Monday, August 25, 2008

Old School Gameage

I was in a game playing mood! We were sitting down to watch the Olympics, I can't believe it's over, what are we going to do with ourselves, we're so used to staying up late now...ok Hubby just answered that question very quickly. Ok, Back to the gameage :) We love to play cards or games or anything that involves hanging out with friends, each other, and thinking (well most of the time and except I feel like a dope when I play Pursu.t--apparently I need to brush up on my trivial knowledge).

We were addicted to Settlers of Catan with some great friends. It's a crazy fun strategy game that doesn't take all night to play. Oh you can steal from your friends, you can block them from collecting resources, you can build to a spot before them, and then continue to be great happy friends after you're done playing, or after a day or two :)

We attempted to make it work for 2 players, but it just doesn't...

Next thought was Thurn and Taxis. We used to play this game with some other great friends :) Lots of ways to win. It can also be a real two player game, good for an at home date hanging out game! It can get a little old after a while, but still fun, not the friends, the friends don't get old, they're still fun!

But that wasn't in the game box (oh yes they are all labeled but this one got into a last minute box, you know how those end up)...

So, the game choice was...Chutes and Ladders!!! Candyland was too buried:)

I told Hubby I could see some resemblence with his boy; the blond hair and definitely the overalls of a child of the 70s/80s.

Oh it was fast paced and competitive (ha)! Early in the game Hubby got THE ladder, you know the one that shoots (no pun intended) you all the way to the top. The only thing I could hope for was a spin to get him down a chute!

Yes, he landed on that chute, bye bye little overalled blondie!

And then I slowly but surely made my way up and got the 79 ladder and...I won!!! We are not competitive at all :) ha!

We left it at one game and then played us some Quiddler :) It's a quick and easy card word game. Hubby won, so we had to play again! And how about Boggle (I still need to buy it)? At one point, I got way addicted to online boggle :) Try it, you too just might get addicted, I have to get back to it and keep my brain alive!

I know there are lots of you with competitive spirit (as The Farmer Files put it, haha), what fun games have you played?

One of the most fun games, we think, to play with a group of friends is Pictionary with a dry erase board!! Guys against girls! You know the girls always win! The guys say that we can draw a dot on the board and the another girls will guess hot fudge chocolate cake with a small scoop of ice cream on the side and will get it right!!! Hey, why doesn't everybody just come on over and we'll play! The board will be all set up with markers ready, I'll bake peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!! Come on, Hubby will only eat a couple, don't make me eat the rest of the cookies by myself, cause you know I will!


The Dancy Family said...

I totally remember playing pictionary on the white board with our Bible Study at the Farmers! What a blast! And yes, we always frustrated the guys with our connectedness...we don't need words boys!

Lianna Knight said... inspired me :) I got my hair cut today. It was already short...shoulder length. But now it's right below my chin. I think I like it...we'll see how it goes tomorrow when I have to fix it myself :)

As soon as the camera gets out of the shop, I'll take some pics!!


Lora Lynn said...

YOu need to get the expansion pack to Thurn and Taxis. It's way better and adds so much strategy to the game. And it's still great for two people.

Miss you guys!

Renee said...

Good for you guys! I love playing games but sometimes we are just too lazy.

Faith said...

Chad and I are big game players too! I have never heard of Settlers of Catan or Thurn and Taxis. Some of our fave's are Canasta, Yahtzee, Catchphrase and Taboo. How fun!

The Farmer Files said...

Well lucky you; I own Boggle and I happen to live up to my Competitive Spirit reputation when I play. I will bring it with me when I come to AZ.

That infamous Farmer white board is stored in VA right now. I am all of a sudden now axing the idea of getting rid of it, just for old times sake, and in case y'all come to town to visit when we move to CA.

Pinochle, Hearts, Spades, Hold 'Em; love 'em all. Hubby and I love Quiddler players.

Ok, here is a very new one we love: Mexican Train Dominoes.


Joelle said...

We are addicted to Scrabble! We started playing it on our second anniversary (romantic, I know :), and haven't stopped. And we luv luv luv the travel version.

Hollie said...

I totally forgot about Chutes and Ladders until you mentioned it! I used to love it! I may just have to go out and purchase me a new one!

Hollie said...

I totally forgot about Chutes and Ladders until you mentioned it! I used to love it! I may just have to go out and purchase me a new one!

Hollie said...

I totally forgot about Chutes and Ladders until you mentioned it! I used to love it! I may just have to go out and purchase me a new one!

Bethany said...

We're with the Cannons - we LOVE Scrabble, and now that I think about it, we haven't played in quite a while! We're also big fans of Scattergories and Sorry. I just noticed that all of those games start with the letter "s". Sorry, I'm weird :)

Rebecca Taylor said...

Pete and I were bored one night and found Candy Land....not nearly as much fun as it used to be! haha!!

We love Risk and Spades!

Britni and Justin said...

This post made me want to go buy new games!! I loved your story about the weddings!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Hey girl, of course that would be great...I could use any prayer I can get! ;-)

Funny, your hubby totally looks like his game piece!

Jenn said...

Your game night looks like fun! Chutes and Ladders is the best! I wish I could get my hubby into games - he's not really a fan. My new favorite to play with friends is Apples to Apples. It's hilarious!

Heather said...

How fun, Zach loves to play chutes and ladders too!

We love Boggle as well and the travel version of it rocks! I believe I found it at Barnes and Noble of all places at around Christmas time a few years back.

If you all are in a silly mood Pass the Pig is great fun and very addicting. And let's not forget Phase Ten or Power UNO! I also love Cribbage - unfortunately Abe is not as found of it since I always beat him!

We've been playing lots of Blitz (Nertz)here at the beach house this week which brother likes since he always wins. And to think I taught him how to play in the first place - shouldn't there be some sort of rule about the pupil not being aloud to surpass the teacher ;)?

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