Sunday, September 28, 2008


How cute is this boot???

Juicy Couture $195

If I had a few coupons and it was less than 100 degrees at home right now, I might have a chance at getting these!

We're still on travel with limited internet so I'll be catching up on your blogs soon! I've been lost without missing you! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Which Would You Choose?

We are staying with my Mom while we are in No. VA. She is the reason that I like candy, sweets, coffee, greasy food, and anything else that could make you diabetic (luckily I'm not, so far) or have an early heart attack (luckily that hasn't happened either). Love you Mom.

So, she is having us stay in her room because, well she is sweet, and because that is the only other room with a bed, well the only other room with a bed other than the little one I slept on from elementary school through college.

These are the two locations of edible items that she had in the room upon our arrival.

Exhibit A: Fruit on table

Exhibit B: Dark ch0c0late, ch0c0late covered fruit, tw.zzlers, gummy sour and regular gummy candy, etc. on dresser

Please peeps, which one do you think I choose 9.75 times out of ten. I have so much trouble eating enough fruit! So much for the 2 or 3 pounds that I lost in the past few weeks! I am proof that it's super easy to put on let's just say 4 or 5 pounds in ONE week (k maybe two) due to snackage...Jr Mints, Wh0ppers, Dark Ch0c0late, PB Cup Blizz@rds, pb ch0c0late chip cookies, really you name it. Oh it's so easy to put the pounds on, soooo hard to get those darn suckers off!

I have little to almost no food self control. Yikes.

And we were headed out for a date to celebrate Hubby's big wins recently (they found out they had another big contract win!) when our BFs called, back from the beach, were seduced by D@iry Queen, we couldn't resist, and played some R00k too (and met their new baby girl, pics to come, super cute)!

See no food self control. None. Almost. Well ok...none. Sometimes I do. Most of the time...nope.

Here's the new outfit :) It was rainy and freezing last night, but it was the new outfit (very different than I normally buy, but all parties liked), so I had to wear it. I brought a sweater along that somehow fell from my grasp on the way to the door, when we left, not in the car, Hubs got out to look, it was just sitting all nice and well behaved soaking wet on a bush. I wore a blanket while we were there. It was very stylish.

Edited to add: How could I forget to give props to Amy for the chic hollywood pose, thanks Amy! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spill It!

Ok girls, I thought it would be fun to learn some wild and fun facts about each other!

So the question is...Do you have a hidden talent? Or what's one org, club, or event were you involved in when you were a youngster, or anytime really, it's all game?!

Can you flair your nostrils, can you raise one eyebrow, can you hop on one foot forwards while singing the alphabet backwards you know you have to try it now, were you on the debate team, cheerleading, math league, history club, women's kickboxing, spelling bees, girl scouts (a brownie, a daisy, a junior?), women's wrestling...what was it! Spill it, we want all the juicy details!

I used to be on a Jump Rope Demonstration Team in elementary school. Don't be jealous but we were pretty darn good! We were the Ridge R0pers and we rocked the house. It was only for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, you had to be an older more established elementarian (?). Oh we did it all, double dutch, individual, and team routines! Oh yeah! White shorts and blue shirts, super cute, hair in a ponytail of course, or maybe even french braided! I think we had 40, 50, maybe 60 on the squad. Oh yeah, I said it, squad. Five of us were chosen one year to go to a national conference! National conference you say, yes friends, we got together with many other states, I can't remember now, but it was a super cool time! We went to Atlanta, jumped in the C0ca C0la Fact0ry and everything! It was a blast! If I could find a picture in my Mom's boxes I'd post one for you, if I find it I'll let you know :) I think it should be part of the Olympics really! Maybe I'll start it for the summer of 2012! Edited to add: and how could I forget we even jumped during half time of a men's basketball game at GMU. We were pro really!

Ok let's hear your talents or fun and crazy things you were a part of that most people (or most of us) wouldn't know about you! I'm curious to see who's is the most obscure! Even if yours isn't crraazy, share on! Feel free to link (put your address) for videos or pictures, he!

Edited to add: I'm trying to catch up on your blogs but it's not letting me comment, I'll have to get Hubby's computer tonight! And first time commenters, let's hear it too!

Monday, September 22, 2008

How Did That Happen?

The Hubs, Bugster, and I went to do a little shopping yesterday. Shopping! Hubs needs some new khakis, tennis shoes, some shirts maybe. So off to the mall we went. I wanted to look at a few things including some capris (I told you no sign of Fall here) and maybe tops because well I don't really have any, ok many! We still have mostly east coast clothing, you know cooler weather most of the time :) Somehow we came in at the Juniors entrance, where it seems I find a lot more clothes there, anybody else? Please tell me I'm not alone there. I try not to go too young as people think I'm 15 anyway!

Although we love to shop together, ok let me say Hubs LOVES nothing about shopping but if we had the choice, you know we like to be together. Ahh, sweet! But the inefficiency also drives him craaaazy. So he went to the men's section. And who took the baby? Guess. Did you guess? Hubs took the baby! Have I mentioned before that he rocks! He does! Back to the shopping...Hubs found nothing, while I had like 15 pieces of clothing to try on.

His shopping threshold was up at about 23 minutes! He said, I don't care anymore. We'll have to start the 23 minutes over another day. But we did head to Kohls, we haven't been there in a looong time but they occasionally have a good deal on shoes. I did find a pair of capris (1/2 price! and all I could find) while Hubs found...nothing. I walked away from the day with two pairs of capris, a couple shirts, all on sale mind you, and my poor awesome Hubster walked away with...wait for it...nothing.

How did that happen?

The top has cute ruffly detail at the top, I don't do a lot of purple, but I'm trying to expand my color horizons! And the capris look really wide leg but they're cute on...I think.

