yet but I'm excited about it! I'm not a dork, it's interesting! Ok, I'm a dork!

    Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which one(s) would you recommend??

    Thanks chicks!

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    I So Need To...(and THE Challenge)

    Do this!
    Because of this!
    Exercise that is! Do you see how incredibly thrilled BabyBoy looks in that pic! Just so you know, he really does love strolling. Ok, maybe strolling isn't his love, but he LOVES to be outside! He asks to go outside pretty much all day most days. If one of us walks anywhere near a door, he starts signing outside, outside, outside, until you acknowledge his signing, say do you want to go outside and he just starts laughing like a crazy hyena.

    This dorky picture of me was taken a few weeks ago after we got the snazy jogging stroller! It totally rocks, in case anyone is in the market for one, or will ever be in the market for one. It's one smooth ride baby. (07 model so...cheaper!) Hollie does this count for the challenge?

    We haven't had ice cream in the freezer for a while, which means, one night, relaxing, watching tv, big spark, we need some ice cream. So we had the bright idea to save the $4 per blizzard or scooped cup and buy some at the store, equaling leftovers.

    I'm hooked. Totally. I without shame admit it was my dinner last night. And it was sooo good! And Hubby, an ice cream sandwich. I can't remember the last time we did this! We did have a friend in from out of town so I didn't get to make a big dinner :) Did you like that excuse? Don't worry BabyBoy had his ice cream. We waited to break out the goods till he was fast asleep. I did make avocado (sushi) rolls again today, late afternoon, but I am not one to miss a meal!

    If that didn't count for Hollie's "Me, Right Now" Challenge, then this does :)

    Here's me and BabyBoy chillin', having some sweet potato for dinner (part of his dinner), that's the lovely orange substance in my digits. See the shiny face? That's no make-up left, well really not much started today. I dabbed on some powder before our friend arrived and threw on some shiny chapsticky rolly stuff. But that is long gone by this pic.

    Anyone else's husband ask or tell you you don't need to wear make-up? Oh sweet innocent Hubby, I just laugh in his sweet face and say, ha, there's a reason make-up was made, I can't be the only one out there looking like...myself! (I know God made me and loves me and I totally feel that) Since it's been so warm here, I haven't been wearing a lot of make-up...but gotta have me some cover up, a little shimmery shadow for the eyes, can't live without my powder, and something shiny special for the lips.

    Here's Hubby and BabyBoy reading before bedtime, well posing first, then reading. They're super cute those two! Love me my boys! Please say a little prayer for Hubby, he came down with the sniffly nose, sore throat, little tiredness last night (he wouldn't admit it though! I'm fine, I'm not tired...I'm a little tired :)).

    We're going to a pumpkin patch today! They're calling for 50 mph winds so pray we all don't blow away under some bails of hay! Last week was rain where the patch was, so we're going this week 'cause the State Fair is next weekend and Hubby has to travel after that! He's all signed up for flag football at our potential new church. First game, Sunday night! Have a great Saturday!

    Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!! By Sunday night...or really early on Mon morning before I wake up :)! It's little and just for fun, but your nails will appreciate it!!

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    Fall Decor NCF Style

    Are we too late? We just got some fall decorations up a couple weeks ago and there's Christmas stuff out already! It's really our first year for decorating for fall. I guess when we lived on the east coast we felt like we could just look out the window and see changing leaves and colors of fall...but now that we're out west, we need a little inspiration. And let me tell you, you guys are such an inspiration!

    Now don't think we're totally lame. Since this is our first fall decor year we do not have the storage bins full of crazy cool decorations yet. These were we need something to decorate with, fast, and cheap. So...Walmrt it was. Don't judge, they were cheap and they work for now.

    A mum, a pumpkin, a gourd, a leaf, and some berries. What a fally combo.

    Look at those three little pumpkins! Now I could, and maybe I will, take some cream spray paint to those pumpkins and be all stylish...maybe.

    This is my favorite. I love the bouquet and there are two leafy sprigs with a pumpkin or gourd and some berries ($1.49). And I've mentioned before that we love candles, so there are some cute tealights. Ooh I need to get pumpkin scented (I almost said flavored, nope that's not right!) ones, I think someone else mentioned that!

    This is the table in the foyer! Just a few shimmery pumpkiny leafy gourdy additions to the table.

    This is the guest bathroom! (I cleaned it today, scrubbed that sucker down, so picture it sparkling without water spots! I said do it! JK, sorry I can get a little controlling sometimes :))

    Ok, get your sniffer ready! See the pinecones in the basket with the berries on it (came from Bath and B0dy W0rks as a gift basket...I used to work there :))! Now close your eyes, wait after you read this next part! Think cinnamon, think lots of cinnamon, and think some sort of spicy spice that goes with cinnamon (any thoughts on what that spice is?)! Now close your eyes and sniff! Oh man, it smells sooo good! You can almost smell it from down the hall!

    Then I got a set of berry ringy thingys to go around those votive candles (the candles are so old and got melted outside but I haven't gotten anything new yet, I've been kind of a homebody this week :)

    Umm, that's all for now! But it's a start! Maybe when holiday decorations come around I'll have more to show you! When do you put your holiday decorations up...the day after Thanksgiving?

    Edited to add: Thanks for letting me vent yesterday, you won't hear anything about it again! And there are still some unclaimed awards below, so check it out!

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