Thursday, August 21, 2008

It Was Meant To Be

I was just running into Old Navy, I haven't been in a while, while Hubby and BabyBoy waited in the car, to get a cute top that they had that another store was out was that cute that I had to go to another store!

I was in a few minutes longer than anticipated, there were too many colors and tops, and cute dresses to look at! Hubby called and I quickly said oh I found a few more things to try on, sorry B! Hang onto your britches ladies...he said oh good, just wanted to make sure you were ok. Aahhh, i love him, I knew I marriaged the right guy :) of course this is not only reason, I could fill an entire blog with reasons :) It was meant to be he understands that it is so hard for me to find clothes that I either like or don't think are too expensive. Have you ever bought something because it was a good deal even if it was not the cutest piece of clothing...but I'll wear it!

I normally don't spend too much, I understand that is a very subjective term, but doesn't it make you feel so great when you buy new clothes? And I am so excited that I have been finally finding some dresses again! I used to wear dresses and skirts all the time and then went though a very dark no-skirt/dress wearing time where I couldn't find anything that I thought looked good or fit a decent price. But I'm back! And feeling very good about my recent dress purchases! Here are some fashions that I thought were cute and or purchased myself:

Remember I'm trying to dress sexier for Hubby while trying not to be too scantily clad, what a balance!

1. This is a cute sleeveless shirt from Loft, I got it in in the redish color:

2. Cute pink dress: Ok first, it seems short on Ms. My Photog Thinks This Awkward Stance is Sexy, but it did go longer on me. I guess I need to practice standing all awkward like that to look my most sexy in it huh?

3. Cute top from Old Navy. It may look funny in the picture (the straps aren't too too thin), but try it on, it's cute! I got it in green, though this pinky one is very cute, I don't remember seeing this one! :)

4. There was another super cute yellow short sleeved shirt, but they don't have it online anymore! It is clearanced at Ann Taylor Loft! It is a puffy shirt with white on the top front, with cute sleeves. If you like Loft you'll have to go in and see if they have it in the sale section!

5. My first thought the colors on this were a "I don't think I can pull this off but I'll just try it on for fun" dress and I ended up thinking it was really cute! Not too hoochie not too boring. I think it fits her a little big and hello on her cleaveage in the pic but go try it and see if you like it!

I'm not sure what shoes to wear with it yet?? Dilemmas girls, dilemmas! I think it would look cute with a heel too...I think this is going to be my first date dress with Hubby after my new haircut! I'm getting it cut tomorrow morning!!! Wait now that I told you, does that mean I have to share a picture if it turns out terrible?

Happy fashions!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog today and you have an adorable little boy! If he's 23 lbs. then we are lugging around the exact same amount of baby! I have one daughter who just turned two, and am actually pregnant again, but what you saw on Faith's comments is that I had a miscarriage before my daughter. How do I sum that up into a comment-worthy length post? God was faithful and gave us our daughter on the exact day, even down to the hour, that we lost our 1st baby a year before. I will always look to that as proof that He was sending us a message that He had things under control. Someone told me once (when I was going through it) that I would be able to reach out to other women who were hurting, and at the time I didn't believe them, but when I hear of people like Faith who are struggling to have a baby, I hope I can give them just a little bit of encouragement. That is my short version! Thanks again for visiting me! :)

The Dancy Family said...

Look at you Ms. Sassy! Love all the fun new clothes. :o) They'll look great with your new haircut & ripped body from working out & eating better!

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I LOVE the dress in the last picture...and I never worry about plunging necklines, I just make sure to wear a cute cami underneath that keeps it modest. Honestly, that's one of those dresses you could even wear over a pair of jeans for that bohemian cute style! I love doing that but its not for everyone!

Hollie said...

hey there! thanks so much for the comment! I agree with Amy, I love that last dress! I went through a phase (and kinda still am) after I had Kate (14 months ago) where I wasn't sure what to wear....I called it my "new mom identity crisis!" ha! anyway, I love your site and will add you to mine so I can keep checking in with you! thanks again!

Megan said...

I was thinking that top you were wearing tonight was sooo cute. And, I meant to ask you about it but then we got too distracted by watching little toddler boys toddle all around! So cute!!!!

thanks so much for tonight. You have no idea how much it was a blessing to us. And, to me personally. I needed some friend-lynesses...

Lianna Knight said...

Hey there! I just read your comment on my blog. Faith told me my comments weren't working on the other blog either...hopefully I've fixed them. I am so sorry about our miscarriage...times like these are so frustrating, aren't they?

But I think if continue to stick together and pray for one another, the Lord will hear us out and lead us to the path He has so cleverly selected for us.

I'd love to add you to my list of favorites!


ARK said...

Love the new clothes! Can't wait to see the new look:) post a pic soon and keep clinging to God and know that it is more than ok to cry on your hubby's shoulder, that is why God gave them to us isn't it?

Screaming Meme said...

I love all of them! The last one is really cute! I wanted to invite you over to my blog...I'm starting a class on faux paint! So,get your brushes ready and get to class! Screaming Meme

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