Hubby agrees now that it is so much easier to shop in boutique stores, but a lot of them are so expensive so we end up heading straight back to the sale sections. But I'll tell you what, I am growing weary of searching through all of the sale clothes and finding almost nothing. Hmpph. What to do? What are your go to stores?

Now I have to go the house is super clean so when we get back we don't have to worry about it when we are tired. I mean it's not dirty. But I do put off scrubbing as long as I can. Vaccuming not too bad, sweeping getting worse, mopping forget it, scrubbing bathrooms, blah! Can you say Clor0x wipes?? I think I'm on laundry load #4 so far, last one! I do laundry all the time, but we have a baby ok. I'm not that much of a slacker, well only when it comes to scrubbing, he!

We're on our way flying tomorrow! Please pray for a fast and smooth travel day. Bugster boo normally does really well flying so here's to praying that continues. We'll probably leave our house around 6:30am and touch down at 7pm, get our rental car, head to my Mom's, and be there by 8:30pm we hope! Whoa. Have a great day and I'll catch up with you on Wednesday!

I'm looking forward to playgroups, game night, dinners, family and friends, and seeing ya'll soon! Blog ya later...

Reading before "nnnap" See the "fall" apparel?

Edited to add: I do get a rush out of decluttering, I love when everything is in it's place, Hubby says I can tear through any house, sprinkle some magic powder, and have it looking all spiffy in no time, hehe! I'm a dork, I know. Pshue!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

He did it!

He did it! He's now a PIMP I mean P-M-P! :) I am so proud of the Hubs for how hard and diligently he studied! He worked, studied, took care of me and the baby, and slept for a few hours too.

I can only take partial credit for pushing encouraging him to take the test and teaching him some of my dorkster studying techniques, including making him some flash cards, color coded of course!

I admit it, I'm a dork, I liked studying, I like learning. If I got an A- in a course in high school or college, I would have to talk to the teacher and find out why it wasn't an A. And then resolve the situation. We still have a friend from college who gets so excited and claims that he got a higher grade in one of our classes than I did! he didn't!

But alas I still remember the course that took me down! Geology. It was horrible. It ruined my GPA. Ruined it! It might have had something to do with the fact that I didn't like the professor, the lectures, and may have skipped missed a bunch of the lectures (not the labs, I couldn't have done that), to hang out with my future Hubs! Ok my GPA was still alright but for me it ruined it, I would have graduated Summa, instead of Magna cum laude, but I'm not bitter! I'm not. Bitter. At all. Hmpph. Stupid class.

Back to the BIG news!! People pay thousands and take 1/2 a year to study for it. Hubby researched got a great study book, studied his cute little tush off for a few months, and did amazing! I say that because I am sooo proud of the job that he did studying and is just a slight difference than college. He was not as much of a fan of studying in college like I was. He, another friend, and I took a history course together. They goofed off the whole time. I took crazy copious notes. Made awesome flash cards. They studied from my flash cards and did great on most the tests! Hmpphh.

Yay and congrats to Hubby! A celebratory dinner soon to occur at Outback :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My To Do List...

Friday Sept. 19, 2008

1. Fight with and yell at computer until 11:06 pm because blogger locked me out! I could only post or edit if I installed Firef0x but then my videos didn't work, ahhh! Ok, I did live my day it was not constant fighting all day, but oh so frustrating, you feel me?

2. Get a wax. (wait wait not the one from Braz.l!) New place, new wax! It's a self adhesive wax that they just put on (it's pink!), it drys, then they pull and voila! It actually doesn't hurt as much as regular wax! Have you heard of this before?? It's revolutionary really.

3. Get special surprise sushi, a non-fat Chai, and a blueberry scone, to help the Hubster relax while he is studying for his BIG PMP test on Sat! It's a 4-hr 200 question test. Super tough! Starts at 12:30pm. Please pray for a pass. He finds out right when he is done, whoa! Pray...please...thank you!

3. While in the car: Sing as loud as possible to any and every song that comes I actually sound I know the words, ha!...and like noone is listening...really any music, well country, christian, Celine, dare I say soft rock, you know you love 80s early 90s music! Come on Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, the Police, Michael!

Ok, I admit that I pretty much have no idea who sings what, I just know the songs and sing to all of them, no matter when they come on; grocery store, sing it baby, in the mall, loud and proud. You know you sing it whether you know the words or not! I have been singing so many songs completely wrong, Hubby knows the words, and I say, oooooh that's what it is!! Here you go, a top 10 from the 80s. The Police Every Breath You Take. Your welcome.

5. Try to make a baby. He. I mean it's time for us to start trying again.

A lot of you know that Hubby and I just had a miscarriage about 2 1/2 months ago. It's been a difficult time, at first devastating, but we have been trusting God for His timing. More particularly for us, we have had two high risk pregnancies. I was on bed rest twice and our miracle bean had to have surgery the day after he was born (posts to come), and spent two weeks in the NICU. Our second pregnancy was a miscarriage at about 8 weeks.

I wrote a post a while ago entitled Pray for Beans. We are not the only ones that are waiting on and trusting God. Please take a look at that post so you can pray for all of the girls and their Hubbys. I'll have another reminder post soon too. If you are not on that prayer list, please let us know that we can pray for you and your Hubs too! We so want to pray for beans!

Please add Mel to the list. She just had two more surgeries a couple days ago, and the doctors aren't sure. She and her Hubby are praying about how far they want to go, thinking about tabling hopes for now, but they really want another baby (they have one less than 2 yrs.).

I'm excited for us to pray for each other. To pray for little beans for each other. I'm pretty sure we could all use some peace, strength, comfort, lowered stress levels, and wisdom. I can't wait until we have LOTS of posts from everybody sharing the miraculous news of new beans!

Anything fun on your To Do Lists?

Friday, September 19, 2008

AccBLOGability Friday! New and Improved!

