Monday, September 8, 2008

Antiquing and Hiking and Eating Oh My!

We had a great time in Prescott (AZ :)) this weekend! We mosied (??) around the antique shops, we ate greasy food, and we hiked a couple crazy fun hikes!

First we hiked Thumb Butte Trail. Just so you know it is not pronounced butt or bootay, although that's what Hubby kept calling it...he said it was French, ha! It was 1.7 miles and took one hour. We apparently chose the way difficult way, that was no joke up hill 95% of the way, you heard me 95% up hill!

It was like this all the way until we got back to our car! Up! They said it was a moderate hike, ha!

On Saturday morning we hiked Groom Creek Loop. It was 6 miles and was supposed to take 3.5 hours. We did it in 2!!! 2 even...we didn't realize that we were back already and we got to our car in exactly 2 hours. But we had to start with a semi yummy free breakfast at the hotel first. Mmmm fake cheese inside a rubbery egg omlet.

We hiked down to a creek, it was so beautiful. There were little purple butterflies flying all around where we were, landing on our shoes and our backpack. The water was so cold and fresh! Then more bugs started showing up, and we had sufficiently taken in the beauty, so we left.

We didn't realize until after we were halfway through that we chose the more difficult path again! We had to keep following the signs for our trail because it split so many times, a couple times, it was a little hard to tell or find, so I started thinking, ok do our phones work...Hubby has a pocket knife...what do we do if a wild animal shows up...there is nobody around, is that weird...??? Hubby very calmly answered every single question (there were many more, including are there bugs bothering you??? ahhh ahhh ahhh swat swat) We did text my Dad before we started hiking so somebody knew where we were...just in case...

We saw some very cool leafery...ha very technical I this one, the Alligator Juniper Tree, where the bark looks like an alligator.

I thought these were pretty, but I have no idea what they are called. I know TFF would have found out what it was for you, I do love learning like she does, but am being a tired lazy blogger today :)

Self timer photo opp from a very nice boulder. He couldn't get the baby to look though.

We saw a wild rabbit! I couldn't believe Hubby spotted it! We tried to follow him and feed him cheerios but it said it had somewhere to be, and fast!

Who's that sexy Momma, says Hubby? not my words :) But a gorgeous view huh?

Look at all the houses in the mountains! Crazy! They could walk out their front door and fall down the mountain if they forgot where they lived!

Yellow flowers!

How about that house?

Good job Mommy and Daddy! Keep up the good pace!

We ate at a saloon for lunch, it was really neat! As we were waiting for our food, Hubby overhead our waiter telling someone else if they ordered one of the big burgers (that I did, love me some meat!), they'd surely have leftovers...Hubby said to BabyBoy they don't know Mommy. Thank you, thank you very much!

Self picture! We got ice cream in a cute little shop before we left. We both got our norm ice cream order, too risky to try a new flavor. I got peanut butter chocolate chip, with real swirls of peanut butter yummy!!! And Hubby got chocolate chip cookie dough :)

Cute little houses in the town :)

And last but certainly not least! Hubby knows that I don't really spend a lot of money especially if I don't think that it is totally useful and totally worth it, I drive myself partially crazy by finding something and then not buying it for a while until I know it is the best price or come to know that I cannot live without it. We have gone to lots of antique stores in our over 5 years of marriage and I don't think I've ever really gotten anything.
So he told can get anything you want...!!! have to get something before we leave...!!!...he is soooo sweet!!! I love walking around and looking in the shops and I see cute things but don't get them for various reasons. Then I saw this...

I love the red...I love the pitcher and bowl sets...supposedly it is rare to also find both the small pitcher and tumbler that they used to drink in the middle of the night. It is supposedly (I can be kind of questioning and skeptical, thanks Mom) from the late 1800s early 1900s and by the maker Minton, who was the premiere china porcelain maker of the Victorian era. I talked to the woman about them, asked if they'd go down...the owner did, I said I'd have to think about it...meanwhile Hubby said get it if you want it. We walked around for a while, I had my Mom do some research over the phone, debated some more over spending money but Hubby reminded me it was just like buying a picture or other decoration for the house. So after some time, we got it!! And brought it home and is awaiting two pretty buffet lamps to surround it, but that will be another sale with another coupon at another time ;)

BabyBoy had zero naps and was an angel. He did so good! I'm sorry I'm not just being a rose colored glasses Mommy, he really did such a great job :) Besides the fact that he couldn't fall asleep on our hike and had a few pitiful fusses (I would have done more!) he kept closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep his poor little head would start to fall one way and he would get woken up...then a few motor bikes and ATVs passes, he waved and was energized again :) Though not normally like his little energetic self, he fell asleep within 4 minutes of being on our way home.

The end!


Faith said...

What a neat weekend! I love all the pictures and seeing what all you guys did. And, I really like the pitcher set you got. I'm glad your hubby talked you into it. What a great reminder of your special weekend as a family!

Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great trip! Great pictures and I love the one with the thumbs up =)!

Rebecca Taylor said...

I'm glad yall had such fun! And I love the pitcher!

Renee said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love hiking (well short < 10 mile day hikes).

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun and the pics are great! I have to admit I laughed really hard that your husband called it Thumb Butt trail.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and your antique find is beautiful!

Nancy said...

What great pictures and a great time! This totally cracked me up, "They could walk out their front door and fall down the mountain if they forgot where they lived!" You are hilarious!

Also, that is the kind of thing I would have bought, if I had to buy something, because I'm the same as you about spending money, BUT china is my weakness! And I've bought and sold some Minton before that was beautiful!

The Farmer Files said...

LOVE the picture of baby boy and yellow flowers. My inlaws that live in PHX go to Prescott for the annual craft fair or something. Now I have been there, too, with you on your blog!
You know how I know flowers...I take pictures of the ID signs along trails, really close up, and then I write about them later...or I research, or I have read about flowers somewhere before a trip.

Lianna Knight said...

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT time. You definitely got your excercise in for the WEEK...or by the sounds of it, for the MONTH!

I love the picture of the baby with his thumb up...too cute!


Heather said...

Looks like you had a fun filled weekend to include some good quality exercise!

I love the picture of baby boy and the flower, and my second favorite is the self portrait Was it taken before or after the eating of the yummy ice cream? I'm betting it was after, since you all look so happy ;)!

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY! I cant even imagine hiking with another PERSON on my back!!!! I have enough trouble getting myself up a hill! :-)

The Eekhoff Clan said...

What a fun time! LOVE the pitcher...good buy! Have to bring it to Antiques Roadshow when it comes to AZ. :)

ARK said...

Love the beautiful pitcher and adore all of the baby and family pics, it was so nice to see you all out having a fun time as a family! So sweet!

preppy little dress said...

cute photos of you all hiking! looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Kristy said...

I love the pictures of your baby holding the yellow flower, and the self portrait. His little expression is so cute in that one!

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