Friday, September 26, 2008

Which Would You Choose?

We are staying with my Mom while we are in No. VA. She is the reason that I like candy, sweets, coffee, greasy food, and anything else that could make you diabetic (luckily I'm not, so far) or have an early heart attack (luckily that hasn't happened either). Love you Mom.

So, she is having us stay in her room because, well she is sweet, and because that is the only other room with a bed, well the only other room with a bed other than the little one I slept on from elementary school through college.

These are the two locations of edible items that she had in the room upon our arrival.

Exhibit A: Fruit on table

Exhibit B: Dark ch0c0late, ch0c0late covered fruit, tw.zzlers, gummy sour and regular gummy candy, etc. on dresser

Please peeps, which one do you think I choose 9.75 times out of ten. I have so much trouble eating enough fruit! So much for the 2 or 3 pounds that I lost in the past few weeks! I am proof that it's super easy to put on let's just say 4 or 5 pounds in ONE week (k maybe two) due to snackage...Jr Mints, Wh0ppers, Dark Ch0c0late, PB Cup Blizz@rds, pb ch0c0late chip cookies, really you name it. Oh it's so easy to put the pounds on, soooo hard to get those darn suckers off!

I have little to almost no food self control. Yikes.

And we were headed out for a date to celebrate Hubby's big wins recently (they found out they had another big contract win!) when our BFs called, back from the beach, were seduced by D@iry Queen, we couldn't resist, and played some R00k too (and met their new baby girl, pics to come, super cute)!

See no food self control. None. Almost. Well ok...none. Sometimes I do. Most of the time...nope.

Here's the new outfit :) It was rainy and freezing last night, but it was the new outfit (very different than I normally buy, but all parties liked), so I had to wear it. I brought a sweater along that somehow fell from my grasp on the way to the door, when we left, not in the car, Hubs got out to look, it was just sitting all nice and well behaved soaking wet on a bush. I wore a blanket while we were there. It was very stylish.

Edited to add: How could I forget to give props to Amy for the chic hollywood pose, thanks Amy! :)


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Well how SWEET and WELCOMING is your momma!! That is awesome. She is a wonderful hostess. People could learn a lot from her! Such great ideas.

Sandy Toes said...

Well, I would take B..hands down! Where in Northern VA? I taught for Loudoun County and was married in Leesburg!
-Sandy Toes

Jenn said...

Nothing says welcome to my house like a big pile of candy to choose from. It must be a mom thing - my mother in law has at least ten varities to choose from in her kitchen. But she nixes the fruit! (o: Have a fun weekend in VA!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Cute outfit! I'm so jealous of your night out playing games. And kissing on brand new babies. Seriously, when are you guys flying OUR WAY?

Send the Whoppers this way. Yum.

Mrs. Buck said...

I have 2 comments for you.
1. love the outfit - super cute shirt!!
2. You are a skinny-mini! I have no food self control either - but I'm working hard on it!

LyndsAU said...

Very cute outfit :) And how sweet of your mom :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

That is so nice of your mom to put all of those snacks out for you! You are very lucky to have her!

Renee said...

Cute outfit.

I want to be kind of hostess your mom is but I never can get around to it. It just doesn't occur to me when people our actually on thier way to the house. My parents usually even have to put the sheets on the guest bed.

Megan said...

What a cute outfit and cute picture! And good chocie on the snack foods - I would choose the same!

Shannon said...

I would always choose the sweets too! :) How fun that she did that.

CUTE outfit!

Liz said...

Aw, your mom is so sweet! Mine is the same way, she shows her love by feeding people. The outfit is awsome, btw!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I LOVE your look so cute! And of course I would pick the junk food, there's no contest!! :) That is such a sweet idea. As for the monograms you asked me about, I usually do my monogram (first-LAST-middle) on things like towels and sheets, and our combined monogram (my first name-LAST-husband's first name) on everything else. But then I've heard that things like glasses and other barware should be the husband's monogram, or at least your shared monogram but with his initial first. Confused yet? All this is based on the convoluted rules from my family, which may or may not be right anyway, so who knows!!? :)

ARK said...

Can I just tell you that you look like a model in that pic! Your make up/hair/ gorgeous outfit mixed with your beautiful inside just make you stunning! You should keep a copy of the pic and anytime you feel bad take it out! Stunning!

My home - My life said...

Oh how sweet!!!

Love that shirt!

Britni and Justin said...

Cute outfit! Sweet mom!

audreyo said...

Killer arms, man!!! I think your svelte, sculpted arms are what Madonna is aiming for, 'cept she just goes overboard and ends up looking like some sort of chiseled GrecoRoman terminatrix.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ha! Told you that pose is slimming!!! Your arms look tiny - which is the point of this hollywood starlet pose I stole! ;-)

Rebecca Jo said...

How thoughtful your mom is!!! And calories at home don't count - didn't you know :-)

And you do look very stylish!

Hollie said...

Great pic, you look beautimus!

Ask your mom when I can come over and visit.

Lianna Knight said...

You look great!! Splurge on all the deserve it :)

Weeksie50 said...

I am loving your outfit.. to cute. Your mom sounds like a wonderful hostess..

The Farmer Files said...

You totally do not need to worry about weight as long as you look great in that outfit! ;)

Nancy said...

Great outfit!

And I love to see that kind of hostessing. I try to be a good hostess and love to have people over, but I'm always learning new ways to make people feel welcomed and special.

I'm pretty sure I'd choose the sweets...

My Girl "PLEASE COME BACK" said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

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fabulous fantastic
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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

You guys are so precious! Love the new outfit and I need your mom! However, I can say that at my mom's house all junk food and at my dad's house all fruit and healthy food. My house all healthy and my brothers all junk!

Tara Caire said...

you look so stinkin cute!!!! My mom always had candy laying around the house when we were little, she still does, but my step dad works for m&m mars! : )

The Eekhoff Clan said...

look at you hot mama!!

Trina said...

Love the outfit. You are so cute!

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