Last week was almost going to be the final AccBLOGability Friday. What?! Nooo! I know ya'll are still interested and I know that I do much better during the week knowing that I'm going to chat with you gals on Fridays! You have been such an encouragement to me and I would love to keep going with our journey to Read God's Word, the Eat Healthy, and to Exercise and be healthy woman of God!

If you missed anything, click on the AccBLOGability Fridays label on the right side of the page. :)

So to relaunch AccBLOGability Fridays, I've created a button!! So here's the deal ladies! You can participate in two ways! Yay for varie-tay! There is a link below, that you can leave a comment and then link to your page so you can participate in AccBLOGability Fridays on your own blog ooor you can leave your site in the comment area oooor you can just leave your comment here to tell everyone you did! Ok that was three, I really can count! Just copy the button to the top of your post!

However you choose to be involved, I know everybody would love to hear any encouraging words from you, or tips for things that work for you, or really any advice from our Christian friends is just awesome. What an amazing group of gals in this blogging world, let's encourage each other even more. Try it, you may surprise yourself, or you may just be an encouragement to someone else!

Cool huh?? I made it all by my little 'ole self! I'm proud of myself, it's my first button!

So here goes! Come along! This is how I did this week:

Reading God's Word

I feel like my exercise and reading time are competing. I need to tell myself, self, go to bed, get up before the babe, and read! How and when did I become such a night owl?? Hubs is so ready to go to bed at 8pm, you know that sweet time that if you fell asleep then you'd get the best sleep you've ever gotten?! 8pm? It's so not going to happen. Although when I was teaching I did fall asleep pretty close to that sometimes. Hmmm it would probably be good for me to encourage Hubs by getting to bed earlier too, whoa revelation!

Eating Healthy

I'm doing...ok...I'm trailing off just a little. We are flying out on Tues. so we're doing the don't buy food before we leave deal. So I am preparing the what's in the pantry and fridge/freezer and throw them together for meal. There not bad, but I am NOT good about eating enough fruits and vegetables. Especially vegetables. I did make Hummus yesterday. Super easy. Super quick. Super healthy. See! And if you're afraid of vampires or just love garlic, add more in there!

Oh and you might do this too, but TIP I LOVE to put foods that I just prepared directly into a storage container, that way, you have your snack, or serve your food, then pop the lid on and throw it in the fridge! Ok, I do not do this when we have company, but if there really good friends, do it!

Look what I found in my dip! Ahh how sweet! It's parsley hummus love!


I did something almost everyday. Walking with Hubby in the evening, well just up to Starbucks for a sugary drink, hrmmpp, swimming some laps, walking my Aunt, "working out" to a Pil@ates video but cracking up because of what and how the instructor was talking and well it was just too much! Fun, and we'll do it again, but really funny! Where do they find these people? I think I may have lost a couple pounds. I usually set the scale a little high so I look at it and, what I weigh that??, and them somehow sike myself into wanting to do more, ha! Does it work? Hmmm, probably not, but for some crrraaaazy reason, I keep doing it anyway! he!

Alright now it's your turn!!! How did you do this week? Trying a new diet? Trying a new schedule? Doing a new study in the Bible? We'd love to hear about it! Just click on the link below, leave a comment and link your site, or just leave how you did or an encouraging word in the comment section!

Happy Happy Friday, I hope you all have a great day!!! Many blessings!

Mr. Linky didn't work, I'm going to have to try it again, so for now just leave your webpage in the comments and we'll come see you and your progress and tips and encouragement!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Calling All Grandparents, Leno or Oprah, and Certainly Fam & Friends

We have found that Bugsterboo performs best while restrained. I mean, otherwise he's iching to get "dun dun dun" and walk/run around. Side note: He was trotting (sort of walking sort of running) in our room tonight and he totally did the walk across the stage to get your diploma fall. Like I'm walking, I'm talking, I'm making you laugh...huh huh fall. He was totally fine, and we had a good laugh.

At the end of dinner one night a couple weeks ago we got BabyBoy to perform all in one place, so we aren't chasing after him with a camera saying, can you say this, can you say this, can you...:). We forgot some of the favorites but included a list so the fam and ya'll could see, we are so not trying to be those parents, the the following has been requested :) Hope you enjoy!

And to clarify "la title" some friends told us we should send it to Leno, so just joking, not being "our baby is the best" parents (outloud that is, just in private).

No cue cards were used, no prompting was done, no animals were harmed in the teaching of animal sounds, a few words mean absolutely nothing but we think are just cute, I did not teach him to applaud and yay after tooting, I used to be a conductor hence the conducting :)

(at 14 mos. excuse my reflection, he!)

And the newest family pic! Yay for self-timers! This was the first attempt! That day that is, ha!

Edited to add: Couple other old tricks that we forgot on this one here and here.

A Thought Provoking Day

In an attempt to be more open and honest, I figured I may as well write, if anyone else is going through similar thoughts, or if not, God is working on me.

I have stuggled for a while with not being the, all-is-well-everything-is-great-nothing-wrong-here, kind of girl. I love to smile and laugh, I love to be happy, and I love to love love as Hubs puts it, ha!

I heard a great sermon a couple years ago about being yourself. You've heard it thousands of times before, you are great just being you. I've stuggled with this cliche. God and Hubs have been working on me for a long time (and He...and he...still loves me :)). Hubs tells me, reminds me, flirtingly pokes his sweet finger on the side of my arm, saying I love you just the way you are.

The pastor spoke that people won't ever get to know you if you're not honest, if you're not vulnerable.

I have been working on this for the past few years. I do not want people to think that I am fake by any means. I truly am sincere in my smiles, anytime I've told someone I've been thinking about you, anytime I've asked if there is anything I can do. I think I just got ahead of myself and into another subject too. Being a people pleaser/approval seeker.

