Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boy are Definitely Boys!

At 14 months old, in their late 20s, (or mid 50s), boys are so boys!

1. BabyBoy is now enjoying trying to burp by himself.

2. He once, only once thankfully so far, laughed after tooting.

3. I was looking at my leg one morning, while Hubby and I were both working, well he was working and I was "working", and he asked are you ok?? I said, I was just trying to decide if I wanted to shave, he sang, it's a hard-knocked life. Oh he's right though, I do have a great life :)

4. Poppop encourages him to do funny things like fake cough because Poppop does it.

5. BabyBoy has a high threshold for pain. He'll fall over and over again with no complaints, unless he's tired or hungry in which case any time he even almost falls, he'll do the pitiful cry :) I, no joke, asked Hubby one time, you don't think he has that disease where he can't feel pain right? ha! He doesn't!

But they are also gentlemen!

1. I think I have an off sense of what it means to be a stay-at-home Mommy because of how much Hubby does! He changes diapers, he feeds the baby at every meal that he is present (which is most), he washes the baby during his bath while I watch and take pictures like a crazy woman that has never seen a baby in a bath before, he even takes a break from work to change a poopy diaper (boy they are getting stinkier :)), I will get food ready or do something too, I'm not JUST trying to get out of changing the poopy diaper, he lets me go out and fun errands (i.e. shop!) while the baby naps. I know, I am extremely blessed, there is no question about it.

2. Whenever BabyBoy wants something or to see something, signs please please please. When he eats he'll say mo and signs please. Super cute, love the sign language! This pic is after Hubby cleaned the baby's face and I said oh I was going to take a picture, so he picked up some spaghetti and slopped it on BabyBoy! haha! Love these boys!

3. They like to cuddle. Well I made, I mean, taught them to like to cuddle, I worked on it for quite some time, more on the little one really then the big one :)

4. Hubby takes me on dates whenever we can get a sitter (family member so far) to put the baby down at their house.

This was just the appetizer. We went to Black Angus and got any appetizer, any dessert, and each got a steak meal (New York Strip) for $34!! This was the sampler app that was normally $12, since we don't eat shrimp they let us add extras of the other yummy fried food!

Then we went bowling! It has literally been years since we've bowled. We didn't have time for a movie and we had buy one get one frees :) The guy let me bowl in my own shoes, well flip flops. We saved $4.95! Hubby said just get the shoes and bowl more comfortably, I said first of all they do not match my outfit at all, and it's $4.95, more than one coffee! Admittedly, it was a little difficult at first and I felt like I was going to show my bum to the world each time I bowled, but we had such a great time.

The appetizer and the dessert were by far the best part of the meal! We took our crazy rich chocolate cake to go and ate it while we bowled :) It doesn't look the most appetizing in this pic but it was soooo moist, and chocolatey?, and rich, and YUMMY!! I have decided that I can't stop eating foods that I want, I have no food self control!, that I just have to exercise more...or at all.

5. I am so blessed that Hubby is teaching BabyBoy to be a gentlemen. They get so much Daddy baby time. Daddy is taking over evening milk, as my eyes are teary as we say goodbye to the little nursing baby :(.

Can I also tell you that I cried watching Barney today...and not for the reason of him being a slightly odd purple dinosaur with a yellow friend who we thought was a girl...but isn't. We turned on the tv during lunch and Barney happened to be on. We said oh my, never really having watched before; BabyBoy has not really watched much of any tv himself.

We then watched our baby boy transfixed and pointing at the tv with the big odd dinosaur, bright colors, little kiddos, and real doggies. He smiled, and laughed, and arf arfed and watched and watched, as my eyes welled up and a few tears streamed down my face, and Hubby wore a sweet sweet smile. Every now and then he'd look and ahh for another bite of food, then go back to intently watching the doggies and that weird dinosaur on the screen. Our BabyBoy is growing up.


The Farmer Files said...

One restaurant we totally missed on the East Coast was Black Angus. Guess what? They have the same chain in HI but it is called The Cattle Company. We watch for the coupons in the paper or in the mailers and totally get that dinner w/app and dessert but we upgrade to the filet mignon. AND Son2 has that chopper t shirt....I love it when I read blogs and say HEY We do that TOO or WE HAVE THAT TOO!

The Browns said...

Your little boy is SO cute! Thanks for the sweet comment :) I'll have to mark your blog as one to check out on a regular basis. I'm addicted to blog reading, HA!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I know what you mean about tearing up over Barney! It seems to be the silliest things that will remind you that your "baby" is growing up! I commiserate with you!

Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Ya'll are the greatest. Love this post.

Anonymous said...

Your little boy is so precious! Such a sweet post! The dress looks great on you - can't wait to wear mine for the first time!!

Hollie said...

I see that you wore one of your new dresses and you looked amazing by the way!
Oh, and I got Kate's brown and turquoise paisley dresss from Old Navy and a friend made the black and white one.
And one more thing, that food looked de-li-cious!

Mama in Training said...

Precious post, D. Could you and R please stop making me cry tonight? ;) Oooo, your hair (and that chocolate cake) look yummy!

Lianna Knight said...

That is so sweet!! I love the pic of you two cuddling...doesn't get any better than that :)

Joelle said...

he is getting BIG!! so cute. and really cute dress.we had a labor day party at the felans and i thought of you! wish you guys were here.

Faith said...

You are blessed! Love all the pics. Your date night looks like so much fun!

Rebecca Taylor said...

What a sweet post! I love all of the pictures!

This working mom said...

How sweet! We miss seeing you guys this week. We need to see some fellow AZers... let us know if you have some time this weekend.

Heather said...

Love the snuggle picture, so precious!

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