Friday, September 5, 2008

AccBLOGability Friday!

Today is Friday! You know what that means! AccBLOGability Fridays! If you missed the intro just take a look at the other AccBLOGability posts. Please feel so very free to join in anytime!!!

There are three areas that we are going to help each other in, each week, by staying accountable, or being an encourager, through comments :)

1. Reading God's Word,
2. Eating well, and
3. Exercising

You can pick one or two to work on or all three! Whatever you need!

1. Reading God's Word: Still struggling to get a solid routine...BUT I used TFF and HTP ideas about picking out a verse that day/week that really sticks out to you and writing/drawing it on an index card. This is so good for me, not just because of my odd but strong love for office supplies!, but this process and visual really helps to memorize verses! I haven't done it for a while. These are the two verses that I have needed to focus on and memorize this week.

Prov 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. But in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

The circled ginger root is the all your ways, ha! The cloud refers to Him :)

Prov 3:26 For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.

Because you all are my family and friends...well all family really :) here go the thoughts in my head. I thought I was supposed to get a visit from our great Aunt Flo yesterday. I was bummed and really thinking about it and waiting and still nothing yet. I'll stop there before I sound completely like a nut. I thought it would all be back to normal more quickly than it has been. I have been repeating Prov 3:5-6 all morning and pretty much all week. I am letting it go and giving it to God and His perfect timing. I'm doing it people.

I have also needed the reminder that God is my confidence. Hubby and God have been trying to work on that for me for oh so many years. And one day this week I really needed something, so Prov 3:26 was the verse!

2. Eating: I have decided that along with eating healthily, I have no food self control!!! I have therefore realized that I need to exercise more...or at all (as I think I may have mentioned) so I can eat! The empty box of Junior Mints, Hubby so sweetly bought for me, shows that I cannot help myself. The other night I was tired and bloated and it was late, so what did I do??? Made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!! If you want the recipe, I make them with whole wheat flour, cut the sugar and the butter down, which I may have done a little too much this time as they were not quite as moist as usual, but nonetheless, they were yummy people! There's actually not that much sugar in them anyway :)

I will still adhere to our healthy eating standards and previous discussions of mostly making food at home. I will!

3. Exercise: I kneaded dough this morning! I'm making homemade whole wheat bread, yummy! I swam some laps in my Aunt's pool one day...I ordered a jogging stroller (great deal :))!
We'll be going hiking this weekend!! Hubby planned, yes he planned, a whole trip to Prescott for today and tomorrow! It's a super cute town with shops galore, yay!!! And hiking trails, and more shops, and food, more shopping, then more food, then maybe another hike :) Does that sound like a great weekend or what?? Shopping, eating, family, and beautiful views, I'll take pictures!

I'll miss you this weekend and hope you are doing great in your venture to eat better, exercise more, and read God's word! How did you do this week???

Have a fabulous Friday and great weekend!! Peace out!


ARK said...

I really miss you but am glad we have the blog!
Bible reading-awful this week and it really showed yesterday when I snapped at a complete stranger for telling my child what to do. Yikes!

I have to get better about that this week and now that bible study is starting back it really helps me cut out the time to stay in the word so hopefully next week I will have improved!
Scripture memory is going well though for me this week.
Excercise-great! We started off the week going to an amusement park with lots of walking!So funny you got a jogging stroller because we were looking at them yesterday and plan to go again, I just want a cheap one and don't want to spend a lot on it since we already have three strollers that just take up space. They need to make a one size fits all/does all stroller

Eating-rough start with the amusement park meals, although we did find some fruit there. I have done well the rest of the week with one tiny exception, you know I hadn't had chocolate for over a week and I was at the store all alone and bought a bar. I was going to take it home to share the calories with my hubby/manda but....decided to just sit in the parking lot and enjoy it all byself! I must say I really did enjoy it but felt a little guilty for not sharing! Don't tell!

The Farmer Files said...

1.God's Word: On July 9 in the Daily Bible. This week God spoke to me through his Word about his intolerance for sin. I am in Isaiah, so you can imagine. I am also having deep thoughts about the condition of my heart.
2. Eating: The half gallon of ice cream is gone. I am still doing South Beach by day, and I am SO going to blog about these bad cookies I made this week. They were FAB!
3. Excercising: More swimming with the kids this week. Skipped walking some days because of the rain. We are entereing the rainy season in the tropics, so walking will be more hit and miss. Those are the days I am going to clean my house extra well! LOL!

Renee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Brown Family said...

So you mean Prescott, Ark?? I dated two guys from there when I was in high school (I grew up in Searcy). It's such a small town you don't normally hear of anyone going there. Interesting!

Those cookies sound like a good idea...would love the recipe!

We are starting to do home Bible studies. Our church sends out the lesson plans and we do them at home on Wednesday nights. So much fun and Sterling loves it!

Heather said...

1. Bible study this week was a bit of a wash with the whole first week of Kindergarten thing. I did spend lots of time praying though - every time Zach came to mind during the day which was a lot!

2. Ate pretty well this week, lots of proteins and vegetables. The only real exception was the dessert last night that included a few crushed oreos in it!

3. I hit the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Today I did 45 min on the treadmill and burned 530 calories so I'd say that the workout thing is going pretty well.

Now all I need to do is maintain my workout regiment, continue to eat well and get more consistent with bible study, and I'll be golden!

Lianna Knight said...

I lucked out...I have a secretary that is a Prayer Warrior...she and I try out best to pray each and every day. I think we were two out of four this week :) I also was able to take the time to pray each morning out of my Women's Daily Prayer Journal.
I also ate pretty good this week...after leaving my mom's this weekend. To be honest, I didn't really eat at ALL this week, but I ate pretty good for dinner.
As far as excerise goes (this is my weakness), I think running all OVER my school should account for something!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I didn't spend a lot of time in the Word this week, but I DID spend a LOT of time in prayer. As for the eating and exercising, oh my gosh...I don't even want to talk about it. In Germany, there is too much bad for you but OH SO GOOD pastries and bread! I think, if I listen really close, I can actually hear myself getting fatter right now! HA!

Rebecca Jo said...

Just found your blog! I love this accountability here!!! I may have to join in every Friday!!!! can't get enough of Christian Accountability - that's for sure!!!

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