My Aunt and I went walking yesterday and we talked a lot as we walked. I shared some of my insecurities, what I was worried about, which may sound stupid, but I guess it's not. Just legitimate real heart feelings. She repeated some of the same things Hubs has been reminding me about, I accidentally showed some tears, and we talked some more. She tried to get into me to not have expectations about anything, not in a negative way. But, happening to her yesterday, if you were supposed to hang out with someone and they canceled on you, instead of feeling like they put you off, you had no expectations so it didn't bother you. You'll see them next time and you can get some things done that you wanted to get done.

Though I didn't get all of the encouragement from an earthly father figure that I felt like I should have, all of the encouragement that I need is in God (but boy has He worked through Hubs). Man, He and he is the best!

I am doing so much better on realizing (ok that word just looked really wrong, you know when you write or type a word and it just looks like...some'n' ain't right) that I really am made by God to be who He intended for me to be (well I have a lot to work on, but you know what I mean). I heard it also put that God is the artist and we are His work, and why would we ever cut down His work...HIS work?

I've gone through times of feeling great about myself and the person I am and then I slip into my old way of thinking, worried about what people think, worried that people don't like me, and that is going to end. It's actually a turn off to people when they think that you're just trying to appease them or not being yourself. It has ended. I realize that I love my friends (and family of course) and that most of them (ha!) love me too. I am comfortable with that, and I am comfortable with being myself, no apologies (anymore, ha!) , no questions asked (well if you have a question, I'll certainly answer it, he!). Feels pretty good.

Ps 139: 13-14: For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Jer 29: 11: For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Last night, Hubs and BabyBoy spent some boy time together, playing ball and getting dirty outside, while I went shopping, whoohooo. Isn't it just relaxing to just walk around the store whether you buy something or not?? But I did get something this time, yay. I got an outfit from White House Black Market, a top on sale, and a pair of jeans, last pair, couple odd strings, I asked, and she gave me $10 off, more than 10%, just like that. Yes! You'll have to wait to see it when we get to go on another date, so hopefully I'll get to show it to you soon :) Let's just say Hubs really liked it, you know while still trying to be modest but sexy.

And, in a further attempt with being comfortable with who I am, we got take out food ok, so this isn't only time this has happened, but it was actually healthy people, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream, he! The ice cream was sooo yummy! Sooo yummy! And totally worth it! Totally!

Monday, September 15, 2008

You're Crazier Than I Thought

These are the sweet words that I heard from my loving Aunt Dottie, the other day. I hung and then well rehung some pictures (the ones over the reading/puzzle corner) 3 ok maybe 4 different times! No, not because of incorrect measuring or unneccessary tiltage, but because, some'm' ain't right.

So the first day, after the initial hanging, I stood there looking, gazing, arms on my hips, eyeing from every angle, saying some'm' ain't right. They needed to go up 4 inches. Measure measure, hammar, hang, measure again, done. No more for that day, too exhausting (especially after my Dad's laser level ripped off part of our wall!! Hubs! We need some touch up :) He's so good). But alas, the following day they were still too close to each other and too low. Up another 2 inches and spaced another inch and some apart. Whoa, that's good for now :) I cut myself off! A little crazy? Too much? Anyone?

On to another subject that doesn't involve people calling me crazy :) It's not like it hasn't happened a time or two. Do you run through an obscene amount of dishes for just the two of you, or the two and a half of you, or for how ever many are in your family?

On that same subject, does anyone have a dishwasher that actually works, without having to "wash" your dishes before your dishwasher "washes" them??


I'll come wash your dishes for $400!

And Hubs went to the doctor today. Not usual. Both of us wait until we absolutely have to go! Even when my finger was broken, but that's another story for another that's all you get for now. Not an ear infection just clogged. After some crazy spray and a communion cup of wax later, he can now walk straight, not feel like he has the flu, and actually hear what I am saying without saying, what in an old man voice and turning his head to hear out of his "good" ear.

Phew :)

He can now hear better better than ever. He can hear sounds that other humans can't. It's a whole new world! Sing it!

And To Your Right

Can I start out by saying that moving to a completely new state can be a little...ok maybe a lot lonely, though I do always have my bestest friend with me whom (is that right, who whom?? I used to be good with grammar) I couldn't live without? We do have family here which is wonderful, I've been getting to see a lot of my Aunt Dottie! We're going to get to pedis sometime this week (much needed!). And we have a couple friends and their little guys that actually moved from where we just did, which is very fun (hi M and K)! But being that we are still in search of our new church home we are lacking in the friends in the flesh and here department, you know the laughing, playing games, talking about anything and everything, just chilling and watching tv (don't you know you've found great friends when you can just sit and watch tv together and still have fun just talking and laughing about the craziness on the tube?). Although Hubs and I have been playing some mean two player games!

I really truly from the bottom of my overly sensitive heart cannot say enough how much I appreciate that you not only come by our blog (I know you're all out there, I have super vision...and a site meter) but whether it should or not it soo incredibly brightens my day...and night...and next day too, when you comment. I know that it's not just me, because I have read the same thing on a lot of your blogs too, ha (please tell me I am not the only approval seeker out there, I'm trying not to be)!

So anyway, to your right is a Do You Follow? link. From what I've heard it's similar to google reader, BUT it sends the posts straight to your dashboard! Super easy, super quick, and cute. I thought I'd just throw in the cute, because it makes it sound even better :) Just click on the follow this blog link! Even if you don't do that, leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you. And if you're reading our blog, I would love to read yours too (notice I include Hubs in our blog because I no joke have him proof each post before it hits your eyes so I don't sound totally insane and moronic, soon I'll feel more comfortable just letting it all ride :))! I know we're not always funny, or crazy, or super exciting, but we'd, ok mostly me...ok really only me, Hubby is secure enough in himself, ha!...still love to hear from you, he!

