Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Save It Baby

Do you love saving money? Or do your husbands love when you save money ;) ? Here are some sites that I have found that have come in very handy!

http://www.coupons.com/ - Grocery coupons! Here is a great hint that you probably already know, but it excites me, haha, if you print out your grocery coupons and then look in your local ads and wait until those items go on sale...oh my goodness you can save a bunch of money. No joke, some General Mills cereals were on sale for $1.68 and I used a $.55 coupon...that made the Cheerios...really cheap!!

http://www.retailmenot.com/ - You can type in any store or company that you wish to buy from and it will bring up sites for you to click on. Once you have found the site you want, click on it, and it will bring up lots of coupons and codes for you to try. If you would like to drive yourself additionally crazy, as I do, you can go onto your website of choice, open the coupons from retailmenot, and then try many different coupons in your cart to see which one is the best. I do this because sometimes some work and others don't and other times even though a coupon says one thing, it may have a different savings once you are in your cart.

http://www.mypoints.com/ - Ok this site is a whenever you buy something online you can get points to use for gift certificates to places (by using the same e-mail address that you sign up with). Or if you don't buy anything online, you can just get their e-mails and everytime you open an e-mail you get 5 points. Those points eventually add up and you get some pretty cool gift certificates...for free! If you want, put in the comments, I can send you an e-mail with me referring you as a friend, and it's easy to sign up, or you can just sign up on your own. It's also a stacking sort of site where if you get people under you, you can get more points too, but please friends, that is not why I am including this site. Like I said above, you can sign up on your own too and get the same cool stuff! I haven't really done too much, but I have gotten 2 $25 gift cards to Linen's N Things, and I am ready to get another gift card too (I can't decide where yet!)! I haven't really bought a lot online for the points but have been a member for a while, so you just have to wait for your 5 little points per e-mail opened to add up!

Audrey, Mel, or Kay did you have some good stuff for CVS?

I have also heard that if you go into Walgreens and get one their flyers in the store (only in the store) you can get a bunch of stuff for free! All you have to do is send in a mail-in rebate and you get a check in the mail each month that you buy stuff. My Aunt gets checks for $20-$40 a month worth of free stuff! I thought I had found they were kind of expensive but not if you can get stuff for free :)

Anybody else have any money saving tips or sites?


The Farmer Files said...

Here is my money saving tip:

Do not grocery shop with hungry children, or children that are in need of naps! That tends to make mommy make emotional purchases of food that I would not otherwise purchase!!

Heather said...

I have a friend who does her weekly grocery shopping at 7am every Saturday morning and leaves the sleeping kids with daddy. That way there are no little ones asking her to buy extra stuff, she gets to stick to her list, drink a cup of coffee while shopping, and she is in and out of there in no time flat!Oh if only I was a morning person ;)!

Megan said...

Early morning shopping ROCKS! Also, consignments! I have heard of a couple great ones here in our area...

Anonymous said...

Don't bring the hungry husbands either! I think they can be just as bad as kids!

MyPoints is a favorite of mine also...I've gotten a lot of gift cards over the years and most of them from just clicking and not purchasing.

-Jen C.

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