Thursday, August 14, 2008

He's Walkin' and Playin' Ball

You asked (well one of you ;)), so here's a short video of our new walker from a few weeks ago :) I keep not having the camera within reach for the long walks in our house, I know what kind of Mommy and blogger am I? It seems as though we just need a camera out in every room, hmm. AND, he took 34 steps today, all by his little self! We got laughed at, when someone asked if he was walking and I said, well yes he's taking 17 steps. She laughed and said oh, not yes a little or yes he's walking, but 17 steps! I know I'm a dork. He's our first...we'll still count with the next one! Hubby just said, yeah right :)

And for comic relief, and studying for your own throwing capabilities, here is BabyBoy playing ball. Daddy has already taught him to throw overhand! Here is a video from weeks ago of BabyBoy taking the follow-thru to the next level! Where are the sports scouts? Enjoy :)


Renee said...

I don't think I have seen a child who could throw like that from hands and knees. How cute! I has laughing even harder when he seemed to get tired and was throwing from his belly.

I counted my kids steps. When my daughter was 12 months, I remember telling people, "She takes between four and ten steps." They probably thought I was such a dork. At 13 months, I could just answer "yes" because she was walking all the time.

Mike, Meg and Joseph said...

That is one of the greatest sports videos of all time. ESPN highlight material.

Look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Lora Lynn said...

He is the coolest. That throwing is amazing. hilarious. thanks for the laugh.

Lauren said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! Feel free to stop by any time! What a cute little man you have... and what an ARM!

Yes, I am a photographer... My photog. blog is

ARK said...

amanda loves watching this video

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