As so many have been writing, this whole blogging world is amazing. I love keeping up with and getting to know you girls and I love that you keep up with us too. And not to mention all of you super cool girls that I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know.

Where should our first "union", like Amy put it (love it!), because most of us have never actually met in "real" life before, going to be? Hawaii, Bahamas, Italy, London, or...smack dab in the middle of the country...where there is a coffee house, a nail salon, some great restaurants, and a lot of shopping?!! Anyone want to host, haha!?

Edited to add: I really have learned a lot from you gals!! and have gotten some great decorating and fashion tips too :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

HE knew what we needed today

Hubs and I just moved a few months ago from the towns that we grew up in from birth. We were given by God to our parents there, went to elementary schools, to middle and high schools there, and got engaged and married there.

After one tennis lesson from Hubs, we started dating/courting in 1999! After leaving the Jewish believing congregation I went to for 21 years (if anyone's interested I can provide more info) we started looking for a new church home.

A few things were important to us: that the church believed in the Old Testament as much as the New (very important to me being a Jewish believer), that we could have great fellowship, had the same core beliefs, and sound biblical teaching.

We started going to that church in March of 2003. We actually met the Pastor that day and he asked if we were married. We said nope, with that slightly awkward head tilted smile, but in less than 3 months later, with huge smiles on our faces, we told him, guess what we're getting married.

Teammates (hi girls, past and present!!) was the young marrieds group that we got involved with. No joke a core group of what, 15-25 couples, with a roster of close to 50 couples or more at times. We hosted a few parties and got involved in our class' Caregiving ministry. There were dinners, parties, get togethers, PuttPutt nights, bible studies, our Sunday class, meals for those in need, help for those in need (like us on bedrest, when our bible study painted some of our house and put furniture together for us, and much more!), impromtu game nights, and and and!

And here we are in a new state in a new town, looking for a new church.

Such an issue as I'm sure you know, is that if one church just doesn't click, you have to wait a whole week to try out another one. There's no really getting involved right away. We are so ready to work. We are so ready to meet new people. We are so ready to serve. We want to work with a couples ministry like the one we...had. We know what we've seen and been a part of, we know things we like and would want to promote, we are just waiting for God to give us a go. We also have a heart for the childrens. We are looking for something to do...get involved in helping a Christian adoption agency or somehow somewhere helping littles ones (Hubs heard somewhere that if every church adopted 3 children, there would be no more sweet little ones without homes in the US. I had this big hope and idea that we could start promoting that to churches in our area and then continue to increase our radius until more and more little sweet helpless babies had homes. High hopes and a little crazy I know).

We thought we had our church last week. After visiting it for a second time, we said, nope, it's not our home.

We tried a church for the second time today. Wow! Sermon awesome. People super nice. Young boys and girls, gentlemen and sweet! BabyBoy in the nursery, great. Words the pastor spoke, just happened to be ones that we needed to hear to know whether or not this would be our new church home. God knew that today was the day that we'd come back to this church to try it again, and He knew what is in our hearts, and He just knew.

We've heard they focus on men and children, although they have great programs for everybody. We've already seen some pretty amazing things. Hubs went to change the baby's diaper after the service the first time we visited while I checked out their community groups (they have a focus on community too, getting to know the people who live near you, so everyone can be there for each other, awesome). As BabyBoy walked and Hubs followed, they passed several teen boys. Not only were they not self focused but they were interested in talking to Hubs and the baby! Whoa! They wanted to say hi, said the baby was cute, and wanted to get him to give them five. If that is not fruit from a focus on men, and teaching the men how to teach their boys to be Godly men, I don't know what would be.

My only apprehension is that it's a huge church. Possibly bigger than our previous. People so often say, and we've even heard it about this one, oh big churches have mostly shallow surface sermons. We haven't found that so far. The pastor our first visit was actually very convicting about being in fellowship and getting into our communities, powerful stuff. I'm not so thrilled that there's a coffee house right outside and next to the santuary, but people really do fellowship together there. Maybe it's not a big deal. With all that said...

We think this might be our new church home.

We would so appreciate your prayers as you know this is a big decision. Thanks fam and friends.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Come On In!

Hi blogging friends! Would you like to come visit?? Some of you asked for some pics of our new abode so come on a tour of our getting to be homey home! We just moved in a few months ago, so we're working on the homeyness part. This is where you'll get to come visit if you're ever in the southwest!

Come on in, enjoy, relax, imagine and smell the waft of your favorite scented candles as you walk in the door and around. Close your eyes and sniff: Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla, Sweet bakery items (can't recall the name, but it's yummy), Sweet Pea, just to name a few. It was Hubby that just reminded me of the scents, he said he hopes people don't think he's too "happy" of a guy for his contribution to this post. We love love love candles! The ambiance, scents, look, the relaxation factor. We're lucky we haven't burned down a house so far with how much we love candles. Ok, we're not the psychos on some of those tv shows with the whole house lined in candles, I mean we do have a little walker now, that just couldn't happen anyway, and we're not psychos.

So, as you are walking through, I covet...mean welcome your ideas! Don't be shy, you're friends, and that's what friends are for! Telling one their walls are bare and they need something, or rearranging furniture, or that so doesn't look right you're crazy. I'm ok with that, really I am!

Ok, here we go!! When you first walk in, you see LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. Because we do all of that...a lot! Then the welcome sign that is ackwardly on the wall above the table right now, is only there because I had to have something on the wall and I haven't found the mirror to go there yet! The double doors contain the office, but I'm in there right now, so I'll show it to you another time, ha!

