Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cheap Goodness!

Check out these bargains!

Ok, have you ever been to a store called Home Goods? They were having an additional 25% off their clearance! I got the blue and white serving tray for $1.25, the two tri French Provincial, serving dishes for $2.25 each. The 5 votives are outdoor citronella candles, for $.75. The whole time I was shopping I was so thinking, what would Carrie see that was cute but might need a touch of love! I love the red and white pattern, I can't remember what it's called! But I found the two photo albums for $2.00 each at Ross I think (I was looking for framed art :)). I love that pattern! Oh and I also admit to getting a heavy horse head bookend, it was only $4.50. I was thinking to give it to my Mom as a gift, but...she does have a lot of them and it would be useful to keep and use on our bookcase. :) Hubby said, is that a horse head in that bag?

How cute is this dress? No joke I got the entire outfit for $15.60. The dress is from a store called Windsor, they have some cute stuff and some oh my I would never stuff. It was $9.97 after tax! The sandals are from Loft. Can you say clearance? Now Hubby and I have to go on another date so I can get dressed up!

Also, I'm sure you've done this before too, but I say...it never hurts to ask!! Like when I completely embarrass Hubby and our friends when I ask waitresses and random people on the streets to take our picture. We'll never see them again! And the, oh sure let's take one more thank you for offering ha!:)

I went into Babies and was looking for a couple puzzles for the little guy. I had a flyer that they were buy one get one 50% off. Well they didn't carry it in the store and neither did Toys. I ended up going back a month or so later and they had the puzzles. I thought well it doesn't hurt to ask, so I asked if now that they had them if they'd honor the deal. He said yes and told the cashier! We are now working more on our alphabet and numbers!!

And then! We went to Home Depot for more...home stuff, I have to show you what Hubby replaced, and we had an expired 10% coupon. Well, the cashier didn't take it, so we paid and went to customer service. We asked and they redid our transaction and credited us the 10%!

Money in the pocket. Feels good. Yeah baby! Speaking of baby, here's a cute one!! Look at those lashes! Look at that smile :)


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Ok, those lashes are too die for...

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Aren't you just a Thrifty Thelma? With a cute kid and good sense of style to boot!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I LOVE Home Goods!!! And that picture is absolutely adorable!

Heather said...

Well aren't you a bargain shopping diva! The Farmers would be so proud ;)!

Oh and that fabric/pattern you mentioned is called Toile (pronounced twall)and I love it too - especially the black and white colored version!

The Brown Family said...

AWESOME! I LOVE deals like that! I have never even heard of those stores before...wish we had them here!
The picture is too cute of your baby in the tub! Jealous of the lashes!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

oh my! super cute dishes...I would not be saving any money at Home goods!!

Faith said...

You got some fantastic deals! I LOVE HomeGoods and those little red stickers make me smile!

The green dress is super cute...I have never heard of Windsor, so I guess we don't have those here. Hope you get a date night soon!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Ha! My first "mention!" It's funny you think about what I would do, because most of the time I wander around thinking about how I don't know what to do and I wish someone would tell me! I am always feeling like I am missing the big idea for bargain hunting! :) So you are not alone!

Nancy said...

I, too, love great deals and it's so hard for me to buy anything at full price. I also have a motto of "you never know unless you ask" and I've gotten some pretty cool things and experiences that way.

Also, I love the green dress. And, of course, the picture of the baby is adorable!!

Lianna Knight said...

I love the baby pic...he's adorable!!!

You were a shopping girl this weekend...and you got some GREAT deals!!! Isn't that always fun?


Bethany said...

What a gorgeous baby :) Great bargain shopping, I might have to check out some of those deals this week!

Hollie said...

love your new purchases! but the pic at the bottom outshines them all! too cute!

This working mom said...

We have GOT to go shopping together sometime! I so miss my girlfriends back home that I could do that with and it seems you have the deal gift!

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