Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quack Quack Ahhh!

We went to a park near our house the other day! It was so nice to just walk around, enjoy the beautiful scenery, ya see there is grass and tree, even trees plural!, here in the southwest!

A little swing on the swings. (was after BabyBoy had his swim safety lesson (more on that to come))

Besides me looking like a dork in this picture, the slide was not as thrilling as the cute fun smile of BabyBoy, hehe! My legs and feet almost touched the bottom of the slide. It was still a blast for both of us!!

This was a quick Hubby take a picture of us in front of this tree bush thing! Oh he wants to walk away, quick, BabyBoy smile! Ok, I feel like I look like I'm posing for America's Next Top Model (not that I would be on the show) but the episodes where they, "pose like an animal!" A gazelle! or something with a long awkward leg sticking out, ha!

Beautiful...manmade...lake :)

Tons of ducks! One goose! And some birds. There was one duck, not pictured, that kept trying to eat my sandal! He would quack quack and come at me as I was screaming ahh :) (See, words here were in the title, I love in movies when the title of the movie is used somewhere, sometimes doesn't come until the last words of a movie, I know I'm cooky, but listen for it next time you see a movie!)

This little independent (when he wants to be :)) guy was trying to let go of our hands almost the entire time we were walking around. He kept saying he was big enough to walk on his own, that he wouldn't get to close to the lake, he would be able to walk on a heavily down graded hill and not trip, roll, and fall in the lake.

Love this picture of my two boys!

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the lake and park!

We are looking into things to do and places to go to be more adventurous. The Sturgills are so great about taking family adventures! We might try to go to a big lake and rent a boat soon, although now that little guy is walking we don't know if he'll want to be contained on a boat. And if we go hiking, he'll definitely want to walk by himself...

Oh my that is another story. This little one as he is probably now a classified walker has gotten more and more energy everyday. Non-stop he runs! Super cute and very fun. After praying for him to have his Daddy's energy and receiving that, now I need to pray for me to have that energy!!!


Renee said...

Thanks for the compliment. If you try hiking, put your son in one of those baby backpacks. My son used to love it. My husband carried our daughter in the backpack at the zoo yesterday. I think the kids like it because it gives them a different view than the stroller.

We have not been adventurous enough to try a small boat ride yet. I am a little afraid that our daughter would jump overboard. We have looked into going out on a large speed boat that has seat belts.

The Farmer Files said...

YOu are looking SO thin!!!

We take the kids on pontoon boats. I will be posting about that soon. The worst part is that they have to wear a lifejacket until they are 12, per coast guard regulations, when the boat is in motion. The baby hates to be buckled. He screams. So do most kids we know this age. But once he is in the water he is fine.

Power Up Love said...

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Faith said...

That pic of ya'll on the slide is so cute! Actually, all the pictures are great and it looks like you had such a fun day together!

Hope your Labor Day is great!

Nancy said...

I agree there are very cute pics of all of you and it looks like you're having a great time! :)

The Libby's said...

Your little boy is adorable! I love the one of you and him on the slide. His facial expression is too cute! My little man just turned a month old. Boy the time flies!

Jenn said...

Looks like a very fun and beautiful day! Your little boy is such a cutie.

Heather said...

What a fun little excursion -- who knew so many ducks and water fowl resided near your home!

Also glad to know I'm not the only one who watches America's Next Top Model... I will fess up now and admit that I am also a Hills closet watcher as well. Hey ya gotta have at least one or two guilty pleasures right!

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