You will unfortunately notice many empty walls! I DO NOT like empty walls! But haven't been able to find the art that I want. So far we have a bunch of floral, but I am so looking for gorgeous, Tuscan, provincial streets, you know what I'm talking about. I love what Whitney at GLHF has up! Gorgeous! Where did you find everything, beside from Momsy's walls? :)

Look to the left and you'll see the hallway, blank walls! Hubby just replaced the light, the new ones (clearance! with a coupon!) actually match the new dining room chandelier (also clearance with coupon!). Love it!

Pass the hallway and walk into the kitchen/family room/dining room :) Love coffee! I've been drinking decaf since months before BabyBoy, but it sooo has the same effect for me as caffeinated.

It's in my mind.

The warm cup in your hands, the hot sips, the scent as you drink it, oh it's just what you need in the morning or anytime you need a hint of relaxation (except I have nothing to make it right now, really we have no presses or coffee maker, I NEED it!)! I believe my love of coffee stems from my Mom drinking about 15 cups a day. There must be something underlying there too, because not only does she always have a cup of coffee in her hand, it could have been from hours ago and cold. No no, no need to heat it up, just grab the cup and drink away! Ha! So gross! Can anyone do a psychological evaluation on that? Love her!

Before and after of the kitchen! Love islands! I could float away on it! This is the most kitchen space we've ever had so far! Did I mention I love islands!

We went to Scotland before we had the baby, so we enjoy Cheers - well wishes - have a great day. It was an AMAZING trip! Anyone wanna go? We would so go again!

I got this great idea from a friend to fill little glass votive holders and espresso cups with coffee beans, any flavor, and nuzzle a tea light in, and voila, a cute little decoration. I don't think you can really smell the coffee but I pretend you can!

Dining room! I love a set table! My Aunt laughs at me that I have napkins with rings at each setting. I just think it's elegant! Oh, we move them when people actually come over, they would get soooo dirty or stained, and then I'd have to clean them! One of these days!

The centerpiece consists of a tower of red roses we had roses at our wedding, that's right cue the sappy music and you can say it, ahh that's sweet, and our wedding cake topper, a couple dancing, it's really us shrunken down and made out of clay, we LOVE dancing!, and the broken glass in a white satin bag, you know at Jewish weddings, when the groom stomps on the glass and everyone shouts Mazel Tov!, oh it was sooooo much fun! We danced the WHOLE night! One of my cellists from my old quartet (I play the violin, he) was talking with another couple getting married, telling them our wedding was the most fun he'd ever been to, and they said, what made it so fun, he replied, I don't know, they didn't even have alcohol or anything! Haha! Well just champagne! Clink!

So you see not much has changed in this corner, which is supposed to be the family room. My vision is to have a nice comfy light area rug to frame out the room for a couch and love seat. Either a coffee house sort of relaxed setting, or well I don't know. We're going to put up some asymmetrical shelves to put a few pictures and cups and saucers. Sounds good right? Oh and this ceiling fan will be replaced with the same as described for the living room. Need more light! And more cool! I LOVE light! but I had to close the shades to the backyard bc it was ruining my pictures Can't live in the dark!

But there is a little table and chairs next to the fireplace if you want enjoy the 100 degree weather...or well I don't know but it's pretty!

Ahh, the family room! Which is really the living room :) Don't worry, that hidious light fixture will be replaced by the end of the weekend. An antique brass finish lit ceiling fan will be there instead. Can you picture it? It will be really nice, just picture that :) I picture a piano where the toys are right now, we're just going to kick the baby out so we can get a piano, just kidding! He's loves playing the piano. Then a beautiful picture, not purchased yet, will go above it! Oh it will look my head for now!

Oh I love the sitting area with the big comfy white chair and the callalily pictures, for all the reading that is currently done there, ha! We do read, we do, just not in the reading corner right now! Ok, we do read there with the baby occasionally or I work on his alphabet puzzle with him :) See it's a reading...puzzle corner!

Oh we're back to the Kitchen! One of my favorite places to be. I love to cook! Wouldn't it be fun to take a cooking class in Europe? Why Europe I don't know, just sounds cool, and better than I'm going down the street to take a cooking class. I took a cooking class in Europe, doesn't that sound better??

And I LOVE the Kitchen Aid Mixer! I use ALL the time!! It's one of my best friends really, we get a long great, and have a lot in common. Another post for another day is What is in the cabinets??? Duh duh duhhhhh!

I'm currently stumped on our room. We don't have a "real" bedset, just random furniture, so I'm trying to figure out where to put anything and whether to move the arrangement of the room around. Should I let you know what's going on in my head?? Ok, If we put the bed where the tall dresser is, then we have a window or a door on either side of us, but right now, there is just a window on Hubby's side, so he can protect us!! Did I mention we are in a really safe neighborhood, but every now and then, Mexicans will still hop over some fences. Should I not have said that? It's just fact...but our neighborhood really is safe. :) Other than the fact that our house got broken into by the maf.a before we moved in, but that's for a whole other post.

Oh and the color in here is not periwinkle, it is...December Sky! Silverish...Not periwinkle!

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of our house! Please feel free to tell me I'm crazy for anything you have seen and any suggestions you want to throw into where you are going to come visit! I'll show the other rooms and close ups of decors and tables another time. Show us your home too! Love to see it! I sooo agree with Whitney that you can learn so much about someone by how they decorate their house! So I hope you have judged with an approving nod that you still think I'm alright! And you'll keep coming back to visit! But for now, I bid you adou and a Happy Weekend!

AccBLOGability Friday!

Today is Friday! You know what that means! AccBLOGability Fridays! If you missed the intro just take a look at the other AccBLOGability posts. Please feel so very free to join in anytime!!!

There are three areas that we are going to help each other in, each week, by staying accountable, or being an encourager, through comments :)

1. Reading God's Word,
2. Eating well, and
3. Exercising

You can pick one or two to work on or all three! Whatever you need!

