Friday, September 12, 2008

Come On In!

Hi blogging friends! Would you like to come visit?? Some of you asked for some pics of our new abode so come on a tour of our getting to be homey home! We just moved in a few months ago, so we're working on the homeyness part. This is where you'll get to come visit if you're ever in the southwest!

Come on in, enjoy, relax, imagine and smell the waft of your favorite scented candles as you walk in the door and around. Close your eyes and sniff: Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, Sweet bakery items (can't recall the name, but it's yummy), Sweet Pea, just to name a few. It was Hubby that just reminded me of the scents, he said he hopes people don't think he's too "happy" of a guy for his contribution to this post. We love love love candles! The ambiance, scents, look, the relaxation factor. We're lucky we haven't burned down a house so far with how much we love candles. Ok, we're not the psychos on some of those tv shows with the whole house lined in candles, I mean we do have a little walker now, that just couldn't happen anyway, and we're not psychos.

So, as you are walking through, I covet...mean welcome your ideas! Don't be shy, you're friends, and that's what friends are for! Telling one their walls are bare and they need something, or rearranging furniture, or that so doesn't look right you're crazy. I'm ok with that, really I am!

Ok, here we go!! When you first walk in, you see LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Because we do all of that...a lot! Then the welcome sign that is ackwardly on the wall above the table right now, is only there because I had to have something on the wall and I haven't found the mirror to go there yet! The double doors contain the office, but I'm in there right now, so I'll show it to you another time, ha!

You will unfortunately notice many empty walls! I DO NOT like empty walls! But haven't been able to find the art that I want. So far we have a bunch of floral, but I am so looking for gorgeous, Tuscan, provincial streets, you know what I'm talking about. I love what Whitney at GLHF has up! Gorgeous! Where did you find everything, beside from Momsy's walls? :)

Look to the left and you'll see the hallway, blank walls! Hubby just replaced the light, the new ones (clearance! with a coupon!) actually match the new dining room chandelier (also clearance with coupon!). Love it!

Pass the hallway and walk into the kitchen/family room/dining room :) Love coffee! I've been drinking decaf since months before BabyBoy, but it sooo has the same effect for me as caffeinated.

It's in my mind.

The warm cup in your hands, the hot sips, the scent as you drink it, oh it's just what you need in the morning or anytime you need a hint of relaxation (except I have nothing to make it right now, really we have no presses or coffee maker, I NEED it!)! I believe my love of coffee stems from my Mom drinking about 15 cups a day. There must be something underlying there too, because not only does she always have a cup of coffee in her hand, it could have been from hours ago and cold. No no, no need to heat it up, just grab the cup and drink away! Ha! So gross! Can anyone do a psychological evaluation on that? Love her!

Before and after of the kitchen! Love islands! I could float away on it! This is the most kitchen space we've ever had so far! Did I mention I love islands!

We went to Scotland before we had the baby, so we enjoy Cheers - well wishes - have a great day. It was an AMAZING trip! Anyone wanna go? We would so go again!

I got this great idea from a friend to fill little glass votive holders and espresso cups with coffee beans, any flavor, and nuzzle a tea light in, and voila, a cute little decoration. I don't think you can really smell the coffee but I pretend you can!

Dining room! I love a set table! My Aunt laughs at me that I have napkins with rings at each setting. I just think it's elegant! Oh, we move them when people actually come over, they would get soooo dirty or stained, and then I'd have to clean them! One of these days!

The centerpiece consists of a tower of red roses we had roses at our wedding, that's right cue the sappy music and you can say it, ahh that's sweet, and our wedding cake topper, a couple dancing, it's really us shrunken down and made out of clay, we LOVE dancing!, and the broken glass in a white satin bag, you know at Jewish weddings, when the groom stomps on the glass and everyone shouts Mazel Tov!, oh it was sooooo much fun! We danced the WHOLE night! One of my cellists from my old quartet (I play the violin, he) was talking with another couple getting married, telling them our wedding was the most fun he'd ever been to, and they said, what made it so fun, he replied, I don't know, they didn't even have alcohol or anything! Haha! Well just champagne! Clink!

So you see not much has changed in this corner, which is supposed to be the family room. My vision is to have a nice comfy light area rug to frame out the room for a couch and love seat. Either a coffee house sort of relaxed setting, or well I don't know. We're going to put up some asymmetrical shelves to put a few pictures and cups and saucers. Sounds good right? Oh and this ceiling fan will be replaced with the same as described for the living room. Need more light! And more cool! I LOVE light! but I had to close the shades to the backyard bc it was ruining my pictures Can't live in the dark!

But there is a little table and chairs next to the fireplace if you want enjoy the 100 degree weather...or well I don't know but it's pretty!

Ahh, the family room! Which is really the living room :) Don't worry, that hidious light fixture will be replaced by the end of the weekend. An antique brass finish lit ceiling fan will be there instead. Can you picture it? It will be really nice, just picture that :) I picture a piano where the toys are right now, we're just going to kick the baby out so we can get a piano, just kidding! He's loves playing the piano. Then a beautiful picture, not purchased yet, will go above it! Oh it will look my head for now!

