Friday, September 12, 2008

AccBLOGability Friday!

Today is Friday! You know what that means! AccBLOGability Fridays! If you missed the intro just take a look at the other AccBLOGability posts. Please feel so very free to join in anytime!!!

There are three areas that we are going to help each other in, each week, by staying accountable, or being an encourager, through comments :)

1. Reading God's Word,
2. Eating well, and
3. Exercising

You can pick one or two to work on or all three! Whatever you need!

Here's how I did:

1. Reading God's Word: I'm doing better friends! I read/spent time several days this week in the morning during BabyBoy's first nap. I drew out memory verses (love the memorizing, love the index cards) well I'm still working on the memorization part, ha! Next goal: 5 days (I'm working up to consistently doing it everyday, I don't want to fail at a goal people :)).

2. Eating Well: Yep. Not too much has changed other than the fact that I am adding a few more sweets in and exercising more because well I just love sweets! And baking! It's so much healthier when you bake them at home, those peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (made with whole wheat flour, that just automatically makes them healthy right?)...that I made again last night. Audrey reminded me that Hummus is a great snack, and yes, it's it! And super easy to make! I crockpotted it up last night, with some chicken cacciatore, super easy recipe, if you want it let me know. I definitely need to utilize the laziness of the crockpot!

3. Exercise: Yes, I did way better this week! Hubby and I went for a few walks with our new jogging stroller...and the baby :) I went walking with Aunt Dottie yesterday, did a few sit ups/push ups, and did some laps in the pool too, yes wooohoo! A few times in past weeks, while playing with the baby, I would just drop and do five pushups at a time. You could so do that at work too girls, just say excuse me to someone you're talking to, drop and start doing push ups and sit ups. I would love to hear how that went! ha! We were going to do a pilates video but we decided we'd start out a little easier, well easier for Auntie because she "a bit" shorter than I am, so my walking is her trotting, so we're working up to a faster pace :) Let's just say, as with my Mom, her pants could be capris on me!

I am still a little nervous about working out too much too hard (though I totally want to) because I'm afraid that it will mess my body/cycles up too much, I know I don't need to worry, but alas a little I do. Just had my second cycle, and even though it was a little short, I think that's ok, so I'll be getting some more exercise soon! haha! We're all women here, and you knew it was going to happen anyway!

How did you lovely ladies do?? Let's hear it! Any thoughts, any ideas, any recipes??? I hope you have a fantastic happy Friday!!!

Get your decorating thinking full of ideas snazy hats on because next post I will be begging I mean enlisting your help for decorating ideas for our home! Pictures of aforementioned help needing home will be provided!


Mojito Maven said...

Thanks for the blog love!!

And thanks for the compliment on the 10 pounds and congrats to you on your journey of eating right and working out!!!!

I have also added you to my follower list!!

The Farmer Files said...

1. Reading: Doing it. Have to work on my heart and...moving from a Have To to a Want To...that's a quote from M. Easley.
2.Eating: Noticing how much better I feel and less I eat when properly hydrated. Doing well.
3.Exercising: Sticking with walking and swimming.

Heather said...

I'm pretty much right where I was last week. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love the blog!! I am also trying to eat healthier, workout and read more of the bible. I might have to join in with the AccBLOGability Friday!

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