Here's how I did:

1. Reading God's Word: I'm doing better friends! I read/spent time several days this week in the morning during BabyBoy's first nap. I drew out memory verses (love the memorizing, love the index cards) well I'm still working on the memorization part, ha! Next goal: 5 days (I'm working up to consistently doing it everyday, I don't want to fail at a goal people :)).

2. Eating Well: Yep. Not too much has changed other than the fact that I am adding a few more sweets in and exercising more because well I just love sweets! And baking! It's so much healthier when you bake them at home, those peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (made with whole wheat flour, that just automatically makes them healthy right?)...that I made again last night. Audrey reminded me that Hummus is a great snack, and yes, it's it! And super easy to make! I crockpotted it up last night, with some chicken cacciatore, super easy recipe, if you want it let me know. I definitely need to utilize the laziness of the crockpot!

3. Exercise: Yes, I did way better this week! Hubby and I went for a few walks with our new jogging stroller...and the baby :) I went walking with Aunt Dottie yesterday, did a few sit ups/push ups, and did some laps in the pool too, yes wooohoo! A few times in past weeks, while playing with the baby, I would just drop and do five pushups at a time. You could so do that at work too girls, just say excuse me to someone you're talking to, drop and start doing push ups and sit ups. I would love to hear how that went! ha! We were going to do a pilates video but we decided we'd start out a little easier, well easier for Auntie because she "a bit" shorter than I am, so my walking is her trotting, so we're working up to a faster pace :) Let's just say, as with my Mom, her pants could be capris on me!

I am still a little nervous about working out too much too hard (though I totally want to) because I'm afraid that it will mess my body/cycles up too much, I know I don't need to worry, but alas a little I do. Just had my second cycle, and even though it was a little short, I think that's ok, so I'll be getting some more exercise soon! haha! We're all women here, and you knew it was going to happen anyway!

How did you lovely ladies do?? Let's hear it! Any thoughts, any ideas, any recipes??? I hope you have a fantastic happy Friday!!!

Get your decorating thinking full of ideas snazy hats on because next post I will be begging I mean enlisting your help for decorating ideas for our home! Pictures of aforementioned help needing home will be provided!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

911 Dialed Waiting to Hit Talk

We kept hearing small little knocking sounds. We were getting ready to go to bed and I shut my computer down before Hubby and I went our room. I wanted to light some candles for a relaxing atmosphere because Hubby had been working and studying (for his PMP more to come) all day. He came in and immediately said wow it's amazing how candles are so relaxing. I asked if he wanted a massage and he surely didn't turn that down. I asked if he wanted me to use some oil or lotion, he quickly said I don't care if you use spit anything sounds good! (was that too much? ha!)

Not long after I realized we forgot the baby monitor in the other room so Hubby went to get it. It was on and working but we still kept hearing these little knocks here and there. He checked on the baby and he was in a crazily uncomfortable looking position, but he was breathing and fine. We thought if it was BabyBoy kicking his crib we would be hearing it through the monitor. It sounded like it was coming from right outside our room! In the baby's room or the extra bedroom. They were getting a little louder and a little more frequent.

I said call our neighbor, call our neighbor, he'll protect us. He is a former US Marshall and private investigator and has quite an arsenal. He keeps his close eye out for us! He gave us his toll free number that will go to his pager, his phone, his cell phone, his dogs bark, his wife's phone sets off a tone, just kidding, but it really is connected to every phone he has. We put his number in our phones and he is now on speed dial too.

Hubby popped up and said grab your phone! I said oh no I don't know where my phone is. So I got up too, thinking where is a baseball bat when you need one, it's nicely stowed away in the garage when Hubby organized it, then thought I could grab a knife but then what if someone could over power me and then use it against me! We did the, you call my phone and we'll see where it is dealy and it was on the top of our new jogging stroller! Side note: We jogged up to Starbucks last night, 4 minutes, got a couple Pumpkin Spice Lattes, yummy! Jen kept talking about them so we had to get them, and then walked home. Yay! Back to the drama!

Got the phone, then I said oh my gosh you don't think someone is in the baby's room do you?? Hubby said I can't believe you just said that, shut the hall light off, and went straight into the baby's room with his phone for light (we've been doing that since little guy came home, just enough light, not too much, not too little). Clear. No intruders. No sign of breaking entry. The blanket was still securely tucked into the blinds to block the sunrise at way to early in the morning!

Hubby is investigating inside and outside, looking with his phone for footprints outside. Meanwhile I put 911 on my phone and waited for the word. Meanwhile, BabyBoy starts crying. Because of all the commotion, Hubby agreed that I had to go in and comfort him while Hubby continued his investigation. It was some great cuddle time for Mommy too, I had no problem with having to go in there (we normally have a baby doesn't come out of the crib unless completely necessary rule, comfort if you need (more when he was younger) then get out, I would want to pick him up and cuddle him every time but they just need to learn to sleep and fall asleep by their little selves, they're smart little creatures:)).

Nothing found, and it seemed like the noises stopped. I'll tell you our hearts (ok apparently, it was just me Hubby is informing me, ha!) were racing though. We came back to our room, laid on the bed, eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, just listening with a close ear. Ultimately, I believe that it was in fact our own little goofball kicking his crib, but somehow wasn't coming through the monitor. It has happened before with certain noises. Weird. And scary. Whoa. But we're ok.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Coming!

Because my husband totally rocks and just won a huge IDIQ Prime Position, explanation to come, we will be traveling to VA in two weeks! He is a business developer, for a government contractor supporting the marine corps (very awesome!), a proposal manager, marketing, operations manager, all under his BD Manager title. He's hoping his salary will soon match his work and work won (has been a ton this year already), even though I think he's doing a great job!