Oh I love the sitting area with the big comfy white chair and the callalily pictures, for all the reading that is currently done there, ha! We do read, we do, just not in the reading corner right now! Ok, we do read there with the baby occasionally or I work on his alphabet puzzle with him :) See it's a reading...puzzle corner!

Oh we're back to the Kitchen! One of my favorite places to be. I love to cook! Wouldn't it be fun to take a cooking class in Europe? Why Europe I don't know, just sounds cool, and better than I'm going down the street to take a cooking class. I took a cooking class in Europe, doesn't that sound better??

And I LOVE the Kitchen Aid Mixer! I use ALL the time!! It's one of my best friends really, we get a long great, and have a lot in common. Another post for another day is What is in the cabinets??? Duh duh duhhhhh!

I'm currently stumped on our room. We don't have a "real" bedset, just random furniture, so I'm trying to figure out where to put anything and whether to move the arrangement of the room around. Should I let you know what's going on in my head?? Ok, If we put the bed where the tall dresser is, then we have a window or a door on either side of us, but right now, there is just a window on Hubby's side, so he can protect us!! Did I mention we are in a really safe neighborhood, but every now and then, Mexicans will still hop over some fences. Should I not have said that? It's just fact...but our neighborhood really is safe. :) Other than the fact that our house got broken into by the maf.a before we moved in, but that's for a whole other post.

Oh and the color in here is not periwinkle, it is...December Sky! Silverish...Not periwinkle!

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of our house! Please feel free to tell me I'm crazy for anything you have seen and any suggestions you want to throw into where you are going to come visit! I'll show the other rooms and close ups of decors and tables another time. Show us your home too! Love to see it! I sooo agree with Whitney that you can learn so much about someone by how they decorate their house! So I hope you have judged with an approving nod that you still think I'm alright! And you'll keep coming back to visit! But for now, I bid you adou and a Happy Weekend!


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Looks big enough for a party. You should have one. :-) lovely!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, I love your home. I love the rounded wall. How cool is that..


Kristy said...

I think your house looks great! Good work! We are working on getting ours "just right". I love candles too... I bought some fall scents today!

Mama in Training said...

Yeah, I think you have just a LITTLE more room there. ;) Gorgeous!

The Farmer Files said...

Sometimes I wonder how different I might be if I was the only one who lived in our house. I would paint my walls crazy funky colors like lime green and deep pink and purple. Surprising? Those are my colors on my insides!!!

This working mom said...

WHOA it's so great to see the transformation! What a great idea to post the before and after. And, did you call your neighbor the other night? He probably heard it too ;-)

Great to see you guys twice in one day! PLEASE feel free to come by anytime and practice and play.

Happy weekend!

Tater Mama said...

It's beautiful! I'm crazy about your kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Pop in anytime! :)

ARK said...

You have a beautiful home and have done so much in such a short time! I know what you mean about bare walls...we have lived here for 1 and 1/2 years and so far have a clock and our wedding picture up and that's it! It is hard to find pretty art for the walls, let me know if you find anything good! Looking forward to your visit!

Heather said...

I think your house looks great!

A few suggestions...

- Lowe's carries some neat mirrors which is where I found the one that goes above our buffet in the dining room. So you might have some mirror luck there or at Home Goods.

- your living room looks so nice... but I wonder what it would look like if you put your TV stand on an angle in that same corner and then brought the whole left hand side of your picture (two matching sofas etc..)closer in toward it past the big window (they would break the room in half that way). Then take your cute reading nook and switch it to the opposite corner over where the two sofas used to be. Hope that makes sense.

- your long hallway would look very cool with a bunch of black and white pictures of you guys and your families in black picture frames of all sizes - kinda like a Pottery Barn look. Ikea has cool black frames that would do the trick. You could also do the same thing with sepia toned pictures and dark or pine looking frames as well.

Anyway hope that helps! Feel free to totally disregard any and all of my suggestions... I just thought I'd share what I would do if I were in your shoes. You did ask for advice after all ;)!

Lianna Knight said...

Very nice!! I love setting up at a new house...enjoy :)


preppy little dress said...

great blog, love the before and after shots! great taste!!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I love your house; it is absolutely beautiful. And I agree - romantic Tuscan paintings would look beaaaaaaautiful there. Ahhhh...

And to answer your question...when my paintings don't come from my momsy's wall, I am always keeping my eye peeled. I love little home decor boutiques because they always carry such unique paintings. That is where most of mine came from. Oh, and also, some of the non-oils came from Hobby Lobby. They have great pictures, sometimes.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the openness of your home - its gorgeous! It looks like a "home" - not just a "house"

The Dancy Family said...

So fun to see your house! I need to do a tour on our blog too...great idea! Can't wait to see you guys soon!

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