Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot Date!

We went on a date Friday night! It has been a long time since we've been able to, with being on the move for so long. We are so glad to be almost settled and put our hobo sticks away. We are so close we can taste it! Like we tasted our yummy dinner on Friday's that for a transition?

Side note: New dress, thought it was cute, makes me look a little wide I think, it does have a cute bow in the back, but besides that, I have this weird paranoia that I, I mean my husband is trying to get me over about wearing clothes with small straps or strapless (I always bring a sweater to cover my paranoid self :)). He (and others including my Mom:)) keep telling me I am married and going out with my hubby so it's ok...I just don't want little ones to think it's ok to dress scantily clad...just old marrieds, ha...I don't know...

Anywhoo, we went to PF Changs for dinner. We were so hungry, we had to get the lettuce wraps, I mean it would not have been good for our hungry selves to just drink Diet Coke until an entree came...If you have not had them, you have to try them, they're delectable!

(this is not us in the picture...if it was me I would have turned the plates a little asymmetrical :))

I have been wanting to try to make them at home for a while; people I just found the recipe. Has anyone made them at home before? I've made homemade egg rolls (one word or two??) changing around the recipe I had to use whatever I had in the house at that time, they turned out yummy though!

Back to the food. I thought we saved so many calories on the lettuce wraps that I got the Moo Shu Chicken with brown rice--whole grains, people, whole grains. Always one of my favorites even though you have to work to make them, I just want to eat the food at a restaurant, not work for it, but I still enjoy. You start with a thin pancake wrap and then fill it with the chicken and veggie mixture. And you cannot have one without the hoisin (plum) sauce! You may want to ask for more too, Hubby loves it! And Hubby got the Something Something Lamb with white rice :) (FYI it is the lamb at the bottom middle of the menu, not the in the middle, apparently this is the one to choose!).

I always ask for voting rights to his dish too so I can "share." hehe

We finished a lovely dinner with great discussion...I don't think we talked about the baby, you know we love him but, good for us right?

Then we saw The Dark Knight!--the follow-up to Batman Begins! The first movie we've seen theater style since Bourne Ultimatum (we love that series!)

I won't say a whole lot for those who haven't seen it yet. But I agree with Amy (a cute new blog I've been reading through Joelle), that Heath Ledger was amazing! I was not a big fan of him before, well I hadn't really seen any of his movies (what was he in?), but he was convincing to say the least! And true, he should not win an Oscar because he has passed away but because he was that good. And agreed, the movie was a bit long, we thought it was going to end at least three times, but still worth it. Gotta say, yes I am a girly girl, though still a tomboy at heart, I loved the car scenes and the sound effects for the fight scenes too, very cool.

Oh and how could I forget...the candy. I cannot go to the movies without having some sort of candy or something to hopelessly and overly munch on! My choice...Junior Mints! Any Junior Minties in the crowd? They are so addicting! Hubby got the Reese's Pieces, a yummy selection as well. I have also gotten back into Whoppers again recently too! Oh I can't help myself!

We were the last ones to leave the theater...for two reasons. We were enjoying each others' company, love that Hubby! And I couldn't stop listening to amazing orchestral music (the soundtrack that is) in loud surround sound, and remembering myself being on the podium and inside the making and performing of that music! I miss it for sure, the process, the relationships, conducting with my entire body and soul...but I wouldn't change it for staying home with our little guy! One day I will conduct again :)

Had a great time with Hubby, some very deep good (myself-) reflective discussion during dinner. It was a little difficult at first to put the stress of work and tiredness out of site, but we did it and enjoyed a great evening!

Ok, the dress is sticking out funny in the back, my butt does not normally look that big...ok maybe it does, but the dress is still sticking out in the back!


Lora Lynn said...

You are hilarious. Super cute post. And you're an awesome conductor so you'll get there again, I'm sure of it!

The dress is cute. But I understand your dilemma. There's a fine line between dressing to please our husbands and demonstrating modesty for our kids. I haven't got it figured out yet. And it doesn't help when I wear a sleeveless shirt and my children want to know why I'm naked.

rotten boys.

Renee said...

We love the lettuce wraps at PF Chang's. Here is a recipe for wraps that are very similar and just as good.

Your dress is very cute. I understand your dilemma too but I think that dress is very appropriate for a date with your hubby.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

I actually LOVE the dress and it looks great on you! I also happen to think that strapless is one of the best kinds of sexy because it's classy and subtle sexy! I think plunging necklines where you can almost see someone's belly button...totally different story! ;-)

So you should wear it look great!

mmmm...P.F. Changs lettuce wraps are my fav! Do ya'll have Pei Wei out there?

Amy said...

Yay! It is good to get back to being a couple. We're in Texas. Love it!

Joelle said...

The dress is great Dina! I'm proud of you for wearing strapless! You know my obsession with my football arms/shoulders so I am proud of anyone willing to go strapless! pf changs is one of our favorites too!! Drew is obsessed. I like the lemon chicken, even though it has like 1000 calories.

Anonymous said...

Very cute dress!!!

Jeff also loves lettuce wraps - we do a variation at home where it might be slightly more like Korean BBQ (seasoned meat wrapped in lettuce). We get beef and cook it in Giant's Simply Enjoy brand of Korean BBQ asian sauce. It's yummy!

-jen c.

Bethany said...

You looked GREAT! I love the dress :) Loved the post - isn't it fun to go out and remember how much fun you can have, just the two of you?

Heather said...

Dina I like the dress I think it is adorable and you look very cute in it :). Now I'm no expert but based on what you shared I think that the bow is the real culprit. If you tied it snuggly to fit you I bet the extra material gathered all back there and that is why it may have looked strange from that angle. If you could get your hands on some sort of wide dark brown belt that compliments the material from the base of the dress it would accentuate that little waste you have Ms. skinny minnie!

On a completely different topic I love the Lettuce wraps from PF Chang's and their crunchy honey chicken which if you haven't tried it before you really must the next time you go!

I bet you've seen Heath Ledger before and just don't remember... he played Mel Gibson's son in the Patriot. If that doesn't ring a bell he was also in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, A Knights Tale, The Four Feathers, Casanova & The Brothers Grimm although he is most well known for the gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain. Okay that's all I can think of for now!

Another Sunny Day said...

Thanks gals!!!

Amy-we do have Pei Wei, yummy! Any favorite dishes?

Megan said...

Well, once you guys get back here we need to seriously discuss switching off babysitting on a regular basis so each couple can have date nights!!!

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