Ok I have to tell you that he would be telling me to stop pumping him up right now, he always jokes around that I tell people that he be the president of the US of A, because I always tout how good he is at everything. He could be on the USTA tennis tour, he could be a pro baseball player, he is your all american good at every sport kind of guy, it's just true :)

Sooo you VA gals, we're coming from Sept 23-30 Tues to Tues! We would love love love to see you!

And can I just tell you the deal I found on our flight. Oh my goodnes you are not going to believe it, I didn't at first. After searching dates like crazy I found round trip tickets including taxes and all fees and everything they add for $152. $152 to fly from AZ to VA!!

For those interested, the IDIQ Prime spot means: Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity, meaning that instead of competing with 100s of companies, all of the work that will come out in this domain they will only be competing with 4 and there is an indefinite amount of work they could win! He wrote the entire proposal with some input from another co-worker who will be the PM (Project Manager). Hubby rocks!

See you soon!!!

(LL I tried to figure out a way to go through Atlanta!)

Ooh and there will either be a party or a nice dinner and Hubby's boss and his wife have been wanting to go out to dinner with us (so nice!) so I have another occasion to wear a fun dress! So fun to dress up!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Antiquing and Hiking and Eating Oh My!

We had a great time in Prescott (AZ :)) this weekend! We mosied (??) around the antique shops, we ate greasy food, and we hiked a couple crazy fun hikes!

First we hiked Thumb Butte Trail. Just so you know it is not pronounced butt or bootay, although that's what Hubby kept calling it...he said it was French, ha! It was 1.7 miles and took one hour. We apparently chose the way difficult way, that was no joke up hill 95% of the way, you heard me 95% up hill!

It was like this all the way until we got back to our car! Up! They said it was a moderate hike, ha!

On Saturday morning we hiked Groom Creek Loop. It was 6 miles and was supposed to take 3.5 hours. We did it in 2!!! 2 even...we didn't realize that we were back already and we got to our car in exactly 2 hours. But we had to start with a semi yummy free breakfast at the hotel first. Mmmm fake cheese inside a rubbery egg omlet.

We hiked down to a creek, it was so beautiful. There were little purple butterflies flying all around where we were, landing on our shoes and our backpack. The water was so cold and fresh! Then more bugs started showing up, and we had sufficiently taken in the beauty, so we left.

We didn't realize until after we were halfway through that we chose the more difficult path again! We had to keep following the signs for our trail because it split so many times, a couple times, it was a little hard to tell or find, so I started thinking, ok do our phones work...Hubby has a pocket knife...what do we do if a wild animal shows up...there is nobody around, is that weird...??? Hubby very calmly answered every single question (there were many more, including are there bugs bothering you??? ahhh ahhh ahhh swat swat) We did text my Dad before we started hiking so somebody knew where we were...just in case...

We saw some very cool leafery...ha very technical I this one, the Alligator Juniper Tree, where the bark looks like an alligator.

I thought these were pretty, but I have no idea what they are called. I know TFF would have found out what it was for you, I do love learning like she does, but am being a tired lazy blogger today :)

Self timer photo opp from a very nice boulder. He couldn't get the baby to look though.

We saw a wild rabbit! I couldn't believe Hubby spotted it! We tried to follow him and feed him cheerios but it said it had somewhere to be, and fast!

Who's that sexy Momma, says Hubby? not my words :) But a gorgeous view huh?

Look at all the houses in the mountains! Crazy! They could walk out their front door and fall down the mountain if they forgot where they lived!

Yellow flowers!

How about that house?

Good job Mommy and Daddy! Keep up the good pace!

We ate at a saloon for lunch, it was really neat! As we were waiting for our food, Hubby overhead our waiter telling someone else if they ordered one of the big burgers (that I did, love me some meat!), they'd surely have leftovers...Hubby said to BabyBoy they don't know Mommy. Thank you, thank you very much!

Self picture! We got ice cream in a cute little shop before we left. We both got our norm ice cream order, too risky to try a new flavor. I got peanut butter chocolate chip, with real swirls of peanut butter yummy!!! And Hubby got chocolate chip cookie dough :)

Cute little houses in the town :)

And last but certainly not least! Hubby knows that I don't really spend a lot of money especially if I don't think that it is totally useful and totally worth it, I drive myself partially crazy by finding something and then not buying it for a while until I know it is the best price or come to know that I cannot live without it. We have gone to lots of antique stores in our over 5 years of marriage and I don't think I've ever really gotten anything.
So he told can get anything you want...!!! have to get something before we leave...!!!...he is soooo sweet!!! I love walking around and looking in the shops and I see cute things but don't get them for various reasons. Then I saw this...

I love the red...I love the pitcher and bowl sets...supposedly it is rare to also find both the small pitcher and tumbler that they used to drink in the middle of the night. It is supposedly (I can be kind of questioning and skeptical, thanks Mom) from the late 1800s early 1900s and by the maker Minton, who was the premiere china porcelain maker of the Victorian era. I talked to the woman about them, asked if they'd go down...the owner did, I said I'd have to think about it...meanwhile Hubby said get it if you want it. We walked around for a while, I had my Mom do some research over the phone, debated some more over spending money but Hubby reminded me it was just like buying a picture or other decoration for the house. So after some time, we got it!! And brought it home and is awaiting two pretty buffet lamps to surround it, but that will be another sale with another coupon at another time ;)

BabyBoy had zero naps and was an angel. He did so good! I'm sorry I'm not just being a rose colored glasses Mommy, he really did such a great job :) Besides the fact that he couldn't fall asleep on our hike and had a few pitiful fusses (I would have done more!) he kept closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep his poor little head would start to fall one way and he would get woken up...then a few motor bikes and ATVs passes, he waved and was energized again :) Though not normally like his little energetic self, he fell asleep within 4 minutes of being on our way home.

The end!

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